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Dumbledore's Army
Reviews for: Astraea
Review(s): 9

Reviewer: TigerLillyDate: 2005-11-27
Reviewid: 136345Chapter: 1

Reviewer: Reader2Date: 2005-03-19
Reviewid: 117047Chapter: 1
The ficlet was nice, but. . . You should proof your work. Such short pieces are easily msred by even a couple of errors.

Reviewer: wee meeDate: 2005-01-04
Reviewid: 109673Chapter: 1
i'm sorry if i'm bothering you with my comment, but i guess i felt like talking.

Reviewer: wee meeDate: 2005-01-04
Reviewid: 109672Chapter: 1
look, i know what you are trying to go for here, or i think i do, but don't you think that the mythology of unicorns suggests they really do prefer girls to boys? virgin girls to virgin boys?
i mean, otherwise in the books, when grubbly-plank tells the boys to step back from the unicorn, that would suggest she didn't know her stuff, and she did, didn't she? or do you have the opposite opinion?
(and i always assumed the kids at hogwarts were all basically.... eeerrrrhhh... carnally ignorant.... minus some snogging... or do you think i am being nieve?)

Reviewer: MullvaneyDate: 2003-09-06
Reviewid: 50921Chapter: 1
Splendid! I applaud your facility with the english language! Kettleburn is the perfect blustering prude. A bit esoteric, but I like it that way!

Reviewer: JulieDate: 2003-09-04
Reviewid: 50712Chapter: 1
I liked this story - it put a smile on my face. Professor Kettleburn's abruptness works well, and the glimpse of a young Cedric is nice. For some reason, your Cedric reminds me of Neville. I had never thought of this comparison before, but I like it (maybe you didn't intend it, though?)

Keep up the good work!

Reviewer: TapestryDate: 2003-09-04
Reviewid: 50679Chapter: 1
This was a very nice blend of lyric desription and humor. The visuals are very strong and well written. I love this line "Newt Scamander, pah! Twenty-seven paltry paragraphs, incomplete, unscholarly, unsound, by a jumped-up Ministry jack-in-office and Jarvey-fancier." The language gets a bit arcane in places, but it adds a certain charm. I really love the addition of the unicorn and Astrea. Wonderful job and I hope you'll share more of your writing on the Quill.

Reviewer: CorgiDate: 2003-09-04
Reviewid: 50603Chapter: 1
[WTCKH!] LATIN! Yum! And the scientific name for the Knarl! [scurries off with useful data]

Excellent characterisation for both (all three?) characters, especially the description of Kettleburn. I like the dragon-scar in particular.

The chapel and service were a very nice touch.

Reviewer: MenyaDate: 2003-08-31
Reviewid: 49647Chapter: 1
Awww! I like this story. It's an interesting idea. I especially like your characterization of Professor Kettleburn, a minor character I haven't really seen much of in fics before. Very well written.

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