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Dumbledore's Army
Review(s): 20

Reviewer: readerDate: 2005-01-31
Reviewid: 112595Chapter: 1
thank you

Reviewer: BrigantiaDate: 2004-07-02
Reviewid: 90276Chapter: 1
I like your story. It's unique, the characters are believable, and it's a nice change of pace. I hope the candy machine inspires you again. :)

Reviewer: Frankie BeeblebroxDate: 2004-06-30
Reviewid: 89703Chapter: 1
What a great story! Extremely well written and amazingly original. Your portrayal of the Nun and Sorcerer was fantastic, and I loved the interaction between them. Great job!

Reviewer: CarmenDate: 2004-03-25
Reviewid: 75860Chapter: 1
Wow! This is really interesting! Yay for chocolate and the mysterious wizard!

Reviewer: Talking Purple RabbitsDate: 2003-11-11
Reviewid: 59689Chapter: 1

I like it very much. Perhaps it wasn't supposed to be funny, but I can just see the nuns being suspicious of chocolate.

Los Sinalmas....what a perfect name for the Dementors.

Well done! This was very cool...b/c I have never met anyone else who attempted to bring the whole Church thing into fan fciton.

awesome! Write more! (It doesn't have to be about this, just write anything!)


Reviewer: xonyDate: 2003-11-09
Reviewid: 59479Chapter: 1
oh! lovely story...(gracias a los Olmecas, Mayas, Aztecas, Chontales y otras culturas que nos dieron el chocolate) hehehe ^^ :lol:....bye....

Reviewer: TracyDate: 2003-11-08
Reviewid: 59295Chapter: 1
Very, very good, Mely...very imaginative. I had never thought of a nun ending up in the HP universe, or the nuns' reaction to chocolate. I am glad I was drinking chocolate coffee while I was reading it. ;)

Reviewer: PaulineDate: 2003-11-08
Reviewid: 59269Chapter: 1
You should have a health warning on this - Reading Will Induce Chocolate Craving. As well as inspiring the munchies, you've given us all an entertaining little story and a thought provoking piece on the ways that Wizarding and Muggle history could intersect. Well done!

Reviewer: birdsongDate: 2003-11-08
Reviewid: 59235Chapter: 1
Cute story! I liked it!

Reviewer: DonDate: 2003-11-07
Reviewid: 59163Chapter: 1
Sweet! Ok, I'm sorry. But you asked for it. And it is a sweet story! I like this line:
>>“You are a nun,” he replied in the same tone.<<

He rebukes her without insult. Very clever. Great job!

Reviewer: shellebelleDate: 2003-11-07
Reviewid: 59162Chapter: 1
This was lovely and very well done. I hope to see more from you in future.

Reviewer: Jill W.Date: 2003-11-07
Reviewid: 59149Chapter: 1
Sweet! Glad to know that the wizarding world had chocolate when they needed it.

I liked the wizard's reaction:
“You are a sorcerer,” she said.
“You are a nun,” he replied in the same tone.

I also liked Guadalupe being the first one to use the phrase "Devil's Food" in relation to chocolate. (Now all they need to do is bake it in a cake...)

Just one thing bothered me. I don't think sugar was common back then. I'm not sure that a nunnery would have had any. I would think they'd have had to sweeten the chocolate with honey.

Reviewer: beckDate: 2003-11-06
Reviewid: 59114Chapter: 1
that was a nice story hope you write more

Reviewer: TeresaDate: 2003-11-05
Reviewid: 58975Chapter: 1
That was fabulous! Thank you for giving us something so fresh and original!

Reviewer: GryffinMiraurDate: 2003-11-05
Reviewid: 58914Chapter: 1
I am impressed. That was very skillfully done. And I love the term Sinalmas. In fact, I think it's a better name for a Dementor than Dementor. They'll be Sinalmas to me from now on.

Reviewer: Kate LynnDate: 2003-11-05
Reviewid: 58824Chapter: 1
Oh, I loved it! Excellently written, and very original. Just a great read. Thanks so much for it. 8-)

Kate Lynn

Reviewer: PelirrojaDate: 2003-11-05
Reviewid: 58814Chapter: 1
¡Qué interesante! ¡Muchas ideas originales! A very unique approach to the question of chocolate. Sinalmas(without souls) is a great name for dementors. Keep writing more that was great.

Reviewer: ClothoDate: 2003-11-05
Reviewid: 58813Chapter: 1
Bravo on portyraying another culture so well, Bravo! And double bonus points, because I adore Spanish culture!

Reviewer: SpartinaDate: 2003-11-05
Reviewid: 58789Chapter: 1
A delicious confection! How completely characteristic of a Spanish cloister that Sor Francesca would bless the strange food before partaking...and what a lovely surprise, that the Abbess should trust the old man and his gift. Of course we know perfectly well that chocolate can be divine and wicked at the same time...

Reviewer: FaelaernDate: 2003-11-04
Reviewid: 58768Chapter: 1
This was a *brilliant* fic. You told a Harry Potter story...fits the bounds of canon perfectly...without mentioning a single canon character or wizarding place. It was quite interesting to see the wizard-nun interaction and this 'Quickly she made the sign of the cross herself. “You are a sorcerer,” she said.

“You are a nun,” he replied in the same tone.' was absolutely hillarious! Interesting to think of chocolate as being completely of wizarding orgin.

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