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Dumbledore's Army
Review(s): 12

Reviewer: H'tariDate: 2003-09-04
Reviewid: 50762Chapter: 1
Lol! It's great!!

Reviewer: CorgiDate: 2003-09-03
Reviewid: 50546Chapter: 1
Clever and delightful -- imagine all the other stories she could tell, with her lifespan! I loved the description of Sirius, too.

Reviewer: IceDate: 2003-09-02
Reviewid: 50214Chapter: 1
hahahahaha great story. poor "soy beans"!

Reviewer: shannonDate: 2003-09-01
Reviewid: 50055Chapter: 1
Brilliant. I loved it! I'm so glad you won! This has got to be one of the best Forest fics out there. I love Sirius and carving his name in the tree, it's such a Sirius-like thing to do :)

Reviewer: ivy & GracieDate: 2003-09-01
Reviewid: 49898Chapter: 1
so original! to our critical eye--it was so well-writ; may we offer a compliment that may sound prosaic? it's just that, erm...(**embarassed squirming**) your grammar and spelling and all were so spot on; wait! that's not a left-handed compliment: siriusly, fics like this, with rambly thoughts, in which the context may not be clear until the end...well, they can be hard to understand. but your attention to technical excellence made it easy to follow, and, well--unique and effective communication is what writers are all about, eh? well done!

Reviewer: BeakerDate: 2003-09-01
Reviewid: 49875Chapter: 1
WOW! What a unique take on "magical creature!" A Whomping Willow! This is terrific--so creative, and I love the tree-perspective talk ("Off the top of my crown...")Poor Sirius! Who was he with, I wonder... Congratulations on your Order of Merlin (First Class!)

Reviewer: GiesbrechtDate: 2003-08-31
Reviewid: 49795Chapter: 1
"Soggy Bottom"! ::bursts out laughing:: I loved this. Too funny.

Reviewer: QueenieDate: 2003-08-31
Reviewid: 49734Chapter: 1
Brilliant story. This was hilarious, intelligent, and unexpected. I really enjoyed reading this -- and I'll never look at the Whomping Willow the same way again!

Reviewer: Jack IchijoujiDate: 2003-08-31
Reviewid: 49676Chapter: 1
It seems odd that something as well written as this is so... laugh-worthy. You have a skill at anthro...wossname. You know, making stuff human like.

Reviewer: TapestryDate: 2003-08-31
Reviewid: 49625Chapter: 1
Very original and well structured. I like how you slipped dialogue into the diary entries to keep the piece moving and Sirius's little bit of whittling :) Good job and congrats on winning!

Reviewer: Talking Purple RabbitsDate: 2003-08-31
Reviewid: 49569Chapter: 1
::giggles:: very funny.

It was quite amusing, your tree tale.

just one very minor comment, that probably doesn't matter....ghosts can leave the castle stones because Myrtle showed up in the lake.

Other than that, your tale was perfect. I epsecially liked the bit about Carrot-Head Evans. Poor darling. :)


Reviewer: AeternaDate: 2003-08-31
Reviewid: 49561Chapter: 1
This was great! Bad Sirius! Just one question. How can a tree actually *write* in a journal?

Much love,

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