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Dumbledore's Army
Review(s): 14

Reviewer: Reader 2Date: 2006-09-16
Reviewid: 145356Chapter: 6

Reviewer: Sana JonDate: 2005-02-21
Reviewid: 114539Chapter: 6
Wow! This is really good stuff... I stayed up so late to read it all, but it was worth it, totally worth it! The chapter with Lupin and Dumbledore TOTALLY impressed me... so dark, so well thought out... Good.
Stuff. :D ;-)

Reviewer: Sana JonDate: 2005-02-14
Reviewid: 113883Chapter: 1
OMG, this first chapter was SOOOO amazing!!! So beautifully and descriptively written, I lurveee it! :D I just LOVE how you described the dream... it wasn't at all like the common one everybody else does when Harry just sees his Godfather fall again and again through the veil, Sirius actually puts his hands around Harry's throat, talks about how he's living in hell now, all because of Harry... God, I felt so sorry for him then... It was a magical and genious way of channeling his feelings of guilt to the reader, and so different from the ordinary or obvious... I gotta read the rest of the chapters, but I need ta go to bed! Thanks for writing this!! ;)

Reviewer: GyakutennoDate: 2004-06-27
Reviewid: 89095Chapter: 1
GAH! Harry has the scariest nightmares, doesn't he? *shaking like a leaf* Okay, I'm too busy gathering my wits to review properly... well, anyway, great fic, very believable.

Reviewer: mynameisamyDate: 2004-01-11
Reviewid: 66615Chapter: 6
aw... That's so sad. Very fluffly too.

Reviewer: Lady NorbertDate: 2003-12-02
Reviewid: 61614Chapter: 6
Dangit, you made me cry with that last part. I've never cried at a fanfic, not once, until now. Shows how good you are. *sniffle* Excellent work, mate.

Reviewer: JulianneDate: 2003-11-29
Reviewid: 61157Chapter: 1
That was er...interesting. Very well written, but it doesnt really egt to the point...what happens?

Reviewer: HPFANDate: 2003-11-29
Reviewid: 61154Chapter: 6
This is so good!! It made me cry. I like how you have Harry and Lupin talk about the momories and all that happened. Harry finally comes to terms with Sirius gone, but always there.

Reviewer: EstherDate: 2003-11-29
Reviewid: 61153Chapter: 6
That was amazing. I feel like I'm going to cry now. I think Harry mourning Sirius is going to be a painful process, and wawnt to see what JKR is going to do with it, if she talks about it more. Until then, I think your story was an excellent example. It was so sad.. and really good. Keep writing.

Reviewer: Katie BellDate: 2003-11-26
Reviewid: 60917Chapter: 6


THAT that was good!

It made me cry....and I don't cry too often!


Thanks for writing this!!!

~~Katie Bell

Reviewer: Kate LynnDate: 2003-11-26
Reviewid: 60842Chapter: 6
Ohh...the end of this chapter was so touching and well-done. I love the dynamics between Harry, Lupin and even Sirius in the dream. The writing is always captivating, and the flow is excellent. I can't wait for this story to continue; the characterizations and plot are perfectly done. Thanks so much for this. 8-)

Kate Lynn

Reviewer: TaraDate: 2003-11-26
Reviewid: 60809Chapter: 6
I have never cried while reading a fic before, and yours made me cry. The way you write people's emotions is amazing. This was a great story.

Reviewer: erinDate: 2003-11-25
Reviewid: 60748Chapter: 2
Very good stillon the detail! However I really cannot see snape ever loving Lily. He really was a little too emotional than the snape we all know and love (or hate) BUt still i will read on it is a very good story so far!

Reviewer: ErinDate: 2003-11-25
Reviewid: 60747Chapter: 1
Very nice detail! Iike it alot! your descripting word really make me feel like i am right next to Harry! I cna't wait to see how you do the pensieve scenes! Rock On!

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