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Reviews for: Endangered Species
Review(s): 583

Reviewer: InexcessDate: 2008-02-02
Reviewid: 150486Chapter: 28
Wow! Thank you for responding Zephyr!!! I had no idea that you would. This has really surprised me(probably even more so than you receiving my oddly timed review, haha)! I'm glad to hear that you're doing alright, and that you're on a vacation. I'm sure that it is a well deserved one for you. :D Also, I'm glad to hear that I may have contributed(very very very very slightly) to your finishing of Endangered! Even though you planned to finish it anyway, you saying that makes me feel quite special. Hope that you enjoy your vacation, Zephyr! Looking forward to the ending and hopefully talking to you again. Haha :P

Reviewer: Night ZephyrDate: 2008-02-02
Reviewid: 150484Chapter: 28
Hey there, Inexcess! Thanks for nice compliments - not the least of which is that you've read all my stuff. :P Odd about the timing of your review, actually, and it may end up serving as an added prod of sorts - another thank you for that! As of yesterday, I'm off on a month's vacation with (this never happens!) no interference from husband/family vacations, extra work days, other obligations, etc. I've always *planned* on finishing Endangered - in fact, I know exactly what's going to happen and have a lot of it mapped out - but other obligations have kept me from it. I have other writing to do now too, but I've officially planned to set aside full days to finish it, and I intend to have it completely finished before posting any of the rest of it so that I don't keep teasing you poor readers. So, cross your fingers with me, and maybe we can get this to happen! Thanks again, ~NZ~

Reviewer: InexcessDate: 2008-02-01
Reviewid: 150480Chapter: 28
Hey there Zephyr! Just wanted to let you know that I love all of your stories, and that I have read literally all of them in the past week(I couldn't help myself), even Points and Endangered Species (obviously), and I was just wondering if Chapter 29 would ever be released? Since it says your last update was in 06, I was just wondering if you ever did finish it? I know that I'm extremely late in posting about this but I just really need to know how this ends! Hope you're doing well!


Reviewer: FictionGoddessDate: 2007-03-13
Reviewid: 147455Chapter: 28
I love this story. I've loved it for quite a while now. I don't usually review but I was just sitting and waiting for the next chapter and thought; 'Hmmm, I should review and let NZ know just how much I love his writing.' and so I am.
I love the way you write Ron and his interactions with Hermione and I love the whole idea for the story. This plot is fun and very original.
Thankyou for writing it.

Reviewer: moonlit_featherDate: 2007-01-01
Reviewid: 146702Chapter: 28
crapcrapcrapcrapcrap. I love how, just for a smidgeon of a moment, I believed that they were going to make it. Of course, it was a little unnerving that absolutely no one was around...too quiet, you know? But they did such a good job...wargh!

I love Ron and Harry working together to imitate Hank, though. I suppose after years of encountering Crabbe and Goyle on a daily basis, it should be natural for them to know how to act like bumbling, stupid prats.

That last line is killer...ahh! This is going to be quite the pickle...Now to see if Voldemort's exciting!!

I hope you had a Merry Christmas, and have a Happy New Year! 2007 will be a splendid time for an update. ~8)

Reviewer: moonlit_featherDate: 2007-01-01
Reviewid: 146701Chapter: 27
Oh wow. Very creepy twist on the writing on the wall...which is a twist of a concept we got familiar with so early on...gah, it's so awful! Poor Hermione...anyone would break down under those circumstances, sheesh. It's all so bloody WRONG...

Three cheers for Starr curing Ron, though!

And of course...R/Hr sooo cute ahhh! Have I mentioned, more or less than a billion times, that I LOVE YOUR RON? Because he is the epitome of wonderful and perfect. I love how they both wake up and they KNOW that they want to get on with it but they have to go through the whole "Is THAT what you're thinking about?" bit before FINALLY...honestly, you'd think after 6 years of that...I can barely stand ONE year of it (hehe). So, yes, scrumdiddlyumptious in every way, shape, and form. Thank ye! *bow* ~8)

Reviewer: moonlit_featherDate: 2007-01-01
Reviewid: 146700Chapter: 26
Eurgh. Umbridge is just revolting.

Poor Ron! Not only must his arms hurt like nobody's business but...he's so discouraged! I meant to say, btw, that I really like how you've created the concept of the thought scars...that the pain they inflict is a psychological one rather than a physical one, and that poor Ron has become susceptible to dicouragement yet again! But honestly, the silly can he even think Hermione be driven off by oozing injuries, when he absolutely saved her arse? He's so cute. :)

Action action action in this chapter, so exciting. But ahh! What are they going to do without the key??

Next chapter!! ~8)

Reviewer: moonlit_featherDate: 2007-01-01
Reviewid: 146699Chapter: 25
AHHHH Umbridge has arrived!!

So for a moment there, when Hermione was talking to Dr. Null, I had the overwhelming feeling that HE was going to turn out to be evil, and bash Hermione's head in on the spot! Yeah, you had me biting the nails on this one. But, of course, it turns out that...:( Poor Dr. Null...utterly helpless and dealing with it by ignoring it.

But huzzah for the copious twin action! Fred maneuvering lies while talking to Arthur was utterly brilliance, especially with the struggle between George and Howard in the background...Then George's magnificent display of acting skills (so much puking *shudder*), with the aid of the toy gorilla starring as Harry's hair...ah, good to have some laughs to alleviate the craziness of Trapperton.

Still, way to make the last Trapperton bit Umbridge's entrance! ~8)

Reviewer: moonlit_featherDate: 2007-01-01
Reviewid: 146698Chapter: 24
Okay, talk about your complicated plan...just thinking about it makes me cringe. They did a good job of hiding the escape devices in the habitat...but shipping the food? Sounds like nothing short of a miracle. The scary thought is, what if they manage to ship the food and the Ministry dismisses it as rubbish? What if their hard work and planning are in vain? God, the Ministry blows.

Ahaha poor Fred and George...for master pranksters, they're having a hard time covering up for Harry. Understandably, as he is pretty much the most protected and watched wizard alive...poor twins!! However, it's good practice for their mischief, no?

The Yeti ritual performed on Spyder was the risk of sounding redundant, excellent writing! Yet, of course, the handlers had to intervene before the Yeti could finish...perfect metaphor for how wrong it is for the handlers to be messing with Yeti nature. It's so sad, too, that Dr. Voyde, who should be the pioneering, intelligent woman who truly cares about her research, is in fact swayed by this disgusting Smeggers into hurting the creatures she's supposed to be observing. All the more resentment to direct at Umbridge...

Superb, engaging chapter! ~8)

Reviewer: moonlit_featherDate: 2007-01-01
Reviewid: 146697Chapter: 23
Haha poor Mrs. Figg...the one time she has something useful to say, no one listens.

Poor Ron...he has to deal with THE most difficult damsel in distress. All his plans for acting the hero are sorely complicated by everything Hermione is. It's wonderful.

Okay, so, exciting Ron/Hermione stuff going on...but of course there had to be a misunderstanding! You know, for all of Ron's hotheadedness, Hermione can be just as bad. Understandably, she was angry at the implications, but she KNOWS what a total dunce Ron is at explaining himself under pressure...she should've given him a shot!
Ron babbling and trying to explain was hilarious, though. For another dorky, religious analogy...I thought of Shrek trying to explain to Donkey his analogy about onions and ogres. "Yes! I mean--no!"

Yayyyy motorbike! It sounds cooler and cooler the more I think about it...

Harry at Trapperton. Refusing to leave. Scary thought. Scarier thought is how long it'll take the Order to figure out he's gone...

Next chapitre! ~8)

Reviewer: moonlit_featherDate: 2006-12-31
Reviewid: 146696Chapter: 22
Creepy creepy and twisted handlers! It's terribly sad, that such an ingenious idea could be taken and used for such malicious ends. How often it does happen, though, right?

I'd like you know that you had me hopping around going, "Owowow" and clutching my elbow while reading the whole bit about Hermione's elbow. I'm so easily persuaded by good literature to feel what the characters feel. :P

I love how jealous Ron is of Leif, in his quest to be Hermione's hero. He's so caught up being hostile towards the Yeti that he fails to notice that they are rather similar to one another. It's adorable that Leif has this infatuation with Hermione, because he's so rambunctious and boisterous but when it comes to Hermione he's quite gentle and careful. Ron in Yeti form. How he doesn't have female Yeti all clamoring to be his mate is beyond me...

I'm kind of obsessed with picturing the sounds spectacular, but at the same time very spooky. It seems like it would be perpetually night in there, for some reason. Not that that matters much, but hey, just sharing. It sucks that a place specifically designed to be a home for the Yeti has become a bit of a prison for them. Trapperton's an evil place even without Umbridge, eh?


Reviewer: moonlit_featherDate: 2006-12-31
Reviewid: 146695Chapter: 21
I like that you've really taken the time to hash out personalities for all these Yeti. The contrast between Leif and Spyder is wonderful...they're just like two adolescent boys, each wanting to make a name for himself...although they're going about it in different ways, of course.

Trey and Starr are my favorites, though. They're so gentle, but at the same time you never let us forget that they could cause some serious harm. Also, I like that there's something almost regal about it. They remind me (watch out, this is dorky) of Mufasa and Sarabi from the Lion King. :P The perfect king and queen.

The interactions between Ron and Hermione are so good...I like that you never focus too much on the fact that they are nutters about each other. It's nice to see someone acknowledge that they ARE best friends, almost first and foremost so. I like that despite their utter differences, they share a relish for adventure and danger.

Blimey, I could read your fanfics forever...~8)

Reviewer: moonlit_featherDate: 2006-12-31
Reviewid: 146694Chapter: 20
So Howard is the best thing from her to Finland. I feel like we've known this character forever, you describe him so well. Is there anything better than a gruff-voiced, rude fairy? I think not.

I love love love your Ron. He is delightfully clueless about everything, which makes him even sweeter. The whole mates confusion is hilarious, just the kind of thing Ron needs to make him blush a bit.

Trapperton gets eerier and's fantastic. It sounds like everything there is dangerous and, you can cut the tension with a knife, eh?

And, finally...hurrah for Tulip and Tod! ~8)

Reviewer: moonlit_featherDate: 2006-12-31
Reviewid: 146693Chapter: 19
Hi, this is Isabella, or Isa...Merlin only knows if you remember me, since I do believe the last time I read was LAST winter break. But! I am still obsessed with your writing...suffice it to say that yours is the only fanfiction I read.

So, I've been reading the NINE chapters that I hadn't read, and I am in heaven. :) I've got the last chapter left but I thought I'd review each one that I'd read and let you know that I'm so glad I came back to this! Your R/Hr, not to mention your complex and well thought-out plots, are unparalleled. ~8)

Reviewer: Pig_widgeDate: 2006-12-27
Reviewid: 146634Chapter: 28
Hey Night Zephyr

It's been awhile :) I haven't had regular access to the internet lately so I haven't been able to enjoy your fanfiction as often as I would like...

But I try to keep up with the story... and I was so chuffed to discover another chappie!

Chapter 27 is still my absolute fave though because R & H finally got it together... (and I can't wait for more fluffiness!!) but this chapter had some great action and some good funny moments (as usual)... those handlers are so stupid :)

Just wondering when we're going to see more of the other magical trio (F,G and Howard)?

Anyway... keep up the great work... your story always puts a big smile on my face! Can't wait for more!!

*** Pigwidgeon ***

Reviewer: wishmaster1972Date: 2006-12-22
Reviewid: 146588Chapter: 1
Wow, this is a wonderful start. I'm curious as to what the deal was with the dog though. Maybe an illegal dog fighting racket? I'll have to read more!

Reviewer: Reader 2Date: 2006-12-18
Reviewid: 146507Chapter: 28
Ready for More Please.

Reviewer: Ara KaneDate: 2006-12-11
Reviewid: 146424Chapter: 28
I love Leif, I love Ron and Harry doing the Hank impression, and I love this story even though it's hanging in a very bad place. Pleasepleaseplease let me know when the next chapter is up (although I will of course check back myself), and if you'd care to let me know whether Umbridge and her minions get what's coming to them, I'd appreciate that, too!

PS I hope that Hermione's remark that Leif turns up whenever he's needed means something.

PPS If someone ever did a Harry Potter version of "That 70s Show," Ron could be Ashton Kutcher's character. Only smarter. Just sharing.

Reviewer: Ara KaneDate: 2006-12-11
Reviewid: 146423Chapter: 27
I'll probably catch some-OK, maybe a lot of flak for this comment, but it needs to be said - good thing you got to the Yeti before the H/Hr shippers did! :D (And see, Harry doesn't mind being a brother to Hermione...)

I'm so relieved the Trio found refuge at Trey and Starr's, but what a terrible thing for them to realize what Umbridge was doing, and what she and/or Voyde want/s to do to Hermione. The contrast between "Dolly"'s sickeningly sweet manner and the way she treats other people is terribly perfect.

And that kissing scene was terribly perfect, too ^_^ I couldn't breathe while reading it, and I mean that as a compliment!

I hope, however, that Harry didn't wake up during the proceedings, because there is no place for him to scrub his eyeballs, heehee!

Reviewer: Ara KaneDate: 2006-12-11
Reviewid: 146422Chapter: 26
Wow, I went through that chapter a lot faster than the last one. The action was great, and I knew the dog biscuits would come in handy!

I also liked Hermione deviating from the plan here. In fanfic she's often the calculating, regimented one, but honestly, there's a reason why she's a Gryffindor!

Poor Ron, though :( He keeps getting injured, but I suppose it's an occupational hazard of accompanying Harry (and now, Hermione) on his adventures. And I think that, for him, there's no better way to say "I love you" than to get beat up for the woman he loves! Awww!

On to the next chapter!

Reviewer: Ara KaneDate: 2006-12-11
Reviewid: 146421Chapter: 25
After many false starts, I finally managed to get through this chapter - not because it was boring, mind you, but a lot of stuff gets in the way of fic reading :-p

Anyway, I am glad that Dr. Null is now in the know. He also seems to be more of a realist than I had previously thought, but then being adversely affected by politics and connections can do that to a person. I hope he'll prevail in the end, too. Umbridge and her clan don't deserve it!

Also, I loved how Fred/George managed to make Arthur and Tonks believe that Harry's where he's supposed to be. The sticky paper episode was hilarious - definitely something that should be on screen! (Hmm, maybe I can try doing fanart, but animation would be best.) Something tells me, however, that they won't be able to fool people for much longer...

Reviewer: SunflowaDate: 2006-12-02
Reviewid: 146347Chapter: 28
Hey NZ

Thanks for the update!

I'm so glad you managed to get through the 'writer's block' to bring us the next instalment... I've really been missing your fantastic writing and rich characters!

Anyway - another action-packed chapter! Was a bit surprised there weren't any awkward 'morning after' moments... or do R and H just have an understanding now that they're together? And I know there's a lot going on, but surely Harry would notice a slight change in their behaviour towards each other? Anyway - I hope there'll be some more dee-lish RH moments before the end...

Once again, I enjoyed the Ron's-jealous-of-Leif thing - just lovely :)

The suspense of not knowing if and how they're going to succeed in beating Umbridge is killing me... please tell me that woman has got some nasty payback coming her way!

And you just had to leave it on a cliffhanger!!!

Well - it was brilliant... please don't make us wait too long for the next one... Can't wait!!


Reviewer: trina-kDate: 2006-11-23
Reviewid: 146261Chapter: 28

really brilliant chapter. knew there was a reason why i read fic! hahahahaha!

ok. so love the funny, trio stuff.

and the action stuff is riveting (did i spell that right?).

and the cliffhanger is... well my reaction to that was at the very top. :D

so. yeah. BRILL.

and i'm glad that you've got the will back, NZ. :D

also, it's been three years? really? wow. where has time gone?


Reviewer: RavenSnapeDate: 2006-11-15
Reviewid: 146193Chapter: 28
Arggggg could you?? Now I have to go and read some stupid book just to tide me over. Humm...maybe Passionate Trousers?

Reviewer: CarolTSDate: 2006-11-14
Reviewid: 146184Chapter: 28
Love the new chapter - every time I hit "Recent Stories" (or whatever it's really called - can't look at it right now!!;) I'm hoping to see your name!
Poor Ron!!! I hope he has the chance to be the hero and not Leif or the dogs. I love Leif - but come on!!! Ron needs his shot here!
Umbridge being her own wicked, crazy, horrible self BTW! I bet it was Ulav and not Otto huh????? Yeah - I know - you can't tell me! Never mind!

Reviewer: Ardie BeaDate: 2006-11-14
Reviewid: 146182Chapter: 28
AAAaaargh! Hermione!
Great action, great R/H, loved the dogs and the yetis, and thoroughly enjoyed Harry and Ron's 'Hank'. And looking forward to 29.

Reviewer: OpaleyzDate: 2006-11-14
Reviewid: 146181Chapter: 28
Yay!!! A new chapter!! I'm so excited!! (runs off to read it...)


Reviewer: birdsongDate: 2006-11-13
Reviewid: 146168Chapter: 28
A wonderful cliffhanger! What a crazy, wonderful plot: mailing burning food??? Hermione in a headlock??? Where's Leif when you need him! Glad you took a break and feel ready to continue. I love your story!

Reviewer: Wolf's ScreamDate: 2006-11-12
Reviewid: 146162Chapter: 28
Well! It would appear that something fairly dramatic is going to happen in ch. 29. :-) Hmmm... wonder if the dogs will see that their friend is being mistreated? Maybe, but I'd be more willing to bet on Leif.... :-}

Reviewer: FellytoneDate: 2006-11-12
Reviewid: 146155Chapter: 28
Great update! As I've mentioned before, I always check, to see if you've updated. I'm glad the break did you some good. Don't worry about how long it takes you to finish this bad boy, I'm not going anywhere.

However this cliff hanger is great, can't wait to see how they get out of this one.

Reviewer: Night ZephyrDate: 2006-11-11
Reviewid: 146144Chapter: 27
Chapter 28 is now with Madam Pince as promised. Hope you enjoy it! ~NZ~

Reviewer: Night ZephyrDate: 2006-11-07
Reviewid: 146117Chapter: 27
*hangs her head in shame*

I know I've let a lot of you down by not posting. Truth is, I think I needed a break from this story after three years writing it (it's been *so* much harder than "Points"!). I've been clinging to Chapter 28 for dear life because Chapter 29 came to a dead stop and wouldn't budge, not because I didn't know where to take it next - that's all plotted. But the will to write it took a months-long vacation. The good news is that the characters have now started to move again in my head (I know, sounds like something Luna would say), but that means I'm going to be able to write them again soon. I really had planned to post Ch 28 but that was at a time that the Quill kept going down every weekend, just when I had time to post.Not only that - I re-read Ch 28 for the first time in a long time and wanted to write on. I have a feeling it's a pretty good one, especially for those action-lovers out there. So here's it is - Ch 28 goes up before this weekend - promised by Nov 11 at the latest. Deal?


Reviewer: RavenSnapeDate: 2006-11-06
Reviewid: 146100Chapter: 1
Yoooo hooooo? Though I have no room to talk about not finishing a story, I sure could learn by example! Chapter 28? Yes?

Reviewer: birdsongDate: 2006-10-27
Reviewid: 145953Chapter: 27
Hello! Another chapter would be a great Halloween treat! Hope you post soon!!!

Reviewer: birdsongDate: 2006-10-07
Reviewid: 145616Chapter: 27
Brilliant! You've created new characters with such depth! I love how you've taken Hermione's interests and based a story on it. Again, great! Can't wait for the next chapter!

Reviewer: Night ZephyrDate: 2006-09-20
Reviewid: 145427Chapter: 27
Thank you, Sunflowa, for being such a kind and loyal reader! It's been a long hard summer at work, but I'm coming up on a break soon. Ch 28 has been written and beta-read for several weeks, but I haven't had a chance to post, probably this weekend, though. (Ch 29 is partially written too). I appreciate the nice note - and the poke in the side to get with it, too! :)


Reviewer: SunflowaDate: 2006-09-19
Reviewid: 145411Chapter: 27
Hey NZ

Missing the updates... can't wait for chapter 28...

please post soon!

all the best :)


Reviewer: EugeneTheArtichokeDate: 2006-07-21
Reviewid: 144319Chapter: 27
*gaping* ...

Finally! That was just so unexpected in this chapter but absolutely welcome! Ron was so sweet, I was ready to jump him if Hermione didn't hurry up ;)

I love how Ron mustered up his Gryffindor courage...usually, it's Hermione who does everything! Brilliant!

Reviewer: SunflowaDate: 2006-07-10
Reviewid: 144098Chapter: 27
“I was here with only Ron before,” Hermione said, blushing a bit. “And we sort of implied – well, she probably thinks Ron and I belong... you know, together.”

“Hmm,” Harry replied dryly. “Fancy that.”

---- *** ----

Love it love it love it!!!!!

If the penny hadn't already dropped for Ron, surely it becomes clear when Hermione's defining their relationships to the Yeti's...? Harry's family... Ron is more :)

Centaurs - of course!!! I have to admit, I hadn't thought that far... but it all makes perfect sense, doesn't it!? That twisted woman! Grrr! Really hope you have some kind of Yeti-carrying-Umbridge-off-into-habitat plan!!

Very intense moment when Hermione sees her picture on the wall... good thing Ron was nearby to comfort her :) And the moment where the sparks finally start flying... it was just so beautiful! Prefectly written, and just so easy to picture... and so in character as well.

I know I say it a lot - but you're a brilliant author - I would read one of your own books any day!!! This is my favourite part... Just loved it!!! Thanks so much...

---- ***** -----

His heart pounded into her side and it was wonderful, but she wasn’t sure she had room to breathe with the creatures pummeling her ribs. It took what felt like several hours for him to say something, to do something.

His arms holding her were shaking, his breathing was rapid and shallow, and the first time his lips barely brushed against hers, she could feel them trembling. But the jolt she felt through her body told her one gentle touch wasn’t enough. She wanted more, and the instant she wondered if he felt the same, the answer came. His lips on hers came strong and sure this time, warm and demanding, no longer filled with fear and nerves but with love, and with the urgency of someone determined to pour as much pent-up feeling into one kiss as was wizardly possible.

Then after some period where time meant nothing, heaven was gone and she realized he’d lifted his head.

“What I meant to do...was that,” Ron said bravely, then was immediately unable to look her in the eyes any longer and began blushing furiously.

----- **** ------

Update soon!!! Can't wait for next one :)


Reviewer: Lost HobbitDate: 2006-07-06
Reviewid: 143995Chapter: 27
that woz bloody brilliant!

i honestly didn't think they'd get together so soon. not because they shouldn't be together yet - in that sense, it's been coming for AGES - it's just that authors tend to draw it out til the very end just to keep people reading... so thanks for not doing that!! :)

in terms of plot, it woz damn scary finding out that the yetis are being taught to kill hermione... and it certainly complicate things!

i really liked the r/h interaction in this chapter... the whole 'give me your hand' thing was funny... and later on, it was just so sweet how they kiss and stuff...

looking forward to see how they get out of there... and i hope there's some more fred and george before the end :)

please update soon :)

Reviewer: evan p.Date: 2006-07-02
Reviewid: 143883Chapter: 27
Mmm... great chapter! For a while there, I didn't think Trey would let them enter... and I guess, now we know why. Hermione is a target! Things just get creepier...

Although no Fred, George or Howard, the trio have kept me entertained :) I like how Harry kinda knows there's something going on between R and H, it's like his own personal joke...

And things really heated up between them in this chapter! That was totally awesome... Ron finally steps up and makes a move! Well, sort of :) Either way, I was impressed that he didn't back down when things started getting steamy :) The sparks were flying!

You write it so well, it was easy to picture... keep up the fantastic work!!

Reviewer: Pig_widgeDate: 2006-07-02
Reviewid: 143882Chapter: 27
Wow!!! Sparks deluxe!!!

I am sooo happy right now! That was the best chapter ever :)

“Oh - are you all right? Did it hurt your arms to hold me up when we – “ Too late she realized that she’d started into something she was too embarrassed to finish.

Ron’s ears had turned a very deep tone in the semi-light, but he probably would have been happy to know it was hard to tell they were red.

“Er, probably,” he said sheepishly. “But I didn’t notice.”

I'd love to re-quote the whole last bit at the end but there's too much that I like... so I'll just say: that was perfect! I couldn't have imagined a better way for them to finally get together! It was so wonderfully sweet but not without the awkwardness that makes them them... I just love how embarrassed they both are... and yet, neither of them freak out and try to backpedal... they both finally seem to be on the same page...

It feels like they've crossed an important line... they're not going to pretend it didn't happen in the morning, are they???!

Anyway... excellent writing!!! Thanks so much - that was worth the wait :)

Looking forward to the next chappie... can't wait to see how this R/H development affects everything, including Harry...

Reviewer: necdiva (LavenderBrown)Date: 2006-06-29
Reviewid: 143826Chapter: 27
After some issues with my password I can finally c'mere and say Kudos to what you've done here. This and your other "little story" Points of No Return are both very well-written, structured, and paced. You have a gift for romantic tension, too. I also like your dialogue, esp. for Ron and Hermione--Ron "sounds like" Ron and Hermione "sounds like" Hermione.

You've also done a very fine job with the yetis and you've captured Umbridge's awfulness--the thing that makes her so scary is not just that she's evil but that she THINKS she's doing something "good" for society. This chapter is especially good because you capture so many moods--creepy and sinister, then emotional and sad, and then funny, romantic and a bit sexy, too. Thumbs up!

Reviewer: stubefiedDate: 2006-06-28
Reviewid: 143805Chapter: 27
I've finally caught up! Oh, I have such a crush on Leif. Hermione's an endangered species! But Leif will save the day... I mean Ron. Yes, Ron. The human hero... but Leif will help.

Reviewer: trina-kDate: 2006-06-28
Reviewid: 143779Chapter: 27
why am i only reading this now???


LOVE. LOVE. LOVE. so we're definately going AU for book 6. or at least you're going to completely ignore all the R/L stuff. much better. hahahahaha!!

oh that kiss. that kiss. my God, that was killing me. the tension! the anticipation!! oh dude. i so need to be kissed like that! why cant i have a ron of my own?? (ignore my teenage hormones. :D)

i love how they kept slipping back and forth between that place for friends and lovers... it just seems so like them. i love that they know there's more to them than just the kissing. they're deeper than just the kissing. they're frineds, damn it! gah. so sweet! (did i make sense?)

ok, so. i'm going to be a little less giddy now and tell you some other stuff i loved about this chapter. as usual, i love the whole trio-ness: "Ron noticed Harry had moved closer to her on the other side. That’s what they did as friends and the way they were – the way it had been for years now." we never really see it in the books, but we just KNOW, KNOW that the three of them love each other so much, that they stand together when thngs are going to hell because standing together, staying by each others side makes them stornger. oh i want to cry with the loveliness of it all. sigh.

also plot wise, damn. those people are evil. ditto on what mione said about people being just so down right bad. it's a sad world we live in.

chapter 27 again. what's with you and that number!? hahahahahaha! oh the love.

so there. love this chapter to pieces. r/hr kissage where both parties are fully awake and completely cognizant of what's going on. trio-ness that's just so damn lovely. plot movement that's perfectly devious. perfection, sheer and utter perfection.

i'm just so giddy right now. hehe.

and i'm supposed to study for my final tomorrow. summer session is not all that fun. sigh.

oh well. happy summer!

and, damn it, UPDATE!!!!

Reviewer: Dina C.Date: 2006-06-26
Reviewid: 143704Chapter: 27
My goodness, NZ! Chapter 27 was awesome. Such emotional highs and lows and rapturous heights! Loved the Trio dynamic where they are mutually caring, protective and nurturing toward one another. But best of all, Ron and Hermione finally had a moment that was honest, loving and free from miscommunication. Loved the teasing humor, Speechless!Hermione, and the intermingling of their friendship during the romantic bits. Exquisite writing, lady! You're the creme de la creme! :)

Reviewer: Ardie BeaDate: 2006-06-25
Reviewid: 143686Chapter: 27
Oh! Indeed!

Reviewer: Wolf's ScreamDate: 2006-06-24
Reviewid: 143669Chapter: 27
Hmmm... I wonder just how "asleep" Harry's been for Ron & Hermione's interlude...? :-)

Well done! :-)

Reviewer: Night ZephyrDate: 2006-06-23
Reviewid: 143628Chapter: 26
Chapter 26 responses (even though it still says 25 on the listing ... *sigh* ) But just so you know, Chapter 27 is with Madam Pince and should be up shortly. Hopefully, I can get you updates on the following chapters soon, but they’re the big razzle-dazzle climax and I might have to hold two or three of them all back together until they’re done to make sure everything fits. But with any luck, the events of Chapter 27 can help some of you feel a bit more, er, satisfied and keep you going for a while. I hope to hear how you liked it!

I’ll be doing the general thank you here again, so all of you, *please* know that I love every single one of you and you treat me wonderfully! Your reviews are all so appreciated and I appreciate you taking your time to let me know what you think. Thank you, each one of you, for continuing to stick with me patiently. I’m still working to make it worth your while. Enjoy! ~NZ~

** fellytone – I know. It still says two Chapter 25s. My fault, totally. *sigh* Hope Madam Pince will humor me and change it soon after she gets the email. I hate the update times, too – you have every right to complain and I wish I could get them out faster. But thanks so much for the compliments on the story itself and for hanging in there anyway.

** trina – Hehe – and you already *know* I love the “I’m so in love with you, but I can’t say it” chapters, too LoL! Not to mention I love to make my evil kids evil and my Ron heroic – so I’m glad you like them all that way. I’ll do my best to fill your summer with updates, too, but I think Ch 27 may address a little of the ‘love’ situation. :) Happy, happy summer! Play and relax lots! :D

**Dina C. – So the reward for Brave!Ron ought to involve kissing, eh? Maybe you’d better start whispering in Hermione’s ear to remind her! (But something tells me she was little impressed with that rescue herself... :P ) Glad you enjoyed the action, too – lots more to come!

** Wolf’s Scream – I’m not sure Ron *ever* knows quite how successful he’s been at getting through to Hermione, but I do think she was rather impressed at his selfless act that was very pointedly meant for her and her alone. Yes, Umbridge has shown her froggy face, unfortunately and will surely try to wreak what havoc she can. Glad you’re enjoying it!

**Sunflowa – I’m glad you liked all the action – there’s lots more to come! Poor Dr. Null *is* truly oblivious as well, but he’s also rubbish with his people skills, so his answer to a lot of things is just to throw himself back into his work – which makes him seem oblivious, I know. I love writing the Trio working together on something,, though I have a feeling Umbridge may know that they aren’t as tough separately from her dealing with them at Hogwarts. Hope that doesn’t get in the way. Glad you like Ron’s humor – especially with throwing the motorbike – hope things don’t get that bad! They’re headed to Starr’s cave – you’re absolutely right – and you know, they just might find some time there that they don’t have to be “rational and quick-thinking”. Hmm, what *will* they do to pass the time? :P Thanks for the detailed review!
** evan p. – Yes, you’re finding all the clues and it’ll all piece together really quickly here (well, the next few chapters). Umbridge has indeed got more up her sleeve than just revenge – and she’s taking advantage of so many Death Eaters being in Azkaban at that point in time. Sorry about no F & G, but they’ll be back – with their usual sense of humor, too, I think. You may have to survive with Ron’s (and Harry’s) humor alone for a few chapters, but since that’ll help with the clues, try to do your best! :)

** Geena Waters – Methinks he’s about to find out. ^_~)

** Pig_Widge – Awww! Wouldn’t we all love to have a Ron like him? :D I’m glad you liked the R/Hr sparks at the end – and something tells me those sparks are still firing in the next chapter... Ron really is working hard to try and grow up and be heroic – and he’s finding it’s not all the fun-and-glory he imagined. He’s finding it’s really hard work – and sometimes painful-- but I have a feeling he may find out it’s worth it in the end, like he’s always believed. I can’t tell you exactly what kind of bad karma might be awaiting Ms. Umbridge, but I’m quite sure she won’t like it. :D

** Lost Hobbit – Yes, unfortunately Umbridge has a lot of evil things up her sleeve, not to mention the raid on Hermione’s cabin told her that Hermione was not the only teenager there. I’m not actually sure that she knows *just* how lucky she is – well, *she’ll* think it’s luck, anyway. I’m glad you liked the action and the “bold look” in Ron’s eyes. Don’t think Hermione didn’t catch that, too! Happy reading in Ch 27! :D

**norwego – Thank you so much for your lovely compliments on my work – and I’m glad you’re enjoying my stories. I hate to leave everyone hanging as much as I do – honest – so it say a lot that you’ve stuck with me anyway. Thank you so much, norwego, and please keep reading!

** Moonlit Rose – Wow, MoonlitRose! There’s a lot to read, isn’t there? I’m glad you enjoyed the Fred and George bits and the kiss where Ron says all the wrong things. With any luck, that won’t keep happening to Ron (see Ch 27 :) I’m glad the mystery and suspense have got you hooked. Please keep reading – we’ve got a bit of a climax to finish up!

Woohoo! So for once I’ve beaten Madam Pince (heck, it took vacation to do that) – now I’m off to put Chapter 29 to screen. Enjoy 27 everyone! ~NZ~

Reviewer: Night ZephyrDate: 2006-06-23
Reviewid: 143627Chapter: 25
Hello all! Sorry I have to make this brief: two chapters of responses to catch up on, a chapter waiting with Madam Pince, and about two chapters of high climax in my head ready to set to screen (wanna see ‘em? :). SO. Here, and together, I’m going to thank each and every one of you for your patience, for your kindness in reviewing, and most of you for continuing to read and let me know what you think. Specific questions answered and (short!) responses below:

** Wolf’s Scream - Lots more tension, comin’ right up! :)

** jazookabebe - Sorry about the cliffhangers. I know with Umbridge involved it makes it worse. Yes, I think Fred and George are gonna be loyal as long as they possibly can, but we’ll have to see how long they can make it fly...

** Dina C. – Glad you enjoyed the fun and the angst. I’m assuming you didn’t enjoy the Umbridge, but please feel free to hate her. I do. :)

** CarolTS – Fred and George are so much fun to write – glad you enjoyed them too! They’ll be back, don’t worry! To answer your question, right *now* it looks like we’ll be headed for about 34 or 35 chapters. Psh. Another ‘short’ one like Points. :P

** trina – See how long I left you hanging with these – you weren’t even done with finals yet! I’m so glad you enjoyed the Trio-ness, the humor, and the developments. More to come! And thanks so much for wishing my daughters well. My youngest is done with her finals too – and feeling a lot like you do, I expect – big-time *relieved!*

** Amarula – Thanks so much for your kind remarks on characterizations! It’s so important to me to get those right! LOTS more Trio-ness to come, don’t worry! In fact, there are a few chapters coming with only the Trio, so hang in there!

**Sunflowa – Aww! Thank you for such a lovely, detailed review and for pointing out the parts that meant the most to you. You can’t know how much it helps a writer to know these things! I’ve always enjoyed Tonks, but never written her much until this story. I’ve found she’s great fun, so she may be in more of mine. Glad you enjoyed the twin goodness, too! What? Ron/Hermione action? Ch 26 – your wish is granted. And you *don’t* want to miss Ch 27 then!

** Starsea – So you have it now, do you? (I have an idea there are many who know now, but for those who don’t I appreciate your discretion! :) And there may be more to it than you think... ) I’m glad you enjoyed the twins! They’re so great to write, but they won’t *shut up*!

** Lost Hobbit – Well, we’ll have to see about Dr. Null, I suppose...but so far he seems like a good guy. Any ideas on the horses by now? :P Yes, actually, I do try to plant those little clues all along to help you out – good spotting! Yes, now Umbridge is in Trapperton (yergh!) and I’m glad you enjoyed the twins’ humour. R/H? Check out Ch’s 26 and 27. Oh yeah. :P You’ve waited long enough – and so have they...
** evan p. – I’m so glad you commented on Howard! I think he’s pretty cool myself – I’m kinda trying out him and Leo on all of you because they’re likely to show up in my original work. Needless to say, I’m thrilled that you like him – and that you enjoy the twins’ humor as well! More Umbridge clues to come!

** Geena Waters – Glad you enjoyed the twins, even if you didn’t enjoy the vomit-flavored jelly beans! :) (And sadly, they really *do* exist in the Bertie Bott’s sets –yuck!)

** Pig_Widge – Aww, you always write the loveliest reviews! Thank you so much! I love writing Trio moments and R/Hr momentsd and Ron/Harry moments, so I’m glad you chose several of those to comment on. I just couldn’t imagine leaving any of the m out! Yep – now Umbridge has arrived and Hermione can’t get on Ron’s case about it any more. There’ll be more Ron coming up, don’t worry - *lots* more. Yes, the twins are certainly doing a great job of fooling people so far – of course some of it is just luck and that doesn’t always hold out forever... Thanks for such a lovely, detailed review – and I’d forgotten your request for some good R/H stories. I’ll try and get back to you with some!

** CarolTS – Wow! You re- read the whole story? I’m both flattered *and* impressed. Aha! So you did pick up on a bite more of the foreshadowing and the clues, eh? Nice detective work. I try hard to build those in, but sometimes they slip by too easily!

**Rosezell – Thank you! I do try to be original, so I’m glad to know my readers appreciate it! More coming up!

**Swish and Flick – Needless to say , I LOVED your story about class LoL!! Actually a lot of what I’ve attributed to Yeti behavior comes from Jane Goodall’s gorilla studies, so you might be able to actually tie in something a little more, erm, realistic next time, shall we say? :) But I’m so excited that the Yeti behavior felt that real for you! Thanks as well for the comments on my characterizations and plot lines. I actually think I may have this plot line on the run now – but it’s been a long hard battle!

** Jennifluffer – Oooh, you caught one of my earliest and most cryptic clues! Nice job – and good sleuthing! Glad you’re enjoying it – keep looking for those clues, though we’ve got lots more out in the open now!

Thank you, all! On to Chapter 26 responses (even if it still says Ch 25 – oi)! ~NZ~

Reviewer: MoonlitRoseDate: 2006-06-21
Reviewid: 143567Chapter: 26
I can't believe I just read this fic, heh. Anyway, I was happy when Ron and Hermione finally kissed but Ron saying the wrong thing sounds so like him. :P I also love the scenes with Fred and George. This is a great fic with enough mystery and suspense to keep me hooked. :]

Reviewer: norwegoDate: 2006-06-20
Reviewid: 143552Chapter: 26
As I generally only read this in the down times at work I rarely have the opertunity to comment on how much I truely enjoy reading Fanfics and your is the rare exception that I'm waiting on pins and needles for your next insallment. mostly I only read completed stories. But I got hooked on your stories early in my fanfic reading and that says alot for your ability as a word-smith. Please contine the good work and don't keep us waiting to long.

Reviewer: Lost HobbitDate: 2006-06-07
Reviewid: 143295Chapter: 26
Brilliant!!! Was so excited to find another update!

And what a gripping chapter it was! Things are starting to make more sense now... Umbridge unknowingly confirms quite a lot! Like the fact that she's evil :) And that they're training a yeti army...

I find it disturbing that she already knows that not only is Hermione at the camp, but that she is not alone!! Anyway, moving on...

It was absolutely nail-biting when they were running from the handlers! Brilliant action!! In more ways than one...

Finally! Finally, there's a look in Ron's eyes that's "bold and straight-forward" and Hermione sees it - and - AWESOME!! Can't wait for the next chapter!!

Please don't keep us waiting too long! Loving it :)

Reviewer: Night ZephyrDate: 2006-06-04
Reviewid: 143206Chapter: 26
Bad NZ! Bad, bad NZ! And now that I've finished my Dobby impression, I just wanted to tell you all how perfectly wonderful you are for leaving such lovely and exhilarating (for me,anyway!) reviews. I haven't even got the responses from last chapter up and I'm off for vacation for a few days, but those responses should be up shortly after my return (your reviews are going with me! :) I *will* tell you, however, that at least some of you are going to be very pleased with the likes of Chapter 27, I believe. It even reminds me vaguely of another Chapter 27 some of you might be familiar with because a few of the same things happen. *looks mysterious* Anyway, you are all so, so kind for the reviews -- and I'll respond -- I promise! ~NZ~

Reviewer: Pig_widgeDate: 2006-06-02
Reviewid: 143181Chapter: 26
-- Sigh -- I think I'm in love with Ron! :)

How sweet was he to do that for Hermione? And I'm so glad she finally saw something in his eyes - YAY! Can't wait for the sparks to start flying (or continue flying, whatever)... The unspoken interaction between them at the end is awesome!

--- --- ---- ---
Seeming to have a mind of their own, her eyes were drawn once more to Ron and she fought the urge to let her gaze drop to his arms.  Staring straight into his eyes, she watched his sarcastic facade drop away before she said quietly, “You did that for me? So that I wouldn’t...”

But the look in Ron’s eyes was so bold and straightforward and open at that moment, even through the pain, and there was such an unequivocal, wordless “yes, of course, and you know I’d do that and more again” behind them, that her words just faded away.
--- --- --- ----

Ron was fantastic in this chapter (not just because he was sweet!) ... I loved all his sarcastic comments. There were too many to mention but I rather liked the 'motorbike-throwing' one the best :)

And did anyone else notice that Ron actually remembered the house-elf's name? Is he growing up or what?!

Even when he's hurt, he still tries to be brave and not alarm the others. Just love him :)

The trio interaction was good too. I love when Hermione decides to go off on her own, and they complain but they automatically follow her anyway.

Can't wait for Umbridge to get her come-uppance - she is just horrible!! Please... tell me there's some bad karma coming her way?!

Anyway - another lovely chappie!

Keep 'em coming :)

Reviewer: Geena WatersDate: 2006-06-01
Reviewid: 143161Chapter: 26
Dun, dun, dun....Poor Ron! He totally put himself on the line, and he has no idea what Hermione feels or why she didn't really respond :(. Can't wait for more!


Reviewer: evan p.Date: 2006-06-01
Reviewid: 143157Chapter: 26
Excellent chapter!

So much going on... it was pretty creepy hearing Umbridge talking about "stupid children" and "child-hunting".... it means she knows they're all there!! and then again when she mentions torturing Harry... it's pretty clear she's up to no good. And it would seem she's helping to build a Yeti army for... You-Know-Who! But I'm still curious how all these little tit-bits fit together...

The humour was good as always... sadly no Fred and George... but I'll live :) Ron made up for it! Laughed out loud when I read the throw-the-motorbike-at-the-Yeti part!

Can't wait for more... update soon.

Reviewer: SunflowaDate: 2006-06-01
Reviewid: 143156Chapter: 26
Wow - what an action-packed chapter!!

Of course Hermione can't concentrate with Evil Umbridge lurking about! and it's insane how oblivious Dr Null is!

Kinda glad that the boys decided to do their "over-protective" thing and follow Hermione around... otherwise, they would've been discovered in her cabin!

“Oi!” Harry said irritably.  “Could we possibly argue about this later so we can decide how to get out of this now?”
 Ron and Hermione fired one last evil glare at each other before submitting to Harry’s sensible request.

I just love that part! And Ron is in top form as always...

“And then, since we don’t have a key to actually use the thing, we can throw the motorbike at the Yeti if they come after us, right?  If they don’t get too hacked off, maybe they’ll just laugh themselves to death at the thought.”

Really love how the trio work together in this chapter... and how wonderfully selfless Ron is when he protects Hermione from the fence... if that's not love, then what is?! And I think she's finally catching on too...

But the look in Ron’s eyes was so bold and straightforward and open at that moment, even through the pain, and there was such an unequivocal, wordless “yes, of course, and you know I’d do that and more again” behind them, that her words just faded away. All at once she knew she couldn’t let down her guard and face that much honesty and emotion any longer – at least not here, not while she was supposed to be rational and quick-thinking, instead of thanking him in the way she wanted to just then. His eyes had said it all.
Hopefully, they'll get some time together where they don't have to be "rational and quick-thinking" :)

Thanks 4 another great one! Looking forward to the next chapter... Seems like the trio are headed for Starr's cave ? :)

Reviewer: Wolf's ScreamDate: 2006-05-31
Reviewid: 143140Chapter: 26
So "Dolly" does show up after all, eh? And Ron seems to finally be getting through to Hermione, though I doubt he knows how successful he's been at that. :-} Execllent!

Reviewer: Dina C.Date: 2006-05-30
Reviewid: 143115Chapter: 26
Oh my goodness, Brave!Ron was so heroic and sweet. I'm thinking the reward had better involve kissing. :) What a great, action-filled chapter. Just really love this story. :)

Reviewer: trina-kDate: 2006-05-28
Reviewid: 143078Chapter: 26
i really dont know what to say.

i love these kind of chapters. action plus development plus charater loving plus ron and hermione "i'm so in love with you but i cant say it" chapters. love, love, love.

your one linerers are once again spot on and perfectly right.

your ron is once again so damn heroic. spell that. :D

ah ron.

so love.

your evil kids are really evil arent they. poor dr. null.


update. :D

fill my summer with love and updaes, please. :D

happy writing!!

Reviewer: Night ZephyrDate: 2006-05-27
Reviewid: 143073Chapter: 26
Thank you so much, fellytone! You have every right to ask for quicker updates because it's been way too long -- and I need to get all of my review responses from the last chapter up, too. But I hurried to get this chapter out, afraid Madam Pince might be off to enjoy her Memorial Day weekend. The good news is that I've finished my school year (yesterday) and now have a nice, long break to WRITE! And *that* I intend to do! I'm anxious to get our little group through this myself - and hope that it won't cost any of them too dearly.Hopefully updates will come quicker now. You're so kind with your nice remarks - and the Chapter 25 - twice? That's what I get for submitting at 2 AM, I suppose. Oi. Thank you again! ~NZ~

Reviewer: fellytoneDate: 2006-05-27
Reviewid: 143071Chapter: 26
Bloody brilliant. You rock, and I enjoy this fic so much. It's the only fic I read, so please update more! I've never begged for an update before, but I've got to see how they get out of this one.

And thanks so much for the sum up of the previous chapter before the new one, it helps to remind where we left off.

Oh and I think the chapter should be 26, not another 25.

Reviewer: JenniflufferDate: 2006-05-03
Reviewid: 142491Chapter: 25
I've been reading the Endangered Species story and I really like it. Thank you for writing it! I'm looking forward to the next chapters. I think I see where you're going with the horses, the Yeti, and Umbridge too. How clever about the note "Cent. studies" several chapters back...

Reviewer: Swish and FlickDate: 2006-04-26
Reviewid: 142257Chapter: 24
Not a review as such, but a testament to how believable your writing is...

In my museum studies class the other day, we were discussing a theory that a gaze is masculine, and being gazed upon is feminine, and whether we agreed with it. I was trying to remember which animal species it was where the females couldn't look the males in the eye, and then I realised I was thinking about Yetis! :-)

Anyway, that aside, I'm really enjoying reading this story (I'm glad to see there are two more chapters to indulge in!). The characterisation is fantastic and your plotlines are amazing, I don't know how you come up with them!

Reviewer: RosezellDate: 2006-04-18
Reviewid: 142020Chapter: 25
This is such a fabulously inventive fic, and I just can't wait to read the next chapter. Splendid job!

Reviewer: CarolTSDate: 2006-04-13
Reviewid: 141879Chapter: 25
I was able to reread the story and find some hints and stuff that didn't register the first time through! I had totally forgotten that Hermione heard an airplane one of her first nights in camp, for example. Very cool foreshadowing!
However - one worrisome detail that I just slammed through (apparently) the first time through was that Dr. Null was on his way OUT to the habitat with a trainer when Ron and Hermione were on their way in the first time they were out there. Hmmm - very suspicious!

Reviewer: Pig_widgeDate: 2006-04-13
Reviewid: 141873Chapter: 25

"Ubat the beeper sputz" :)

Okay – here is my review for chapter 25:

I just love this part >>


Clapping a hand over her mouth at the sight before her, she had a terrible time stifling a full-on laugh out loud. The sight of one set of long legs following another shorter, but quicker set into the brush in what was obviously a head-first dive was completely hilarious. But the confirmation of her suspicions made her glad she’d purposely changed the incantation on the Full Body-Bind Spell to render it harmless just in case.

Startling them both once they faced forward and saw someone hurtling at them, Hermione purposely charged into the front of Harry and Ron, causing them all to grab one another’s arms to stay upright and burst into fits of snickers and stifled giggles. Pushing and shoving gently and playfully, the three friends worked their way onto the porch of Hermione’s cabin. They tumbled through and Spell-Locked the door before collapsing in various places in the room with the sort of laughter that was necessary when the world around them got too tense and tough to bear.

The second was the overwhelming thankfulness and wonder at how she’d ever got along without Harry and Ron for the first eleven years of her life. <


Just love their joyfulness at being friends! Lovely moment!!

And Hermione waking up to Ron’s fingers on her ankle :)

Was quite shocked (although I suspected!) at Umbridge’s arrival – what on earth is she doing there?! Well, at least now Hermione will have to give Ron some credit :) And maybe some appreciation? :)

My only complaint…there’s hardly any Ron in this chappie! Or Harry for that matter… but mostly… no Ron!

Ooh, just have to add that I enjoyed the Fred/George part immensely! I’m starting to like them quite a bit! And how clueless are all the supposed adults? Arthur… Tonks… even Moody… all fooled by a couple for teenagers! Bloody brilliant, if you ask me!!

Well… that’s it. Thanks for another great one… looking forward to 26!

p.s. – can you recommend any other really good R/H stories on Sugar Quill? I’ve looked but I find that the search for R/H stories always brings up such general results… any pointers?

~ Pigwidgeon ~

Reviewer: Geena WatersDate: 2006-04-12
Reviewid: 141861Chapter: 25
That was excellent! I was laughing out loud at the antics of Fred and George. Wonderful work. Ugh, vomit flavour beans, can you imagine?
Good work again.


Reviewer: evan p.Date: 2006-04-12
Reviewid: 141856Chapter: 25
Mmm…. No idea what the man-fairy’s name was! But anyway… it doesn't matter… Howard is an excellent creation and he does not disappoint in this chapter!! Can just picture the whole George / Stick’em to Tick ‘Em Fly- and Peoplepaper scenario! In fact, the whole bit with Fred and George in the joke shop was great… I just love them. They’re pretty crafty too… Can’t believe Tonks fell for their charade! Isn’t she supposed to be an Auror?! Ah well… I suppose the twins were taking advantage of her trust in them… still, I loved every second of it! "Yellow-Feathered Hurlitis-!" – love it :)

Interested to see where Umbridge fits into all this! Yeti's... horses... Umbridge?

Reviewer: Lost HobbitDate: 2006-04-12
Reviewid: 141852Chapter: 25
Another great chapter, NZ!

For a minute there, was worried that Dr Null might reveal that he was in on everything all along and might turn on Hermione… but I suppose that was just my imagination running away with me! Thank goodness there’s still some-one that hasn’t been corrupted! Hopefully, he’ll be able to help them in the end!

-- "Have you any idea why it’s horses?" he asked uncertainly. --
-- What a strange question right now, Hermione thought. ", sir. Have you?" --

Mmm…. The plot thickens yet again! Why horses indeed! I love how you sprinkle your story with little *gems* like this to make us think… but it’s so subtle that one could easily miss it. You’re brilliant :)

Aha! I knew it!! The evil witch has shown herself at last!! Hem Hem… Creepy stuff! Can’t wait to see what she gets up to!

Again – another great Fred/George/Howard chapter! The humour is awesome… and I love all their little schemes! Very funny part with the fly- / people- paper!

No R/H though… Next chapter, please?

Reviewer: StarseaDate: 2006-04-11
Reviewid: 141842Chapter: 25
I've got it! I know why the Yetis are being trained to kill horses. But I won't tell. :3 Poor Dr. Null, I felt sorry for him, too. Seeing things from Hermione's POV was fun, especially wondering about what she'd done without Harry and Ron.

Fred and George were incredibly amusing, as always. And I love Fred's last line.


Reviewer: SunflowaDate: 2006-04-11
Reviewid: 141835Chapter: 25
Your whole story is so well-written it’s difficult to pin-point what I like so much – but just little things like this paragraph which paints such a realistic picture… it’s impossible not to sympathise with the character…


Dr. Null smiled a bit wistfully. Hands in his shorts pockets now that he’d slung the camera strap over his shoulder, he kicked at a pebble on the ground as he spoke. "You know, sometimes you can become so absorbed in your work, you somehow miss little things that turn out to be very big things in the end. I suppose that’s what I get for being outside of the Ministry circles for so long on location for my studies. I really thought that was what scientific studies were supposed to be about—the research, the science. But it seems it’s much more important who you know and who you’re related to in the wizarding world sometimes."

Hermione felt for the man. It was obvious Dr. Null had been watching his life’s hopes and dreams crumble before his eyes ever since the incident with Flaime – and it had only got worse with time and Dr. Voyde’s plans.


And I can’t believe it!! Umbridge has arrived! Ron’s worst fears are coming true! I’m so glad he’s still around to "protect" Hermione…


And it came. Hem, hem.

Hermione froze. Her face went immediately hot and her stomach felt as if it had plummeted straight to the ground. Oh, god -- no!


I must say I do enjoy Tonks! She’s such an under-rated character (would be nice of them to include her in the next movie, but I get the feeling that only characters with a major plot line with get any screen time! Oh well!) Anyway – thanks 4 including her in your story!

Fred and George are wonderful as usual… funny and rather sly… even somewhat ingenious in this chapter! Was a bit sceptical that they would pull it off (how easy could it be to enter Harry Potter’s room?) but not surprised that they did… after all, they are Fred and George.

Nice friendship moment between the trio in this chapter… but… I’m craving some more Ron/Hermione action… even another row would do…. Anything! :) Even if Harry has to be around to intervene…

Anyway – keep it up – it’s excellent! Can’t wait for more!!

Reviewer: AmarulaDate: 2006-04-11
Reviewid: 141834Chapter: 25
Er... sorry - only realised after I'd posted that comment that this IS chapter 25!!!!

Oh well :) hopefully, chapter 26 is coming soon then? :-)

Reviewer: AmarulaDate: 2006-04-11
Reviewid: 141833Chapter: 25
Awesome!! So glad you updated! And chapter 25 is coming soon, is it? Excellent!

Fred and George are fantastic – you definitely do them justice! In fact, I find all your characters are "in character" which is great. Not too much of the trio in this chapter but I can wait… :-) Please keep up the awesome writing!

Reviewer: AmarulaDate: 2006-04-11
Reviewid: 141832Chapter: 25
Awesome!! So glad you updated! And chapter 25 is coming soon, is it? Excellent!

Fred and George are fantastic – you definitely do them justice! In fact, I find all your characters are "in character" which is great. Not too much of the trio in this chapter but I can wait… :-) Please keep up the awesome writing!

Reviewer: trina-kDate: 2006-04-11
Reviewid: 141827Chapter: 25
oh dude, so funny.

and the developments! so developmental... ok that was inane. what i meant was, WOW to the comming of madam hem hem herself!!! i KNEW she was comming.

and ooooh. THEY WERE ALMOST CAUGHT!!!!!!!!! those damn twins are genious though.

and aaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.... love trio ness... so cute. <i>The second was the overwhelming thankfulness and wonder at how she’d ever got along without Harry and Ron for the first eleven years of her life.</i> best line ever. i say that there's a best line ever in every chapter, that just means its getting even better. haha!!!!!!


finals in a month... gah. time flies TOO FAST!!!! kudos to the daughters of yours! and to you too!

Reviewer: CarolTSDate: 2006-04-11
Reviewid: 141823Chapter: 25
Dear NZ,
You have every reason to be happy with chapter 25! It was great! I was thrilled when I went to the next fiction page and saw it was listed! Loved Fred and George - you write them really well. They're funny and loyal and considerate and wonderful! Just the way I hear and see them in my head.
I'm so glad that Dr. Null isn't quite as oblivious as he seemed at first - I was really getting worried about that man!!! I'm hoping desparately that he doesn't turn out to be completely evil along with Dolorus!
I don't suppose you could answer how many chapters you think there will be in this story? i.e. are we getting close to the end??!!!

Reviewer: Dina C.Date: 2006-04-11
Reviewid: 141820Chapter: 25
What a great chapter. Full of fun with the Forge twins and Tonks. Then, of course, lots of sad, angsty tense moments with Dr. Null and Hermione. And froggy face finally arrived on the scene. Great job, as usual, NZ!

Reviewer: jazookabebeDate: 2006-04-10
Reviewid: 141813Chapter: 25
i *knew* Umbridge was gonna show up:) i suppose she's involved in all this junk, what with her great dislike for non-humans.
oh, you and your blasted cliffhangers!!!
Fred and George really keep coming through for Harry. i think their loyalty is the best quality about them (even though they probably like the opportunity to be involved in a bit of mischief as well:p). it's good to read a fic where that shines through.
another brilliant installment. plz don't torture us with too long a wait for the nxt chapter!

Reviewer: Wolf's ScreamDate: 2006-04-10
Reviewid: 141810Chapter: 25
Heh -- especially with DJU's appearance at Trapperton, it appears that tensions are about to reach near-breaking point. Well done.

Reviewer: Night ZephyrDate: 2006-04-09
Reviewid: 141787Chapter: 24
Dear Wonderful and Amazing Reviewers,
Short and sweet today, my lovelies, because I have a little bit of time and an itch to get down to some serious work on Ch 27. But most of you already know these responses now seem to appear just before (or just after :P ) a new chapter’s posted – and so as not to disappoint you, Ch 25 is with Madam Pince. Not only that, but I’m especially happy with Ch 25 for some reason -- I hope you all like it too!

**Wolf’s Scream – Tension? What tension? I’m sure I don’t know what you mean. :P

** trina-k – I’m so glad there are still people like you around who love the Ron/Harry friendship as much as I do – hurray! :) I’m glad you liked Protective! All-Knowing-of-Hermione! Ron. Sorry for the confusion on the “fact of life - or death” line. I was trying to show the parallel of how Harry has to accept that he’s alive while still accepting that Sirius is dead – and that nothing’s going to change that no matter how many tears are shed. Thank you for the lovely review! Hope all is going well with you at university!

** Ara Kane – Thanks for the compliment on me making my characters so hateful – all as I intended! :) I think I’m quite as disgusted by them as Ron and Hermione are. I’m also quite happy to see I have some willing kickers among you to do just that to Voyde and Co. in the end – they do definitely deserve all that they get from all corners. More shippiness? Hey Ara, this is ME you’re talking to. :D Thanks for the kind review – and for taking some of what I know to be your valuable time to read this.

** RavenSnape – Good questions all! :D I’m taking the stance that Fred did such a great job of standing in front of Moody that he didn’t get a chance to see. That – and he was distracted by thinking about Howard –or whoever the little cherub happens to be. And yes – I had it that Harry left his wand earlier – but who’s to say that’s not just what *appears* to be Harry’s wand to outside detectors? You may find out more about that later. I’m glad you liked the boys’ interaction – and I think we’ll all take a stab at beating up those handlers in the end. Thank you for the nice, nice compliments – and I hope you got everything done in *spite* of reading the chapter! :)

** Geena Waters – Thank you for your kind remarks, Geena. I hope you’ll stick with us to the end!

** Pig_Widge – Yes! Go Angry! Jealous! Passionate! Ron. :) Thank you for the humour compliment, but it’s really all Fred and George’s doing, you know. :P The Trio may seem to be exceptionally lucky in not getting caught, but remember that the Yeti are primarily nocturnal and there are only four handlers now –probably not in the habitat during the daytime much. Not only that – it only makes for their chances to run thinner later for not getting caught, right? I have a feeling that Hermione holding Ron’s hand is probably a good sign. Thanks for the nice review – and please keep reading!

** evan p. – I’m glad you liked the Yeti rituals and such – and I have a feeling you’ll be finding out why the ‘baddies’ are trying so hard to warp them in the next few chapters. I think there have been a few manly fairies around such as Strephon, referenced by David Wolfskill for Ch 18 reviews on this thread: >>A part-fairy? Wouldn't happen to be named Strephon, would he? [Ref. Gilbert & Sullivan's "Iolanthe’]<<. But Howard was intended to be an original. In my head, he’s the ‘manly baby' from “Roger Rabbit” – I just gave him wings. I have a drawing of him, but I’m not a very good artist. Maybe someday if I get up the courage...:P Thanks for taking the time to review- I really appreciate it!

** Sunflowa – Yeah, I love the way JKR made Ron and Hermione so brilliant about some things and so blind to each other. Thank you for your wonderful compliments about how I’ve been writing Ron and Harry and the Trio – the characterizations are so important to me, so I’m glad when they seem to be getting across. With Ron, I try to let him sort of ‘sound off’ to Harry because I think he would do that – he has nothing to lose with that. But then, when push comes to shove, things get serious, and somebody (especially Hermione) could really get hurt, the maturity kicks in. It was beginning to show with Ron in OotP, I thought. We didn’t see any of it while he was trying to get his feelings for Hermione under control in HBP, but once that was improving, the maturity kicked in again when he fought the Death Eaters at Hogwarts with Harry and Dumbledore gone. I think we’ll see more of that in Book Seven – at least, I hope so. More romance? Maybe not right away, but – oh yeah. :D

** Dina C. – Thank you, Dina! I do love my tension, be it romantic or otherwise! :P Please keep reading – and thanks for the review!

** Lost Hobbit - LoL! I promise Ron won’t be totally clueless to the end – deal? :) I’m glad you liked the twins’ plot and the scene in the joke shop – you’ll get another taste of both of those things in the upcoming chapter, though it’s getting a bit more complicated to keep the charade going now. Howard and Moody have a bit of a past, but I may have to bring that out later if I can’t fit it in the story here. Good job on reading the little details so carefully. You just may be rewarded by being right. :) Thanks for the nice review!
P.S. – Thanks for clarifying about the chapter number, but you were right – I could tell. Hope you like the next one! :)

**Amarula – I am sorry about how long it takes between chapters – trust me, I hate it myself. But you’re so sweet to say that at least they’re worth the wait when they get there. I could probably get klutzy, badly-written chapters out faster, but neither you nor I would be happy with them and I would definitely regret it trying to piece the plot together later. Now, if you could arrange for me to win the state lottery, we could fix this little problem for the lot of us... :P Anyway – thanks so much for your kind comments – and thank you for sticking with me no matter how long it takes. I’m so lucky to have the *best* readers and reviewers – you among them!

** Dina C. – Oooh, great thinking and inference skills, Dina. ^_~) How long have you been this good at Divination? :P

**CarolTS – Another great reader of details and user of inference! Welcome, CarolTS! I’m glad you’re enjoying the story and – as much as I’d love to tell you whether you’re right or wrong and about which parts, that would spoil the fun, now wouldn’t it? I’ll just congratulate you for watching the clues so closely. Thank you for the nice review – please keep reading!

That’s it for this time...I’d love to say I’ll try to get those chapters up faster, but lately I never seem to know what Real Life has hiding behind the next corner for me. Let’s just say I want to get the last chapters written as badly as you want to read them! But in the meantime - hope you like the next one!

Reviewer: CarolTSDate: 2006-03-28
Reviewid: 141415Chapter: 24
Can't wait to read the rest. I'm just wondering - is this going to be about a Centaur herd nearby or is she (Dolorus) planning on attacking the herd at Hogwarts???? I wonder if they've considered that killing a Centaur is not going to be the same as killing a horse - since a horse is an animal and a Centaur is a Being!
Just my little guesses, of course!

Reviewer: Dina C.Date: 2006-03-25
Reviewid: 141289Chapter: 24
A thought occurred to me belatedly about the eventual escape of Harry, Ron and Hermione from the camp. If Harry has become attached to Fred's old broom and rides it, then that leaves Ron and Hermione to share the motorcycle, right? (Imagine wiggling eyebrows here.) Maybe Harry could urge Hermione to hold onto Ron tightly "for safety reasons" earning him a dark look from Ron?! It's just a thought...:)

Reviewer: Lost HobbitDate: 2006-03-14
Reviewid: 140921Chapter: 24
Oh... I'm sure you figured it out but that review was for chapter 24... not chapter 1! :)

Reviewer: AmarulaDate: 2006-03-14
Reviewid: 140920Chapter: 24
Great chapter – my only complaint about your fic is that it takes so long to finds out what happens next!

I’m not complaining or trying to exert any kind of pressure… your chapters are worth the wait… just thought you should know that I love it so much that it’s almost unbearable when I get to the end of the chapter… coz I know it’ll be a while before I can read the next bit! Adding to that, I just want to say thanks for taking the time to make it such a good read! Will definitely be sticking around to check out the next chapter!!

Reviewer: Lost HobbitDate: 2006-03-14
Reviewid: 140919Chapter: 1
In response to your comment in the review section - Yeah – Ron better get ‘the clue’ by the end of the story!! ;)

By the way – I just realised what a clever little plot Harry and the twins managed to pull off to fool everyone, including Moody for so long… brilliant!

And I absolutely loved the part in the Twins shop with Howard the fairy – very funny!! For a while there I thought Moody might figure it all out but I suppose it’s a bit of a stretch at first to think that the twins would be involved in some elaborate plot to get Harry out of the house… well, at first anyway – I’m sure Moody will catch on eventually :) And the part with the poor cat being pushed from behind… awesome!

And another thing… where exactly does Howard the fairy know Moody from??!

And the plot thickens further…. Spyder is killing horses… and they mention ‘he’ll be the first to show HER’… Mmm…I wonder who that could be… possibly Umbridge?

Brilliant chapter – keep ‘em coming!!

Reviewer: Dina C.Date: 2006-03-13
Reviewid: 140872Chapter: 24
Hmmm, very interesting turn of events. A nice chapter setting up whatever exciting stuff comes next, I'm sure. Good job on the continuity of the mystery and keeping the tension and excitement high! :)

Reviewer: SunflowaDate: 2006-03-10
Reviewid: 140773Chapter: 24
Ah – the unspoken understanding between Ron and Hermione… I’m so glad they have that – it shows a certain maturity… just wish they’d stop being so blind in other areas :)

I think you write Ron and Harry very believably.

For example –I like how you wrote the ‘motorbike’ paragraph (they basically spent all day talking about / working on the motorbike)… very funny, and very believable of two teenage boys! - And I’m glad they got some time to bond over it since Ron spent so much time on it, and now they both get to enjoy it.

And when the trio are talking about their new plan, and all finishing each other’s sentences – I could picture them all in my head doing exactly that – so you must be doing something right!!

‘Ron really didn’t mind following hare-brained schemes sometimes – heaven knows he’d gone along with plenty between the twins and Harry’… if there were no hare-brained schemes – there wouldn’t be a story, now would there? It always amazes me how the supposedly ‘all-knowing’ Dumbledore lets those three scamper around after hours, getting up to all sorts of mystery-solving, even though they’re only kids :) But anyway, getting side-tracked…

Man – I just love Ron… ‘Did I mention the girl was mad?’ … he’s like a grumbling kid… and Harry ever-so-wisely just takes it in his stride. I love how he always tries to keep the peace "Er… I forget" – excellent :)

But it’s interesting how quickly Ron changes into Protective-Take Charge-Mature Ron when Hermione’s about to do something rash…

Really hope the trio find a way to stop the cruelty that’s happening in the camp… I mean, rewarding the bad Yeti for killing and depriving the good ones of food?? That’s awful. Let’s hope they stop the evil people behind it all soon!

Can’t wait for the new chapter! Any chance for some more romance? :)

Reviewer: evan p.Date: 2006-03-09
Reviewid: 140733Chapter: 24
cool chapter - the part with the Yeti rituals and stuff was very interesting. clearly someone is trying to make the good Yeti’s go bad, now I just wanna know why - and I must say I felt Hermione’s frustration at not being able to do something when they were "warping" the poor Yeti’s – I’m just dying to see some justice here – will the nasty people get what’s coming to them?

on a lighter note, the whole ‘George’ / Moody / Howard interaction was hilarious. by the by – is Howard an original character? I’m just curious coz, believe it or not, I‘ve definitely seen a similar character in a movie or something - sounds weird, I know - how many manly fairies are there out there - but anyway – was just a thought - be interesting to know the answer.

Looking forward to the next chapter!

Reviewer: Pig_widgeDate: 2006-03-09
Reviewid: 140732Chapter: 24
I have to agree with you there – OOTP Ron was a lot more reserved and insecure than GOF Ron – and annoyingly so! I much prefer angry / jealous / passionate Ron! :-)

Anyway – chapter 24: Another fantastic chapter!

I love it when Harry asks who Leif is -- Ron’s response is just priceless!! ‘He’s an all-right bloke – er – Yeti…’ :-)

I also enjoyed Fred/George in the joke shop with Moody… you write humour really well… and the image of Howard is enough to make me crack up every time!!

It seems to me that the trio are experiencing quite a lot of luck in this chapter… I mean, I know Hermione’s brilliant but how is it that they haven’t all been caught yet? No-one saw a motorbike being wheeled through the habitat? :-)

Well – I don’t care if they never get caught… It’s much more fun having them sneak around, finding out cool stuff… all while Hermione holds Ron’s hand! Is he going to get the chance to redeem himself? We can’t have Hermione being angry at him too long… don’t think I could stand it !

As always, I’ll be waiting patiently for the next instalment… keep up the amazing work!

Reviewer: Geena WatersDate: 2006-03-08
Reviewid: 140705Chapter: 24
This is such a great story. You are a very talented writer and I truly enjoy reading your stuff. Excellent. I can't wait to find out how they solve the dilemma and such. Go Hermione, Ron, and Harry!


Reviewer: RavenSnapeDate: 2006-03-07
Reviewid: 140645Chapter: 24
Thanks for the birthday present! But such a disturbing one. I love the Moody and Forge interaction, but wouldn't Moody, paranoid as always, just have looked through the wall to have seen twin #2 pushing the cat out the door?

Without looking to past chapters, did you mention that Harry left his wand behind? Because that is TOTALLY not Harry. He'd never do it. Broom, yes. Wand no.

The interaction of the boys with the motorbike was just perfect.

Ahhhhh, poor Yetis. I want to jump up and help them as much as Hermione.

Sorry so short this time but I've got ooodles of stuff I'm supose to be doing and it doesn't involve reading my favorite author!


Reviewer: Ara KaneDate: 2006-03-06
Reviewid: 140601Chapter: 24
Oh, the suspense! I can't wait to find out what will happen next, but in the meantime I will temper my impatience by thinking about how cool this chapter was (and then re-reading the rest after I finish posting this review).

I loved how Ron and Harry were so into the motorbike. It's such a guy thing to do :) And I hated Voyde and Smeggers' appearance here. Their relationship and what they're doing to the poor Yetis are just awful to think about. (Don't think of that as a criticism of your writing, though - on the contrary, I admire how you made them so hateful!)

The Yetis' ritual was really fascinating. Getting to know their personalities (even though they aren't people in the absolute biological sense) has caused them to grow on me and led me to really dislike Voyde and the handlers and their abuse of the creatures. Now that you've established the Yetis as intelligent enough to set up some sort of culture, I dislike their abusers even more.

I have to say I am as excited to find out what happens to the Yeti abusers as I am to see whether there is any more shippiness in this story. I hope that Voyde & Co. get theirs in the end. *kicks them*

Reviewer: trina-kDate: 2006-03-06
Reviewid: 140591Chapter: 24
i love a good action informational chapter.

<i>Once Ron had returned from his outing as protector, he and Harry had spent much of the day talking about so many things: the motorbike, the fact that only Nardstone had arrived as the ‘Ministry official’, the motorbike, Hermione’s and Dr. Null’s surprise that Nardstone was Voyde’s uncle, the motorbike exterior, the motorbike interior, how to find a way to ‘ship’ some of the destroyed Yeti food back to the Ministry, and the motorbike. Once they were all talked out, Ron sneaked out into the camp once more to ‘borrow’ two cleaning rags he’d seen hanging on a clothesline behind the house-elves’ living quarters so they could polish-- the motorbike. </i> FAVORITE PARAGRAPH EVER. hahahaha! it's so cute how they're both so excited over the whole motorbike. and i love that harry knows now.

<i>“Er...I forget,” he said, apparently in the interest of diplomacy.</i> oh harry you poor thing. always stuck in between these two. hahahahah!!

i'm a little confused by this line: <i> “Fact of life, I’m afraid – or death.” Then he sighed.</i>

and cute ron for being so damn protective of mione and he knows her so well!!!

lovely, action-packed solid chapter. perfect.


Reviewer: Wolf's ScreamDate: 2006-03-06
Reviewid: 140579Chapter: 24
Well done -- and yes, tension's got high enough that I *hope* we're nearing a climax.... :-)

Reviewer: Night ZephyrDate: 2006-03-05
Reviewid: 140533Chapter: 23
Dear Trina,
Thank you for your nice soliloquy on kisses, LoL! You're right! A kiss can mean the world, or it can mean nothing, depending on the emotion between the two who are involved. And those who are truly emotionally involved don't even need to kiss or touch to find their own special kind of 'connection' when there's a lot of romantic energy between them. So I'm just as sure that you'll find your 'right' kiss as I am that Ron and Hermione will find theirs (and I'm really glad that both of them got to experience the 'wrong' kind so they have a good comparison when they find the 'right' ones). I hope midterm season is flying by nice and easily now -- and that the 'oral' (now that has to do with something close to kissing, too, right? :P ) exam went well. Hope you enjoy the next chapter! ~NZ~

Reviewer: Night ZephyrDate: 2006-03-05
Reviewid: 140532Chapter: 23
Dear Ara Kane,

I have so many thanks you’s and answers and responses to your reviews that you have your own post... :)
Ch 7 - That chapter was a ways back there, wasn’t it? I suspect this chapter gives away the fact that I’m a mum more than any other. No doubt I’ve assumed the worst and grounded my own kids in the midst of trying to do something honorable or helpful to someone else, but I guess that’s just the way it goes with us mums (you’ve also got to always keep in mind that you’ve grounded them at times they truly deserved it, too! :) . Anyway, Thanks for the vot4e of confidence in how Molly grounded Ron – something I would have done myself under the curcumstances, Im’ afraid.
Ch 9 - I’m so glad you liked the paper airplanes in formation in Arthur’s in-tray. If only the work my students turn in would be so well-behaved LoL! I’m also happy you noticed the fact that Ron was self-conscious around Tonks. Most of the teenaged boys I’ve known, unless they happen to be traveling in a ‘pack’ (as Harry says) and finding strength in their numbers, are even more self-conscious around females ‘in their prime’ so to speak – in their twenties somewhere usually-- than they are around those their own age. For some boys that’s pretty danged self-conscious and I figured Ron would be one of those. Thanks for noticing my point there. “Muggle-o-maniac” was simple brilliance – thanks for letting me use it. :)
Ch 10 - Can’t have a proper NZ fic without some Harry/Ron friendship moments, now can we? :P But I’m pleased you enjoyed it – and the fact that Tonks was so concerned about looking decent when Remus was around. I was only one of the many – but I thought I saw the signs and I got that right pre-HBP!
Ch 11 - (Secret: The lotsa-Ron chapters are the easiest, most fun, and quickest for me to write. Awww, you already guessed that? :P ) Yes, you know by now that this introduction to Leif as a character was only the beginning of his many appearances in this story. He didn’t actually have that big a part in the original plan, but like some of my other characters have done, kept pressing until I made his part larger (danged pushy characters, I tell ya! )
Ch 13 – The action in this chapter, while not exactly *fun* to write, was intriguing. So was being able to show everyone that even a ‘bad Yeti’ may be bad for a reason and can discern the difference between a witch/wizard who’s trying to hurt him and one that’s either innocent of wrongdoing or is trying to help them. I needed to show here that even a violent Yeti doesn’t feel the need to throw out the baby with the bathwater, so to speak.
Ch 14 – I’m so happy that everyone likes Leo! :D I probably shouldn’t say this if I want anything to come out of my writing down the road, but*cough* heisoneofthemaincharactersinmyoriginalwork-bydifferentnameofcourse—andwhenIfoundagoodplacehere,Ijustkindathrewhimintoseehoweveryonelikedhim*cough*. Needless to say, I am thrilled with every positive response. Leo will definitely be a good influence later in the story, too, so keep that in mind.
Ch 15 – Aww, thank you. *blush* All squealing appreciated here. I’m happy you liked Ron’s message. Being much wordier than Ron myself, I rewrote it a bunch of times trying to make it say more when, in the end, it needed to say just what it did to be the most Ronnish. And I knew Hermione would love it that way. :) Er, yeah, the dream...well, I’ve only *heard* of what teenage boy dreams are like, obviously, but I figured they would be at least half wishful thinking and this is what I wrote here, including the fact that Ron’s head made Hermione assertive (read as ‘aggressive’ :) enough that he didn’t have to make the first move – or any move for that matter (nt to mention I think he’d be really happy if she wanted him that badly just for being himself.
Ch 18 - *big grins about Leo, again* :D:D Yeah, Leo’s kind of a ‘live and let live’ sorta guy. He has a good strong sense of right and wrong, but on the other hand I think he trusts people farther to make their own ‘right’ choices than a lot of adults would. Either that, or he has a story or two from his own teenaged past... I’m pleased you liked Howard, too – I’m a *terrible* artist, but I actually have a picture I drew of Howard because his looks just fascinated me so. I’ve considered posting it here – but I’m not sure I’m ready to embarrass myself that badly.
>>P.S. Is it just me or did you start singing "Leader of the Pack" at the thought of Ron in a black leather jacket and dark jeans, too? :D<<
Oh, baby! ^_~) Where do you think the whole fic came from? Actually, a reader wanted more ‘black leather Ron’ stemming from Hermione’s thoughts in my ficlet “Giving In”. I kept trying to find him a story and put him on that motorbike for the longest time (I’m sure the Harley motocyclists on the freeway were irritated/confused/flattered by the length of time I stared at them going by) and finally we came up with this. “Leader of the Pack”? Oh, yeah. With any luck, that’s how Jo will have Ron get around in Book Seven if he doesn’t get his Apparating license, but sadly, I doubt it.
Ch 19 – Absolutely. And I would go so far as to say that Ron is one of the few people in the world that Hermione needs in order to feel so self-sufficient.
Ch 20 – Thank you for saying I capture well the thoughts of girls-who-like-certain-boys and what the proximity of said boy can do to a girl. Yeah, I remember. :) Yes, I should report to the guilt thread for what I did to poor Harry – and he is a good friend to go through with it anyway (though he may think twice the next time!) About ‘mates’? Don’tcha love it when Ron’s thoroughly convinced he’s so right about something and it backfires?
Ch 21 – Yeah, I have a feeling that Spyder’s not going to come out of this too well-liked, but I liked your comparision of Trey to Dumbledore. I hadn’t thought of it, but they are kind of natural leaders be default – in other words, everyone in their group sort of ends up looking up to them, and they rather grudgingly take the reins.
Ch 22 - Ron can’t seem to catch a break, can he? He’s always being dogged by all of these other males, be they human, wizard, or otherwise. If only he’d realize there’s no competition in Hermione’s mind, just in his. Heh – good thing they’re in Scotland and not Bulgaria, eh? Otherwise, he’d be worrying about Krum coming to save her, too. I’m sure the Yeti will think of *something* to balance the karma of the universe as far as the handlers are concerned. ;->
Ch 23 – It would have been far too easy to let Ron and Hermione fall into one another’s arms, etc. etc. (you know me, I’d love to see that happen!) Ahem. However. Things do not work for them like that, unfortunately, and this seemed the only logical way to get them to show each other what ‘could be’ and what they truly want, but then end up back in the same Ron-and-Hermione muddle. I’m glad it worked for you (though I feel sorta cruel for doing it to you guys...) I quite nearly skipped over Harry;’s reaction to the motorbike just becasue I was so anxious to get on with the story, but I knew everyone involved would feel cheated, especially Ron so that’s why it came in here.

Thank you SO much for the lovely and very detailed reviews, Ara. Reviews like yours certainly help me to know what works in the story and what doesn’t, and what stands out in the readers’ minds. I really appreciate that you came back after all of this time – and must have spent a great deal of time reading to catch up – then took even more time to review. Did you hear me mention that my readers are the *best*? Well, it’s true – and you’re certainly one of them. Hope you enjoy the rest of the story! ~NZ~

Btw, to anyone else reading this, the next chapter’s going to Madam Pince NOW – and will tell you more of what you need to know, I think. Many thanks again to Dina C. for her most recent review of Ch 23 as well! Enjoy 24!

Reviewer: Dina C.Date: 2006-03-03
Reviewid: 140462Chapter: 23
I can't remember if I've already commented on this chapter, or not. The kissing scene, of course, was great. What followed was, unfortunately, all too realistic given Ron's lack of eloquence. Poor Ron! :) It's great to see the trio together again. Loved Harry's reaction to the motorbike. Hmmm, so when is Professor FroggyFace going to show UP?? Great story. Looking forward to the next bit. :)

Reviewer: trina-kDate: 2006-03-01
Reviewid: 140405Chapter: 23
(i should be studying for my oral exam in Spanish tomorrow but I really dont want to)

you know why i really LOVED that damned kiss? i loved it precisely because it was damned, because it didnt solve anything. romantics put so much pressure on kisses, you know. like you kiss someone and it's all magic and roses... well it's not. it's not that at all.

i mean look at what ron did in HBP. his first kiss was to get revenge. that's not a great first kiss. my first kiss was four months ago, the friday before holloween with a guy in an afro wig. that was a weird first kiss. at least ron knew the girl he was kissing, eh?

kisses arent everything. they are not "let's seal this happy ending with a kiss" kisses. i just remembered that points was like that too. ron and mione did not kiss and everything was dandy between the two of them...

there's realism for you. happy endings arent that easy. kisses do not solve everything.

there's still that bit in me though that's a romantic that still hopes that a kiss will eventually mean a happy ending. maybe one day (hopefuly in the near future) ron and hermione will kiss and kiss and kiss and then it will be good between them... both in your fic and in canon... i'm hoping my third kiss will be better (after my second kiss with another unknown guy my mouth tasted like an ashtray)... but i'm a realist. and what i'm trying to say that kudos to you for making the whole kiss thing realistic.

and that i really dont want to study. midterm season sucks. good thing it's not super around here. we had/have (i'm not sure at this point) a mild winter.


(now i'm going to study for that damn oral exam.)

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