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Dumbledore's Army
Reviews for: Mourning
Review(s): 52

Reviewer: EmerikaDate: 2006-07-03
Reviewid: 143921Chapter: 1
What a great story! I love everything about it! Before I read this I was going to say something witty about the desclaimer because I thought I deserves reccognition. And since no one else said anything about it. But then I read this and I realized why no one said anything. The story deserves more reccognition than the disclaimer, though admittedly it was very funny.

Now I know not only are your comedies entirely fantastic but so are the tradegies! Great job! *hugs and hershey kisses* Emmy

Reviewer: Reader 2Date: 2006-02-24
Reviewid: 140230Chapter: 1
You are sooo good.

Reviewer: KateDate: 2005-10-17
Reviewid: 134684Chapter: 1
As always, this story was fabulous. So touching. [Wow. That sounds corny...]

Reviewer: leanneDate: 2005-10-07
Reviewid: 133922Chapter: 1
aww i like this side of snape. how he mourns and how he is really worried about harry. got me all teary :) i love you writing!

Reviewer: Genne-veraDate: 2005-09-05
Reviewid: 131763Chapter: 1
“Or a veterinarian.” enough said.

Reviewer: anbieDate: 2005-08-06
Reviewid: 129006Chapter: 1
Suddenly Severus became very angry. “You coward,” he said, his voice rising in volume as he went on. “You have the nerve to die now, in the middle of a war? Potter needs you! Lupin needs you!"

Indeed, damn him for dying XP.

Again, good work ^^

Reviewer: FizzkoDate: 2005-07-18
Reviewid: 127350Chapter: 1
Very well written, but very...un-Snape-like.

Reviewer: Deadly_SecretsDate: 2005-07-11
Reviewid: 126832Chapter: 1
This isn't my prefered genre - but still, this fic was absolutely wonderful. I can't get over how well you portrayed Snape - you kept him so in character, he was just so believeable. Makes you think a lot. You described feelings breathtakingly. Great job =)

Reviewer: AnaxandraDate: 2005-06-24
Reviewid: 125044Chapter: 1
you-no wait, i'm still angry-YOU KEEP GETTING SERIOUS! THIS IS MAKING ME CRY! I DON'T WANT TO! jUST STOP!................................................................................................................ never mind. keep writing.

Reviewer: BogglemindFGDate: 2004-12-02
Reviewid: 106646Chapter: 1
That was so good; I never like fics where Snape is not completely horrible, but this one was so in-character and believable. Great story.

Reviewer: LossenrhosDate: 2004-12-01
Reviewid: 106543Chapter: 1
This was beautiful. Really. I had tears in my eyes. You chracterised Severus perfectly. And I loved the inscription of Black's gravestone. Wonderful stuff.

Reviewer: Norwegian BlueDate: 2004-10-27
Reviewid: 102698Chapter: 1
Oh for Crissake (I wanted to use a much stronger expletive here, but I have the feeling it would be removed.) You wrote that so well, I felt, well, I don't exactly know what I felt, but you wrote it in a way I could only dream of. Not many people can evoke feeling in such a way that can evoke feels that don't have no names. Sirius's "last words" were so appropriate for Snape. *Rolls eyes* this is one of the cheesiest reviews. Oh well, I believe the intended cussing leveled it off.

Reviewer: BrytningDate: 2004-10-26
Reviewid: 102444Chapter: 1
Jack, you really are a wonderful writer. Some of your fics make me cry with laughter, and others are so deep they leave me thinking and pondering the imponderable. I truly admire you. Great work, keep writing! "If you wrote novels, I'd buy every one."

Reviewer: rarereviewerDate: 2004-08-01
Reviewid: 95087Chapter: 1
i've been waiting for a fic to say with honesty and humaness exactly what you did. sirius, lupin and snape are some of my favorite characters and you painted their relationship in a refreshing and beautiful way. thanks as always.

Reviewer: rarereviewerDate: 2004-08-01
Reviewid: 95086Chapter: 1
i've been waiting for a fic to say with honesty and humaness exactly what you did. sirius, lupin and snape are some of my favorite characters and you painted their relationship in a refreshing and beautiful way. thanks as always.

Reviewer: GyakutennoDate: 2004-07-17
Reviewid: 92803Chapter: 1
Yay! It's Human!Snape! Nice touch that he actually knows Sirius well enough to get his last words almost correct. And despite turning out to not be heartless, Snape is just as funny in his Snapey way as ever.

Reviewer: MirandaDate: 2004-07-17
Reviewid: 92758Chapter: 1
There have only been two HP fanfics that have made me cry: one my friend wrote about Ginny's and Harry's relationship failure, and this one. You deserve a prize :D

Reviewer: Angel09Date: 2004-07-01
Reviewid: 89809Chapter: 1
Hey...........that was pretty good!

Reviewer: KathrynDate: 2004-06-10
Reviewid: 86656Chapter: 1
Thats so sad! I lov it!

Reviewer: big daveDate: 2004-06-10
Reviewid: 86646Chapter: 1
brilliance sheer brilliance you are one hell of a writer mind if i post a link to this on a forum im on?

Reviewer: Philippa SommervilleDate: 2004-06-08
Reviewid: 86419Chapter: 1
This was beautiful. I am sniffing at work.

And what an unusual perspective. I especially loved the comment likening a rival to a lover.

Reviewer: CornedBeeDate: 2004-05-22
Reviewid: 84059Chapter: 1
Tragic, yet funny. You have a very odd sense of humour, but it happens to coincide with mine.

Reviewer: Roasted SilkDate: 2004-04-25
Reviewid: 80146Chapter: 1
Wow. That was pretty cool. Kind of short, but it doesn't really need to be long. You got your point across. Good job.

Reviewer: StarlightDate: 2004-03-12
Reviewid: 74301Chapter: 1
Awww! I knew he cared!

Reviewer: Phoenix BlackDate: 2004-02-29
Reviewid: 72564Chapter: 1
OMG! Cry!
<<Suddenly Severus became very angry. “You coward,” he said, his voice rising in volume as he went on. “You have the nerve to die now, in the middle of a war? Potter needs you! Lupin needs you!”>>
This is so beautifully written. Simple, yet beautiful. I loved Sirius. He was like a real person to me, and so losing him was like losing a lover/brother/friend, because I had percieved him as a mixture of all of these. Thank you for letting me cry again.

Reviewer: *LuNa*Date: 2004-02-08
Reviewid: 69932Chapter: 1
Good Good Good! It showed a good-no great-side of Snape and I think that it is very sweet and Jack just know that you are *such* a great writer! This is one of my absolute favorites! Write more!


Reviewer: MiriamDate: 2004-01-26
Reviewid: 68501Chapter: 1
It probably should end like that. I'm glad you thought of it. Of the bunch, Remus was not absolutely horrible to Snape (not that he was brilliantly nice, either). Remus seems like he would be cool headed about ending the feud.

Nicely done.


Reviewer: GufaDate: 2004-01-24
Reviewid: 68256Chapter: 1
Wow. Really thought-provoking.
I actually hava a half scrawled something like this, maybe I'll get back to work on it...
Great writing, anyway.

Reviewer: SinbinDate: 2004-01-24
Reviewid: 68252Chapter: 1
Jack, you made me cry. Real sobs. Fantastic story. I never thought about how Snape might feel about Sirius' death. You're a wonderful writer and I'm going to read the rest of your stories now.

Reviewer: story645Date: 2004-01-21
Reviewid: 67893Chapter: 1
very different from your other stories that i have read, but very well done
you do a great job of keeping every one in character
you are a really talented writer

Reviewer: atroposDate: 2004-01-13
Reviewid: 66826Chapter: 1
That is a beautifully written piece. Sometimes when a tragedy or startling event occurs my experience is that people's reactions can be quite different from what you might expect, and you have illustrated that really well here. I also liked the way that you left the emotion fairly understated, as both Lupin and Snape are quite controlled and considered people and it seems very IC for them both. Poor Severus - who would have thought he might miss Sirius now that he's gone?


Reviewer: sadieDate: 2003-12-29
Reviewid: 65058Chapter: 1
*sniffles* Okay, so Sirius's death CAN make me cry still. Either that, or you're a really good writer, because a week ago I read the death scene without shedding a tear. And here I thought I was out of denial...

Reviewer: AlannaDate: 2003-12-29
Reviewid: 65019Chapter: 1
That is so good. It was sad, but it showed a new insight to snape. While a lot of people consider him secretly nice, i have never read a story with this opinion of snape. Fantastic job.

Reviewer: EireneDate: 2003-12-28
Reviewid: 64996Chapter: 1


Lots of thought involved in this *nods* Good job!

Reviewer: EstherDate: 2003-12-28
Reviewid: 64951Chapter: 1
I just read this randomly and I'm glad that I did. It was very good. Very IC for Snape and canon like- I can imagine him actually doing this. Good job. :D

Reviewer: DonDate: 2003-12-27
Reviewid: 64898Chapter: 1
That was very well done. I don't see it happening, but if it did, this would be the way to put it into words. Very tight writing reflects very tight emotions. And that works very well for these two mostly emotionless characters. The whole style gives the impression of repressed emotions/personalities. One of the best jobs I've seen of using a style to bring forth characters without having to use words. Just great! As usual!

Reviewer: ElucrehDate: 2003-12-26
Reviewid: 64855Chapter: 1
*is blown away*

Reviewer: xiaobaiDate: 2003-12-24
Reviewid: 64779Chapter: 1
He snorted quietly. Those were not Black's last words. They'd probably been something far more childish, such as “You can't get me, nya nya!” or the like.

That made me laugh out loud.

Severus turned to say something nasty, but upon seeing Lupin's face, stopped himself. He was smiling, but in an odd, lethargic way that suggested he was only smiling because it was easier than frowning. “Good God, Lupin, you look awful.”

“Do I? I hadn't noticed.” His eyes were bloodshot and his voice was hoarse; he looked like he wasn't too far off the grave himself.

That made me very sad. kudos. tear tear.

Reviewer: Twilight's DawnDate: 2003-12-24
Reviewid: 64760Chapter: 1
Craziness. A Snape-as-a-semi-good-guy fic that I actually like.
That takes talent.

Reviewer: Talking Purple RabbitsDate: 2003-12-24
Reviewid: 64756Chapter: 1
so you sail on the ship R/S, do you?

hmm. :)

A good piece, although I have to say I liked "Laughter" better. Because it was funnier. :)


Reviewer: RobinDate: 2003-12-24
Reviewid: 64728Chapter: 1
That last line got me. Grabbed me by the throat and yanked...

Great job. I'm still speechless... Your portrayal of both Snape and Lupin is spot on. Congrats on a wonderful story.

Reviewer: Nikki WeasleyDate: 2003-12-24
Reviewid: 64718Chapter: 1
That is so sad. The soft side of Snape that many will never see... It seems so real! I love it. I cant wait for more!

Reviewer: LDate: 2003-12-24
Reviewid: 64705Chapter: 1
I enjoyed that. Very well written. Good look at Severus.

Reviewer: ivy & GracieDate: 2003-12-24
Reviewid: 64696Chapter: 1
hmmm...wondrous well-writ, as usual of course. Gracie is dancing with glee, as she Just Knows snape is Thoroughly Redeemable. ivy is suspending judgement on the Reality of this vignette. you may be right, and we hope you are. in any case, we always love your work, and this is no exception. Cheers!

Reviewer: kayjalDate: 2003-12-24
Reviewid: 64683Chapter: 1
eeshhhh.. i hope u didnt mean it to b slash coz severus and sirius is just too much for a full stomach to handle.other than tt jack...hats off as usual . y do i even review ?

Reviewer: ivy & GracieDate: 2003-12-24
Reviewid: 64669Chapter: 1
GASP! **Gracie swoons and ivy catches her deftly. ivy is used to this** We are infatuated with Tortured!Snape.... and he's so rarely well-written -- fine job, Jack! Hear,hear!

Reviewer: Delleve MiststoneDate: 2003-12-24
Reviewid: 64660Chapter: 1
How do you keep coming up with these great fics? HOW?

Anywho, you gave Snape a bigger heart but still kept him IC. An amazing feat. Yet another awesome fic. *HUGE round of applause for Jack!*

I've looked in my local listing but I just can't find the actual series for Teaser! ; ) (which means write a sequel)!

Reviewer: SonicDate: 2003-12-24
Reviewid: 64656Chapter: 1
Great! Perhaps dwelling a bit deeper into it, to get the complete emotional attachment that Severus feels to Remus might have made the story perhaps even better? Just a suggestion...

Reviewer: MaoldunnDate: 2003-12-24
Reviewid: 64654Chapter: 1 It continually amazes me that you can consistently keep everyone in character, no matter what situations you put them all in. Your Snape "feels" true, even if I doubt that JKR would ever allow us to see that much humanity in him.

Reviewer: MashDate: 2003-12-24
Reviewid: 64648Chapter: 1
alright. it's official. you can't seem to write a fanfic that isn't amazingly good. funny or serious, it's equally enjoyable.

and how the hell do you pronounce the last part of your name?

Reviewer: dinkaDate: 2003-12-24
Reviewid: 64645Chapter: 1
Wow, that was very different from anything I've ever read before. I loved that your Snape remained Snape, yet was mourning Sirius. It was very real, and it was very well written.


Reviewer: walrusDate: 2003-12-24
Reviewid: 64640Chapter: 1
you know what, I've decided you should get a big cookie. Or one of those lollipops that weighs more than a small elephant, and turns your whole face wonderful colors because you can't get your mouth around it. You, Jack Ichijouji, are fantastic, wonderful, (pauses to think of more cheesy overused review board compliments for you), ah never mind, you're just... a fanfiction God. That's it. and you deserve much praise and fatty food. You're almost as cool as Severus Snape. Well, okay, maybe you aren't THAT cool...

Keep it coming.

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