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Dumbledore's Army
Reviews for: Nine Roses
Review(s): 50

Reviewer: Reader 2Date: 2005-12-06
Reviewid: 136823Chapter: 1
Quite Good

Reviewer: BurgandiDate: 2005-02-27
Reviewid: 115094Chapter: 1
Nearly made ME weap. It's jsut so sad! I fell soooo sorry for lupin.

Reviewer: shaynaDate: 2005-02-03
Reviewid: 112811Chapter: 1

Reviewer: Scribe2Date: 2004-08-06
Reviewid: 96018Chapter: 1
This was great. My only comment is that Remus would have been on a muggle train before. He's half and half, like Seamus. JK Rowling said so in an interview some months back. Anyway, other than that small (insignificant but for the picky, like me) glitch, this was awesome. :) ~Scribe

Reviewer: Sirius RiddleDate: 2004-03-07
Reviewid: 73574Chapter: 1
That was absolutely amazing. I really loved it. Have you written any more Sirius or Remus fics? Just wondering (and hoping). Keep writing:)

Sirius Riddle

Reviewer: JulesDate: 2004-02-10
Reviewid: 70073Chapter: 1
Mannnn. :(

When I first read that Sirius had died, I really didn't cry that much. I cried - oh, yes, I cried :P - but not as much as I'd have expected. It's things like this telling the aftermath that really get me going, and this one sure as hell nearly did.

I feel for Remus, I really, really do. This point of view was just perfect. =)

*hugs you and Remus tight!!*

-Jules. xxx

Reviewer: RachelDate: 2004-01-11
Reviewid: 66629Chapter: 1
One of the best I've ever read, and I've read a LOT of Remus stories. Thank you so much!

Reviewer: HildigunnurDate: 2003-11-10
Reviewid: 59591Chapter: 1
This might be the one of most unique Remus' voices I've ever read and I do mean this in a good way. I mean in a GREAT way.

Very haunting ... full of sorrow with a wonderful touch of understatement.

Absolutely beautiful.

Reviewer: ValerieDate: 2003-09-03
Reviewid: 50495Chapter: 1
Such a beautifully sad and well written piece. I could really feel Remus's depression and grief. Nice job.

Reviewer: Nikki WeasleyDate: 2003-09-02
Reviewid: 50359Chapter: 1
i..i...i dont no what to say. that left me speechless, it was so good. and the poem that NM quoted, that fits perfectly! well i must say, beautifly written, and keep on writing!! :)

Reviewer: shannonDate: 2003-08-18
Reviewid: 47593Chapter: 1
poor Remus..i cried for Sirius, I cried for Harry...and for him, a lot too. He WILL set the world straight about his friend...oh this just too sad..
soo unfair..
but nice job on the fic!

Reviewer: C-MageDate: 2003-08-11
Reviewid: 46568Chapter: 1
Wow. I haven't been on here for seven weeks, so I haven't read this yet, but I love it. It's so...Remus. He's not crying out like Harry, but he's mourning, all the same. It's beautiful and melancholy. It's just so lovely. ~ C-Mage

Reviewer: BrittanyDate: 2003-07-12
Reviewid: 41555Chapter: 1
I know I just put in a review, but I went back and read what other ppl wrote and I just had to agree that the Tennyson poem that NM quoted really does say it all!

Reviewer: BrittanyDate: 2003-07-12
Reviewid: 41554Chapter: 1
wow. This is one powerful and beautifully written story. As many times as I've already cried my eyes out over sad fan fiction about Sirius's death, that couldn't stop me from tearing up over this one as well! so sad, but sweet too the way he remembers the times they spent together as kids.

Two thumbs and two toes up! ;)

Reviewer: Violet AzureDate: 2003-07-07
Reviewid: 40443Chapter: 1
I really like the first person narration in this; it gives the story an emotional whallop. I also like how you intercut the present with the dialogue from the past, particualrly the bit aboutSirius's grim sense of humor and his deep seeded sense of hatred and embarassment over his family.

[and I had begun to let the iron out of my spine] What a beautiful phrase. Very poetic and it reads well; the long *i* in iron complimenting the long *i* in spine.

[And I vowed to set them straight about Sirius Black. So hard.] Very powerful. This is the second time I've read this piece and for the second time it's moved me to tears. I rarely cry (PMS aside) and when a piece of literature or a movie reduces me to tears, I feel thankful to the author for writing something so beautiful.

This is such a moving, heartbreaking and realistic tribute to Sirius and Remus. Their friendship comes across so clearly and the mix of joyful memories among the painful ones is what elevates this piece. Especially this part:[We’d tussled like pups in this room—growling and howling and yipping as though we were little boys again. We dove under the bed and round the furniture, chasing and dodging and all the while laughing in the room of a woman who’d made my life misery for five and a half hundred years before I’d even been bitten.]

A fitting and wonderful eulogy for Sirius Black. Excellent, excellent work.

Reviewer: DidiDate: 2003-07-05
Reviewid: 40215Chapter: 1
Oh! Poor Remus! Poor poor Remus! (or as my sister Madame Luoin says Oh my poor Reemy!) This is very good! Oh WHAT is JK doing to the Marauders?! One's been dead for 14 years, one's a werewolf and is going to be depressed now, one's evil, and the other was a convicted murderer who was killed by his cousin! It's crazy! Oo you did a great job of showing Remus's grief! Great job!

Reviewer: LinnaDate: 2003-07-04
Reviewid: 40102Chapter: 1
Can't think of anything to say that already hasn't been said. I do like the fact that you touched on something that JK didn't have a chance to. It gave me an idea of Remus' perspective on the whole situation; how hard it must be for him to lose all of his closest and dearest friends, by chance to gain one back, only to have him cruely ripped away again. It's sad that again, Remus is the only Marauder left and there will never be anymore midnight romps in the Forbidden Forest with his best friends.

Reviewer: IndieprincessDate: 2003-07-02
Reviewid: 39687Chapter: 1, thats very should have continued it though.

Reviewer: GinnyDragon54Date: 2003-07-02
Reviewid: 39684Chapter: 1
Great story. Very emotional. I love how you portrayed Remus. just one thing though, I don't get the title. what does it mean?

Reviewer: blakeDate: 2003-06-30
Reviewid: 39193Chapter: 1

Reviewer: InsanityDate: 2003-06-30
Reviewid: 39189Chapter: 1
Oh, this is unbeleivable... did you cry when you wrote that? I can just see it

Reviewer: NMDate: 2003-06-30
Reviewid: 39182Chapter: 1
I was going to write a review. And when I started writing it, I couldn't think of anything. But words came. And they weren't mine. I realized I was quoting Tennyson. So I present Tennyson to do the duties. I stand behind everything he says.

Break, break, break,
On thy cold gray stones, O Sea!
And I would that my tongue could utter
The thoughts that arise in me.

O well for the fisherman's boy,
That he shouts with his sister at play!
O well for the sailor lad,
That he sings in his boat on the bay!

And the stately ships go on
To their haven under the hill:
But O for the touch of a vanish'd hand,
And the sound of a voice that is still!

Break, break, break,
At the foot of thy crags, O Sea!
But the tender grace of a day that is dead
Will never come back to me.

Reviewer: Aisling and Ryre crying their heads offDate: 2003-06-30
Reviewid: 39171Chapter: 1
I feel your pain moony...we all do

Reviewer: YolandaDate: 2003-06-30
Reviewid: 39164Chapter: 1
I'm so glad you wrote this. As painful as it is, there's at least some closure and some hope that something good will happen. I think clearing Sirius's name is really important to both Remus and Harry. Thanks for this sensitive and heart-rending look at Remus's thoughts.

Reviewer: The Other KateDate: 2003-06-30
Reviewid: 39152Chapter: 1
Oh... oh wow... *rubs at eyes furiously*
Poor Lupin. I knew this was gonna hit him hard.

Reviewer: SinbinDate: 2003-06-30
Reviewid: 39117Chapter: 1
Oh Ciircee. This is the first fic I've read in the post-OotP universe and you've captured how I imagined Remus would behave beautifully. How do you do it?

Reviewer: lovesprungfromhateDate: 2003-06-30
Reviewid: 39091Chapter: 1
I'm so shattered after OotP. I am very impressed at how you moved Sirius into a memory. I don't want him as a memory, especially uncleared, but I am somewhat... satisfied by your story. It's horrendously depressing!! But I feel better for reading it, so thank you very much.

Reviewer: LarzdinnDate: 2003-06-30
Reviewid: 39069Chapter: 1
how appropriate. *sniffle* beautiful title. beautiful piece.

Reviewer: Incurable RomanticDate: 2003-06-29
Reviewid: 39032Chapter: 1
Oh how lovely... I'm currently working on a story with a similar idea. Well... the idea of Lupin grieving anyway. Don't worry, I won't steal anything :-).

Reviewer: CatherineDate: 2003-06-29
Reviewid: 39025Chapter: 1
Well you know what I think already, don't you.

I'm glad you're getting such good reviews.


Reviewer: AubreyDate: 2003-06-29
Reviewid: 39009Chapter: 1
I don't know what to say. Something about this attracted me to it. Then when I started I couldn't pull myself away. The way you said things made it really reach out to heart. To see Sirius in just a memory wasn't something I had done yet. You put Sirius in a loving setting. But it wasn't loving in a conventional way. And at the end when Remus wants to set the world straight about Sirius, it was amazing. Very well put.

Reviewer: AeternaDate: 2003-06-29
Reviewid: 39007Chapter: 1
::sniff:: That was so beautiful! R.I.P., Sirius, we'll miss you.

Reviewer: KizmetDate: 2003-06-29
Reviewid: 38996Chapter: 1
Lovely. So loving, so honest.

You've done a beautiful job here.


Reviewer: kazzaDate: 2003-06-29
Reviewid: 38956Chapter: 1
Moving, sad and very in character.
Thank you for this eloquent story.

Reviewer: ADate: 2003-06-29
Reviewid: 38949Chapter: 1
thank you soo much...
I've been going kinda crazy ever since I finished...and i couldn't bring myself to what had happened.....but this has helped..
truly beautiful...
thanks again

Reviewer: ChrisDate: 2003-06-29
Reviewid: 38934Chapter: 1
Wonderful! I think this is very true to Remus' character in canon. I want him to set the world straight. I desperately want Sirius' name cleared before the end of the books. Hopefully, Remus will be able to help bring that about. Thanks for this great story - it was comforting to read.

Reviewer: LisaDate: 2003-06-29
Reviewid: 38931Chapter: 1
Very good, and very convincing. I can see Remus grieving like that over Sirius. It is a depressing story, but then again, so is OotP! Outstanding ability to stay in cannon is all I ahve to say

Reviewer: HpLoserDate: 2003-06-29
Reviewid: 38928Chapter: 1
I swear I've been in a depression ever since I finished OotP, Sirius's death mainly setting it off. That was beautiful. Perfect.

Reviewer: Elanor GamgeeDate: 2003-06-29
Reviewid: 38926Chapter: 1
Wow. I am stunned that you can write fanfic so soon, but this I wasn't going to read any OotP fanfic, but then I saw your name in the updates list and I had to. This is beautiful. This is the line that just *broke* me, though: "Yet even though I spent the night long awake, nose to nose with Padfoot, I wasn’t at all tired when I was human again." *sniff*

Reviewer: Muggle MollyDate: 2003-06-29
Reviewid: 38924Chapter: 1
As I finished reading OotP I thought about how Sirius' death would affect Remus. I think you captured it well. It is all so sad, I am still in shock.

Reviewer: A.L. de SauveterreDate: 2003-06-29
Reviewid: 38920Chapter: 1
Circe, that's just... *sniff*... wonderful. Perfect. Not a very coherent review, but... it just is.

Thanks for this.


Reviewer: meDate: 2003-06-29
Reviewid: 38916Chapter: 1
I'm crying!

Reviewer: LourdesDate: 2003-06-29
Reviewid: 38910Chapter: 1
I am still in denial. I cannot believe that a man who was so wronged and the only lifeline for Harry has been taken away without his name being cleared. Blast. Still, thanks for sharing Remus's grief for Paddy.

Reviewer: Philippa SommervilleDate: 2003-06-29
Reviewid: 38888Chapter: 1
What a moving story. I don't have many words to describe it at the moment (still shell-shocked over Sirius' death), but it was in character, beautiful and so sad.

Reviewer: Cats PawDate: 2003-06-29
Reviewid: 38885Chapter: 1
Thank you for your wonderful portrayal of aftermath of Sirius's death.

I loved the power and emotion of the story. I loved the flashbacks.

Just. Brilliant.

Reviewer: Katie SDate: 2003-06-28
Reviewid: 38861Chapter: 1
Very true to character...and so very sad. I have a feeling there will be lots of sad fanfics coming up. Nicely done.

Reviewer: AutumnDate: 2003-06-28
Reviewid: 38835Chapter: 1
WHOA SO wicked. i love this! lovely lovely!

Reviewer: Fawkes101Date: 2003-06-28
Reviewid: 38828Chapter: 1
This was very good. Sad, but very very good. :)

Reviewer: Arrows' Biggest FanDate: 2003-06-28
Reviewid: 38827Chapter: 1
The first OotP Fanfic I've read. Brilliant.

Reviewer: Poppy PDate: 2003-06-28
Reviewid: 38820Chapter: 1
Remus angst was always good before OotP, but then, we had the hope that his troubled days were over. Now, it's just so painful. Thank you for this beautiful, insightful peace. I hope the rest of the Remus stories we get are just as good.

P.S. Have you seen the reviews for Yule Bra? We're on the library shelf under Circee and Poppy.

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