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Reviews for: Sestina for Ginny
Review(s): 19

Reviewer: Ardie BeaDate: 2006-04-21
Reviewid: 142118Chapter: 1
Very beautifully written. Well done

Reviewer: Reader 2Date: 2005-11-29
Reviewid: 136464Chapter: 1

Reviewer: Maria M.Date: 2005-05-03
Reviewid: 121266Chapter: 1
Wow, beautiful. I tried writing a sestina once. It's HARD! My English teacher throws the word "volta" around so much I feel like it's not a real word, but here you really do a good job logically moving from despair to admiration. Those last three lines are very nice.

Reviewer: ice princessDate: 2004-10-04
Reviewid: 100366Chapter: 1

Reviewer: kimDate: 2004-04-27
Reviewid: 80452Chapter: 1

Reviewer: wilaniaDate: 2004-04-21
Reviewid: 79671Chapter: 1

Very good. Very Harry.

Keep it up.

Reviewer: IzhilzhaDate: 2003-10-28
Reviewid: 58168Chapter: 1
Wow. Sestinas aren't easy to write, I've never seen anyone attempt a fic-related one before--and this one is quite decent, to boot! Kudos to you for creativity and hard work! :-)

Reviewer: BeckyDate: 2003-09-20
Reviewid: 53629Chapter: 1
simply beautiful

Reviewer: mirandaDate: 2003-09-16
Reviewid: 53026Chapter: 1
Erm, what did that have to do with anything? i'm lost!

Reviewer: SibDate: 2003-09-16
Reviewid: 52935Chapter: 1
OK, I have to admit I normally hate poetry. But I really liked the imagery that this one invoked. "The monsters", indeed. Well done.

Reviewer: RogueDate: 2003-09-16
Reviewid: 52871Chapter: 1
Very interesting and deep. Liked it a lot.


Reviewer: Teresina DragonwagonDate: 2003-09-15
Reviewid: 52648Chapter: 1
Oooooooh. Nice. I especially like the poemmy-thing. Wunnerful!

Reviewer: TapestryDate: 2003-09-15
Reviewid: 52636Chapter: 1
Wow, that was a gorgeous poem. I'm really, really impressed. The sestina is one of the hardest forms to master and you've done it so well. I particuarly like this line at the begining of the fic: "He'd once approached the word, delicately, tentatively, but finding its dimensions too many, its shape unfamiliar, its movements strange and haphazard, he'd shrunk away."
Beautiful imagery and word choice. Great job and thanks for sharing it!

Reviewer: ivy & GracieDate: 2003-09-14
Reviewid: 52613Chapter: 1
wow--we haven't exhaled since the top of the page. sometimes, the unsaid speaks more eloquently than what is spoken, eh?

Reviewer: lineDate: 2003-09-14
Reviewid: 52585Chapter: 1
wow... write more...:)

Reviewer: CadenzaDate: 2003-09-14
Reviewid: 52578Chapter: 1

That is perhaps the only perfect fanfic that I've read that is mostly poetry. Wow.

Reviewer: Waywren TruesongDate: 2003-09-14
Reviewid: 52557Chapter: 1
there are no words.

save, perhaps, 'beautiful'.

and, 'thank you.'

Reviewer: SamanthaDate: 2003-09-14
Reviewid: 52556Chapter: 1
Wow. That is..... well let's just say it is too hard to find words that I can spell to describe all of the good feelings brought along by this peice of art.

Reviewer: oybolshoiDate: 2003-09-14
Reviewid: 52453Chapter: 1
That was breathtaking - very moving and very well done!

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