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Dumbledore's Army
Review(s): 4

Reviewer: Angelina WeasleyDate: 2005-05-08
Reviewid: 121581Chapter: 1
That was... hilariously disturbing. Hah.
I think that my favourite parts where when Parvati and Lavender blackmail Alicia (I wonder what Ron told them) and when 'Head over Heels' is described as the Head Girl fancying the funny Qudditch player. 'But will he ever be serious about their relationship?' and Angelina raving about the book. Am I the only one who caught that? I also like "George Weasley is not an alcoholic!" "It's always their friends who find out last..."
Angelina Weasley

Reviewer: MeggieDate: 2003-06-02
Reviewid: 34991Chapter: 1
LOL i was laughing throughout the whole thing! this was FUNNY

Reviewer: Talking Purple RabbitsDate: 2003-03-30
Reviewid: 25732Chapter: 1

As Parvati is one of my favourite characters, the first time I read this I was insulted in her behalf.

Now, however, I think it's hilarious!!!

You've got a couple of grammar mistakes, but it's funny enought to make up for it.

I loved the Team Chocolate Frog motto. :D :D :D


Reviewer: The PhoenixDate: 2002-12-01
Reviewid: 10778Chapter: 1
oooookkkkaaaaaayyyyy. Right!

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