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Dumbledore's Army
Review(s): 57

Reviewer: Reader 2Date: 2006-02-24
Reviewid: 140221Chapter: 1
Quite Nice

Reviewer: 1SadFoolDate: 2006-01-13
Reviewid: 138447Chapter: 1
The whole thing was a real kick. I really enjoyed it! But, the best part, not to go against your excellent skills in story writing, but it was the AN:
And for the record, Malfoy ends up saying something like, "Mofbloodkindashibugowwww!"

Reviewer: AmandaDate: 2005-09-07
Reviewid: 131876Chapter: 1
This is a really good, and amusing story :-D

Reviewer: Genne-veraDate: 2005-09-05
Reviewid: 131769Chapter: 1
"Mofbloodkindashibugowwww!" MY NEW MSN NAME!!!!

Reviewer: AccentDate: 2005-07-19
Reviewid: 127403Chapter: 1
Ha ha!very funny:P

Reviewer: TrueDate: 2005-07-04
Reviewid: 126062Chapter: 1
I love the ending!

Reviewer: AnaxandraDate: 2005-06-27
Reviewid: 125387Chapter: 1
Dam good writing. you supremely rock. i love the view of Draco as a normal asshole, not evil. Draco's still a pretty boy in my eyes, though. Again, keep writing, we all love you. WOOOOOOOOOOO HOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!

Reviewer: AmiDate: 2005-06-21
Reviewid: 124764Chapter: 1
xD an drco hermione i can acctrully beleive

Reviewer: mother gooseDate: 2005-05-04
Reviewid: 121365Chapter: 1
hehehe a great story idea, I've never met one of your stories I didn't like :)

Reviewer: DanielleDate: 2005-03-11
Reviewid: 116210Chapter: 1
Maybe I'm being thick/naive/too innocent/all three but I really can't translate the Malfoy comment at the end. That aside its good, not as funny as some as your others but still enjoyable.

Reviewer: ButterfliesDate: 2005-01-06
Reviewid: 109947Chapter: 1
Thank goodness for that. I thought Draco was about to confess his undying love!

Reviewer: BogglemindFGDate: 2004-12-02
Reviewid: 106642Chapter: 1
That was, yet again, hilarious. I love your writing style. SO FUNNY!!!!!

Reviewer: acerbusdraconisDate: 2004-12-01
Reviewid: 106601Chapter: 1
wat the hell was that about aw nuts that was a sucky ending fer godsakes why didn't they like do SOMETHING awewell. u write god but the ending whyyyyyyy... : (

Reviewer: KarriDate: 2004-11-09
Reviewid: 103975Chapter: 1
LMAO!! That was soooo funny!!!! U are posably my fav writer on here! I love it!
Keep it up

Reviewer: angelina weasleyDate: 2004-10-27
Reviewid: 102718Chapter: 1
hi!!! it's me again. just want to say hi and i lurve the use of your l33t.
hope someone spays you. heh.

Reviewer: Mei ChangDate: 2004-07-12
Reviewid: 92003Chapter: 1
*punches air* YES I feel the victory!!!!!!! If any of you feel that Malfoy didn't deserve it, I'm sorry to say, but you've been cursed with a good heart.

Reviewer: LizzyDate: 2004-06-27
Reviewid: 89110Chapter: 1
brilliant ending!

Reviewer: MonikaDate: 2004-06-15
Reviewid: 87172Chapter: 1
And for a moment there I thought you were going for a hr/d ship :)
This was very well done. Very in character. Funny how Hermoine can't think of the right spell when she's under a lot of pressure, like in the Sorcerer's Stone. (But there's no wood!) Yet Draco kept his cool the whole time :) and also I liked the interesting insight into the Malfoy family.

Reviewer: angelina weasleyDate: 2004-06-12
Reviewid: 86896Chapter: 1
yay!!! you s|>34|< l337!!! have you read megatokoyo. i7 r0x. good story. better l33t.

Reviewer: ...Date: 2004-06-08
Reviewid: 86351Chapter: 1
A brilliant ending!

Reviewer: $~#Glowing * Toadstool#~$Date: 2004-05-23
Reviewid: 84120Chapter: 1
Stupid Hermione. :P Draco is one of my most favorite characters because he's such a jerk. I'm sure to most people that makes no sense but oh well. :O

Reviewer: CornedBeeDate: 2004-05-22
Reviewid: 84071Chapter: 1
That cold lump of anger at you that built up during the story for making Hermione look stupid unloaded itself in a muffled cry of "Yes!" (because I must not wake my family) when I read that last line. You do have a talent for that, you know...

Reviewer: big daveDate: 2004-03-14
Reviewid: 74571Chapter: 1
another great short but sweet story from the creator of "The Afterlife and Times of Professor Binns, Historian of Magic"

Reviewer: story645Date: 2004-01-21
Reviewid: 67889Chapter: 1
very funny, great job keeping them in character

Reviewer: Phoenix BlackDate: 2003-12-29
Reviewid: 65119Chapter: 1
This is a great story!!! Maybe Ron and Hermione should get trapped in another room together? Or maybe the same room, and Hermy just doesn't remember which spell it was that Draco used?

Reviewer: GeorgiaDate: 2003-12-23
Reviewid: 64536Chapter: 1
If Only there was a sequel.... *COUGHCOUGH* Sorry, i think there is something in my throat *COUGHCOUGH* :)

Reviewer: Talking Purple RabbitsDate: 2003-12-18
Reviewid: 63903Chapter: 1


Very good. Not quite as funny as some of your others, but still absolutely brilliant, none the less.


Reviewer: WhiteWolfDate: 2003-12-17
Reviewid: 63830Chapter: 1
I love it! I really wish I had something witty and productive to say, but I am still in awe of your ability and so can't find the words. I am a huge fan.

Reviewer: mattyDate: 2003-11-15
Reviewid: 60054Chapter: 1
very nice ending...

Reviewer: zakDate: 2003-10-28
Reviewid: 58151Chapter: 1
Loved it! Draco is SUCH a nasty little bugger, isn't he?

Reviewer: HeatherKDate: 2003-10-02
Reviewid: 55181Chapter: 1
ROFLMAO!!!!! OH GOODNESS!!! That's priceless!!! I love it! It's just about right!! Oh goodness I can't breathe!! ROFL some more!!!! HAAAAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

Reviewer: Myster webDate: 2003-10-02
Reviewid: 55089Chapter: 1
Cute! Draco got what he deserves! Please keep on writing!

Reviewer: Waywren TruesongDate: 2003-09-04
Reviewid: 50758Chapter: 1
.........'dies laughing' isn't big enough. ^^

Reviewer: cel blackDate: 2003-09-02
Reviewid: 50382Chapter: 1
classic, that
aaahhhhh the good ol knee in the groin
kudos, mione

Reviewer: IceDate: 2003-09-01
Reviewid: 49953Chapter: 1


Reviewer: DidieDate: 2003-08-29
Reviewid: 49252Chapter: 1
LOL!! that was hilarious

Reviewer: CorvidaeDate: 2003-08-28
Reviewid: 49065Chapter: 1
love love love you

Reviewer: BrytniDate: 2003-08-28
Reviewid: 49001Chapter: 1
wonderful!!! definately one of the best draco stories on the quill. thank you so much for not making this a d/h story because then i'd have to slit your throat. jk. keep writing!

Reviewer: RehanDate: 2003-08-27
Reviewid: 48908Chapter: 1
Oh man! What a classic ending! For a moment there I thought you were going to expose yourself as a closet Leather and Libraries (D/H)shipper! Thank goodness you didn't.

Now, the only thing left is for me to wonder if Draco's reluctance to be anyone's slave is enough to make him fight on Dumbledore's side...interesting.....

Reviewer: JamieDate: 2003-08-26
Reviewid: 48857Chapter: 1
funny and Bloody Brilliant!

Reviewer: Olivia PitcherDate: 2003-08-26
Reviewid: 48825Chapter: 1

That is all.

Reviewer: AnjerlaDate: 2003-08-26
Reviewid: 48686Chapter: 1
*weird demented laughter*

Heh. Heh. Ehe. Heh.

...and that's really all I have to say about that.

Reviewer: julesDate: 2003-08-26
Reviewid: 48672Chapter: 1
hahahahahahahahaha, no more than he deserved!

Reviewer: dragontacDate: 2003-08-02
Reviewid: 45069Chapter: 1
lol. stupid malfoy. i wish she cursed him though. cursed him so he could never have children. that would have been ironic.

Reviewer: EmilyAnnaDate: 2003-07-20
Reviewid: 43052Chapter: 1
Malfoy seems a little OOC, but still hilarious overall. Great read. Love the last line. :)

Reviewer: VeldDate: 2003-07-16
Reviewid: 42256Chapter: 1
Odd and interesting at the same time.

Reviewer: ElliottDate: 2003-07-16
Reviewid: 42244Chapter: 1
SQUIIISH! And now, a moment of silence, please, for Draco Malfoy.


Good job. Nice pacing, nice way of making Draco detestable while explaining why he isn't evil. And I paraphrase the Tough Guide to Harry Potter: "Anyone you kick on your tour will deserve it."

Reviewer: Nicole (YuguriTenshi)Date: 2003-07-01
Reviewid: 39283Chapter: 1
Very good!

Reviewer: googligooDate: 2003-06-30
Reviewid: 39057Chapter: 1
for some crazy reason, this fic actually makes me think d/h actually exists. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!![oh, by the way, this was a great fic`.^]


Reviewer: Carmen SandiegoDate: 2003-06-20
Reviewid: 37863Chapter: 1
lol! All I can do is laugh, especially the whole "more Weasleys" bit at the end! lol!

Reviewer: Care BareDate: 2003-06-04
Reviewid: 35319Chapter: 1
oh my! that was loveley!!!! briliant dialogue and very 'in-character' characters!!! Simply awsome--you must write more!

Reviewer: Ara KaneDate: 2003-06-03
Reviewid: 35162Chapter: 1
LOL! That's all I can say, really -- LOL. I'm sure Draco meant what he said about Voldemort and his father, but to NOT make this a D/H friendship fic was brilliant.

Reviewer: KristinaDate: 2003-06-03
Reviewid: 35094Chapter: 1
Luv it! LOL!
In pain, Draco fell to the ground, a thousand curses battling for supremacy on his lips.


Malfoy bashing! Yeah! o_O


Reviewer: Jill W.Date: 2003-06-01
Reviewid: 34875Chapter: 1
Beautiful, just beautiful. A situation where Hermione and Malfoy come to an understanding... that they still hate each other. This is definitely a classic.

Reviewer: Jessica V.Date: 2003-06-01
Reviewid: 34871Chapter: 1
HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA THIS IS HILARIOUS!!!'s to funnt to describe...nice work!!!

Reviewer: TalynDate: 2003-06-01
Reviewid: 34821Chapter: 1
"I am Draco Malfoy," he said, as if that explained everything. "I will be no one’s slave, regardless of what I might gain from it."

That is absolutely PERFECT - 100% Slytherin talking, right there. Indeed, I wish you hadn't written it, because now I'll have to cite you when I use that quote in my own story. What a great little vignette!

Reviewer: DezraeDate: 2003-06-01
Reviewid: 34798Chapter: 1
LOL! There were some very funny parts! I could not stop laughing! I've always loved D/H stories and this one starts off really well! I can't wait for another installment of this!

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