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Dumbledore's Army
Review(s): 148

Reviewer: EmerikaDate: 2006-07-03
Reviewid: 143924Chapter: 1
$ and *ponder a symbol for cake and decides that this sentence inbetween the little star will have to do.*

There you have it! I love the Molly Arthur twist!

Reviewer: EdenDate: 2006-06-09
Reviewid: 143330Chapter: 1
I refuse to send you money.

Reviewer: Hpgirl42095Date: 2006-04-18
Reviewid: 142051Chapter: 1
OMG! U tricked me! I thot that was Harry and Ginny! CURSE YOU! LOL

Reviewer: Reader 2Date: 2006-02-24
Reviewid: 140224Chapter: 1
Good Again

Reviewer: 1SadFoolDate: 2006-01-13
Reviewid: 138449Chapter: 1
HAHA! EXCELLENT!!! But Arthur was Keeper. Oh, and for the record, I'm all out of cake. And money, for that matter... But hey, I left a review, right?

Reviewer: godricsDate: 2005-11-08
Reviewid: 135745Chapter: 1
*sigh* I always find my way back to your stories. I just love them. Luckily, I always have enough time inbetween reading this one that I forget the surpise ending. Yay! I hope you post new material soon...

Reviewer: JessicaDate: 2005-10-29
Reviewid: 135412Chapter: 1
Ok i am once agin reviewing. WoW! i forgot MR.Weasley had glasses! haha.
The best things in life
tee hee.

Reviewer: JessicaDate: 2005-10-29
Reviewid: 135409Chapter: 1
Stupid Flirt. You get everyone to give you cake and money! Hahaha But somehow its kinda cute! *screams* I need cake and money!

Reviewer: JessicaDate: 2005-10-29
Reviewid: 135405Chapter: 1
Here is your cake and money.
l______\<--Thats suppose to be a slice of cake.
Hee hee.

OmG i thought it was Harry and Ginny! hahaha i like your style! Your a great writer!

Reviewer: GinnyDate: 2005-10-27
Reviewid: 135176Chapter: 1
Awwww man, my subliminal messages got all scwewed up...

Well, it was supposed to say, "Leave me money, fools"...but without the comma.

Reviewer: GinnyDate: 2005-10-27
Reviewid: 135175Chapter: 1
Ooooh, I /l/ov/e/ the w/a/y you suddenly swer/v//e/d and added that it was Arthur and /M/olly at th/e/ end, and never mentioned /M/r. Weasley's hair c/o/lor.

Totally sounded like H/G, but /n/o. /E/ven awesomer, because of twistiness and subliminal messages, somehow miraculousl/y/ /f/it int/o/ sentences that, /o/nce again, s/o/mehow miracu/l/ou/s/ly, actually make sense. Awesome.

Reviewer: KateDate: 2005-10-18
Reviewid: 134699Chapter: 1
I seriously love you... I swear to god.
"1) Jack Ichijouji = JK Rowling.

2) Jack can even afford a lawsuit.

3) Jack purposefully flirts with his readers."

That's so wonderfully funny!

Reviewer: Genne-veraDate: 2005-09-05
Reviewid: 131765Chapter: 1
Totally unexpected! I really thought it was Harry! lol! cool twist!

Reviewer: CelebrianDate: 2005-06-26
Reviewid: 125303Chapter: 1
Hi! jack! Ana-Anaxandra- just got ne started on you. You are the supreme ruler of all fanfiction, considering i've read only you and someone called 'alanna' anyway, good job, i'll stop trying to think of a money/cake joke now.

Reviewer: SiobhanDate: 2005-05-30
Reviewid: 123024Chapter: 1
What kind of cake and what type of money? Dollars? Euros? Pounds?

Reviewer: Georgina L. FowillDate: 2005-05-16
Reviewid: 122173Chapter: 1
Very clever. How do you propose I send you your money and cake, please? Love your work.

Reviewer: Angelina WeasleyDate: 2005-04-30
Reviewid: 121103Chapter: 1
Okay, even if I have reviewed this before:
'What you're doing is the opposite of help!'
'-and they can all just kiss my-'
'Pain!Pain that is painful!'
Ah. What more could you ask for? Hmm. Maybe-
"Money and cake please" ? And quite possibly- "Reviews" ?
I'm on to you, Jack. Stupid hypnotists.
Well, I'm off to get my wallet and some cake. Be right back.

Reviewer: FranDate: 2005-03-11
Reviewid: 116208Chapter: 1
For some bizarre reason I felt compelled to review this and send you large quanties of money and cake. However there were a few problems even the best hypnotist couldn't overcome. 1. I don't know your address (much as I'd love to so I could stalk you like you deserve for writing such fabtastic stories). 2. I am a uni student living in London and currently barely have enough money for a pint. 3. My oven at halls has problems managing to heat up a ready meal let alone a cake. So you'll just have to make do with imagining a large cheque and very scrumptious nutty chocolate cake (my mums patented recipe) winging its way across the Atlantic by owl post.

Reviewer: AllieDate: 2005-01-16
Reviewid: 111092Chapter: 1
Why do I feel this urge to send you money and cake? Hmm...oh well.

-sends money and cake-

Reviewer: Miss GypsyDate: 2005-01-15
Reviewid: 110998Chapter: 1
Your disclaimers, my dear, are the best I've ever seen.

Reviewer: ButterfliesDate: 2005-01-06
Reviewid: 109945Chapter: 1
Naturally I assumed this was all about Harry and Ginny. Loved it!

Reviewer: MiaRoseDate: 2004-12-12
Reviewid: 107641Chapter: 1
For some odd reason , I feel this need to review this story.....: )

I thought this was Harry and Ginny at first, then I began to think it was Lily and James, then when he made the comment about how "it wasn't as bad as third year", I switched back to Harry and Ginny. Never once did it occur to me that it could be Arthur and Molly!

And by the way, I don't have any cake, but will chocolate-chip cookies do? : )

Reviewer: Geena WatersDate: 2004-12-08
Reviewid: 107279Chapter: 1
Ha! That's all I have to say....Nice work. Had me tricked of course.


Reviewer: heheDate: 2004-12-08
Reviewid: 107180Chapter: 1
I thought it was Harry and Ginny, too! Was it intended that way? Great little fic.

Reviewer: BogglemindFGDate: 2004-12-02
Reviewid: 106645Chapter: 1
Could I be any thicker if I tried? Probably not, not that I'm gonna try. I didn't take the glaringly obvious hint - not even a hint, you just flat-out said so - that it was Arthur and Molly the whole time. I just though, dolt that I am, that it was Ginny and Harry being cute, as if they knew they were gonna get married and become like Molly and Arthur... Disregard this message, I really don't know what I'm talking about. Great story anyway.

Reviewer: BogglemindFGDate: 2004-12-02
Reviewid: 106644Chapter: 1
Cool story; loved the back-and-forth dialogue w/ Ginny and Harry.

Reviewer: NataliaDate: 2004-11-18
Reviewid: 105199Chapter: 1
My money has been mailed to you via philotic connections. My cake, however is much harder, but I will tell when it has been sent. Look for discrepancies in letter envelopes for tiny cake particles sometime in the near future.
By the way,Molly Weasly doesn't have red hair, does she?

Reviewer: PugpalDate: 2004-11-16
Reviewid: 105049Chapter: 1
Great job! At first I thought it was Harry and Ginny. That was a nice twist ending!

Reviewer: Antonia EastDate: 2004-11-10
Reviewid: 104128Chapter: 1
“What you're doing is the opposite of help!” where does that line come from? I'm sure it's from somewhere.

And why do I have this urge to review? *scratches head*

No, really, very cool story. See you at Phoenix Song

Reviewer: Norwegian BlueDate: 2004-10-27
Reviewid: 102706Chapter: 1
also, I would like to send you money and cake, but being a uni student, I have no money, nor do I have access to an oven.

Reviewer: Norwegian BlueDate: 2004-10-27
Reviewid: 102705Chapter: 1
Ha ha. That was awesome

Reviewer: ferritDate: 2004-08-09
Reviewid: 96496Chapter: 1
The money and the cake are winging their way to you as we speak via owl post! by the way you missed out an 'e' in review

Reviewer: That guy hiding in your closet. (Ironic, isn't itDate: 2004-08-08
Reviewid: 96356Chapter: 1
I have the strong urge to send you money and cake, unfortunately I don't have your street adress. If you give it to me, I promise not to sneak into your house at three o'clock in the morning and slip into your bed just so I could say a slept with Jack Ichijouji. I do have self control, I do! I DO!
I wasn't imagining myself in a wedding gown, I swear..... Well, maybe just a little.

Reviewer: KerriDate: 2004-07-30
Reviewid: 94691Chapter: 1
Gotta say that the 'subliminal messages' were very amusing.

Reviewer: GyakutennoDate: 2004-07-17
Reviewid: 92798Chapter: 1
Interesting. Here I was, thinking, "Ginny would be more flippant, Molly ought to be less flippant, who is that?" And it is Molly! As a kid, though! very good SURPRISE TWIST ENDING!

Reviewer: SeasprayDate: 2004-07-09
Reviewid: 91518Chapter: 1
And there was me thinking it was Harry and Ginny.... very well written, amusing. I liked Molly's massage. Keep writing!

Reviewer: MollieDate: 2004-07-08
Reviewid: 91208Chapter: 1
Must get cake and money for Jack! Very good, at first I thought it was Harry and Ginny. Nice twist.

Reviewer: EmmaDate: 2004-07-05
Reviewid: 90829Chapter: 1
Well that was unexpected...but I liked it.
**$$$, cake, and a HUG**
**so pretty much just a HUG**

Reviewer: Angel09Date: 2004-07-01
Reviewid: 89790Chapter: 1
BTW......I dont bake, and I don't have much money. But I do have some Albertson's Lemon Cake in the fridge..will that do?

Reviewer: Angel09Date: 2004-07-01
Reviewid: 89789Chapter: 1 really surprised me with that one. The whole time I thought it was Harry and Ginny. I really must compliment you on this one; you pulled it off with minimal quirky humor:)

Reviewer: MonikaDate: 2004-06-15
Reviewid: 87136Chapter: 1
didn't see that coming
Although I have my doubts about him playing quidditch at all x.X

Reviewer: Chester159Date: 2004-06-13
Reviewid: 86924Chapter: 1
I was not expecting that.

Reviewer: CathyDate: 2004-06-10
Reviewid: 86640Chapter: 1
Great story. You are absolutely adorable, Jack. :)
All of a sudden I have the incredible urge to go bake a cake...You like chocolate?

Reviewer: EznquasiDate: 2004-06-08
Reviewid: 86423Chapter: 1
i thought it was harry and ginny right up to the end, it could have been lily and james too. i like that it was arthur and molly cos i've never read fanfic on those two before. very cute

Reviewer: BrigantiaDate: 2004-06-08
Reviewid: 86402Chapter: 1
This was very well done - really funny, and the end came as a real surprise. And I enjoyed the subliminal messages. :)

Reviewer: stephDate: 2004-05-27
Reviewid: 84672Chapter: 1
i decoded your things on the top and bottom... i was cracking up before i even got to the story!

i dont have money or cake, but will a hug for a review help? *hugs*

i really liked the ending! i wasn't expecting that at ALL... tres amusante, uh, ... jack? is that your name?...
sorry. not the best attention span, eh? well, i love this story, and the other one about ron and hermione snogging by the fire.

Reviewer: BeckyDate: 2004-05-24
Reviewid: 84252Chapter: 1
Brilliant twist, and first-class humor.

Reviewer: $~#Glowing * Toadstool#~$Date: 2004-05-23
Reviewid: 84113Chapter: 1
Awesome. It was very unexpected. It would have worked with Lily and James, too. :)

Reviewer: MegDate: 2004-05-23
Reviewid: 84091Chapter: 1
Great fic! My sister read it first and she INSISTED she'd read it out to me rather than me reading it myself. Apparently she expectly me to skip to the end(horrors!). I loved how you twisted it.


Note: As a matter of fact...I was going to bake a cake even before I read this. Wow...hope you like strawberry shortcake!

Reviewer: CornedBeeDate: 2004-05-22
Reviewid: 84068Chapter: 1
Brilliant, brilliant, brilliant. You definitely had me fooled to the point that for a split-second I thought "Arthur" was a typo.

Reviewer: Severus' WifeDate: 2004-04-27
Reviewid: 80425Chapter: 1
Damnable subliminal messages.... I suddenly feel like baking a cake.

Reviewer: NicDate: 2004-03-12
Reviewid: 74251Chapter: 1
Hey, you didn't intend to twist the story but that's exactly what you ended up doing!!

There I was, reading along, picturing Harry and Ginny and then you go and spring it on me that it was actually Arthur and Molly!!! That's great, it was a lovley ending. I love Arthur and Molly!!!

Reviewer: pirateloverDate: 2004-03-11
Reviewid: 74140Chapter: 1
Sorry- currently I do not have any money or cake to give out but I'll review! Great story and I'm off to read some more of your stories.

Reviewer: MeaganDate: 2004-02-29
Reviewid: 72589Chapter: 1
Nice. I was suspecting James and Lily. I don't see Arthur as a seeker. Maybe a keeper or beater, though. Anywho, me likee! Keep it up. :)

Reviewer: LizzieluDate: 2004-02-01
Reviewid: 69110Chapter: 1
Very good, I though it was Harry and Ginny the whole time. I love the subliminal messaging. Cake and money are on the way.

Reviewer: MiriamDate: 2004-01-26
Reviewid: 68496Chapter: 1
That was sweet. I thought you were aiming for Harry and Ginny. This worked even better. Nice.


Reviewer: JaquelyneDate: 2004-01-25
Reviewid: 68363Chapter: 1
This is a horrible trick you know. Here I am a happy go lucky H/Ger reading along and thinking that Ginny and Harry are having a moment. Boy was I wrong.

Cute story though. Well written and you do throw off the average reader.


Reviewer: AsevDate: 2004-01-24
Reviewid: 68306Chapter: 1

I for one was definitely not expecting that one. I too thought for sure it was H/G but you succesfully twisted it.

Reviewer: story645Date: 2004-01-21
Reviewid: 67890Chapter: 1
How much and what flavor? (really funny a/n ) the story is great,
interesting use of pronouns and adjectives, I thought for sure it was H/G,
it reminds me of another story where the author played the same trick,

Reviewer: Talking Purple RabbitsDate: 2003-12-18
Reviewid: 63896Chapter: 1
::snort:: ::giggle::

*Love* the subliminal messages. What kind of cake does Master prefer? :D And I am reviewing as per instructions. Of *course* you're not JKR...Of *course* you can't afford a lawsuit...Of *course* you don't flirt with your....wait a minute! Hey! :D :P :D

Very good story. I was sure the redhaired woman was JKR (altho she's usually not described as a redhead) talking to Harry, which explained the confusing bits and the reason as to why Madam Pomfrey seemed to ignore her. Plus how did Molly get in before the team? :D

Anyway, loved it. Requested monetary items and foodstuffs will be arriving shortly.

off to the next story!

Reviewer: WhiteWolfDate: 2003-12-17
Reviewid: 63829Chapter: 1
Very good. I'm still just a tad confused, but that's good every once in a while.
Keep writing! From what I've seen you are an excellent author (and comedian, perhaps?).

Reviewer: KewiiDate: 2003-12-17
Reviewid: 63814Chapter: 1
I liked that twist. Its nice to see a different perspective than the Ginny and Harry are like James and Lily. I thought it was an interesting direction

Reviewer: JulieDate: 2003-12-10
Reviewid: 62834Chapter: 1
Wow! Amazing! I didn't expect that! Crazy.

Reviewer: CalixaDate: 2003-11-26
Reviewid: 60901Chapter: 1
I've just worked my way through most of your fics and I have to say you're very very creative and entertaining. You rock, and if I had cake I'd be sending it your way.

I reviewed though :D

Reviewer: *Ginny Starre*Date: 2003-11-26
Reviewid: 60814Chapter: 1
*LOL, I thought it was Harry and Ginny until the end of it! Brilliant!*

Reviewer: dinkaDate: 2003-11-26
Reviewid: 60804Chapter: 1
I wasn't going to review, but then I got this sudden urge to do it. Strange, isn't it?

Anyway, that was a very cute story. :) "Irate redhead" hahaha :)

By the way, do you like chocolate cake?
*where did that come from???*

Reviewer: DrewDate: 2003-11-16
Reviewid: 60311Chapter: 1
I'm broke and do not know how to bake a cake.

Reviewer: US HP fanDate: 2003-11-16
Reviewid: 60206Chapter: 1
Nice twist there at the end! Good story.

Reviewer: HarteDate: 2003-11-15
Reviewid: 60046Chapter: 1
You had me there. So cute!!

Reviewer: SteppenwolfDate: 2003-11-15
Reviewid: 60039Chapter: 1
I'm sure everyone has said this in many varying ways already. Didn't see that coming! Brilliant!

Reviewer: KatieDate: 2003-10-22
Reviewid: 57388Chapter: 1
OHH that is so sweet and really funny. I thought it was going to end up different i really liked it. You are proubley getting a lot more reviews from me because my sister told me how funny your stories are so im going to read them. anyway, i loved it. If you want to talk to me e-mail me Katie

Reviewer: LettaDate: 2003-10-04
Reviewid: 55373Chapter: 1
OMG! Great story! I totally wasn't expecting it to be Arthur and Molly, that's for sure.

Reviewer: ValerieDate: 2003-10-01
Reviewid: 55029Chapter: 1
Yaay! That was really cute; I love Arthur/Molly fics! :)

Reviewer: bogusbabeDate: 2003-10-01
Reviewid: 55005Chapter: 1

that was quite a twist!


Reviewer: ellenmuggleDate: 2003-09-30
Reviewid: 54852Chapter: 1
That was great :)

“You're not helping as much now.”

“...and of course no one wants to say anything, we're all supposed to 'get along,' but if they're the type I'm expected to get along with...”

“Okay, not helping at all, really.”

hee hee :D

Still love everything you write. Thanks, Ellenmuggle ;)

Reviewer: yeopDate: 2003-09-30
Reviewid: 54808Chapter: 1
no, I will not be sending $ and cake. But good scene! Kudos for the "womanhandled."

Reviewer: ElucrehDate: 2003-09-25
Reviewid: 54264Chapter: 1
I KNEW I'd read some of your stuff...there may even be another review by me here somewhere or other. I love Molly getting off on the Slyths and blushing about the Seeker thing. Cute!

Reviewer: DelylahDate: 2003-09-18
Reviewid: 53349Chapter: 1
Cute story. Wasn't expecting those names at the end, which I'm sure you meant.

What kind of cake do you like??!

Reviewer: Waywren TruesongDate: 2003-09-04
Reviewid: 50753Chapter: 1
Well, I'm afraid I can't provide money or cake, but I
can certainly review. ^^


*glomps* I -love- Arthur and Molly stories! Thanks
so so much!

Reviewer: Indigo ZionaDate: 2003-09-03
Reviewid: 50518Chapter: 1
So, I was utterly unoriginal and thought it was a Harry/Ginny. Aww, it was a lovely story, nice snapshot. Now I read it again, I can just visualise Molly there - so utterly *her*. Absolutely wonderful, good job.

Reviewer: cel blackDate: 2003-09-02
Reviewid: 50383Chapter: 1
see, at first, i thought H/G
and then, on closer inspection, i went and thought James/Lily
well done on proving me wrong, again.
and, no, you get no money or cake. but, as you see, i have reviewed

Reviewer: IceDate: 2003-09-01
Reviewid: 49950Chapter: 1
HAHAHAHAHA. nice twist. by the way, what kind of cake would you like, dear?

Reviewer: BernadeteDate: 2003-08-31
Reviewid: 49708Chapter: 1
Well, I really liked this fic. Really sweet. I thought you were talking about Harry and Ginny, but that was your intention...

Reviewer: Nerina DragonstongueDate: 2003-08-31
Reviewid: 49665Chapter: 1
Very cool story. yeah. i don't usually review but for some reason i felt like i had to this time. and i have a sudden urge for strange....
yeah but no go on the money thing - sorry
(and it is a good story even with the subliminal messages)

Reviewer: ReeDate: 2003-08-31
Reviewid: 49657Chapter: 1
First matter of business is of course your money and cake...if you can just tell me the amount and flavor...? ;)

But onto the review: You totally had me. I was tricked, but not conned, and I love it. Great job. Well-written and entertaining, and very deserving of its award. Congrats!

Reviewer: dragontacDate: 2003-08-30
Reviewid: 49438Chapter: 1
great story! really funny too... lol! what subliminal messages? but i do have this sudden urge to send you cake...

Reviewer: Professor DaviesDate: 2003-08-30
Reviewid: 49427Chapter: 1
Okay that was.. intresting, thanks for the quick short story

Reviewer: Irene Machuca BermanDate: 2003-08-30
Reviewid: 49353Chapter: 1
I love your style. This story was so darling. I don't know if you like your stories to be called darling, but this one me anyway.

I read Laughter first and loved it. Wanted to read another of your fics before I commented. Can hardly wait for my husband to finish OotP so he can read Laughter and tell me what he thinks. He's a journalist but loves HP as do I.

Reviewer: AshleyDate: 2003-08-29
Reviewid: 49236Chapter: 1
Once again you give me a reason to call you my favorite fan fiction writer ever! That was fabulous! Well written with a marvelous twist! Oh, your genius makes me want to write!

Reviewer: LarzdinnDate: 2003-08-29
Reviewid: 49185Chapter: 1
Your creativity and cleverness are sources of constant amazement :)


Reviewer: EikoDate: 2003-08-28
Reviewid: 49132Chapter: 1
*hands you money and cake* .... why'd I do that for...? *stares blankly*

Reviewer: Ebony SteinbachDate: 2003-08-28
Reviewid: 49069Chapter: 1
Cool twist. Went through the whole thing thinkng H/G and grinning my head off and then ... the twist. Really well-written.
P.S. I could send you cake but it'd be stale from the trans-Pacific trip

Reviewer: AshleyDate: 2003-08-28
Reviewid: 49063Chapter: 1
I was biting my tongue through this whole story because I thought it was H/G (not that there's anything wrong with that...). How refreshing for it to end up being who it was. :D

Reviewer: juanaDate: 2003-08-27
Reviewid: 48959Chapter: 1
hahaha!Jack... ur amazing! I can't send u money (i could send u cake...)but i'll try and review... there was me stupid, thinking it was harry n ginny (i s'pose i'm not the only one) and it turned out to be Molly and Arthur! It was really good... but specially the surprise ending!!!!

Reviewer: EllenDate: 2003-08-27
Reviewid: 48946Chapter: 1
Wow. I thought it was Harry and Hermione at first then I thought it was Harry and Ginny. I was never expecting Arthur and Molly! But it was really good!

Reviewer: SilicaDate: 2003-08-27
Reviewid: 48924Chapter: 1
Ah, Jack. Thou art a subtle man.

But for the story. Immensely enjoyable, though I did fall into the trap of H/G, in which I was going to have to tell you Harry was OOC. :P But you got me. So, no criticisms for this fic. You've escaped my wrath...for now.

Reviewer: maddyDate: 2003-08-27
Reviewid: 48919Chapter: 1
I really liked this story. It made me laugh dozens of times. :) And I like your 'send me money and cake, please' subliminal message, very clever.

Reviewer: MargaretDate: 2003-08-27
Reviewid: 48910Chapter: 1
I should've known when the red head started going off. Very clever and very in character.

Reviewer: Muggle MollyDate: 2003-08-27
Reviewid: 48881Chapter: 1
You got me! I did not see that coming. Very cute, I really enjoyed it.

Reviewer: AzyneDate: 2003-08-27
Reviewid: 48873Chapter: 1
What? No. What???

Ok that's the second review today I've started with those 3 words.

Very, very twisty indeed. I started it Harry/Hermione, thinking, "Ew. Dude. Gross. Who are you?" then it became Harry/Ginny, then it became the all-time ancient uber-couple.


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