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Reviews for: Just A Boggart
Review(s): 9

Reviewer: Reader 2Date: 2005-11-14
Reviewid: 135851Chapter: 1

Reviewer: atroposDate: 2003-10-26
Reviewid: 57959Chapter: 1
This is a nice little insight into why Molly might have found the boggart so difficult to deal with. I liked your use of her internal dialogue, particularly with Charlie. I find this scene in canon very sad because Molly is clearly under a lot of stress, but your interpretation makes it quite chilling because of the logic of that little voice in her head. Nice job - looking forward to reading more of your work.


Reviewer: RonniekinsDate: 2003-10-24
Reviewid: 57755Chapter: 1
I love alternate points of view. They explore what we know from canon and put it in they're own words. This fic is one of my favorites.

Molly's characterazation is right on. : ) It was just like JKR would have written it. You incorperated canon beautifully into this little piece, and it made me want to cry.

***The poor thing. He looked so lost, standing in the midst of the dinner crowd, but still somehow out of place. He'd seemed to feel out of place since he'd arrived, come to think of it...***

Those lines are so Molly.

Keep writing! I'll be interested to read more of your work!

Reviewer: P.D.YerfDate: 2003-10-24
Reviewid: 57749Chapter: 1
That was great. It made me so sad... Keep writing!

Reviewer: ScheherazadeDate: 2003-10-23
Reviewid: 57673Chapter: 1
"Ron! Oh, Ron, oh Ron, her poor baby, so still on the floor... oh Ron, oh no..."

Oh... you made me cry... *sob* (Don't worry, it's a good sad)

Reviewer: LDate: 2003-10-23
Reviewid: 57628Chapter: 1
awesome job!!

Reviewer: RachelDate: 2003-10-23
Reviewid: 57626Chapter: 1
This was really well done, I loved Molly's initial thoughts as she saw Ginny, Charlie... But the best part, I think, is the final line. It was only a boggart. (Shivers)

Reviewer: DonDate: 2003-10-23
Reviewid: 57576Chapter: 1
Nice job! I love hearing Molly's POV. Your depiction makes her seem just like anybody's mum. Tired and worried. And it is a real fear! It is dangerous! And it is just like her to take reponsibility for everyone. She feels it will be her fault. Good work!

Reviewer: Fawkes101Date: 2003-10-23
Reviewid: 57540Chapter: 1
:) That was excellent!

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