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Dumbledore's Army
Reviews for: The Forest of Death
Review(s): 15

Reviewer: Reader 2Date: 2005-11-10
Reviewid: 135775Chapter: 1
Quite Nice. But it was far too short.

Reviewer: Fawkes01Date: 2004-02-08
Reviewid: 69881Chapter: 1
OMG, that was *wipes a tear* so awesome. you are definately a wonderful writer *tear*

Reviewer: CendrillonDate: 2004-02-05
Reviewid: 69521Chapter: 1
Well, since Crookshanks is part Kneazle, I figure that he could have an unusual lifespan for a cat, not that some cats don't live into their 20s anyway.

Reviewer: DelleveDate: 2004-02-05
Reviewid: 69512Chapter: 1
That was a very nice little fic. Little Harry was just perfect and very cute and adult Ron was very believable. Crookshanks must be one old cat by now but he still can run like the wind apparently. ^_^

The idea that the Ministry would burn down the forest or, if not that, just kill all the creatures there is very interesting.

"'Maybe some things never die after all.'"

That was a perfect ending. All in all this was a very poignant and beautiful fic, the usual for you Cendrillon. ;)

Reviewer: Brianne ColeDate: 2004-01-05
Reviewid: 65970Chapter: 1
Wow! This is so good! I really enjoyed it.

Reviewer: ThatDamnedBastardDate: 2004-01-05
Reviewid: 65902Chapter: 1
There is no review I could type in to properly capture how this tale made me look at the wizarding world of Harry Potter, and more importantly the characteristic ignorance of the Ministry. And to think people in the real world have used that exact same type of policy to justify laying waste to whole cities just to ensure that one or two "bad seeds" did not spoil their "Eden."

Reviewer: JoannaDate: 2003-11-30
Reviewid: 61298Chapter: 1
That was so beautiful! I absolutely loved it. Very beautifully written and so heartwarming. Good job!

Reviewer: topazladynjDate: 2003-09-15
Reviewid: 52775Chapter: 1
This was very beautiful. I was in total awe that out Ronald Weasley can be so deep. But sometimes your children bring out the best in you. Great job.

Reviewer: SpartinaDate: 2003-09-14
Reviewid: 52607Chapter: 1
This is a chilling idea--that Harry and Hermione's escapade with Umbridge and the centaurs might lead the Ministry--even a Ministry ostensibly working with Dumbledore and the Order--to declare war on the forest and turn it into an ecological disaster area. I especially like the bit of irony with which you open the story: that the Forest was once forbidden because of the richness and wildness of the life in it; now the Ministry has made a desert there and calls it peace, and the Forest is now so much shunned that there's no need to forbid it to anyone.

Speaking from a slight knowledge in forest ecology, I'm guessing that it would take more than common fire to make such a lasting desolation of the Forbidden Forest. But of course, wizards would have more than common fire at their disposal. And of course, as an ecologist, I love your second and best irony. The bird that supposedly foretells death here foretells the restorative processes of nature; the stag that reminds Ron of his lost friend is a sign of life returning to the Forest...and they seem, also, to be signs of healing for Ron's spirit. Bravo.

Reviewer: SamanthaDate: 2003-09-14
Reviewid: 52575Chapter: 1
Uh-Oh.....*tear falls* crap now I'm crying. That was wonderful even if Harry died and everything is gone from the forest. The spirit of the story and the stag was abso;utly beautiful.

Reviewer: Darwin's ApprenticeDate: 2003-09-07
Reviewid: 51198Chapter: 1
Nice. I like the inage of a stag being the first back into the forest. You've done a good job of predicting the ministry's actions. I can believe they would burn the forest down. I also like the way you show Ron and Hermione's relationship without having her present. That was a good technique with only a thousand words to use.

Since you were trying to pull heartstrings with a story like this, I might have had the stag be the one that rescued young Harry. Sort of protecting his namesake. That might have been over the top. And you might not be able to have Ron's conversation with young Harry. That way. Just an idea.

Good work! Thanks for pointing this out on the Review Thread!

Reviewer: BirgitDate: 2003-09-07
Reviewid: 51182Chapter: 1
Wonderful story! You explore the themes despair and hope very nicely.

Reviewer: SharonDate: 2003-09-01
Reviewid: 50067Chapter: 1
Oh! That was beautiful. Totally gave me chills.

Reviewer: RobinDate: 2003-08-31
Reviewid: 49782Chapter: 1
Bittersweet and beauitful; I've never heard someone have the Ministry destroy the forest before, and it's so sad to think that might actually happen. Kudos on making such a believable and sad story.

Reviewer: LindseyDate: 2003-08-31
Reviewid: 49568Chapter: 1
that was such a great story. beautiful!

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