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Reviews for: Letters to Mum
Review(s): 322

Reviewer: kodamaDate: 2007-04-08
Reviewid: 147703Chapter: 10
this was really good! the letter from neville was a real tear jerker!! it was really good, keep it up!

Reviewer: Baron Von KroggDate: 2006-09-30
Reviewid: 145535Chapter: 10
What a very nice set of storys from the Students
point of view. How nice to read from a first years
to a fifth year and above on their views of Hogwarts
and the way things are really happening. Please

Reviewer: Reader 2Date: 2006-09-18
Reviewid: 145389Chapter: 10
Quite excellent. Thanks

Reviewer: ksellersDate: 2006-02-18
Reviewid: 140023Chapter: 5
This story is awesome. Different, but very well written, and worth reading. Now, I hate what I'm about to do, but I have to, because this is the most brilliant sentence I've read in any fanon.
"They say he wasn’t himself last year"
That has to be the best understatement I've ever read, and so accurately funny that I scared my roomie, because she thought I had just gone crazy from doing to much homework.
Yeah, this isn't making too much sense, but once again, this was brilliant. I loved it.

Reviewer: hannah_88Date: 2006-02-07
Reviewid: 139482Chapter: 10
humm that's very good, interristing perspective of marietta.

Reviewer: ~Date: 2005-10-13
Reviewid: 134405Chapter: 7
angelina? a guy? oh my goodness...

Reviewer: Artist in DisguiseDate: 2005-10-13
Reviewid: 134388Chapter: 10
nice, sweet, professional, cute, everything mothers and seeing-eye dogs are.

Reviewer: katie BiliusDate: 2005-08-10
Reviewid: 129488Chapter: 1

Reviewer: EmelyeDate: 2005-06-24
Reviewid: 124999Chapter: 10
Hmmmm. Very interesting theory!! Well done.

Reviewer: EmelyeDate: 2005-06-24
Reviewid: 124998Chapter: 8
Oooh. The others were good, but this is my favorite so far! Seamus' letter to his mother. It's exactly what I would have pictured it to be.

Reviewer: Pat McCrotchDate: 2005-04-29
Reviewid: 120977Chapter: 1
all in all a good story

Reviewer: Solarius ScorchDate: 2005-04-12
Reviewid: 119388Chapter: 10
I really appreciate this series. I especially like how different they are from one another. Some of them I like better that others, but it comes more from what interests me than differencies in the level of artism. Thanks for writing, don't stop it, please.

Reviewer: Angelina WeasleyDate: 2005-04-09
Reviewid: 119110Chapter: 5
"Because things are safe. Here at Hogwarts. No danger here! At Hogwarts. Yeah."
Real convincing, Dean. I love thhis one.

Reviewer: JennaDate: 2005-03-12
Reviewid: 116216Chapter: 10
The ending of Ginny's letter really touched me, and I think you've captured her perfectly there.

Reviewer: SueDate: 2004-11-05
Reviewid: 103539Chapter: 1
I enjoyed these letters a lot. The way you tell the stories through letters to Mum (which I happen to appreciate) was so well done and sounded so natural. You have great insight into the characters too. Nice work.

Reviewer: Norwegian BlueDate: 2004-10-22
Reviewid: 102129Chapter: 10
This was recommended on one of the threads in the forum, so I decided to check it out. I'm certainly glad I did. All the letters were really well written. I especially like Neville's letter. I've always assumed that his parents were, to put it crudely, completely out of it, and even wrote a one shot based on that assumption. The idea that they were acting stranger than usual because there were people around never occured to me. Of course, this last chapter was excellent. That idea never occured to me either, that Marietta either did not have a choice in what she did or either did not realize what she was doing or hoped that...well, I can't think of a good way to put it, but I guess she hoped that it would not come to pass. You made Marietta a sympathetic character and that's no easy feat.

Reviewer: UnknownDate: 2004-10-01
Reviewid: 100019Chapter: 10
Great Story

Reviewer: Ashtur an'VanganDate: 2004-08-21
Reviewid: 98134Chapter: 10
Very impressive, yes it is. You did a very good job of bringing out a separate and distinct "voice" for each of these various letters. That's a very difficult task, but one that you brought together extremely well.

Reviewer: jennyDate: 2004-08-11
Reviewid: 96674Chapter: 10
Really like these letters. The characters all seem perfect. I especially liked how you included letters from Dean & Euan. I always like reading aboud secondary characters. I would love to read the Mum's replies...especially Mrs. Weasley's.

Reviewer: KatinkaDate: 2004-08-05
Reviewid: 95940Chapter: 7
These letters are the perfect length for "fic-snacking". :D

>>Guess she’d rather fall off a mountain than spend Christmas with me.<<

aa;sldfja;sldkfja;lsdkja;ldkjfa Love the use of the singular "me"!

>>Not many younger blokes likely to be there, I’d guess.<<

But why ever would you care, Ron? ;)

>>Dean swears that all Muggle guys play either Football or something called Grasshopper. <<

Cricket! Cricket! I'd been wondering what the HEX the title was referring to.

>>I just want Harry to relax. Be better if Hermione were there. <<

I just love Ron. He is so good for both those two.

>>You should see her, Mum. She’s the only part of the team that is any good.<<

Ahhh! I know Ron would probably rather die than tell Ginny this personally, but I just love that he takes such pride in her abilities. And that he refers to Angelina as a "guy", adlkfja;dlkjfa;dlkfja.


Reviewer: KatinkaDate: 2004-08-05
Reviewid: 95912Chapter: 6
>>They seem eager for company. Too eager, if you know what I mean. I’ll need to think a bit, before going.<<

a;ldkaj;ldkfjaldkjfaf; In need of new test subjects, are they? :D

>>I told him if he wanted to, he could take the blame for my ankle. He just snorted at that and said that I was able to take care of myself, but Hermione was always getting in over her head.<<

SO brotherly!

>>That’s rich, that is. He has it bad, Mum. Real bad. Of course, he still doesn’t see it. Though I’m sure Hermione does. Patience of a saint, she’s got.<<

I love that Ginny's spilling Ron's not-so-secret secret to their mum, hee hee.

One minor nitpick (and apologies if you've heard it before) -- it's the Confundus Charm, not Hex.

>>No. I’ll tell you why. Because they saw a boy, with no parents of his own, in danger. Because they saw a boy, with no family of his own, that needed protection. Because they never found a stray they didn’t take in. Because you and Dad have more heart than you do sense.<<

*wipes eyes* Beautifully said.


Reviewer: KatinkaDate: 2004-08-05
Reviewid: 95910Chapter: 5
>>Yes indeed, Hogwarts seems safe! We never have danger here. In fact, not much of anything ever happens here.<<

LOL! You've taken those few lines from Dean in canon and created a very believable letter from them. We get the sense that Dean knows his family is Just Not Gonna Understand, and so why even trouble them with the concerns of the wizarding world? Hogwarts is where he wants to be! :)

Reviewer: KatinkaDate: 2004-08-05
Reviewid: 95893Chapter: 4
Very sweet and poignant. For me, the gum-wrapper incident was one of the most emotionally moving scenes in OotP. It seems very in-character for Neville to NOT want Gran to see his letters, considering how she behaved at that time.

>>I had my friend Hermione put a spell on the drawer that keeps it from ever getting full. She was in that group when you gave it to me. The pretty one with lots of brown hair. One day I’ll introduce you to her.<<

A nice nod to Neville's admiration for Hermione, as seen in GoF.

>>“From the day your mum found out she was pregnant with you, Neville, she craved Drooble’s Bubble Gum.<<

So even now, in her current state, she associates Neville with gum. *sniffs, reaches for tissue* Another great touch -- those sorts of physiological associations can be very long-lived.

>>You should know that the reason I don’t tell people about where you and Dad stay is because I don’t want to give them one more reason to feel sorry for me. Most people think I’m nearly a squib. I don’t want people blaming my clumsy ways on you.<<

Great insight into Neville -- he does have a protective streak himself. *hugs Neville*


Reviewer: KatinkaDate: 2004-08-02
Reviewid: 95325Chapter: 2
You've done a great job of capturing the twins' voices -- it's a complete shift from Hermione's voice in the previous segment. As a Weasley defender, I've just got to commend you for showing that the twins do still love and respect their mother, despite her hesitations about the joke shop. They understand where she's coming from, but they also know that they've got what it takes to make the venture work. :)

>>Everyone in our family’s been a prefect, you know!<<

*dies* They just HAD to throw that in there, didn't they! :D I'm sure it made Molly laugh, after she'd gotten over the initial, er, bombshell.

>>The Quidditch teams (Puddlemere United and the Holyhead Harpies!) want our Weasleys’ Wildfire Whiz-bangs for every home game next season. The managers think they’ll be great crowd pleasers! That’s nine months worth of orders! Nimbus has asked us to provide entertainment for the release party featuring the debut of their new fall line.<<

Great details about the wizarding world beyond Hogwarts. I love that the tales of their "products" have ventured out into the corporate realm. Just tell the Nimbus folks to keep a close eye on the punch bowl. ;)

>>(Kids will love it, but we’re afraid parents will think it’s a bit of a dam nuisance!)<<

I hail from the Rocky Mountains, so I got a nostalgic laugh out of that one.

>>If this whole thing explodes in our faces (which happened last night, but we’ve fixed that) we’ll find other work. We are Weasleys. We are proud of that, and want to make you proud of us, too.<<

*sniffs* Fantastic stuff. The only suggestion I might have regards the shortening of words just as "runnin'", "havin'", etc. While I can easily see the twins speaking that way, I think they would actually write the words out in full.


Reviewer: KatinkaDate: 2004-08-02
Reviewid: 95320Chapter: 1
Hee, you've really captured Hermione's "verbal incontinence", to borrow a phrase from Bridget Jones's Diary. ;) I'm reminded of her first words on the Hogwarts Express, when she managed to change subjects five time in one paragraph.

>>Ron would make a great prefect. He’s smart and brave and thoughtful and handsome noble. He’s definitely first rate.<<

I'd agree! Hermione needs to think about voicing a few of these thoughts to Ron, though. :D

>>At first, I thought he might miss Harry and resent not having any guy stuff to do. But he chose to spend time with me! Even when the twins were around.<<

Reading this is taking about fifteen years off my age. :) I remember how it felt back then, when even the smallest attentions could cause such immense joy!

>>But after spending so much time with him, I started thinking that maybe – just maybe - what I was feeling was real. But I don’t want to ruin a great friendship by trying to make it something it’s not. <<

I like to think this is why Hermione frequently frustrated with Ron during OotP -- she'd sorted HER feelings out, and she was mad that he hadn't seen to HIS yet! :D

>>P.S. I made prefect.<<

LOL! I love that this announcement takes a back seat to her newfound "awareness".

Sweet and enjoyable to read.


Reviewer: imeldaDate: 2004-07-24
Reviewid: 93850Chapter: 10
What an unbelievably brilliant fic! The letters are all fascinating; I'm glad you sort of jumped around and did not go in chronological order, it gives the fic a more scattered feeling that emphasizes the variety of protagonists.
I can't even highlight which ones were my favorite, because they were all so well done. Well, I will say that I wish you could enlighten us a bit on Dean Thomas' letter; there were a few things in there that I wasn't able to make sense of. But it was quite clever.
I loved Seamus' letter, largely because I love anyone who defends Harry. Which is part of why Marietta's letters kicked arse. But mostly they kicked arse because they were so unexpected. Who would have imagined that Marietta actually defended Harry? I like your theory better than the Marietta-is-scum theory.
Ginny's letter was really great, as were Fred and George's. I liked seeing them stand up to their mother, and refusing to be browbeaten for their choices.
All in all, really well done and interesting! Thanks!

Reviewer: AstridDate: 2004-07-07
Reviewid: 91199Chapter: 10
These letters are really good. I think they accurately portray the characters and I like the creative license you've taken with some of the lesser-known characters. Also, the whole idea of teens' letters to their mothers is great. One thing I would fix- I would try to put the letters more in sequence. Shouldn't Fred and Georges' letter be closer to the end?

Reviewer: Hampster TreeDate: 2004-06-04
Reviewid: 85935Chapter: 1
This was very interesting. I liked it but i dont agree with some of it. The Prophet and the Ministry did NOT try to blame Harry for Cedric's death (at least im pretty sure they didnt), and at some points thats what you made it sound like. . But overall, it was fun to read!

Reviewer: CornedBeeDate: 2004-05-18
Reviewid: 83370Chapter: 10


Interesting to read, but doesn't go along with my own view of things.

Reviewer: CornedBeeDate: 2004-05-18
Reviewid: 83368Chapter: 9
This is very sweet and a little bit disturbing. Especially that offhand remark about the Thestrals, he wouldn't know of course...
That's stuff for an APoV OotP.

Reviewer: CornedBeeDate: 2004-05-18
Reviewid: 83364Chapter: 8
Chap7: The first time that I've seen the "Seamus issue" addressed in a fic. So I can safely say it's the best thing I've seen on it. But I think that attribute will hold even after a few other things on him.

Reviewer: CornedBeeDate: 2004-05-18
Reviewid: 83363Chapter: 7
Chap6: Soooooooo Ron! But the same comment as for Hermione applies: they're teenagers, they don't tell such things their mothers.

Reviewer: CornedBeeDate: 2004-05-18
Reviewid: 83362Chapter: 6
Chap5 (yes, I got tired of writing that): Deep, very deep. Especially the end.

But Ron used a simple (but effective) Summoning Charm, not an Attractor Jinx, whatever that may be.

Reviewer: CornedBeeDate: 2004-05-18
Reviewid: 83359Chapter: 5
Comment on chapter four: ROFLMAO! That absolutely great. Honestly, if MY son sent me such a letter, I'd get him straight back home and pull the truth out of his ears if necessary.

Reviewer: CornedBeeDate: 2004-05-18
Reviewid: 83358Chapter: 4
Comment on chapter three: It's a strange drop, from hilarious in the F&G letter to very very sad and touching in this one. Maybe you ought to reorder the chapters if that's possible, I think it would give this letter a different feel, because it is great and deserves to stand out more. F&G's letter is sent later anyway, I think. Well, maybe not, but still. And you could get rid of that zombie chapter too.

Reviewer: CornedBeeDate: 2004-05-18
Reviewid: 83356Chapter: 2
Comment on chapter two: Darn funny! And the mental image of Fred and George writing this letter is even funnier!

Reviewer: CornedBeeDate: 2004-05-18
Reviewid: 83354Chapter: 1
Comment on the first letter: Great PS :) Good letter otherwise, too.

But somehow, considering the long discussions I've read and even participated in, I don't think Hermione would tell her mother all this. But then, how would we ever read it?

I also believe that liking someone liking someone is an Americanism.

Reviewer: TabeaDate: 2004-04-25
Reviewid: 80129Chapter: 10
Just wanted to tell you this chapter is one of my favorite chapters so far! :)I like the writing style, it kind of reminds me of Arabella's "The Very Secret Diary". Marietta is very believable, this could really be the way it happened!

Reviewer: UnnamedDate: 2004-04-25
Reviewid: 80062Chapter: 1
And do Luna's. I already told you that.

Reviewer: UnnamedDate: 2004-04-25
Reviewid: 80061Chapter: 1
And do Luna's. I already told you that.

Reviewer: UnnamedDate: 2004-04-25
Reviewid: 80060Chapter: 1
You know, I don't believe I've reviewed half of these. So I'll just do it in one go, even though if I did all of them seperately you would get a lot more reviews. First off, Hermione's was really good, duh. I like Fred and George's probably the most, though. Neville's was good but not my favourite. Dean's was another of my favourites. Oh, no. I just thought of something. I'm going to have to list all of my favourite quotes in a second. Help. I liked Ginny's a lot, too. Seamus was good. This is SO pointless. I already made all my suggestions like before you posted this so now I'm stuck saying "Oh, yeah, that one's good, so is that one, and so is THAT one..." Marietta, Fred and George, and Dean the best. Marietta may not be entirely, entirely canon, but SO WHAT? I still like Marietta a whole, whole lot regardless. Unless she kills Hedwig. Or Fang. Or Crookshanks. Plus, I've also decided to skip quotes, thank you very much. Just read Fred and George and Ron and Ginny and Dean and Hermione and Seamus and Euan Marietta and then you should have covered them...anyway, good story. Of course I haven't read them in months. I was just here 'cause Mom's off now and I was bored.

Reviewer: Kat097Date: 2004-04-24
Reviewid: 80018Chapter: 10
This is such a beautiful story. I've never read anything like it. Neville's letter brought me to tears, it was so touching. And the last line in Marietta's last letter was just perfect. Please write more, I just can't wait to see who comes next!

Reviewer: FishheadDate: 2004-04-24
Reviewid: 79975Chapter: 10
I really like this story...Its a diff idea.. I like Ginny and Neville's letters alot (not that the others aren't awesome, they r all great)!!!

Reviewer: BeeDate: 2004-04-23
Reviewid: 79935Chapter: 10
Oh wow. That was brilliant. I particularly loved Neville, Ginny, Seamus, Euan and Marietta's letters. I've always felt kind of sorry for Marietta, without ever exploring why that is. While I still believe that it was her that betrayed the DA to Umbridge and not her mother, I thought you did a brilliant job of captured the conflicting emotions she must have gone through. Gave me the chills.

Reviewer: RudhampaielDate: 2004-04-22
Reviewid: 79773Chapter: 10
I like this a lot!! I think my favorites so far have been Fred and George's and Hermione's. They made me chuckle. And I'd actually really like to see another letter from Hermione, or maybe Ron. (heehee) Well done so far. You're very witty and the letters flow very nicely. Marietta's letters were also interesting and you had a really original take on what happened. Hope to see an update soon!

Reviewer: P. D. YerfDate: 2004-04-22
Reviewid: 79742Chapter: 10
Interesting idea. I never thought of it that way...very good.

Reviewer: LDate: 2004-04-21
Reviewid: 79682Chapter: 10
that actually made me feel sorry for Marietta! I liked how there were letters throughout the year. Good job!

Reviewer: GufaDate: 2004-04-20
Reviewid: 79625Chapter: 10
Another extremely interesting and thought-provoking letter...or letters, as the case may be!
Your approach was slightly different also because you explored the actions of a "bad guy", if I may so term Marietta. I don't really know what to think about her now! It's certainly true that there are sides to every story that we'll (probably) never know about, but no matter how much pressure was put on her, the ultimate choice was Marietta's...But I also understand the importance of family loyalties, which often make it hard for one to "make a choice between what is right and what is easy". And when that family trust is betrayed (as Marietta's was here) - well, that's one of the hardest things in the world to accept. Marietta seems to be standing up in the end like a true Gryffindor (yes, I know she's a Ravenclaw!) would. Her last line is amazing.
I guess I can feel some sympathy for her after all!
Keep up the good work,


Reviewer: tamria ouenDate: 2004-04-20
Reviewid: 79581Chapter: 10
are we using wormtailed as a verb now? kooky! I love it. Keep up the great work.

Reviewer: ileneDate: 2004-04-20
Reviewid: 79561Chapter: 10
I echo the comments about the depiction of Marietta as a three-dimensional character who has a lot of good points. I also thought you picked up on an interesting aspect of canon, that Marietta's mother was in charge of monitoring the Floo Network, and that she could appear "in the fire" to talk to, or nag, Marietta at any time. That really makes me think about the immense amount of pressure Marietta was under. I think it's quite plausible that Marietta didn't directly tell Umbridge about the DA, but told her mother expecting it to be in confidence. However, I am confused about one thing. Wasn't Marietta Obliviated shortly after the SNEAK curse activated? Hence, would she even remember telling her mother about the DA? Of course, that would make it quite ironic that Marietta was Obliviated, which stopped her from saying anything more to Umbridge, but also stopped her from making any explanation of her apparent treachery. Shades of Crouch Jr., even...

Reviewer: story645Date: 2004-04-19
Reviewid: 79553Chapter: 10
very well done. You make Marietta very sympathetic and her actions completely reasonable. I liked how you gave a very different reason for her motivations and actions then the ususal she is a cowardly snitch. Great installment in a fantastic series.

Reviewer: hydraspitDate: 2004-04-19
Reviewid: 79547Chapter: 10
I like how you change writing styles with each person's letter. It shows alot of talent. I especially loved the last letter. Not alot of fanfics try to show anything from Marietta's side, so I'm glad that yours did.

Reviewer: NARDate: 2004-04-19
Reviewid: 79537Chapter: 10
Your story justifies Cho's reaction about the 'sneak' incident. Great story!

Reviewer: Persephone_KoreDate: 2004-04-19
Reviewid: 79526Chapter: 10
*Wow.* That note is a good point -- about Dean and Seamus, that is -- and I really, really like this chapter. The twist you've given things is impressive, as are the details about Ravenclaw house and nooks big enough for two when one is crying and Marietta's frustration. The "tragic accident" exchange was really good.

Reviewer: FrankieDate: 2004-04-19
Reviewid: 79523Chapter: 10
Very well done. I like this version much better than the "Marietta was simply a stool pigeon" version. It seems to fit much better.

Reviewer: St. MargaretsDate: 2004-04-19
Reviewid: 79496Chapter: 10
Oh, I liked this one! Marietta comes off so differently than I had pictured her. I really like how you put the implicit pressure of her mother in from the beginning--like getting huffy over Marietta's mention of Cedric.
Poor Cho and pork products! Sorry, that was amusing to me for some reason.
I also like how you made Marietta's mother the villan in this piece. There does seem to be something about the Ministry which makes people forget their family loyalties. And it is canon--since Cho mentions Marietta's mother pressuring her. Great job--wonder what you'll come up with next?

Reviewer: TobyDate: 2004-04-19
Reviewid: 79490Chapter: 4
This letter did indeed make this grown 20 year old boy from Oklahoma weepy. And I'm definitely not one that likes to cry. Thanks for such a moving work.

Reviewer: LinnetDate: 2004-04-19
Reviewid: 79464Chapter: 10
I like your twist on Marietta being betrayed by her mother. I currently hate Madame Edgecombe and feel new sympathy for Marietta.

Reviewer: AmyDate: 2004-04-19
Reviewid: 79451Chapter: 6
OMG, that was amazing. I lost it at the part where Ginny told her parents that she learned it from them. This is a beautiful piece. I wish I had your talent.

Reviewer: KizmetDate: 2004-04-19
Reviewid: 79450Chapter: 10

FINALLY, I get to see your perspective on Marietta. Far different from mine, as you say...

You do have me up in the air who is redeemed and who is not. Betrayal is certainly the subtext of OOTP and of your story, and I think you've done a good job defining Marietta's dilemma and the betrayal she faces.

I've always liked this fic, I hope you're not done yet. Ever thought about what Harry might write to Mrs. Weasley? Even as a thank-you note for a green jumper and mince pies?

Reviewer: Dina C.Date: 2004-04-19
Reviewid: 79441Chapter: 10
What a great, inventive and original story idea. Really like the letters and trying to figure out who the writer is without peeking at the closing. I especially liked Ginny's letter -- that made me tear up. Reminds very much of my college years, long before e-mail existed and students didn't have their own computers, when I would actually write letters longhand and mail them to family and friends. Seems very old-fashioned nowadays. :) Keep up the great work!

Reviewer: CoquillageDate: 2004-04-19
Reviewid: 79440Chapter: 10
Very interesting depiction of Marietta. You've done a nice job of coloring in her background, reminding us that she is a Ravenclaw and a person, not just a sneak. I like this angle of the tension with her mother and the diasterous way you have it turn out for her. Unfortunately, your Marietta is a casualty of the kind of high-pressure, high-stakes games that are played out in a prelude to war. It reminds us of the turmoil the wizarding world has been thrown into, with a lack of trust we'll no doubt hear more about in the next book.
Who's next?

Reviewer: AnimusDate: 2004-04-19
Reviewid: 79426Chapter: 10
Brilliant chapter.

This piece really throws a new light over Marietta and does it in such a god way that is ought to change how many see Marietta. It has changed mine, at least.

Keep up the good work.


Reviewer: OzmaDate: 2004-04-18
Reviewid: 79388Chapter: 10
What a well-written twist on the Marietta subplot! Bravo! I really like the way that you've shown Marietta to be a true Ravenclaw leading study groups, working hard and, above all -being a good friend to Cho. You also did a masterful job of showing Marietta's relationship with her mother.

Poor marked Marietta. You did a great job of showing that there's more to her than Harry and Co ever saw.

Reviewer: CendrillonDate: 2004-04-18
Reviewid: 79366Chapter: 10

This is very interesting. You did a number of things in this chapter that I liked. I loved how Marietta said that there was a boy that Cho fancied but didn't mention Harry by name because she knew that it would anger her mother. I love the Triple R, it seems so Ravenclaw-y to have a study group for 5th years and give practice tests once a month. Makes me wonder why Hermione didn't subject Harry and Ron to practice tests...Hmm... Anyways, this was a very enjoyable installment. So, is a letter from Cho planned? I don't think I've every actually seen any stories from her perspective oddly enough.

The only thing that troubled me a bit was the last sentence. I think it would have been stronger if it said, "I hope keeping your job was worth losing your daughter." It's a very strong line, I just think it would be stronger without the second "your."

Best of luck with your current and future writing projects. I anxiously await your next installment.

Reviewer: JulesDate: 2004-04-18
Reviewid: 79355Chapter: 10
oh, I meant to add something else (I wish we could edit our comments):
Marietta being kind enough to tudor other students for O.W.L.s and worrying so much over Cho would have so seemed out of character to me (she seemed so irritated at Cho in canon, but that can be explained to with all the stress she was under) if I had heard it somewhere else, but you handled it well.


Reviewer: JulesDate: 2004-04-18
Reviewid: 79354Chapter: 10
ehhh, I didn't know if I wanted to read this one, but since your other chapters were so good, I took a chance!
some lines to be remembered:
"We prefects each take a turn leading a revising session in our specialty. Mine is Charms and Jinxes." (hmmmm)
"I remember very well how you told me to write letters. I’m sorry if I have broken any protocol. I didn’t think trying to help my friend was out of bounds. And I guess I didn’t think it was so strict." (hmmmmm)
" I’m glad you care about me, Mum. I care about you too. I’ll try not to add to your worries." (hmmmmm)
"While I am not Potter’s friend, I don’t think he’s as bad as the Minister and the Prophet make him out. I cannot believe he would lend a wand to help Sirius Black in anything." (Interesting for a couple reasons...I don't know what I think about Marietta or the reasons she did what she did...I like 'lend a wand.' You are good with these wizard phrases!)
"I am sorry that I only seem to make you angry, these days. I really am not trying to do that. I would never want to risk your position at the Ministry. I understand that you have a different opinion about Harry Potter than I do, but I don’t think it is fair that you will not listen to me at all." (hmmmmm)
"I ask you again: please do not break my trust. You may think that what I believe is wrong, but I have given my word. I only answered your questions because I’ve never lied to you and Dad. I was not keen to start this venture, but I have learned many things, not the least of which is that the truth is a slippery thing. Just because someone shouts the loudest does not make them right.
Please don’t do anything without telling me." (hmmmmm)
"I hope keeping your job was worth your losing your daughter." (eerie)
I enjoyed reading the collection as you have it so far...I'm assuming that you will continue to add to it. I was taught in college to review objectively. If I didn't like the subject, I should still be able to tell whether it was good literature. hmmmmm. I am so on the fence about Marietta and all the wormtailing. But you really did her justice, and I'd love to believe that what you wrote is true. I have always seen Marietta as indifferent to Harry and that she told Umbridge of her own free will, even if she should have been told about the jinx (her specialty according to your story, what irony), but now I will forever see her like this...CRAP!


Reviewer: JulesDate: 2004-04-18
Reviewid: 79351Chapter: 9
Euan Abercrombie...a new Hogwarts Muggle-born. It was enlightening to read your idea of how he adjusted to such a strange year, and such a brave little Gryffindor, reminds me of the Creeveys a bit!
some of my favorites:
"Guess how we were picked for our houses? Never mind, you wouldn’t guess in a bazillion years. By a hat!" (you are quite adept at things such as this...word an 11 yr old would use...bazillion!)
"It sang about getting along and stuff like that." (too bad this kid didn't have a handy Hermione to translate things of which he didn't quite get the grasp)
"But you need a helmet more than a hat. Saved more than that girl today, haven’t you, Abercrombie? Well it’s clear you’ve been destined for years to be in - GRYFFINDOR!" (sounds like a cool kid...and I just love everything the hat says)
"Reid looked up from his book and told me not to worry about that other kid. Lots of people have Muggles in their families. His parents say that even the Pureblood families have Muggles in them. They just hide it! He said just to ignore the “little git”. I knew Reid and I would get along fine." (it appears that our little Euan might have had a Hermione substitute after all)
"She led both Rose and me over to where Reid was standing by some carriages hitched to these really cool looking dragon-horses." (poor boy)
"I tried to ignore them, but Blondie looked at me and ran his finger across his throat." (HA! Blondie ... this kid is priceless)
hmmm, I wonder what his gradmum thought of this letter?!

Reviewer: Talking Purple RabbitsDate: 2004-04-18
Reviewid: 79349Chapter: 10
very interesting...

I like the succession (sp?) of letters idea; it really fit this. It's amazing how you can get into every character's head!

I always felt a bit sorry for Marietta -- not a lot -- just that maybe she didn't quite understand the risk involved, you know? Your story adds another dimension to that; I like it a lot.

The other detail I really like? The Triple R. Just like a Ravenclaw to spend her time helping others study. :D It's a good thing for Ron that Hermione hasn't heard of it. I could use a Triple R for my classes!

awaiting more,

Reviewer: JulesDate: 2004-04-18
Reviewid: 79346Chapter: 8
ooooh, Seamus, very interesting!
Lines I loved:
"Mam, if he’s crazy, it’s crazy like a fox. If the Daily Prophet is saying that Professor Dumbledore is losing it, they’re wrong. And if they are wrong about Dumbledore, I think they’re wrong about Harry." (crazy like a fox...good boy Seamus)
"I tried to tell you that last summer (before you made me clean the root cellar)." (I don't think Seamus enjoyed cleaning out the root cellar, do you?)
"I’ll tell you why I believe it. First off, because Professor Umbridge doesn’t want any of us students reading it." (that Hermione sure is a smart one)
I'm so glad Seamus came around, and I really like your take on it :) I've got to be careful or I'm gonna start thinking these letters were in the books...


Reviewer: JulesDate: 2004-04-18
Reviewid: 79344Chapter: 7
Ron...oh Ron...he should have spent some more time with that brain and perhaps learned something...
"Thanks go to my beta reader Stella, who is training me to just like commas not love commas." (who quotes an author's note...I guess I do! 'Hi my name is Darwin's Apprentice, and I'm a Commaholic!')
"It sounds nuts to me. Muggles strap skinny pieces of wood to their feet and then slide down a mountain. Doesn’t that sound crazy? Wouldn’t catch me trying anything like that. Even if you asked me to." (...which she didn't)
"Dean swears that all Muggle guys play either Football or something called Grasshopper." (Grasshopper! It took me a minute, but I got it...Ron needs to get his insects straight!)
"But if I studied as much as McGonagall wants, I wouldn’t have time to eat." (this growing boy knows his priorities!)
"Speaking of Quidditch, did you know Ginny used to break into the broom closet and ride our brooms? She’s bloody really fast! I mean she’s not Harry or anything, but she’s loads better than Malfoy! Course anything’s better than Malfoy, isn’t it?" (Ron is so's nice he can admire Ginny's riding, since he is such a fan of Quidditch)
You really have a knack for differentiating between've truly shown how Ron's humor is different than either F&G's or Ginny's.


Reviewer: JulesDate: 2004-04-18
Reviewid: 79341Chapter: 6
see below to find my favorite lines from Chapter Ginny:
"Is it clean? Surely it’s cleaner than their room! Must be, or customers couldn’t get through the aisles, could they?"
"They seem eager for company. Too eager, if you know what I mean. I’ll need to think a bit, before going." (clever girl, Ginny)
"Only Ron would go for a brain!" (he does love Brains, right Hermione?)
"I knew it must broke from the sound." (have broken? be broken?)
"Of course, he still doesn’t see it. Though I’m sure Hermione does. Patience of a saint, she’s got." (Ginny sure has got the measure of her brother!)
"I know he blames himself for what happened. Flaming idiot. <snip> And Sirius was the reason Harry went to the ministry. He went to help him and, instead, he lost him. Harry should be allowed to have a family!
And that’s why we went, Mum. Harry doesn’t have anyone else." (crap, there's that pesky tear again...)
"And being a Weasley is like riding a Thestral. Not always comfortable. Or stable. But you can trust it to hold you up. Even if you can’t see it, you can count on it." (OBHWF anyone?)
"So yell all you want to, Mum. About acting foolish. We’d do it again. I’d do it again. Whenever. Wherever.
I will be there for him.
Count on it." (talk about patience of a saint...a girl after my own heart...)


Reviewer: JulesDate: 2004-04-18
Reviewid: 79339Chapter: 5
Dean is someone who we don't know all that much about, but I really liked your interpretation!
lines that I loved:
"Nothing like a scary mad killer wizard who’s been dead for over ten years and comes back to life to kill a student so he can take over the world. Hah! Sounds ridiculous doesn’t it? Like a bad movie. No Mum, this place is safe." (lucky for the Muggles that they don't know what's really going on)
"They say he wasn’t himself last year." (you can say THAT again!)
"Seems sharp as a quill, she does." (ooooh, good one)
"Well, Harry and Seamus had a bit of a row. But it was just a dust up, really. No punches thrown. Nothing serious. Probably a Quidditch argument. Not likely to be over politics. Or family. That would be bad, wouldn’t it?" (HA!)
"I caught Ron sneaking up on it, trying to scare the keeper into moving."
nice insight into muggle-born Dean...poor guy ended up telling his mum everything, disguised as nothing!


Reviewer: JulesDate: 2004-04-18
Reviewid: 79335Chapter: 4
aha! are lines I love from chapter 3:
"I love my gran, but it is nice to know that, sometimes, what I write is just between me and my folks." (if anyone's story deserves tears as much as or more than Harry's, it's Neville's)
"My friend Harry says that I’m getting very good at the Impedimentia and Expelliarmus curses. Well … I mean to say, he reckons I will be good at them whenever we get to actually use the real spells on the practical part of our O.W.L.s." (Harry is such a diplomat)
"Potions is the same as always. Bad. I’ll be lucky not to get a Troll on that O.W.L." (I love it! Troll...JKR is so funny, isn't she?)
"“From the day your mum found out she was pregnant with you, Neville, she craved Drooble’s Bubble Gum." (so she DOES remember him! you are so kind to Neville...)
I hope in vain that my single tear is as elegant and inspiring as Dumbledore's! I've read “With Quill in Trembling Hand,” and it was that case, I'm glad you read it too, so that you could capture Neville so eloquently.

Reviewer: JulesDate: 2004-04-18
Reviewid: 79330Chapter: 3
I'm not going to bore everyone with saying again how good this story is, since I've only just started reading it after you've written nine chapters, but I thought I'd list some of my favorite lines (and there are a lot, as I love Fred and George to bits) of the second chapter now:
"Wouldn’t want Ginny to get in trouble and keep her from makin’ prefect next year. Everyone in our family’s been a prefect, you know!"
"If that lot have their heads so far up their arses cauldrons they can’t see Dumbledore is worth keepin’, then it’s not a place we want to be associated with."
One of my favorite things in these letters are the crossed out words that you apparently can't see in the comment boxes, but oh well :)
"Now before you fly off the broom handle and send us a Howler, please listen to our side. We know you think we’re just havin’ a lark. But Mum, we haven’t just run off with our wands half-drawn." (fly off the broom handle and run off with wands half-drawn ... priceless!)
"And Professor Flitwick even offered to write us a letter of reference if we need one. We’re hoping he’ll be a spokeswizard for the company and endorse some of our products. We think he may have been a prankster in his younger days." (I think so too!)
"There’s a charm on the fireplace that turns every third person into a largish beaver for ten minutes. (Kids will love it, but we’re afraid parents will think it’s a bit of a dam nuisance!)" laughing makes it a bit hard to type, here...
"Tell Professor Dumbledore that we are ready and willing to join his “crowd” when he thinks we’re ready. We believe in him. We believe in you. Please believe in us." (awwww!)
really great chapter! You have a gift for writing different characters and keeping them all separate and unique (well unique enough while still borrowing them from JKR anyhow)! kudos to you!


Reviewer: JulesDate: 2004-04-18
Reviewid: 79326Chapter: 1
What a great idea for a story! And a great first chapter...I love this line: "I know I’ve liked him as a friend forever. But I wasn’t sure that I liked him. I mean liked him liked him. You know." That's so very fifteen-yr-old-girl! Another thing I loved was the explanation of why Hermione got all stuttery when she was trying to say why Ron could have been made prefect: "I might as well have been Obliviated, Mum! All I saw was blue. It’s like his eyes were huge icebergs and I was stranded on them. And, oh! I smelled his shampoo. Why did that matter? It’s the same stuff Fred and George use. But on Ron it smells …different." great is that?! I can't wait to read the next chapter


Reviewer: NicDate: 2004-04-18
Reviewid: 79307Chapter: 1
That was very sweet, and typical of Hermione - taking a small incident like that and managing to write such a long letter on the topic!

I thought it was a lovley idea and you wrote abnout it very well.

Reviewer: BirgitDate: 2004-04-18
Reviewid: 79297Chapter: 10
Impressive as always. I'm glad there are still more letters turning up. I also liked the new format; it's very appropriate in this case. It shows quite clearly (but not so clearly the readers don't have to think any more) what Marietta was going through.

I also liked the wizard saying you've invented: "lend someone a wand" :)

Since there are more letters in this chapter, I'd like to choose a favourite Marietta letter, and that would be without doubt the second one. You manage to show Marietta's character, the way of living in Ravenclaw, the politics of Mrs Edgecombe and Marietta's reaction to it in one paragraph. Brilliant.

Reviewer: LorinDate: 2004-04-14
Reviewid: 78744Chapter: 9
Great. The last letter is just exceptional!

Reviewer: SabrinaDate: 2004-03-23
Reviewid: 75717Chapter: 6
This was amazing, you almost made me cry!!
This part:
And being a Weasley is like riding a Thestral. Not always comfortable. Or stable. But you can trust it to hold you up. Even if you can’t see it, you can count on it. So yell all you want to, Mum. About acting foolish. We’d do it again. I’d do it again. Whenever. Wherever.I will be there for him

Is so good, so Ginny!!!

Reviewer: ZeenatDate: 2004-02-20
Reviewid: 71549Chapter: 9
My review for the last chapter of this disappeared somehow... but it was just a lot of gushing over how much I like the Abercrombie kid and his enthusiasm and his sense of wonder-the way he thinks everything is 'cool'- and a whole load of favourite lines...

Right now Im not going to try to repeat that review- I'm just going to say that you are THE DON of characterisation. You've slipped right into these characters' heads so that each of their voices are unmistakeable and uniquely their own. It's seems so effortless and natural- masterly is the word I'm looking for.

Reviewer: CorinaDate: 2004-02-15
Reviewid: 70876Chapter: 9
Oh, I like this chapter a lot! It's great that you described Euan so well even though he's only been mentioned about once throughout the whole of OotP. I love this fic!

Reviewer: mommacatDate: 2004-02-10
Reviewid: 70071Chapter: 9
Great letter and from a totally unexpected point of view! Keep the letters coming!

Reviewer: FrankieDate: 2004-02-05
Reviewid: 69627Chapter: 9
What a neat person to do a letter from! Who else would have thought to use a little known 1st year. Fantastic! I am really enjoying this series. You do very well giving each of the characters their own voice, which I am sure is increasingly difficult. Great job!!

Reviewer: reedy70002Date: 2004-02-04
Reviewid: 69505Chapter: 9
See now I want to know little Abercrombie better that was cute and very cannon

Reviewer: story645Date: 2004-02-04
Reviewid: 69500Chapter: 9
It reminds me of the first letter I wrote home when I went to camp, excited and scared and kind of hyper, I loved your mention of Miss Granger, and that he called her miss. It was so cute. You really do a good job of conveying his emotions.

Reviewer: fawkes101Date: 2004-02-04
Reviewid: 69472Chapter: 9
Yay, a fic on a minor! I liked this because you created a good character out of a name. Update soon.

Reviewer: GufaDate: 2004-02-04
Reviewid: 69457Chapter: 9
Hey Don!
Great letter - surprising, 'cause I don't think too many people have thought much about Euan...Really interesting take on his character.
Who'll be next??

Reviewer: PolinaDate: 2004-02-04
Reviewid: 69447Chapter: 9
"She led both Rose and me over to where Reid was standing by some carriages hitched to these really cool looking dragon-horses."

I was reading along and enjoying this story but this line sent a shiver up my spine. Something to do with Euan's blissful ignorance of what seeing these horses means. Great writing, great characterization, hope to read more!

Reviewer: ~ * ~Date: 2004-02-04
Reviewid: 69428Chapter: 9
This is so good. You have such a wonderful way of getting into the character's heads. I really want to know more about your Abercrombie, Rose, and Reid.

Reviewer: P. D. YerfDate: 2004-02-04
Reviewid: 69424Chapter: 9
What a great idea! This is a letter I don't think anyone saw coming, and it was great! Update soon!

Reviewer: BirgitDate: 2004-02-04
Reviewid: 69413Chapter: 9
We know next to nothing about the character that wrote this letter, but that doesn't make it less good. I enjoyed reading this very much. I liked it how Euan sounded much like the little, scared boy we saw in the Sorting, and then, halfway through the letter, changed to a real Gryffindor. :)

I also liked it very much that you describe things we haven't heard before, and then suddenly connect it to something we have heard (Malfoy threatening a first year).

Wonderful letter! I can't believe my luck that there are still more letters!

Reviewer: the silent speakerDate: 2004-02-04
Reviewid: 69402Chapter: 9
"Dear Grandmum"+"really cool dragon horses"=Euan Abercrombie, fairly recent orphan, right? Is that canon? I don't remember it...

Reviewer: Three Sickles ShortDate: 2004-02-04
Reviewid: 69396Chapter: 9
I officially love Euan Abercrombie. What a super kid! And what a lovely example of taking a throwaway line from the book and really going with it.

Interesting to have Euan still identifying as a Muggle ("that’s what non-magic people **like us** are called"). Wonder how long that will last....


Reviewer: CoquillageDate: 2004-02-04
Reviewid: 69393Chapter: 9
A fat version of Riverdance!!! How funny is that! I'm still laughing at the visual. These letters have been great. I like this one particularly because you have had fun giving background to a virtually unknown character. I love his voice, and now I want him to be as you portray him. I was enjoying his descriptions of things so much, I was almost surprised when he got around to mentioning Malfoy, Hermione, and Harry. Oh yeah, they're there too, aren't they? Go Euan!

Reviewer: atroposDate: 2004-02-04
Reviewid: 69392Chapter: 9
That's really lovely. You've captured the real enthusiasm with which I think many Muggle-borns must approach going to Hogwarts. I bet if Hermione had written a letter to her parents after her first day it would have sounded a lot like this. And go Euan for standing up to Draco. He has certainly been sorted into the right house. I do like what you've done with him, and Rose & Reid. I echo what other reviewers have said about using those characters for a longer story. Finally, the line about hitting Draco in the, stomach had me laughing out loud. Another great job.


PS - One tiny Brit pick. We would normally call candy "sweets".

Reviewer: Grace has VictoryDate: 2004-02-04
Reviewid: 69379Chapter: 9
Loved this - it just flowed. I hope the young man has a very happy year at Hogwarts ...

Reviewer: PaulineDate: 2004-02-04
Reviewid: 69355Chapter: 9
One of my tests of excellence in fanfiction is whether, when I finish reading a story, I immediately want to know what happens next. I'm already wishing I knew all about the adventures of Euan, Reid and Rose during their first year at Hogwarts.

As always, this is a wonderful short piece. But the narrative is very strong in this letter, possibly because you've given us so much more than a recount of events in OotP. I can't help thinking it would also be a fantastic starting point for a longer story.

Reviewer: tamira lujeDate: 2004-02-04
Reviewid: 69352Chapter: 9
Whast a sweetie. I think you could go on with this character if you wanted to. He is an extremely likable character you could seriosouly do anything with! Keep up the brilliant work!

Reviewer: hydraspitDate: 2004-02-03
Reviewid: 69341Chapter: 8
These are excellent chapters. I especially loved the letter from Fred and George and the one from Neville.

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