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Dumbledore's Army
Review(s): 7

Reviewer: Reader 2Date: 2006-03-23
Reviewid: 141227Chapter: 1
Quit Nice

Reviewer: DonDate: 2003-12-03
Reviewid: 61676Chapter: 1
Nicely done. I like the way Sirius sort of meditates in a free wheeling sort of way about Peter to the Marauders to Harry to lost time. It feels right for Sirius. I do think it just sort of emotes without going anywhere. But no plot aside, I enjoyed looking at Sirius this way.

Reviewer: NigellaDate: 2003-09-18
Reviewid: 53222Chapter: 1
I wish I'd found this earlier - it's excellent! I read a lot of the competition entries but somehow overlooked this one, and have just discovered it after reading 'Girls Girls Girls'! Thank you for more time with Sirius/Padfoot. I hadn't thought about him seeing Harry's Patronus - that's a lovely idea. If I have one tiny quibble, it's that Nymphadora Tonks isn't actually Sirius' niece - I think she's his first cousin once removed, or something like that! But 'niece' sounds much better! I'm trying to write something about Andromeda, and it doesn't seem much of a jump from 'favourite cousin' to 'big sister'! I really enjoyed Sirius thinking, during PoA, about people we didn't hear about in that book!
I loved this story - thanks again!

Reviewer: RobinDate: 2003-09-17
Reviewid: 53131Chapter: 1
"The foursome that was, the Marauders. Dissolved, along with blissful teenage innocence."

This is sadly poetic (in a very good way, though it is so bittersweet). You portray Sirius' emotions very well, and I love the way the loss of twelve years suddenly hits him. You jar the reader into that moment perfectly--one moment Sirius is thinking about Quidditch, jokes and pranks, and the next he realizes. It's as surprising to the reader as it is for him, which is a hard job to pull off. Well done.

Reviewer: mdelaurDate: 2003-09-09
Reviewid: 51455Chapter: 1
WOW Lupins Lair! Your story is terrific! It sheds a whole new light on Sirius. I never liked the character much because he was always portrayed as brooding and standofish almost, but your story.... WOW! I can't believe it! I think I truly understand him now.... and that's a terrific accomplishment for a writer to achieve such a thing in such a short amount of allotted time. You made him have feelings, emotions.... made him feel warm, almost as if the block of ice around his heart was thawing. I truly hope that he could have had this experiance, so that the years in Azkaban would have begun to unravel its hold on Sirius's heart. I enjoy your use of wording and how you intwined bits and whisps of scenes from the past into the scene at hand. And I truly enjoyed how you made the scene the night that Harry saw "the grim". It maded them connected, somehow, that they had shared a moment together. You are a terrific writer and I'm impressed that English isn't your first language. I'm sorry that I didn't review earlier, your story is SOOO good! Its the best of the submissions that I've read so far.

Reviewer: Darwin's ApprenticeDate: 2003-09-04
Reviewid: 50674Chapter: 1
Great job! I like the way Sirius is wandering around his emotional past as he wanders the forest. He must have had a lot of time on his hands, er paws during PoA. I can imagine him having these thoughts over and over suring that time. And you do a good job of putting your story into the context of the book, with Crookshanks and Harry at the end. Good work!

Reviewer: CheddarTrekDate: 2003-09-02
Reviewid: 50225Chapter: 1
Wow! This is an amazing story, it really is! Sirius seems very In Character, and I am pleased to note that you do not portray Sirius as never having like Peter to begin with.

You also do a very good job of inserting events from the books, and that makes it seem more realistic.

On the whole, great job! You have some serious talent here, so please keep writing.

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