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Reviews for: Heart of a Lion
Review(s): 36

Reviewer: katie BiliusDate: 2005-08-08
Reviewid: 129352Chapter: 1

Reviewer: CrystalDate: 2005-03-06
Reviewid: 115728Chapter: 1
I really enjoyed reading this story. It really does bring out another aspect of Neville and Luna that I had not realized before. Thank you!

Reviewer: reader2Date: 2005-03-02
Reviewid: 115278Chapter: 1
good tale

Reviewer: CheddarTrekDate: 2005-02-16
Reviewid: 114081Chapter: 1
Very interesting! For some reason, it just *fits* that Luna should be related to Ollivander, it's perfect! Also, what better way for her to spend her career later on in life than tending a wand shop and making wands out of, erm, odd things?

All around wonderful story.

Reviewer: louisaDate: 2004-07-12
Reviewid: 91973Chapter: 1
Neville and Luna rock! I like the dappy ones best, they remind me of myself at thier age...snifff...
It was really nice to see a fic based around these two, good idea setting it where there are no other students. write some more about the lovable misfits soon, please!

Reviewer: HildigunnurDate: 2004-06-07
Reviewid: 86214Chapter: 1
Oh, that was such a sweet story, I really liked it. And you manage to introduce a new wand core material convincingly which doesn't happen that very often.

Reviewer: SydDate: 2004-06-04
Reviewid: 85913Chapter: 1
Absolutely delicious work from my friend and her honey pot pen.

Reviewer: Emil E EtymDate: 2004-05-26
Reviewid: 84629Chapter: 1
I've been wanting a story like this for ages and here it is. You've captured Luna and Nevilles personalities very well and I commend you. Commend! Commend!

Reviewer: MargueriteDate: 2004-05-22
Reviewid: 83914Chapter: 1
This is a wonderfully written story, I felt as though I was there in Ollivanders wand shop with Neville and Luna and was thrilled at the ending. I hope Lori Weasley will write more!

Reviewer: FrancineDate: 2004-05-21
Reviewid: 83909Chapter: 1
What a fantastic story. Very well written and contains the same spirit of adventure, chance, and mystery as the original Harry Potter books.

Reviewer: AerinDate: 2004-05-21
Reviewid: 83809Chapter: 1
Oh, this is wonderful. I love Neville and truly believe the wand and he fit perfectly. And Luna works so wonderfully into the piece here as well, and you've written her marvellously. I like Gran's change in disposition and Neville's new attitude about his life. Keep writing. I'll keep reading.

Reviewer: Melissa ReneeDate: 2004-05-21
Reviewid: 83787Chapter: 1
I like the way that you portrayed Neville's confidence increasing, and his grandmother's acceptance of that fact.

I also liked the (very believable) idea that Luna is related to the somewhat odd Mr. Olivander.

Keep up the good writing

Reviewer: Candace LynnDate: 2004-05-21
Reviewid: 83776Chapter: 1
Hey Lori, It's me..Candace.
Grandma Marguerite sent me a link to your story and i think it's great! I love the Harry Potter books too. I didn't know you were such a great writer. Keep up the good work. I look forward to reading more.
hugs & kisses,

Reviewer: A.L. de SauveterreDate: 2004-05-20
Reviewid: 83739Chapter: 1
>>On her feet were clunky, three-strap sandals labeled with a name that looked like 'Birkenstock.'>>

LOL! Your descriptions are lively and evocative. Wonderful!

>>"Just as well," Luna murmured, once again staring out of the shop window. "Did you know that excessive tea drinking has been linked to over three dozen cases of festering toenail fungus in underage witches and wizards in the last month alone?" She looked at him, her already over-large eyes popping excitedly.>>

*snicker* Your Luna is picture perfect. I haven't enjoyed a fanfic like this in a long time. :)

Moon dust! Brilliant touch.

Your Luna and Neville are developed fabulously here! What a great story -- thank you for sharing this with us. I look forward to seeing your name on the updates list. :)

Reviewer: ShuretteDate: 2004-05-20
Reviewid: 83717Chapter: 1
Wow! I'm not even a Harry Potter reader and you had my total attention! I'm going to print this for my kids to read. They'll love it. This is an awesome story.

Reviewer: SonicDate: 2004-05-20
Reviewid: 83638Chapter: 1
Cool... is there more?

Reviewer: Andrea13Date: 2004-05-19
Reviewid: 83581Chapter: 1
Ooh, I enjoyed this! I can't wait to see Neville growing up and accepting the responsibility you could see waiting in the wings by the end of OotP. This fic was an excellent glimpse at that, and very amusing as well! :)

Reviewer: BirgitDate: 2004-05-19
Reviewid: 83574Chapter: 1
Great story! It brings tears to my eyes! Neville is so brave!

I must say I agree entirely with Neville:
>>It had just hit home to him where the family resemblance lay and he wondered why he hadn't noticed it before.<<
It's so obvious, but I never even considered it. Now, though, after reading your story, I'm almost convinced that Luna and Ollivander are related.

I already mentioned that Neville is so brave in this story, but what I really meant to say is that Neville is so Neville in this story. You have him spot-on.

If that would be all, I would love this story. But in fact I'm in awe of it, because you also managed to write Luna's character perfectly. Just like you write Neville as Neville, you write Luna as Luna. And that's not as easy as it seems.

This line is brilliant:
>>"Yes, I remember. A lot of things were broken that night."<<

This paragraph describes Neville so good:
>>When the boxes on the counter had become piled so high they were in danger of toppling over, Neville said, "It's no use!" and it came out more loudly than he had meant it to. "I don't think there's a wand here for me. I'll just have to tell Gran I can't go back to Hogwarts this year. It'd be useless without a wand. She's going to be so disappointed in me." As that thought struck him, he abruptly turned away from the counter. The fear of what Gran would say if he had to go home without a wand was so palpable he knew it must show on his face.<<

And this is *so* Luna:
>>"Crumple-Horned Snorkacks," Luna corrected without a trace of irritation in her voice.<<

I can't wait to see more of your work!

Reviewer: MiriamDate: 2004-05-19
Reviewid: 83572Chapter: 1
I like this. Neville did manage to be more confident on his own, and I'm glad you had him find his wand without his grandmother.

It was sweet. I don't know if I buy the "lions are magical creatures" idea, but the story still works. Very nice.


Reviewer: GandalfinaDate: 2004-05-19
Reviewid: 83566Chapter: 1
Lovely, absolutely lovely. I think you've got Luna to a 'T'. Not the kind that causes fungus, though.

I hope Neville and Luna get to be closer in canon. They're both dreamy, gentle souls.

Reviewer: FrankieDate: 2004-05-19
Reviewid: 83556Chapter: 1
Great story! I'd never thought of Luna and Ollivander being related, but it makes perfect sense. Wonderful, wonderful job, and I love the symbolism of his new wand!

Reviewer: BeckyDate: 2004-05-19
Reviewid: 83555Chapter: 1
So good! So sweet! My favorite part: "'The wand chooses the wizard' after all. We're just waiting for it to find you." And for Neville to find himself. And he did, along with the wand. That's what I really loved about this fic, how getting his wand paralleled his coming into himself. Fictional character or not, I'm going to marry Neville. And I loved how at the end he was so confident and how he showed Gran he could take care of himself and her, since she is pretty old, after all. I only thought that Neville should have had the last word. After Gran said "lead on," he could have said, "Don't worry Gran, I will." But yay for the title, which was perfect, by the way, and yay for Neville. I look forward to more work by you!

Reviewer: LisaDate: 2004-05-19
Reviewid: 83553Chapter: 1
What a wonderful story! I'm incredibly impressed with how well the whole thing was written, but what stood out the most for me was how perfect the characterization of Neville and Luna was. I just wish all HP fanfics were half as good as this. :)

Reviewer: beckDate: 2004-05-19
Reviewid: 83542Chapter: 1
what a fabulose neville story i loved it ecspecially the ending

Reviewer: MrRobertsIIIDate: 2004-05-19
Reviewid: 83521Chapter: 1
It had just hit home to him where the family resemblance lay and he wondered why he hadn't noticed it before.
-Me too! Never thought of that before.

Cute fic. Nice to see Neville stand up for himself.

Reviewer: HossDate: 2004-05-19
Reviewid: 83516Chapter: 1
That was so cool. I think Neville's going to rock the next book. Nice Jobe

Reviewer: SharonLDate: 2004-05-19
Reviewid: 83507Chapter: 1
This was very nice. Heart of a lion, indeed! I especially enjoyed Luna disappearing into the back room and sitting there with her pumpkin juice til Neville found his way back there, and the fact that you had Neville's Gran bluster, then soften at the end.

Reviewer: CornedBeeDate: 2004-05-19
Reviewid: 83503Chapter: 1
Ahhh, the joy of a good story.

Reviewer: WendieDate: 2004-05-19
Reviewid: 83500Chapter: 1
mmmmmmmm i liked it alot, a very good story, i hope you write more soon

Reviewer: JaquelyneDate: 2004-05-19
Reviewid: 83498Chapter: 1
I have such a soft spot for Neville... I am sure that many of us do.

This was very good. I love that he recieved a wand that no one could possibly ever have, at least in England.

Well done!!

Reviewer: ArnelDate: 2004-05-19
Reviewid: 83453Chapter: 1
I like this new "take charge" Neville: I always knew it was in him somewhere and sooner or later would show itself in one way or another. Heart of a lion, eh? Great thought for a Gryffindor, especially one who is just learning what his abilities are and how he might use them to fit into the world.

You've captured both Neville and Luna perfectly and I found them quite believeable.

I look forward to reading more of your stories.

Reviewer: LinnetDate: 2004-05-19
Reviewid: 83444Chapter: 1
I loved that. I never thought of Luna and Mr. Ollivander being related, but it seems very probable. I LOVE your Neville--he's just perfect.


Reviewer: LindaDate: 2004-05-19
Reviewid: 83440Chapter: 1
I want to read more, if this was an excerpt from a novel, I'd buy it tonight.
Excellent, I was there witnessing the whole conversation.

Reviewer: ivy & GracieDate: 2004-05-19
Reviewid: 83405Chapter: 1
wow--heart of a lion...Neville leading Gran...Luna's inexplicable wisdom...just, wow. (**ivy wipes a tear from Gracie's eye**)

we CHEX'D this out for the weekly review challenge over at the Pensieve Forum and we're so glad we did; it's pure magic!

Reviewer: reedy70002Date: 2004-05-19
Reviewid: 83398Chapter: 1
Lovely story
I am not surprised at the "heart of lion"
what else would be good enough for our boy

Reviewer: joannaDate: 2004-05-19
Reviewid: 83395Chapter: 1
Brilliant work, you really do have talent, you know. I love the interaction between Neville and Luna, and your observation about the similarities between Ollivander and her could very well be accurate. I hope to read more from you.


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