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Reviews for: Seven Years
Review(s): 21

Reviewer: Reader2Date: 2005-03-16
Reviewid: 116710Chapter: 1

Reviewer: lunaDate: 2004-11-19
Reviewid: 105315Chapter: 1
sob! great story sob!

Reviewer: BlankDate: 2004-11-14
Reviewid: 104880Chapter: 1
A very touching story, indeed.

Reviewer: AnnaDate: 2004-08-09
Reviewid: 96405Chapter: 1
I read this whilst listening to the very same song on loop, and it made me a happy girl :) You've captured the moment perfectly. Ah, to be seven once more...

Reviewer: kelsyDate: 2004-06-17
Reviewid: 87579Chapter: 1
awww this story is soooo cute! It really brought out the father-daughter relationship between them. BRILLIANT!

Reviewer: GinnyDate: 2004-06-15
Reviewid: 87268Chapter: 1
Very emotional. Also, I think Ginny's "real prince" will be Harry! hehe! : )

Reviewer: GufaDate: 2004-05-27
Reviewid: 84788Chapter: 1
This is such a sweet story, I love it!
Good work.

Reviewer: mdelaurDate: 2004-04-11
Reviewid: 78214Chapter: 1
How absolutely perfect! Such a great little story! I especially liked this part: “You can be my prince, Daddy! You must save me from those wicked trolls Fred, George and Ron,” she called after him as he headed toward the orchard.

And the ending was beautiful. Please write another story of her at twenty-seven (or some age, getting marrried. Or Arthur helping Harry (because of course it will be him) fix his tux and fret over the hour ahead of him. Have Arthur give him some words of advice... oh, it'll be perfect! This story of yours deserves a sequel. But, alone it is perfect as well. Good job! I look forward to reading more of your work. Hopefully it stems from my suggestion.

Reviewer: FrankieDate: 2004-03-29
Reviewid: 76293Chapter: 1
Wonderfully sweet. I love the bit about her favorite bedtime story. :-)

Reviewer: JaquelyneDate: 2004-03-29
Reviewid: 76270Chapter: 1
This young fellow will need a great deal of courage if he is to stand up to the Weasley men’s scrutiny, Arthur smiled to himself. Her six brothers were very protective of their little sister. He had better be a Gryffindor!

Oh, He will be Arthur. One boy will capture her heart at 10 and she will always love him.

Very cute story. I have to admit I love Pre-Hogwarts Weasley stories. They are so cute and well done. You did it beautifully.


Reviewer: DonDate: 2004-03-29
Reviewid: 76261Chapter: 1
Lovely! As a father with two daughters, this really strikes home. You do ache for their happiness. Knowing what is in Ginny's future makes it all the more poignant that Arthur is worried now.

And I enjoyed the hints of G/H in the future.
Great work!

Reviewer: AmberelDate: 2004-03-29
Reviewid: 76260Chapter: 1
What a sweet story. :) I've had a smile on my face since I read it.. and a warm fluffy feeling inside me.

I thought the first paragraph where Arthur spots Ginny playing was extremely well done. Very vivid imagery. The game Arthur played with Ginny was extremely cute, and has some nice H/G foreshadowing.

Looking forward to reading more of your work..


Reviewer: lineDate: 2004-03-29
Reviewid: 76247Chapter: 1
very touching :D
loved it, keep writing,

Reviewer: St. MargaretsDate: 2004-03-29
Reviewid: 76239Chapter: 1
I love Weasley family affection stories. What a cute seven-year old Ginny must have been! Arthur needn't worry--no one--not even a "princely" husband could take his place. A sweet little fic.

Reviewer: AerinDate: 2004-03-29
Reviewid: 76224Chapter: 1
This was really, really sweet. I think it's incredibly cute! Foreshadowing of eventual H/G! Whee! Arthur is just amazing; I love how Ginny is his "precious gem" and she's waiting for her Prince. Really sweet writing.

Of course, her real prince is going to be Harry. :)

Reviewer: ArnelDate: 2004-03-29
Reviewid: 76210Chapter: 1
This is an absolutely sweet story. I love how you express Arthur's feelings for his daughter; only a parent can think that way. Ginny has always had a special place for me and I can just imagine her pretending to wait for her prince. Nicely done all around.

Reviewer: BrittanyDate: 2004-03-29
Reviewid: 76175Chapter: 1
precious! just precious! I've always loved that song and now, even more so. Excellent job. ;)

Keep writing!

Reviewer: Ara KaneDate: 2004-03-29
Reviewid: 76174Chapter: 1
Don't worry, I *know* you're not thick :) If you were, you wouldn't turn out work this good!

Reviewer: L HDate: 2004-03-28
Reviewid: 76127Chapter: 1
I loved this story it was so sweet this was really well written and I like that song also

Reviewer: LinnetDate: 2004-03-28
Reviewid: 76098Chapter: 1
This was so sweet! I love seven year old've managed a perfect characterization of both her and Arthur.


Reviewer: AlyceDate: 2004-03-28
Reviewid: 76052Chapter: 1
I like your story very much. Your ending reminds me of a man and his little girl that I saw the night we got our OoTP Books. They were walking back to their car at 12:05 or so. She was caressing her book. She looked up at him and said thank you for getting her the book. He smiled at her--picked her up, hugged her and carried her to their car.

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