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Dumbledore's Army
Reviews for: Home Alone
Review(s): 677

Reviewer: MuggleForMagicDate: 2007-09-20
Reviewid: 149350Chapter: 28
Great story it was sad the whole Ginny and Harry thing, it made me cry. This was the best story i've read so far and i've read about 300,(yes i'm serious) I give you 10/10

Reviewer: MuggleForMagicDate: 2007-09-20
Reviewid: 149347Chapter: 23
I'm not done yet but this is soo bloody dramatic it is sooo good, it's not even funny i have to go to sleep(sucks!!!) so i couldn't finish it but i sure am tomorrow, this is one crazy party.

Reviewer: lemondrops8Date: 2006-08-09
Reviewid: 144714Chapter: 28
Excellent!!! Yay for H/G fluff!! Great job- i totally loved it, you portrayed Harry and Ginny's emotions great!! Please keep writing!

Reviewer: lemondrops8Date: 2006-08-09
Reviewid: 144709Chapter: 14
ooh the storys getting really good!!! Great job- im gonna keep reading!!

Reviewer: Solarius ScorchDate: 2005-04-06
Reviewid: 118881Chapter: 1
Yay! YES!!!
Can't wait to read the sequel. Great story...

(BTW I still wonder what exactly was the "hard stuff" Dudley's Gang used... ;] )

Reviewer: LilyDate: 2005-03-31
Reviewid: 118301Chapter: 28
REALLY, REALLY great story!!!!I'm looking forward to reading the next story!!I just hope h/g coontinues!!(Please let this be true!)great story.

Reviewer: Darker_RageDate: 2005-03-10
Reviewid: 116080Chapter: 28
That was special... I wasn't so sure at the beginning, but this was recommended to me, so I stuck at it. I love the idea of life-bonding amongst wizards (i've accidently channeled you and put something similar to your ideas of life-bonding and dreamwalking in the fic i'm writing! should be different enough though). Off to read the sequal now, see if that's as good!

Reviewer: Lil' AmericanDate: 2005-02-17
Reviewid: 114189Chapter: 28
That was the best fanfic i have ever read in my intire life!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I need you to write another...and another... and another...and another...and another...
You Are Aw Inspiring...
And anything Elce you can think of that's good
Oh and by the way, tell Arebella that she could get some pointers from you!

Reviewer: NatashaDate: 2005-02-16
Reviewid: 114034Chapter: 28
Wonderful Fic! Thank you for such an enjoyable read. I look forward to its sequel. I see in this all the seeds planted for a most exciting and interesting sixth year. If you do email notifications for future chapters please add me to your list. I would be most grateful (and I won't have to keep on checking for new chapters!). :)
Cheers and Aloha,

Reviewer: QuietPurpleStrawberryDate: 2005-01-21
Reviewid: 111686Chapter: 21
“Well, we fought,” he said matter-of-factly. Pulling a face, he clarified. “Well… mostly she fought and I ducked, but I did manage to get a few good ones in,” he said proudly. “She wanted me to give her the Prophesy—she didn’t know that it had already smashed. I told her that it was gone, and that—that’s when Voldemort showed up. He was very angry that the Prophesy was gone.”

One small point: Prophecy is spelt with a 'c', not an 's'. Other than that: Brilliant! Ab-fab!! Keep writing!!

Reviewer: Cannonsgurl90Date: 2004-12-13
Reviewid: 107687Chapter: 28
I loved it! But I think Harry and Ginny's relationship and Ron and Hermione's went too fast. I mean one minute they're friends and the next they're kissing, which I guess could happen, it just seems... unlikely. But great job! Keep writing the sequel!

Reviewer: BrianneDate: 2004-11-05
Reviewid: 103574Chapter: 28
Wow, this is incredible! You weren't influenced by the Wheel of Time series by any chance, were you? Dreamwalking sounds awfully familiar, and Harry and Ginny's emotion sharing sounds a lot like the Warder bond. Kudos!

Reviewer: Green MeanieDate: 2004-08-11
Reviewid: 96711Chapter: 28
The only thing that bothers me during this story is that you said playing hard to get only intrigued Claire more, what happened? Other than that I completely love this story. I like probably all others who liked this story am a romantic at heart and I like how potrayed their relationship well.
~!@#$%^&*()_+THE GREEN MEANIE+_)(*&^%$#@!~

Reviewer: AmethystDate: 2004-08-11
Reviewid: 96669Chapter: 28
Wow! Great fic! I stayed up till midnight reading it, and will probably be grounded for not doing the dishes...

But who cares!

Great fic, and can't wait for more!

Reviewer: KatjaDate: 2004-08-10
Reviewid: 96629Chapter: 28
Wow... this is amazing. I love how you portray Harry's mental struggle with Voldemort. And, of course, the romance is wonderful. A bit sudden, perhaps, but I identify strongly with Ginny, so I'm not complaining ^^

Reviewer: KatjaDate: 2004-08-10
Reviewid: 96617Chapter: 6
I'll actually review later, I promise ^^ but... chapter six: reverie, not revelry!

Reviewer: CalDate: 2004-08-09
Reviewid: 96513Chapter: 28
Wow, really nice work. I have now read this story about five times, and I told my friend about it. Please keep writing!! I now have to go read your other piece of work. I liked this one so much, I kept rereading. lol!!!

Reviewer: frozen killerDate: 2004-08-09
Reviewid: 96477Chapter: 27
email me when the next story is posted

Reviewer: TamiDate: 2004-08-09
Reviewid: 96453Chapter: 17
I am appalled by your writing. Everyone is so out of caracter! You don't know how to describe Harry's temper of 5th year at all! It's all pent up anger, he doesn't just blow up for no reason! You're making him out to be some kind of alcoholic! And you can't even spell PROPHECY right! And Ginny's all Dumbledorish and annoying! Ron and Hermione are completely not themselves! Dudley's not himself! The writing is rash and I hope you take your time before posting anything further!
I'm not flaming you! No! I'm just in a bad mood, sorry, but I don't like this fic and I'm a bit upset that I can't find a good one.

Reviewer: GailDate: 2004-07-23
Reviewid: 93695Chapter: 28
Love this story! can't wait for the sequel!

Reviewer: luvinitDate: 2004-07-13
Reviewid: 92035Chapter: 1
OMG! I love it!
well wut r u waiting 4... get goin on that sequel!
Harry n Ginny r destine 2 b 2gether!

Reviewer: KatieDate: 2004-07-09
Reviewid: 91533Chapter: 1
Great story! Keep on writing, and never give up on the inspiration you have!

Reviewer: jkDate: 2004-07-07
Reviewid: 91101Chapter: 28
i love this story, but...WHERE is the sequel?
i HAVE to find out what happens!!!!!
(plus, my computer's twitchy and unpredictable at the moment. i need to read as much as i can as often as i can.

Reviewer: readerDate: 2004-07-01
Reviewid: 90009Chapter: 28
that was really, really good! But it was too depressing at the end. But u did a really good job when L.V. was in Harry...i creeped me out a little... u should DEFINITLY write more.

Reviewer: IlliriahRisingDate: 2004-06-29
Reviewid: 89385Chapter: 28
AMAZING! I can't wait to read the sequel. There is nothing better than well-written, true-to-character, canon-faithful fanfic!

Reviewer: ToriDate: 2004-06-28
Reviewid: 89251Chapter: 1
I thought the story, though a little long was great! I mean it was great how Harry could finally rub something in Dudley's face and all. I really really really wanna hear about a sequel! Tell me as soon as you can when its coming out!

Reviewer: Lee Ann ThomasDate: 2004-06-23
Reviewid: 88425Chapter: 1
What a great read! I love the idea of Dudley being in position to watch Harry. Sounds like a fun combination, ripe for humor and trouble! I can't wait to find out what happens! Wonderful use of dialogue..really captures the characters and makes me smile.

Reviewer: JessicaDate: 2004-06-21
Reviewid: 88070Chapter: 28
What happened to Vol--whatever-Voldemort and Peter???
but you did a GREAT JOB!!!!!!! it took a long time but it was worth it!!!

Reviewer: EmilyDate: 2004-06-08
Reviewid: 86390Chapter: 28
Oh my god i luved it! It had romance but not the kind that was so sickeningly sweet which made it even better! I thought the story plot was really detailed and was awsome. I really hope the sequel comes out soon!!!!!!

Reviewer: EndicottDate: 2004-05-28
Reviewid: 84874Chapter: 28
I really really loved this story it's so good it's got great romance and a really good plot please be as fast as possible with the next story I can't wait. My favourite line was "snogged him senseless" Hilarious :D

Reviewer: EndicottDate: 2004-05-27
Reviewid: 84738Chapter: 20
It's late I have to stop but I really really don't want to

Reviewer: aliDate: 2004-05-26
Reviewid: 84594Chapter: 28
wow. amazing!!!

Reviewer: jkDate: 2004-05-17
Reviewid: 83014Chapter: 28
i LOVE your fanfic. WHEN is the sequil coming out?

Reviewer: Nena PineDate: 2004-05-09
Reviewid: 81831Chapter: 1
This is one of the best sories I have ever read. It is written sooooooo well: the human emotions are so real.

Reviewer: OutsideTheLightDate: 2004-05-07
Reviewid: 81474Chapter: 1
Great writing, thank you so much for putting this on sugarquill for HP fans such as myself to enjoy. I immensely enjoyed reading it and I can wait for the sequel. Thank you again.


Reviewer: patchkatDate: 2004-05-02
Reviewid: 81063Chapter: 28
mmm so good! more of very amazing. i can't wait for the sequel.

Reviewer: Laura HDate: 2004-05-01
Reviewid: 80813Chapter: 1
LOVED IT! Everyone is growing up. Your depiction of Harry and Ginny and their connection to one another is fabulous! I can't wait for the sequel!

Reviewer: doesnt matterDate: 2004-04-24
Reviewid: 79971Chapter: 13
i dont really like how in the story Ginny always says, "Don't you dare say your sorry, Harry Potter"
Frankly, it's just plain annoying in a story, like the catch phrase, "Edd Gads!"

Reviewer: katie mooreDate: 2004-04-15
Reviewid: 78948Chapter: 28
this is really good it's toatally my favorite story on this site i really really really like it

Reviewer: CourtneyDate: 2004-04-13
Reviewid: 78595Chapter: 28
Oh wow!! I can't wait till the sequel! When you start it will you please send me the link to it by e-mail? I would really appericate it! You are such an awesome writer! Thanks again

Love from.

Reviewer: wilaniaDate: 2004-04-13
Reviewid: 78546Chapter: 28
I love it! *sigh*

That scene between Harry and Ginny was sooooo romantic, and it is entirely appropriate. Ginny is learning to grow up and master her impulses for Harry's sake. You're doing a good job of transforming her into a mature woman who doesn't only think about how she feels.

Keep up the good writing! I can't wait until the sequel.

Reviewer: AlannaDate: 2004-04-13
Reviewid: 78464Chapter: 28
Oh. My. Gosh. How could youdo that to us!!!!!!!!! This story is too good!!!!!!! Ahhhhh!
You are an amazing writer. I'm sure you get this all the time, but you are like, as good as arabella and zsenya. I can't wait for the sequel, and I wish you luck. You story was fab, and the Voldemort presence was pretty close to canon. Good job, keep on writing, and thanx for entertaining me and my friends for so long!

Reviewer: shellebelleDate: 2004-04-13
Reviewid: 78430Chapter: 28
You ROCK! I love this story! I've been w/ this story since you started and it is absolutely wonderful! Keep writing, and hurry with the sequal! Take as long as you need, as long as a story is good it is worth the wait, believe me.

Reviewer: EstherDate: 2004-04-13
Reviewid: 78413Chapter: 28
I LOVED IT!! THANK YOU!! Can't wait for the sequle!!!

Reviewer: LinnetDate: 2004-04-12
Reviewid: 78411Chapter: 28
Wonderful ending! I loved it. Thank you SO much for writing this...I've enjoyed it all the way through. Can't wait for the sequel!


Reviewer: KaitDate: 2004-04-12
Reviewid: 78393Chapter: 28
I'm not glad it's over, but YAY!!

Congrats for your first finished story and starting a second!
(Most authors do not get over 600 posts in such a short time and with a first story!)

I can't wait!


Reviewer: MiekeDate: 2004-04-12
Reviewid: 78392Chapter: 28
Awsome fic! Love the ending, perfect for it! I can't wait for the sequel! I will check for it, thanks for the countless hours of entertainment, keep um coming!

Reviewer: Me!Date: 2004-04-12
Reviewid: 78384Chapter: 28
This was brilliant! I just loved it! Oh man I've been anticipating each chapter along the way with increasing enthusiasm. You never let me down. Ron and Hermione's relationship is almost exactly as I pictured it and what you've created between Harry and Ginny is absolutely perfect. Please, please, please post the sequel soon! I can't wait to read more! Excellent job!

Reviewer: JulieDate: 2004-04-12
Reviewid: 78364Chapter: 28
This is a great story. I love the way that you unravel things slowly and then give the big part at the end with the dreamwalking. It is very creative and I would love to see more stories from you. Good luck on the sequel!

Reviewer: lady amentDate: 2004-04-12
Reviewid: 78345Chapter: 6
just a little question: do you base any of your characters' thoughts on the Gollum sence in the two towers? if so, brilliant, if not, still brilliant!
thanks for an intertaining story with which to while away the years until book 6!!!!

Reviewer: jorgieDate: 2004-04-12
Reviewid: 78337Chapter: 28
OH! I loved it thats all there is really to say what an ending! the moment with harry and ginny threw the door just made me want to cry. i am so glad that you are doing a sequel i am very eger to see how all this turns out. Update soon!

Reviewer: lisaDate: 2004-04-12
Reviewid: 78302Chapter: 28
that was such a great story i really lved it but i am a bit disapointed i thought that there was going to be more of this fan fick but never mind at least your writing a second on i hope its as good as the first thanks for making my evening enjoyable by reading this fan flick


Reviewer: Muggle MollyDate: 2004-04-12
Reviewid: 78287Chapter: 28
I loved this story. You had me laughing and crying. Yes, I will be watching for the sequel!!

Reviewer: harryp123Date: 2004-04-12
Reviewid: 78273Chapter: 28
Good story and chapter. Can't wait to see what happens with the sequel.

Reviewer: meDate: 2004-04-12
Reviewid: 78271Chapter: 28
sob! it's finished!

this is probably my favorite story on the 'quill. excellent work! now as you said, on to the sequel! preferably as soon as possible...

Reviewer: AnnikaDate: 2004-04-12
Reviewid: 78264Chapter: 1
I love your story!! I have to say, it really is one of the best interpretations of Harry that I have read. So many people portray him badly in fanfic. I cannot WAIT for the sequel!! Keep writing;)

Reviewer: AmandaDate: 2004-04-12
Reviewid: 78263Chapter: 28
You should continue this story it is really intresting and i keep reading it over and over again.

Reviewer: TinaDate: 2004-04-12
Reviewid: 78257Chapter: 28
It's great. Want more. Now! :) Keep up the good work. It was lots of fun.

Reviewer: SueDate: 2004-04-12
Reviewid: 78244Chapter: 28
I thought this was fantastic.
You have definite talent. I'm
really looking forward to the sequel!

Reviewer: Magical MuggleDate: 2004-04-11
Reviewid: 78232Chapter: 28
BRAVO! HOORAY! So absolutely awsome, KEDme! OMG! I cannot wait for the sequel. This story has been amazing. You've kept the characters true to the text with their emotions and descriptions. Everything has been so perfect and made ejoyable to read. I'm so sad this is over, and I'm anxious for the sequel. I know its going to be just as good, and probably better, as this. I'll be on the edge of my seat waiting... ;-)

Reviewer: ThestralDate: 2004-04-11
Reviewid: 78206Chapter: 28

I love this. You should make it a AU fic, with Padfoot coming back, and continue it to when everybody's all grown up with kids, then wr5ite fics about the kids!!!! I know i would follow it fanatically! Keep it up!!!!!

Reviewer: RayganDate: 2004-04-11
Reviewid: 78190Chapter: 19
I should be sleeping! It is 5am! BUT I CANT BECAUSE I HAVE TO KEEP READING! Fun story!

Reviewer: LizDate: 2004-04-11
Reviewid: 78163Chapter: 28
*sigh* What a good story! I hadn't realized how far behind I was with updates until the very end. It took me a while to figure out where I had left off. Anyways, I digress...

You're fabulous at writing emotions, and you've made Harry and Ginny's relationship seem very real, they don't seem to be too forced with each other, and they aren't afraid to get angry with each other. You also obviously have a good plot going on, and I'm already excited to meet Hunter.

Keep up the great work, this story was great!


Reviewer: MaryannDate: 2004-04-11
Reviewid: 78162Chapter: 28
So, we've reached the end at last, have we? *sobs* Well, there's always the sequels, which I absolutely cannot wait for! This story is the only one that can make me both laugh and cry in the same chapter. I thought the ending was completely brilliant, and if your next story is even half as good as this one, I'll read and review faithfully until the end. Congratulations, and good luck on all your future stories!

Reviewer: RachelDate: 2004-04-11
Reviewid: 78158Chapter: 28
it's good. but, i think the ending dragged a little. it doesnt seem to fit with the rest of the story...
i still love it though! good job!

Reviewer: JessicaDate: 2004-04-11
Reviewid: 78156Chapter: 28
*cries* That was wonderful! I absolutely love how you write Ginny and Harry! Its... its... PERFECT! *cries more* I need to read the sequel before I have a heart attack or a mental breakdown, whichever comes first. *bows* Are you the daughter of the Great JK Rowling? You must be! Either that or you are JKR in disguise and this is the 6th book! AHH! Please have the sequel up soon! *walks away slowly crying eyes out*

Reviewer: MiriamDate: 2004-04-11
Reviewid: 78126Chapter: 27
I am finding it difficult to believe the "Voldemort takes over Harry" conceit that you are working with. Dumbledore makes clear that Harry's love is supremely uncomfortable for the Dark Lord - that is why Voldemort abandoned Harry when he thought "At least I'll see Sirius again."

You are going to have to make that connection more clear. Will Harry be able to fight it? Why or why not? What are the boudaries you intend to set for the invasions?

I'm sorry to be so harsh, but this problem is breaking the "suspension of disbelief" for me. Fix the holes. Your work will be better for it.


Reviewer: *ClassifiedDate: 2004-04-10
Reviewid: 78050Chapter: 27
Cool!! Hurry with the most important stuff (H/G and that Hunter guy...)

:-) :-) :-) :-)Classified 0:-) 0:-) 0:-) 0:-) 0:-)

Reviewer: #1 Harry Potter fanDate: 2004-04-10
Reviewid: 78038Chapter: 27
write the last chapter quicker! i can't wait!

Reviewer: SabrinaDate: 2004-04-10
Reviewid: 78033Chapter: 27
Ked Me
Your story is really good. I started reading it this weekend and I canīt let it go!! I am one of those fans who hope that Ginny and Harry will end up together. Thanks for writing!!. Update soon!!
Regards, Sabrina

Reviewer: KoreyDate: 2004-04-09
Reviewid: 77900Chapter: 1
Wow. Amazing. Just amazing. I can't wait for the next chapter!!! happy easter!

Reviewer: CourtneyDate: 2004-04-08
Reviewid: 77790Chapter: 1
I can't wait until the next chapter. Thanks for the e-mail. I just wanted to wish you a Happy Easter early just incase I do not get back in time for Easter. I am traveling to New Jersey.
Love from, Courtney

Reviewer: RachelDate: 2004-04-08
Reviewid: 77788Chapter: 27
wow. this is sooo good!!! Ginny is being sooo brave!!! you have to continue. this is my favorite story ever!

Reviewer: claireDate: 2004-04-08
Reviewid: 77686Chapter: 27
well...that was interesting. through chapter five i loved it. around chapter thirteen i almost stopped reading. you maybe could tone i down a little. teenage hormones aside the story was great. im impressed.

Reviewer: CourtneyDate: 2004-04-07
Reviewid: 77508Chapter: 27
You are one awesome writer. I really love your writing and I cannot wait until I can read some more. I totally support the Harry and Ginny relationship. I also love the way that you approach the conflict with Harry and Voldemort. Please write soon and e-mail me if you would like. Thanks so much for your time.
Love from,

Reviewer: KaitDate: 2004-04-06
Reviewid: 77489Chapter: 27
>>Hopefully I’ve teased you, piqued your interest, and driven you insane with anticipation!

Sure, i guess you could say that! More like, "I've tortured you endlessly and caused you way too much trauma when updates to the SugarQuill were made and I was not on the list!"

Anyway, you are doing such a good job. I'm so happy that Hunter is not American, and that he didn't know the Potters. That would be too female Mary-Sue like! I love your style and plot line. Great job!


Reviewer: LexieDate: 2004-04-06
Reviewid: 77488Chapter: 27
You have totally made me interested in the epilogue. I swear if this doesn't finish soon I'm gonna blow a gasket. Not really but I love the story. I love the irony you're putting the characters through and the conflict, and no one can forget the unending fluff ^_^. Love it. I give it a 10 outta 10! Yey!

Reviewer: shellebelleDate: 2004-04-06
Reviewid: 77469Chapter: 27
I HATE YOU!!! Wait a minute. I LOVE YOU!!! Hurry with the last chapter, I mean it!!! Hurry!! I love this story. It is the best! I think you should continue on to Harry's 7th year. That would be awesome!

Reviewer: harryp123Date: 2004-04-06
Reviewid: 77463Chapter: 27
Can't wait to see what happens. What will Dumbledore think of the new idea of the conection between Harry and Ginny.

Reviewer: Magical MuggleDate: 2004-04-06
Reviewid: 77415Chapter: 27
YAY! That was such and awsome chapter! You don't realize how much I look foreward to this story! OMG! I can't wait for the sequel. it sounds abslutely amazing! Please don't feel pressured to rush and get it all out. This is so good, it's definitely worth the wait! Thanks for being so completely great! Luv this story! =)

Reviewer: malDate: 2004-04-06
Reviewid: 77413Chapter: 27
OOOh!! the sequel sounds gr8 and yes u certainly have piqued my interest, and driven me insane with anticipation. this hunter character seems interesting.Can't wait!!
that being said,this chapter scared me senseless. i dunno it's just the idea of having a voice inside ur head talking to you and controlling ur every move while u just look on and wonder wht ur doing, especially the comment about sirius.. tht was just plain terrifying and sad. ur story just gets better and better with each progressive chapter.
keep up the excellent work!!

Reviewer: MaryDate: 2004-04-06
Reviewid: 77410Chapter: 27
Please keep going, especially with the sequel. You are a fantastic writer!!! Just promise you won't leave me and your many fans hanging.

Reviewer: MaryannDate: 2004-04-06
Reviewid: 77403Chapter: 27
It was a long wait, but it was completely worth it! I think this was the best chapter yet. I can't wait for "Shadow of the Serpent", it sounds wonderful! I can already tell that I'm going to love Stephen Hunter. You are one of my favorite authors on this website. Well, great job, and keep up the good work!

Reviewer: wilaniaDate: 2004-04-06
Reviewid: 77400Chapter: 27
This is excellent! Whatever it is you're doing, it's working. I am going insane with excitement, and can barely wait for the next installment. Harry is heroically fighting off Voldemort, just like I knew he would ;)

So what exactly is a life-bond, and what are its implications? I hope, as a responsible writer, you'll be letting us in on that secret soon enough. You're doing a great job of letting just enough information out to keep the story flowing, and holding just enough back so we have to read the next chapter.

Keep it up!

Reviewer: Tamira lUneDate: 2004-04-06
Reviewid: 77382Chapter: 27
Whoa awesome! I know writers block and no time to write...Even if i don'twork full time or have kids. I'm struggling through grade eight with less than 8 weeks to exams! (Gosh I sound like Hermione) Keep up the good work!

Reviewer: GeorgiaDate: 2004-04-06
Reviewid: 77373Chapter: 27
Please please PLEASE keep writing the sequel! I have been in agony for the past couple of days waiting for this chapter to be put up! What am I going to do on my break? :p

Reviewer: JessDate: 2004-04-06
Reviewid: 77372Chapter: 27
Oh my gosh! I just LOVE this story. And I can't wait for the next installments! Like I said before, everyday I come home and rush to the computer to see if you've updated. You are such a good writer! I could confuse you with J.K. Rowling! BRAVISIMO! Keep up the good work!

Reviewer: CaelanDate: 2004-04-06
Reviewid: 77369Chapter: 27
Wonderful story! I just found it yesterday, and I literally spent all night finishing it. It's amazing how you've packed so much detail and information into just the few days your story covers without making it seem like it's moving too fast. Can't wait to see what you do with the sequel... Stephen Hunter sounds good... (although, almost too careful) and Voldemort's current position in Harry's head should lead to some interesting developments. Thanks for a wonderful read!

Reviewer: ThestralDate: 2004-04-06
Reviewid: 77356Chapter: 27
Wow, good job as usual-I really hope you get Voldemorte out of Harry's head, it's quite annoying, I feel like slapping Harry, even though I know it's not *really* him talking. Anyway, update soon!

Reviewer: kamilla beaverDate: 2004-03-30
Reviewid: 76460Chapter: 26
I loved your story!!! Please write a sequal!

Reviewer: jULIEDate: 2004-03-28
Reviewid: 76162Chapter: 1
Heelo? Vair are you KEDme? 'urry up please, cause some peeple are vaiting for you... Excellent story! This is one of the few stories that I wait for ages and ages for a chapter to come out! Keep going! I'm still holding on!

Reviewer: Courtney StashDate: 2004-03-28
Reviewid: 76147Chapter: 26
GOOD!! Post more soon! This is a great FF!

Reviewer: RoseDate: 2004-03-28
Reviewid: 76032Chapter: 26
I love your story.........PLEASE GET THE NEXT CHAPTER UP SOON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Reviewer: EstherDate: 2004-03-20
Reviewid: 75298Chapter: 26
You are doing very goo! I am enjoinh the story alot!! WRIT MORE SOON!! PLEASE!!

Reviewer: sadeDate: 2004-03-19
Reviewid: 75230Chapter: 6
keep writing....

Reviewer: DevaDate: 2004-03-19
Reviewid: 75181Chapter: 26
Brillant. Absolutly brilliant. I love the idea of this new character. I usually don't support introducing new people but this is a great idea for Hunter to teach Harry. I also like the fact that Harry is planning to go to America. In JKR's (fantastic) version nothing is mentioned at all and I think it is high time that our country gets into the picture. I've no complaints to speak of although please don't make Harry tooo dangerous, he shouldn't be considered an enemy. Dumbledore Ithink should have some nice private talks with harry. In my opinin they both need to lighted up ( bring on the comedy again) although it isn't really my opinion that matters is it. Keep updating quickly please!!!! Awesome fic!

Reviewer: MiekeDate: 2004-03-17
Reviewid: 75015Chapter: 26
Very nice! Keep um coming i love it all very much!

Reviewer: JustinDate: 2004-03-16
Reviewid: 74870Chapter: 26
What a terrific story you've got here! When I first started reading it, I imagined that is was just going to be a humor fic and while it started out that way, I must admit that the additions of a dark twist in the plot were excecuted perfectly. By starting off as a fun, light hearted fic; then slowly adding in hints of more sinister happenings and slowly building to a climax leaves the reader wanting more; I know that I want more! Will you be continuing on with this story? Or is Chapter 26 the end of the fic and you plan on doing a sequel? Either way, I would love to read more about what happens next with Harry, Ginny and the possibly new Occlumency Instructor!

Reviewer: DzenkaDate: 2004-03-14
Reviewid: 74685Chapter: 26
America? Eeee, that sets of my fan-fiction cliche detector. Do be careful, I quite enjoy this fic, and it would be a shame to see it fall into cliche.

Reviewer: A. PersonDate: 2004-03-14
Reviewid: 74670Chapter: 26
Dear God KEDme, hurry up and finish! What happens?!!!!!!

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