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Dumbledore's Army
Reviews for: The Locked Door
Review(s): 11

Reviewer: PinpointDate: 2005-07-12
Reviewid: 126949Chapter: 1
Yours is the first Harry Potter-related poetry I've ever liked. Keep it up.

Reviewer: kayjalDate: 2004-01-28
Reviewid: 68741Chapter: 1
spooky sort of cool. i especially liked the last one. :)

Reviewer: Kate LynnDate: 2004-01-28
Reviewid: 68738Chapter: 1
Really wonderful work. The rhythm and pace was excellent, and the imagery very descriptive. It captivated me, and I think did a nice job of depicting the characters. A wonderful read, thanks so much for it. 8-)

Take care,

Kate Lynn

Reviewer: MaggieDate: 2004-01-27
Reviewid: 68669Chapter: 1
That was really beautiful.

Reviewer: HappyDate: 2004-01-27
Reviewid: 68664Chapter: 1
Loved it! Great poetry, keep up the coolio work!

Reviewer: YarrowDate: 2004-01-27
Reviewid: 68642Chapter: 1
Hi Andy, I prefer to e-mail but can't find your e-mail. So will just say I think these are wonderful. I really enjoyed reading them and felt taken out of time for a moment, caught in the rhythm of your style. Let me know if you'd like a list of fave lines - there were quite a few! Yarrow

Reviewer: JessDate: 2004-01-27
Reviewid: 68622Chapter: 1
*Closes jaw* Woooooooooah. That was deep

Reviewer: AntoniaeastDate: 2004-01-27
Reviewid: 68598Chapter: 1
Amazing, beautiful and very true poetry. You sum it all up so perfectly- the way people respond to the characters. By the way, It's November 1981, rather than 1980

Reviewer: CheddarTrekDate: 2004-01-27
Reviewid: 68576Chapter: 1
That was great. I am not a huge poetry fan, but I can appreciate that you did an excellent job here. I especially enjoyed the one about Dumbledore and the 3-year summer one.

Keep up the great work.

Reviewer: GryffinMiraurDate: 2004-01-27
Reviewid: 68555Chapter: 1
I'd never thought of applying poetry to Harry Potter, but this is lovely. Your way of mixing the reader with the story is very effective. I especially liked the poem about James because I agree with your sentiment. I hope you'll write more poems.

Reviewer: SehilaDate: 2004-01-27
Reviewid: 68551Chapter: 1
this is good stuff!
keep writing!

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