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Reviews for: Thicker Than Blood
Review(s): 29

Reviewer: AsphodelDate: 2005-09-17
Reviewid: 132692Chapter: 1
I really loved James' voice in this story, it seemed realistic and so very him. The friendship was wonderful; I like to see stories with slash in them but not entirely focused on teh hawt secks. Thank you very much for writing.

Reviewer: **slightly confused and digusted**Date: 2005-08-22
Reviewid: 130592Chapter: 1
EEEWWWWW.... There is no freakin way! No way would sirius and remus be together!

Reviewer: Adriana GonzalezDate: 2005-06-08
Reviewid: 123473Chapter: 1
eww...that is sick. Remus and Sirius would never get together!!!
that is nasty!!!eww...

Reviewer: kimDate: 2005-03-09
Reviewid: 115929Chapter: 1
Wow, I'm impressed!

Reviewer: CyanaDate: 2005-03-05
Reviewid: 115579Chapter: 1
There are no words. Simply incredible. I remembered reading this story a few months ago, and had to read again. Searched through the entire author-listing for you, Thistlerose, because I couldn't remember your name... it shocked me. How could I ever forget?

Brilliant. Bloody fucking brilliant.

Reviewer: TerriDate: 2005-01-29
Reviewid: 112394Chapter: 1
you should update this sometime love... I found it rather interesting ^_^ Please do update this, really... if you read these anyways

Reviewer: meliDate: 2005-01-28
Reviewid: 112303Chapter: 1
Wow, that was an experience and a half...

Reviewer: KatieDate: 2004-12-20
Reviewid: 108184Chapter: 1
Makes me want to cry more than I ever had in my entire life and laugh too. I want to hug everybody so much! And maybe get a few punches in at Wormtail.

Reviewer: SennaDate: 2004-11-25
Reviewid: 105948Chapter: 1
Utterly poignant and beautiful.


Reviewer: ArtemisaDate: 2004-11-22
Reviewid: 105547Chapter: 1
Although I do not subscribe to the Sirius/Remus theory in general I do have to say this presentation of it is one of the most tasteful and believable scenarios for it. Good work.

The strain of James' relationship with his two friends (especially Sirius) after this is revealed is also very well thought out and expressed.

Reviewer: ChristaDate: 2004-11-20
Reviewid: 105347Chapter: 1

Just.. beautiful.

Reviewer: Purple Eyed WeasleyDate: 2004-07-21
Reviewid: 93357Chapter: 1
this story was absolutely beautiful. fantastic job.

Reviewer: MadhuriDate: 2004-07-12
Reviewid: 91953Chapter: 1
Oh my God. This was absolutely heart-wrenching and brilliant and so powerful... the most honest and insightful take on James and Sirius's relationship I've read as yet. Wonderful.

Reviewer: ElucrehDate: 2004-07-09
Reviewid: 91556Chapter: 1 Powerful. All of it so LIKELY. (If you accept the premise of S/R, that is.) James's feelings, Sirius's family--oh my GOD Sirius's family. So incredibly, frighteningly in character.

And I love the touch of James's treatment of his cousin. And the "feed you to a werewolf" threat. And "You can love anybody except a Slytherin or Lily Evans." And the BROTHER LINE. OMG the brother line, so much raw emotion.

And I love that even at this point he doesn't admit to jealousy or anger, just calls Wormtail an idiot.

I'm going to pimp this story all over the place. It deserves to be read.

Reviewer: SashaDate: 2004-06-22
Reviewid: 88139Chapter: 1
I read these all teh times, but is it true that they are gay? Is this what JK said in her words?

Reviewer: anna MDate: 2004-06-02
Reviewid: 85686Chapter: 1
This achieves the remarkable accomplishment of being sweet and gritty at the same time. (And I mean that as a compliment!)
Very well done! I'm off to see what else you've written....

Reviewer: SeasprayDate: 2004-05-30
Reviewid: 85251Chapter: 1
Wow. That truly was amazing. You really know how to write. I loved the bit with James’ cousin fancying Sirius, and Sirius trying to shake James off even though he could barely stand and- well- everything really. Summed up James and Sirius’ relationship beautifully, and when Sirius broke down, I wanted to as well. Insightful, sensitive writing. Very human.

Reviewer: ThistleroseDate: 2004-05-29
Reviewid: 85187Chapter: 1
Thanks, everyone!

Hamsini: *g* Thanks! I usually get flack here for my use of profanity, it's nice to be complimented for it! These are teenagers, after all; they're going to swear in each other's presence.

Jessie: Umm...I'm not sure what you mean! Thanks for responding, though.

Mary: Thanks for the review. I'm glad you liked the story. I don't think it violated canon in any way. Not once has Rowling stated or even suggested that either Remus or Sirius is straight, and until she does so, their relationship is as "true to the books" as, say, Harry/Ginny. I agree that it's a bit of a stretch to say that half the Gryffindor boys in 1971 were gay...but only if you look at it that way. You can look at it this way, too: between forty and fifty students arrive at Hogwarts in 1971. At least two of them are gay. These two boys, and two others, are braver than they are studious, ambitious, and hard-working. They get Sorted into the same house. They become very good friends. Somewhere along the line, friendship develops into love, or at least attraction. James and Sirius' friendship deepened into fraternal love. Why shouldn't Remus and Sirius' friendship deepen into romantic love? There's nothing in canon to contradict it.

Reviewer: maryDate: 2004-05-29
Reviewid: 85087Chapter: 1
um, i love the story, except for the fact that sirius is gay... yeah i just think it's wonderful when it's true to the book, and it is...all except for the fact that sirius and remus are gay. i love gay people, nothing against them, except i don't love that half of the marauders are...

Reviewer: ManiDate: 2004-05-20
Reviewid: 83744Chapter: 1
Wow, i loved that, i really did love it. You're a fantastic writer, im a big S/R shipper and i think the way you portrayed Sirius' character is so good. Well done!

Reviewer: Deborah PetersDate: 2004-05-16
Reviewid: 82926Chapter: 1
I like a good Sirius/Remus, and I _love_ a _realistic_ Sirius/Remus... so I loved this. One of few fics I've read with a good James reaction. Thank you so very much!

Reviewer: Hunter's MoonDate: 2004-05-15
Reviewid: 82810Chapter: 1
When James calls Sirius his brother...that was one of the most powerful scenes I've read on the James/Sirius friendship in fanfiction. James' reaction to Sirius/Remus struck me as quite realistic and well-thought out on your part. Great job!

Reviewer: RainydaieDate: 2004-05-15
Reviewid: 82785Chapter: 1
I knew it was good when the description made me laugh. And y'know what? It turned out to be brilliant. I had, of course, no small amount of confusion with Charlotte, but she was a very good little twist. Plus you described all of the Marauders execently - James was spot on. And poor Sirius with his wounds... The end was very teary, at least for me. Very, very good.

Reviewer: The Eighth WeasleyDate: 2004-05-15
Reviewid: 82780Chapter: 1
This is really very nice - I've never been a Sirius/Remus shipper, but you do the relationship convincingly. Nice gestures of affection but uncertainty with James.

Reviewer: HamsiniDate: 2004-05-15
Reviewid: 82723Chapter: 1
AWWWWWWSOME!!I loved the humour. I loved your expression and I like the profanity!Yey! This is how 16 year old blokes are!

Reviewer: MeghanDate: 2004-05-15
Reviewid: 82697Chapter: 1
Simply lovely.

I've read a few takes on James' potential reaction to a Sirius/Remus relationship, but I think yours was the best, and certainly the most realistic. Whatever relationship lie between Sirius and Remus, Sirius and James were still the best of friends, and the closest of brothers. That was such an intimate, incredible moment: "I'm your brother." It was so simple, but so true.

Thanks for sharing this with us.

Reviewer: LinnetDate: 2004-05-15
Reviewid: 82695Chapter: 1
I'm not a Sirius/Remus fan, but I love James/Sirius friendship moments...this was so sweet! Really great missing moment you've written...good job!


Reviewer: ~*Jessie*~Date: 2004-05-15
Reviewid: 82688Chapter: 1
............................................................................................................................................ ---
how can I ever look @ Sirius the same way again??????

Reviewer: Eir de ScaniaDate: 2004-05-15
Reviewid: 82670Chapter: 1
Thistlerose, I just want to say that I´m a dedicated member of your fan club!

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