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Dumbledore's Army
Review(s): 30

Reviewer: Reader 2Date: 2006-04-10
Reviewid: 141803Chapter: 8
Quite enjoyable. A very good tale.

Reviewer: Jill "Name the Boa" WeberDate: 2003-11-08
Reviewid: 59302Chapter: 8
Hello, again.

I expect that Harry would understand how Tom was feeling. (It's really eerie how closely Harry and Voldemort's lives paralleled each other.) ((Although I expect that was by design rather than accident.))

Of course, Hermione would know about the books of photographs, wouldn’t she? Bet she knows almost as much about the library as Pince does. I don’t think that wizarding photos are in color though. In the “Mudbloods and Murmurs” chapter of Chamber of Secrets, Colin shows Harry a picture he took of Harry and Lockhart. “A moving, black and white Lockhart was tugging hard on an arm that Harry recognized as his own.”

My sister, who was a professional photographer at one point in her career, pointed out to me that four-color photographs are actually four photos. The colors (red, yellow, blue and black) are layered over each other. Considering how independent, even contrary, wizarding pictures are, each of the layers is likely to be doing its own thing and the photo will always be out of register.

Mary Echidne? Echidne as in the mother of monsters? How appropriate, at least in the canonical stories. (Hey, how about naming the boa… nah, Echidne is a girl’s name. Never mind… but it would make sense… almost. The boa isn’t a monster, though.)

"I wonder if there were wizard Flappers?" *snicker* Only Hermione would wonder about that. Flappers were an American fad, if memory serves.

Magical Photocopying by Loki Twyce? (What a horrible/wonderful play on words! I’m beginning to think we’re related.)

Lovely scene when Ginny and Harry go to fetch Tom from the Quidditch stands. Good of Ginny to realize that Tom going to dinner with tear stains on his face might not be a good idea He’d probably get teased by the members of any house, but Malfoy would definitely attack. However, I would guess that Ginny would want to avoid any situation that might provoke Voldemort into resurfacing in Tom.

“‘A bathroom, maybe?’ she suggested drily. Quite a trick given that they were now being gently blanketed by a rather wispy fog.” *snicker* Good line.

Yeah, Hagrid’s would be a good place to stop. Hagrid wouldn’t laugh. On top of that, the more Hagrid sees of Tom v2.1, the better the chances he’ll make friends with him.

Good idea, Tom. When you need a place to brood, pick someplace warm. The library, maybe, or the Owlery. What he really needs in the Room of Requirements.

“The tea was somehow more warming than Tom had any idea tea could be…” I wonder what was in that tea? Or if it was just the congenial company that made it so warming.

So, there’s a picture of the elder Hagrid in Tom’s collection. Nice. (And a subtle tie in to your other series – the Stepbrother series.)

Nice to see Tom and Hagrid becoming friends. Heck, it’s nice to see Tom making real friends this time around. Now he has memories to conjure a Patronus with and to keep Voldemort at bay. Being friends with Harry, Hermione and Colin will keep the ‘Muggle-borns have no place in the wizarding world’ philosophy’ from taking root in his mind.

Keep up the good work!

PS -- Love the description of Mary hexing the Quidditch board.

PPS – Name the boa.

Reviewer: the silent speakerDate: 2003-11-05
Reviewid: 59021Chapter: 8
Very ve-ry interesting concept, and you are doing a wonderful job with it. I will be following your career with [i]great[/i] interest. Although I don't think Hermione would have been able to find out that the Potters' Secret-Keeper had betrayed them; that had been hushed up most firmly. Still, that's a minor point, as is just when Sirius got out (you seem to have it mid-school year; it was July) and I can blame things like those on the weather butterflies.
One for Kiffy: Fire in water, earth to air. Once you see it, it's no longer there.
If that's not enough to get it: It never hurts to see it, it never hurts to hear. But the both of them together is a thing to badly fear.
I'll let Kiffy try to guess before telling her the answer.

Reviewer: Jill W.Date: 2003-11-04
Reviewid: 58694Chapter: 7
Poor Tom. It would be hard to admit “I just happen to know you got a shipment of top secret Dark Artifacts and I was wondering if I could have one.”

Ewww… the picture is tainted? I wonder what with. Something like the diary, no doubt. Or maybe some spell that makes the picture a spy for Voldie. (That’s the least disgusting thing I can think of off-hand.) The collection of orange seeds is rather odd. I wonder what they were used for? I would expect that something other than a plain old orange tree would grow from them. (Unless you meant the seeds were colored orange, not the seeds from an orange. In which case they might be able to do some really interesting things.)

I like how Ginny works out how to find Tom. Very logical and methodical. Snape should have been proud of her, if he weren’t such a prat. That has to be the kind of thinking that a decent potions professor would want to encourage in his students.

Good conversation between Tom and Ginny. (I’m glad that Ginny appreciates her family.)

No, I don’t think Tom would attract Dementors in his state, the poor boy.

“She suspected that this translated to 'Go away before I start crying.' ” – Good line.

Persephone: Thanks for the answer! ** Really, how could Ginny NOT like Hagrid? He’s such a sweetie! ** It’ll be interesting to see Tom meet some of Voldemort’s followers. (Not much fun for poor Tom, of course.) ** How about the boa with a horn… and a party hat! And a NAME! (How about Nathan? Nathan Brazil!) ((I wonder if anybody will get that reference.))

*Eyes Alan Narrowly* You’re mocking me, aren’t you?

I’d like to point out that the BOA knows about the importance of names. When he met Tom, he said "Ah, ssso you're the other one he mentioned. Tom, yess? Nice to meet you too."

Of course, you *could* always adopt the Aladdin Naming Convention.


Reviewer: Jill W.Date: 2003-11-03
Reviewid: 58606Chapter: 6
I could have *sworn* I reviewed chapter six. Oh, well, you get another flood of reviews.

I think the boa is eating my reviews because he wants me to focus on getting him a name. ("Kaa" would be a good one if you want to go with literary references. And I suppose I should have gone with "Brazil" rather than "Borneo" as the snake was from Brazil in the book. (Maybe "The Boa from Brazil"?)

It's nice seeing Hermione and Tom study together. I'd feel sorry for the poor things, studying and studying and not getting anywhere, but it will be a good lesson in humility for them. (Experience is what you get when you don't get what you wanted.) I also like them trying to protect Harry and Ginny, but I think I've said that before.

I got a snicker out of Seamus' reaction to finding Tom with Ron and Hermione. "YOU'RE not Harry!"

*** "We're working on a surprise for Harry -- for his birthday," Hermione said swiftly. "Don't tell him."
"His birthday's in July, isn't it?"
"I like to plan ahead." ***

Loved that bit. *Only* Hermione could get away with claiming to be planning a birthday surprise eight months in advance. I also liked Ron saying that they had to come up with something really good for Harry's birthday surprise.

It's a good thing that the Hippogriff approved of Tom's work. I'd hate to see what Hippogriff criticism would look like. Makes sense that Tom would ask Kiffy for help with the Dementors. I agree that it would probably take Dark magic to keep them in line. I really wonder about Fudge. Being near the Dementors didn't seem to bother him at all. Maybe soulless jerks aren't affected.

"No one should ever be so distracted as to fail to see Hagrid." Very true. *snicker*

Got another laugh out of how Tom found the Weasley twins. That's usually the best way to find the chaotic pair… by accident.

Good work, you two.

Reviewer: TopazDate: 2003-11-03
Reviewid: 58585Chapter: 8
I just finished reading the last chapter of your Riddle Trillogy and you have to keep writing. I started reading 'Who we are' this morning and I just had to keep reading the rest. Your plots are truly unique. It will definitely be interesting when Sirius Black actually arrives at Hogworts. I can't wait to see what his reaction to Tom Riddle will be. Also, there's definitely some chemistry between Ginny and Tom. I've read many fanfics that have Harry/Ginny romances, but none with a Ginny/Tom twist. I wonder what Ron's reaction would be to Ginny dating Tom??? Please keep writing!!!

Reviewer: Myster webDate: 2003-10-29
Reviewid: 58234Chapter: 8
This was great! Was it Hagrid's dad Tom's mother was kissing? That would have been cute although if Hagrid had seen that one...oh my.
Your stories are really good; I'm wondering, could you...PLEASE write another story? If your not too busy that it (wink nudge). Keep on going!

Reviewer: OzmaDate: 2003-10-28
Reviewid: 58095Chapter: 8
'Loki Twyce' -Great author name and great book title too!

This chapter was very moving... the way that Harry, Ginny, Ron, Hermione and Colin all came together to find pictures of Tom's mother. Mary Echidne is a perfect name for her, too. Tom's tears at their gift made my eyes tear up in sympathy. It was a beautiful moment, as was Tom's realization that he's got a memory good enough to summon a Patronus now, and that he's not alone.

I really enjoyed the way that Hagrid reacted to Tom, and Tom to Hagrid. Tom's becoming less wary around the gamekeeper and vice-versa. And the boa was there! It's always great to see the boa!

More stories on the way!!! :-)

Reviewer: Kate LynnDate: 2003-10-21
Reviewid: 57322Chapter: 7
Another great chapter. You always have a nice balance of sweet and poignancy in it. <blushes> I'm glad you find my riddle-fics and Tom interp compelling, that means a lot. The development between Tom and Ginny is coming nicely. I also love dealing with Tom's mother and his reaction to it, there's a lot to explore there imo, and I think you handled it nicely and deftly here. Overall, still loving the story. 8-)

Kate Lynn

Reviewer: OzmaDate: 2003-10-21
Reviewid: 57204Chapter: 7
Poor Tom. You were certainly right about the poignancy, this chapter made me teary-eyed. Both because of Tom's sorrow (wonderfully expressed in a perfectly understated way) and Ginny's empathy and kindness. She went looking for him, didn't stop looking until she found him, listened to him and loaned him her cloak. Bless her.

Like Tom, I can't help wondering what sort of Dark magic Voldemort had wanted the picture of his mother for. And then I think that maybe it's better not to know.

Reviewer: Myster webDate: 2003-10-20
Reviewid: 57088Chapter: 6
This is great!I wonder who the lady is? Why is Tom so worried about it? Is it is mother? Please type like mad!

P.S.Thanks for repling to my comment, it made me feel all warm inside.

Reviewer: OzmaDate: 2003-10-17
Reviewid: 56722Chapter: 6
"Hippogriffs weren't that bad if you were careful and respectful, he decided. Rather like policemen, except more intimidating, really."

I love this line.

This chapter showed lovely glimpses of Tom's vulnerability as well as his wonderfully dry sense of humor. He's so anxious not to become Voldemort. His reaction to Kiffy's question about Dark wizards was poignant. It's always a pleasure to see Kiffy!

I enjoyed seeing Seamus too; his reaction to Tom is realistic. Tom took it in his stride which seems like wise way to deal with it.

Wonderful encounter between Tom and Fred and George. It was amusing to have him run into them by accident. Tom's reaction to the picture that might be of his mother is powerful and poignant.

Reviewer: Jill W.Date: 2003-10-15
Reviewid: 56576Chapter: 5
PS -- Just in case it wasn't clear -- I was joking when I said that not naming the snake "wasn't natural." Don't want that to come off as a criticism.

PPS -- What happened to Harry's Nimbus?

PPPS -- I ran across a really cool book about riddles last June. (While I was lurking in the local Barnes and Noble at Midnight, you know the exact date ;-) It's called "Riddling Tales from Around the World", edited by Marjorie Dundas. ISBN:1-57806-373-6.

Reviewer: Jill W.Date: 2003-10-15
Reviewid: 56569Chapter: 5
Great chapter! I like hearing about Year Three from Hermione's point of view. Poor baby must have been tired ALL the time. I liked her finding Black's picture and looking at it accusingly. Poor Sirius.

Loved seeing Tom and Hermione working together. They're both brilliant, and I loved how they both feel the need to break Voldemort's records. I especially liked Tom thinking he'd do better this time around since he wasn't mucking around with the Dark Arts on the side.

Poor Tom, nasty shock to see evidence of what Voldemort had been getting up to. I wonder what he'd make of the Chamber of Secrets.

Yeah, I can see Ron and Hermione planning a flank attack if Black ever came after Harry. Typical Gryffindor courage plus Typical Hermione forethought plus Typical Ron tactics should be a formidable combination.

Poor, poor Tom, if he has to take time to come up with a happy memory. I can see why he would have gone off the deep end. I'm glad this Tom has taken another route.

There's a Boa/ Nagini thread? Somebody's trying to pair off Tom's Snake with Voldemort's? (Urk. Maybe a trip to the pet shop is in order, or maybe Hagrid could come up with a girl boa.)

Anyway, that brings me back to my name obsession. Names are important. While, yes, I agree there aren't many Literate Boas with a Penchant for Dinner Rolls around, it's just not natural to NOT name one's animal cohort. Even Voldemort named his snake. I will continue to lobby for a Name For The Boa. If Salazar doesn't appeal, how about Borneo? (Many travellers get slapped with the name of their place of origin.)

Or, considering his taste for rolls, how about Roland? ;-)

Feel free to mention and/or borrow Hypatia. She's getting bored. She'd like Kiffy, I'm sure. (She likes to hear herself talk and an mute companion would suit her just fine.)

Thanks ever so much for sharing 'the creeps' with us. I'm sure I can find some way of returning the favor. ;-)


Reviewer: Jill W.Date: 2003-10-15
Reviewid: 56567Chapter: 4
Hello, again!

Great view of the Quidditch match. I loved the convoluted way that Tom and Ginny were NOT actually sitting with each other and how "Under the circumstances, it was a matter of Gryffindor honor for Ginny to steal Tom's peanuts, especially since with typical Slytherin greed he'd brought enough for two." Nice, very nice.

I enjoyed reading about the match from Ginny and Tom's point of view. I especially liked the fact that Dumbledore's Patronus is a phoenix. (Makes perfect sense to me.)

It also makes sense that Ginny would faint at seeing Tom right after having visions of the Diary. Poor Tom, he's certainly in an awkward position, isn't he? I remember reading a philosophical question somewhere: "Would the child that you were like the person you have become?" I guess Tom has proven that he does not like Voldemort.

I liked how Tom and Hermione decided that they have to do something to protect Harry and Ginny. That's what friends are for. (Is Harry ever going to tell them what he sees when a dementor gets too close?)

One minor thing. I would have liked more description of Harry's condition. I assume, since they're talking right next to his bed, that he's not awake, but some line about Harry being asleep or sedated or whatever would have been helpful in picturing the scene.

Keep up the good work. It would be very interesting to see this series continue past Hogwarts. I wonder what a grown up Tom Riddle would do with his life?

Reviewer: Kate LynnDate: 2003-10-15
Reviewid: 56552Chapter: 1
Absolutely wonderful, again. I love your stories. The writing is just captivating, and the premise intriguing. I love how it is unfolding and the characters relating and growing. Just brilliant, I look forward to more. 8-)

Kate Lynn

Reviewer: HP story surferDate: 2003-10-12
Reviewid: 56352Chapter: 5
This is very good literature. What are you going to do about the Shrieking Shack scene? Or would that be telling?

Reviewer: OzmaDate: 2003-10-10
Reviewid: 56175Chapter: 5
The interaction between Tom and Hermione was really excellent... I did not doubt for a moment that we were eavesdropping on two of the most brilliant students that Hogwarts had ever produced. They seemed like kindred spirits. Give them a problem to study and they push themselves regardless of the need for food and sleep. And they also have very similar dry senses of humor.

A few of my favorite bits:

"Mm. Ginny said you seemed to be taking a lot of classes." He quirked an eyebrow. "Trying to break anyone's exam records, by any chance?"

Hermione's first thought was that she had to be more careful. Her second was the impulse for an indignant denial... but then, she couldn't truthfully say it hadn't crossed her mind, so she smiled a bit sheepishly. "There are just so many interesting things to study -- but now that you mention it...."

"That's okay, I am too. I figure I ought to be able to do better at classes than Voldemort if I'm not doing all that Dark Magic on the side."

I love the way they understand each other.

And this exchange was lovely:

"You don't seem like anything to be ashamed of to me. Mind, I'd imagine a Dark wizard would have a different idea of that."

"Oh, I've gone to great lengths to continue to be something Voldemort would be ashamed of," Tom said..."

This made me laugh:

"Tom snorted. "Well, it's not completely inaccurate; certainly there are more than a few fairly despicable Slytherins. But you don't see me going around calling all Gryffindors impulsive idiots, do you?"

"Well, not that I've heard, and I'm sure Ginny would have lost her temper with you by now."

I'm looking forward to your next update!

Reviewer: shantaeDate: 2003-09-10
Reviewid: 51732Chapter: 1
I like that book i read it every day

Reviewer: Jill W.Date: 2003-06-27
Reviewid: 38693Chapter: 2
Yay! The Boa is Back! Now all you need is a cool name for him. Maybe Salazar? Love the idea of a boa constrictor in Hogwarts. If all else fails, they could move him into the Chamber of Secrets.

Reviewer: Jill W.Date: 2003-06-27
Reviewid: 38692Chapter: 1
I could have sworn that I reviewed this. Lovely story! Loved your characterization of Hagrid. Love Kiffy, too.

I particularly liked Kiffy hiding under the furniture. And the riddles. As you might guess from my stories, I like Sphinxes and riddles.

Favorite line: "I don't kiss meals."

Glad to see Ron getting some recognition for his chess skills.


Jill W.

Reviewer: OzmaDate: 2003-06-17
Reviewid: 37282Chapter: 4
Tom and Ginny are delightful together, which is something I never imagined I'd say. I loved the way that they arranged to sit together at the Quidditch match and share peanuts. -grin-

I especially enjoyed the girls' drooling over Cedric Diggory. (Cedric will live in this AU, won't he? I hope he has a long, healthy, happy life.)

The scene with the Dementors was powerful, especially your description of Ginny's and Penelope's reactions.

Reviewer: OzmaDate: 2003-06-15
Reviewid: 36961Chapter: 3
I really love the image of all the Gryffindors feeding the boa under the table. It's hilarious! The idea of Tom thinking of Dark magic as "Grindelwald stuff" is simultaneously spooky and poignant.

Reviewer: rezaDate: 2003-05-30
Reviewid: 34581Chapter: 2
i really enjoy your stories and watching tom riddle so very uncertain is hilarious
i hope that you will post the next one soon

btw,where did the mute sphinx first appear? i vaguely remember something like her but not sure

Reviewer: LCDate: 2003-05-14
Reviewid: 32033Chapter: 2
Go ahead and remind me to review. I don't mind. You can make it particular to me, if you like. Otherwise I may forget. My friends always said that if I were a Disney movie character, I'd be the daft old professor who forgets everything.
This is really a fun story to read. I always enjoy it. Of course, the very idea that a snake would sit there and write to someone in the ground, well.... if Mama tried it, I'd probably die of shock. She's the family 'pet' black rat snake. Well, I say pet since everyone freaks out when they realize we let a wild snake move into our house. I can imagine the problems a castle near a wood would have with rats and squirrels and chipmunks and other pests of a magical variant. We have enough trouble with pests, and we're just a *house* in a woods. Of course, it's way cool that the snake remembered Hermione. So, is Tom going to name the snake? I know he hadn't in the one, but I've been wondering since if he would ever pick up an appellation more than 'The snake'. Oh, and I love Kiffy. Next annoying cat I get is being dubbed with that name. I've got a little post it note to remind me.

Reviewer: OzmaDate: 2003-05-14
Reviewid: 32009Chapter: 2
I love the Boa, Harry's conversation with the Boa, and Tom and the Boa becoming friends!!

This exchange cracks me up every time:

"Finally! Sssomeone I can talk to properly -- have you ever tried to write with your tail, amigo?"


"Well, I wouldn't recommend it. People keep trampling on the wordss."

Did I mention that I love the Boa? The Boa recognized Hermione! -Grins-

The bit where Tom remembered Minerva as a young substitute was poignant. I'm so glad that Tom's made another new friend.

Reviewer: KarieDate: 2003-05-14
Reviewid: 31998Chapter: 2
Conan Drum--lol! I've always enjoyed the games JKR plays with the authors, and this is perfect (: I love the re-intro of The Boa--and Tom, so hopeful, "Tom blinked. "A snake's writing messages? About Harry? Can I come?" Who wouldn't want to see? And commenting on Harry's shortness! Yeah, The Boa is funny (:
Hermione and Ron were good "Better go find Tom before she starts describing the really interesting ones." lol. And I wish we could sneak a peek in the Slytherin dorm, when they saw The Boa (;

Reviewer: OzmaDate: 2003-05-08
Reviewid: 31254Chapter: 1
I really enjoy the bonding between Tom and Kiffy! You write insecure Tom so well. He really is endearing. His anxiety about being eaten before he and Kiffy got to know each other was especially well written.

Reviewer: KarieDate: 2003-05-08
Reviewid: 31172Chapter: 1
How perfectly Hagrid--don't go scaring her indeed! Everything was so good, but I have a couple favorites (;

The stretching silence--"it could have been a Weasely product." was sheer genius (: Again, the riddles were great, and Tom not being able to take Argus or Filch away from any of them <snicker>.

"You do not kiss meals." What beautiful logic (: And "Carnivore logic."

and this exchange:
"If yeh've had that much fun, though, maybe I'd better keep yeh in for some other chore...."
"I thought she was going to eat me for a while at the start, honest," Tom said hurriedly. "I got one of the first riddles wrong."

Another excellent read (:

Reviewer: LCDate: 2003-05-07
Reviewid: 31161Chapter: 1
How amusing! No sooner do I find you on, and read, than I find you've posted the next chapter of the story here! But, I shall be good, and I will review each chapter as it comes, as long as I get a chance to read it and remember I haven't reviewed it yet. I'm warning you, I'm fairly daft and disorganized, so gentle reminders (sometimes pointed reminders) help. Lots.

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