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Dumbledore's Army
Reviews for: Strange Meeting
Review(s): 13

Reviewer: Reader 2Date: 2005-12-07
Reviewid: 136879Chapter: 1
Very Good

Reviewer: JayDate: 2005-07-11
Reviewid: 126779Chapter: 1
one word,

Reviewer: Hannah LeeDate: 2004-02-29
Reviewid: 72611Chapter: 1
Beautiful. Love the last line. "They Disapparated as the wind murmured mournfully around the rusting dumpster, tipping things out that should have stayed in." Very well thought out.

Reviewer: C-MageDate: 2004-02-24
Reviewid: 72146Chapter: 1
Great story! I love the tension! It seems so effortless, how it just flows out. And your details are so perfectly placed! How I wish I knew what had happened in their past, but sometimes not knowing really makes it better. Extremely well-written!

And ARE you ever going to go back to writing CCS? You never finished your arc! ~ C-Mage

Reviewer: DonDate: 2004-02-24
Reviewid: 72134Chapter: 1
Well, that opened a whole new oyster of pearls didn't it? I've read so much fanfiction stories that this story seems the natural bridge between canon and many versions of the HP future.

I like the grudging respect you show between them. It isn't maudlin and it is just barely civil. One gets the feeling that they are one insult away from hurling death at each other.

My favorite line:
>>"Got my…costume…stained. My acquaintance is a dry-cleaner and was offering to help.”<<

Insults to the end.

Reviewer: srutiDate: 2004-02-24
Reviewid: 72116Chapter: 1
dear circee-we have missed you-and your wonderfull stories-oh please do write more often and make our visits to sq more fun.

Reviewer: FrankieDate: 2004-02-23
Reviewid: 72043Chapter: 1
Very well done. I like the forced truce the 2 have, with the tension and hatred still very much at the surface. I wish we could know more about the backstory for this! Cho a death eater? Snape headmaster? Malfoy a father??? Interesting plot twists. . .

Reviewer: SteppsDate: 2004-02-23
Reviewid: 72017Chapter: 1
Wow, that was profound. Cryptic, obviously, but the currents run so deep, even if I can't see them. You wouldn't consider clearing the water for us, would you?

Snape as Headmaster, that's got to be new!

Reviewer: AnimusDate: 2004-02-23
Reviewid: 71983Chapter: 1
That was a very impressive story. What you have established as what is going to happen sounds to me very believable, thus making your story even better. Your writing style is also very good, as you manage to get your message said through the many unknown references you throw without losing any impact.

In overall, I liked this quite a lot. Good job.

Reviewer: remembercedricDate: 2004-02-23
Reviewid: 71982Chapter: 1
Is there more to this? Anywhere? Its such a shame that so many "Snoogle-length" fics are what they are, and so many treasures like this are so short. It doesn't seem fair. :) The tone of this reminds me so much of CassieClaire's stuff (cries because DV14 has been MONTHS!). If there was to be more, I would absolutely swear to review twice a chapter. :) As it is, I suppose I'll just settle for reading this once a day. :)


Reviewer: Ted M. HammettDate: 2004-02-23
Reviewid: 71969Chapter: 1
I understood the mood of the piece but I fail to understand what was going on except that there was a trial and Harry still hates Malfoy.

Reviewer: CatherineDate: 2004-02-23
Reviewid: 71967Chapter: 1
This is a lovely mood piece. I would love to see what happened next.


Reviewer: CendrillonDate: 2004-02-23
Reviewid: 71958Chapter: 1
Very fascinating and intriguing and yet it works despite the fact that we are not privileged with a knowledge of what has taken place. This was a very well written vignette and I look forward to everything you write, Circee, as I know that it always has an original and unique quality with an accomplished writing style.

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