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Dumbledore's Army
Reviews for: The Patronus Charm
Review(s): 15

Reviewer: Reader 2Date: 2005-11-23
Reviewid: 136223Chapter: 1

Reviewer: EmilyDate: 2005-09-18
Reviewid: 132804Chapter: 1
Very well done. Great "missing moment."

Reviewer: taliaDate: 2004-11-09
Reviewid: 104070Chapter: 1
beautiful-what a tearjerker! lovley writing, keep it up

Reviewer: Faith WheatonDate: 2004-07-23
Reviewid: 93710Chapter: 1
Really good. I enjoyed it immensely. Sort of satisfies the nibbling at what they could have talked about. Very original! Very good!

Reviewer: OlympeDate: 2004-06-27
Reviewid: 89083Chapter: 1
" Perhaps now he could move on with his life knowing that he once had a family that truly loved him. "

What's this? Harry already knows... right from Book 1!

Reviewer: OlympeDate: 2004-06-27
Reviewid: 89082Chapter: 1
I just wanted to read another of your stories after the bad review I gave you for your latest work on that Raiyna story. Unfortunately, I find this story just as contrived and lacking in substance and believability.

You seem to have a penchant for twistig the characters we know and love and turning them into mushy men. That's not the way JKR sees these people, and I don't see why you should put her characters' names on whole different people.

And entirely aside from that, this is quite AU isn't it? Worse, it's one that takes away from the real Harry's character quite a lot. JKR's Harry is strong enough to conquer his desire to hear his parents' voices again, and do the right thing by moving on, because he knows that the important thing is to conquer the dementors. Your Harry is quite unworthy of being the hero of a book series that millions and millions of people adore.

Reviewer: EireneDate: 2004-06-13
Reviewid: 86927Chapter: 1
That was beautiful - very sweet! The vision was very well done too.

Reviewer: EllDate: 2004-06-12
Reviewid: 86844Chapter: 1
Great one shot. I really loved how you captured lupin's emotions.

Reviewer: CathyDate: 2004-06-11
Reviewid: 86689Chapter: 1
wow. very powerful. I hope you write a sequel, I'd really love to read it :)
Thanks for a great story.

Reviewer: Parvati ThomasDate: 2004-06-10
Reviewid: 86626Chapter: 1

Reviewer: BabeDate: 2004-06-10
Reviewid: 86624Chapter: 1
It was great! I almost cried.

Reviewer: jzhgxjklDate: 2004-06-02
Reviewid: 85701Chapter: 1
Harry sounded like a baby,yelling and crying. Come
on,he is 13 years old.

Reviewer: AbbyDate: 2004-05-30
Reviewid: 85327Chapter: 1
Wow this piece was really good. I was crying there for a moment. Keep on writing, that was fabulous. I cant wait to here more!

Reviewer: Bella BlackDate: 2004-05-30
Reviewid: 85316Chapter: 1
Good story, nice writing. However, Harry seemed a bit out of character.

“I’m, I’m okay, I think.” Harry watched as Lupin pulled his hand away from Harry and non­chalantly wiped the tears from his face without a trace of embarrassment or shame.

Harry would be very emotional, however, he would be fighting himself not to cry and not to show emotion.

Overall though, great job!

Reviewer: Muggle MollyDate: 2004-05-30
Reviewid: 85285Chapter: 1
I need a tissue! I love the bonding between Lupin and Harry. Nice job!

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