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Dumbledore's Army
Reviews for: Shadows
Review(s): 2

Reviewer: RiibuDate: 2004-02-15
Reviewid: 70836Chapter: 1
Your Barty Crouch characterization was great, and I liked the atmosphere of this fic a lot. You've also managed to picture Barty's last moments very well.

Reviewer: BirgitDate: 2003-10-11
Reviewid: 56279Chapter: 1
I like this! The centaur is very in character. "Saturn has not be in power for a long time, my friend." Brilliant!

You describe the last seconds before the Dementor's Kiss very well. Very scary, also.

And finally, your Barty Crouch Jr. is great. Ignoring the warnings of the Centaur and being even more confident that his master would succeed. And I especially liked "the crazy eye."

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