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Dumbledore's Army
Reviews for: Change and Choice
Review(s): 9

Reviewer: RomanyDate: 2005-12-06
Reviewid: 136798Chapter: 1
This is a lovely moment between Hagrid and Firenze that carries even more weight considering OoTP and HBP. Wonderful imagery.

Reviewer: Reader2Date: 2005-03-22
Reviewid: 117371Chapter: 1
Damn, you are good. Why have you written/posted so little here?

Reviewer: MeDate: 2004-03-07
Reviewid: 73445Chapter: 1
Wow, I really liked it! Firenze was nicely portrayed and it seemed like it really did happen... great story!

Reviewer: beckDate: 2003-11-03
Reviewid: 58597Chapter: 1
very nice story it was a great behind the scene look on hagrid and firenze very good

Reviewer: atroposDate: 2003-10-24
Reviewid: 57678Chapter: 1
I liked this. Hagrid and Firenze are both well drawn, and there are some good little details (like Hagrid eating a sausage - very Hagrid-like behaviour). You have done a good job of capturing Hagrid's feelings before going to meet the giants, and allowing him to express them without veering out of character. I am looking forward to reading some more of your stories.


Reviewer: Susan LynnDate: 2003-10-22
Reviewid: 57478Chapter: 1
This is a lovely story. Thank you so much for sharing it. You have captured the voices of Hagrid and Firenze in a way that few others have. Firenze's comments about Hagrid's mother helped me understand how she could have entered the human world, especially considering Rowling's characterization of giants in OotP. I look forward to reading your future stories.

Reviewer: MeganDate: 2003-10-21
Reviewid: 57346Chapter: 1
Beautiful missing moment, very much in character for both Hagrid and Firenze.

Reviewer: Kate LynnDate: 2003-10-21
Reviewid: 57321Chapter: 1
Oh, I loved it! A great missing moment. Hagrid was done perfectly, and I loved his conversation with Firenze. I'm so glad I happened across this ficlet. Thanks for it! 8-)

Kate Lynn

Reviewer: Fawkes101Date: 2003-10-21
Reviewid: 57194Chapter: 1
That was a really good and interesting Missing Moment! Good job!

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