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Dumbledore's Army
Review(s): 77

Reviewer: Gred and FeorgeDate: 2007-12-29
Reviewid: 150248Chapter: 1
That Was really great and I will give specific praise to ivy and Gracie after I touch apon a few points:

'I can’t just let her just leave,'

Was that a typo or excelent writing?

'Ron threw a pillow at George. “No, not Hermione.”'

Settle down Ron, we all know you get Hermione in the end.

'“I’m not listening to you!” said Ron loudly, putting his fingers in his ears and setting up a loud hum.'

How he end up with Hermione though, I'm not sure of...

Now, to ivy and Gracie: you guys are amazing!!! You know just how to write about brothers, love and girls with glasses. I Thank you for setting this up because now George won't be afraid to kiss me when he meets me and I won't have to take off my glasses so I can look into his eyes between kisses (yes I am a geek with glasses). At least untill we get to the long kind;) Ivy and Gracie you have done it again, you rock! :)


Reviewer: Reader 2Date: 2006-02-28
Reviewid: 140353Chapter: 1
Wonderful. And so true – stunning spells.

Reviewer: AmbereenDate: 2005-09-20
Reviewid: 132909Chapter: 1
As I am enfatuated (infatuated? Curses I can't remember how to spell it) with ALL the Weasley brothers, Bill and Charlie in particular, I loved this fic. How I would have loved to be one of the girls who they had practised the long kind with. *sigh*

Anyway, a great insight into their brotherly camraderie when nobody else is around. Well done.

Reviewer: FionaDate: 2005-06-25
Reviewid: 125228Chapter: 1
Cute brotherly bonding I liked it, although I'm actually looking for more chapters in your story "Ginny Weasley and the Curse of the Firstborn", which I've seen over on Checkmated

Reviewer: LinaDate: 2005-03-08
Reviewid: 115900Chapter: 1
I could so easily imagine this taking place in the Weasley household!

You gave all the Weasley brothers--well,the present ones anyway--a unique style,to each one of them a different voice and very according to canon,if I may say so.

I loved the little tauntings between Charlie and Bill,about "experience".

Ron's genuine curiosity and his obvious dismay at the mention of Harry kissing Hermione. :D

George was very cute at first,not wanting to admit anything,and Fred was his usual self,mischievous and a bit more rebellious than George.

I was also very amused with the conclusions Bill and Charlie have made about the two kinds of kisses,and the consequences/reactions both kinds cause.

The Weasley brothers are normal boys,after all.And you made their characters justice. :)

Thanks for writing this--I had a nice time reading it.


Reviewer: SeasprayDate: 2005-03-03
Reviewid: 115346Chapter: 1
<“We’re just saying,” said Bill. “If you happened to be studying with a girl sometime--

“--And you were the only ones in the Common Room--”>
Now, Ron, you be a good Weasley and listen to your brothers ;)
This was ADORABLE! Fred and George were hilariously themselves and Bill and Charlie too- I do love light- hearted Weasley fics and this hit the spot exactly. Perfectly balanced with humour and romance and the part about comparing a dragon to a kiss- well, I wouldn't have thought it could be a romantic analogy but it was. And of course it raises a highly serious and important point- what *did* Harry do with his glasses when he kissed Cho?

Reviewer: GinnyDate: 2005-03-02
Reviewid: 115302Chapter: 1
Great story!! I especially enjoyed the part you put in about Percy...and the empty Common Room. :D Keep doin' what you're doin'! Keep it up!!

Reviewer: CornedBeeDate: 2005-01-28
Reviewid: 112313Chapter: 1
Very, very nice. And quite funny. Well, back to more important things. Like reading "Where the Light Is" :)

Reviewer: Claire (Mystic)Date: 2005-01-22
Reviewid: 111811Chapter: 1
I know you two probably get tired of hearing it (meaning relish every moment), and that I can't say it any other way (although I'm still trying, for some reason), but you both are amazing. And synonyms for amazing. I'm thinking, 'wicked', in the loving sort of way. I can't believe I've only just begun reading your works, and I'd be a complete imbecile to not read anyomore.
~Charlie picked up the bottle of Green Lightning and filled George’s glass almost to the brim.
“Come on, George,” he said encouragingly, “Tell us all about it.” ~
Lovely, lovely...brilliant.
~He added thoughtfully, “Harry kissed a girl once. I’ll have to ask him what he did with his glasses.”~
Don't we all...I can only imagine. Think it's worth a shot asking JK? ;)

Reviewer: KayjalDate: 2004-12-17
Reviewid: 107982Chapter: 1
“I do not think it fitting for a Ministry Official to discuss his amorous pursuits with a bunch of randy rascals like yourselves.”

oh god. its so like siblings. gosh. now i miss my sister to bits.

Reviewer: KayjalDate: 2004-12-17
Reviewid: 107981Chapter: 1
“I do not think it fitting for a Ministry Official to discuss his amorous pursuits with a bunch of randy rascals like yourselves.”

oh god. its so like siblings. gosh. now i miss my sister to bits.

Reviewer: LDate: 2004-11-29
Reviewid: 106311Chapter: 1
aw, that was precious! More, more!

Reviewer: ellaDate: 2004-11-07
Reviewid: 103765Chapter: 1

odd though.. i was thinking of a plot that involved george weasley and some girl (but didn't have glasses) who's also in ravenclaw. oh, and i do have glasses. i don't think it matters when you kiss. *rofl*

Reviewer: Allison WeaslyDate: 2004-10-30
Reviewid: 103008Chapter: 1
Wow. This is one of the best "stories" I ve read on sugarquill, big round of applause!

Reviewer: Geena WatersDate: 2004-10-28
Reviewid: 102811Chapter: 1
I really like that. It was so cool how they could all sit together and talk like that. I wish I had that... I only have one sister, mind you, it's better than having none. Great work!


Reviewer: SamDate: 2004-10-28
Reviewid: 102759Chapter: 1
So cute that I had tears laughing at the end - "Here's to empty Common Rooms." Great job!

Reviewer: Myster WebDate: 2004-10-24
Reviewid: 102334Chapter: 1
“Who’d Harry kiss?” asked Fred. “Not Ginny, I hope.”
“Hermione?” George guessed.
Ron threw a pillow at George. “No, not Hermione.”
“Never mind Harry,” said Bill.

I can imagine Bill's eyes rolling. Great work!

Reviewer: AbigailDate: 2004-10-19
Reviewid: 101798Chapter: 1
I really like it!! It's nice how you explore the relationship between them...! And they're perfect in character!

Reviewer: puddleduckDate: 2004-09-26
Reviewid: 99436Chapter: 1
Oh I loved it! I love Weasley sibling bonding and so this fic is going straight to my favourites! There should be more WSB like this!

- puddleduck

Reviewer: YlimeDate: 2004-09-24
Reviewid: 99278Chapter: 1
*Love* this.

Reviewer: silverstagDate: 2004-09-24
Reviewid: 99251Chapter: 1
“Who’d Harry kiss?” asked Fred. “Not Ginny, I hope.”
“Hermione?” George guessed.
Ron threw a pillow at George. “No, NOT Hermione.”

That line awas my favourite! Brilliant!

great job! this was an excellent piece of work! I love how all the Weasleys were pertering Ron about Hermione! Nice touch!

Reviewer: GenesseDate: 2004-09-17
Reviewid: 98472Chapter: 1
Totally cute. I've been meaning to leave a "IT'S SO AWESOME" comment, but I'm bad it so I've been waiting for some inspiration to find the right words, but it hasn't come yet.

I love stories about the Weasleys and I think it's a shame we don't see more of Bill and Charlie. Thanks for including them in the story.

Reviewer: BrittneyDate: 2004-08-17
Reviewid: 97591Chapter: 1
I actually read your fics a couple of days ago, but no matter, I still loved them. Especially this one. Ron makes me laugh, because he's very easily embarrassed. And Bill and Charlie were hilarious together! Good work!

Reviewer: MiekeDate: 2004-08-15
Reviewid: 97344Chapter: 1
That is such a cute fic! I love it!

Reviewer: IncognitoDate: 2004-07-28
Reviewid: 94362Chapter: 1
Heh, cute.

Reviewer: Jessica R VanceDate: 2004-07-27
Reviewid: 94273Chapter: 1
Oh, that was just purely CUTE. I loved it.

Reviewer: KatinkaDate: 2004-07-27
Reviewid: 94149Chapter: 1
Hee! Such a fun story. One of the best examples of Weasley brother dynamics I've read.

>> “He’s being coy,” he explained to the others. “It’s so cute when he does that.” <<


>>“I do not think it fitting for a Ministry Official to discuss his amorous pursuits with a bunch of randy rascals like yourselves.”

The rest of them laughed, but it had a half-hearted ring to it, and for several moments they sipped their drinks in silence.<<

*sniff* A nice touch of serious emotion in an otherwise light-hearted piece.

>>“How long is it supposed to be? The kiss, I mean.” His face had gone scarlet.<<

Ahh...sweet ickle Ronniekins! :P

>>“Oh, slaps to the face--”


“The cold shoulder--”

“Long inquisitions about our feelings--”

“--And our intentions…”

Charlie and Bill both shuddered.<<

I can see that perfectly! asdlfajsdlksfja;ldkjaf Such men! *pretends to be affronted, but can't, as Charlie is too cute*

>>“I’m not listening to you!” said Ron loudly, putting his fingers in his ears and setting up a loud hum.<<

heh heh...I've been watching "The Two Towers" lately, so this gave me visions of Ron in Gollum mode.

Very enjoyable -- thank you!


Reviewer: CendrillonDate: 2004-07-17
Reviewid: 92761Chapter: 1
Everything the two of you write is unfailingly interesting, humorous, and well written. I've been so busy lately updating my own story that I haven't had time to catch your updates but now that I'm done, it feels so nice to have a chance to relax and read your stories.

I was very impressed with this short story because of the way you managed to catch all of the Weasley brothers' characters. Everyone seems very much in character, except maybe George (but he definitely has a reason to be OC - this is NOT a criticism). I especially liked how Ron instantly thought of Harry kissing Cho and wondered whether Harry took off his glasses, it just kind of emphasizes Harry's importance to Ron as his best friend. And then, needless to say, Ron's reaction when George suggested that Harry had kissed Hermione was priceless.

Well, onto the next story! Keep them coming!

Reviewer: AbbyDate: 2004-07-14
Reviewid: 92381Chapter: 1
I absolutely love this and its companion piece, "what makes you different". I often get annoyed when Fred and George are treated as a unit, and I enjoy the weasley bonding of the tale. Please continue this series!

Reviewer: KateDate: 2004-07-12
Reviewid: 91897Chapter: 1
I liked it, and I don't really go for recent Harry Potter stories. (and if your confused because when i read it, it dosen't really make sence I like the L/J) Keep up the good work.

Reviewer: Gina PotterDate: 2004-07-06
Reviewid: 91051Chapter: 1
This is so sweet! I love the interaction between the Weasleys brothers!
But I'm a girl who likes her firsts kisses long.

Reviewer: SophieDate: 2004-07-06
Reviewid: 90948Chapter: 1
Another spectacular story. You've really captured the characterization of the Weasleys. I especially love Ron's "innocent" question about kissing.

Reviewer: angel09Date: 2004-07-06
Reviewid: 90902Chapter: 1
AHAHAHA!!!! VERY funny, and very in character! Good job!

Reviewer: Jo WickaninnishDate: 2004-07-05
Reviewid: 90813Chapter: 1
"&#8220;Long inquisitions about our feelings--&#8221;

&#8220;--And our intentions&#8230;&#8221;

Charlie and Bill both shuddered."

You guys always make me smile! :0)

Reviewer: SevenDiamondsDate: 2004-07-05
Reviewid: 90674Chapter: 1
Another cute piece of fluff. Not as nice as the first one, but still much better than 'adequate'. My only mild complaint? Bill and Charlie seem too much the same mind/character/whatever. I understand they're brothers, but they seem to almost have taken on the traditional canon likeness of Fred and George. It's mostly fine until the Stunning Spell allegory. Obviously, the two have talked about it, but it just doesn't totally work for me, ya know?

Anywho, is still good happy fluff,neh?


Reviewer: FernWithyDate: 2004-07-05
Reviewid: 90665Chapter: 1
Ha! I do love Weasleys, and the older boys with their "Stunning Spell" advice were priceless.

It was the Percy comment that really got me, though--he's still part of them and they feel his absence keenly, even when they're poking fun at him.

Reviewer: EireneDate: 2004-07-02
Reviewid: 90107Chapter: 1
That was cute! =)

Reviewer: myfDate: 2004-07-01
Reviewid: 89777Chapter: 1
I loved it! Great banter between the brothers. And trust Charlie to bring dragons into the conversation. :)


Reviewer: JessicaDate: 2004-06-27
Reviewid: 89134Chapter: 1
Bravo! Ce tres magnifique! It was wonderful.....can we be hoping for a follow up too? Does George put his brother's advise to work?

Reviewer: LaFleurRougeDate: 2004-06-25
Reviewid: 88775Chapter: 1
Oh, they were so cute! I want more of George tho. I always liked George better. Maybe it was a pity thing but he always seemed like the more humble of the twins (even tho they aren't very humble). Great Stortie!

Reviewer: AragogDate: 2004-06-24
Reviewid: 88505Chapter: 1
Right then. You reviewed me, seems fair I should review you.

I thought this was a pretty good story; one doesn't normally think what Weasley-style male bonding might be like. The brothers have such distinct personalities sometimes it's hard to see how they're part of the same family.

Think you'll try to tackle a longer work (besides the fanfic cliche parody)?

Reviewer: Michelle RavelDate: 2004-06-23
Reviewid: 88489Chapter: 1
An amusing little ditty.

Reviewer: KEDmeDate: 2004-06-23
Reviewid: 88484Chapter: 1
Awesome short! Seeing the Weasley brother together like this was so sweet. The older boys giving the younger ones advice... it was *sigh* fitting. I liked how you made them all relatively innocent- even Gred and Forge. Just wish Harry had been there. He needs to hear these talks more than anybody, as he doesn't have any adult to help him out and give him advice about girls. Nicely done!

Reviewer: GufaDate: 2004-06-23
Reviewid: 88449Chapter: 1
Oh, I love this as well...A perfect (I think) portrayal of the Weasley brother interactions...
Gufa (a girl with glasses!)

Reviewer: lonelyoutcastDate: 2004-06-23
Reviewid: 88441Chapter: 1
awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww that was so cute. and real funny. stunning spells hmmmm i should try that sometome...

anyways cute story.

Reviewer: Poppy PDate: 2004-06-23
Reviewid: 88429Chapter: 1
This was perfect! Beautiful! I love scenes with Weasley sibling interaction and this is one of the best. It was nice to see Fred teasing his twin. You had everyone perfectly in character. I demand more! :)

P.S. I really liked the part about George asking if Harry had kissed Hermione and Ron getting all cranky. Awesome!

Reviewer: OliieDate: 2004-06-23
Reviewid: 88416Chapter: 1

Reviewer: hairy_henDate: 2004-06-23
Reviewid: 88395Chapter: 1
Ah, excellent. Magnificent, in fact. Now you've got me really curious about ickle Georgie and his Ravenclaw girl. Are you doing any more with them? I'd love to read more. Interesting analogy between kissing and Stunning Spells--especially since Harry felt as if his brain had been Stunned when facing Cho! I really like all the brotherly stuff going on here, and with Bill and Charlie bequeathing their experience, and finishing each other's sentences, like the twins. Great job!

Reviewer: EndicottDate: 2004-06-23
Reviewid: 88376Chapter: 1
cute story will there be a sequel?

Reviewer: Ara KaneDate: 2004-06-23
Reviewid: 88374Chapter: 1
This was great! I love Weasley family moments, and this was no exception. Everyone was so in character. My favorite bit (besides the R/H hints) has to be Charlie talking about Stunning Spells. Very kewl. Oh, and Ron covering his ears and humming. Hee!

Great work!

Reviewer: LogicalRavenDate: 2004-06-23
Reviewid: 88362Chapter: 1
This was an adorable Weasley piece. Definately worth a second read!

Reviewer: July 31Date: 2004-06-22
Reviewid: 88347Chapter: 1
A-D-O-R-A-B-L-E! That is all I have to say. I love your writing!


Reviewer: TaraDate: 2004-06-22
Reviewid: 88346Chapter: 1
Very cute...I loved "What Makes You Different," and I was really excited to see you did a follow-up. I think you did a great job with all the Weasley brothers. I think people tend to forget about the rest of them in light of writing about Ron. Hopefully there will be more stories like these (and hopefully from you!).

Reviewer: MeganDate: 2004-06-22
Reviewid: 88336Chapter: 1
I enjoyed the overall story, though some things were a bit contrived. I don't think George would be shy about his date with a girl; on the contrary, I think he'd brag about it. Both he and Fred were quite relaxed about getting girls for the Yule Ball... And the comparison between Stunning Spells and kisses didn't really work for me. But I did enjoy the image of the 5 brothers exploring the twins' new quarters and talking about girls.

Reviewer: HeatherKDate: 2004-06-22
Reviewid: 88332Chapter: 1
Oh Yay!! You followed up!! I think it's adorable! Here's to Empty Common Rooms indeed!!!!!!! GO Weasleys! Except that bit about "not Ginny I hope". That's discouraging, it is. But the story itself is definitely what I imagine the Weasley brothers minus Percy the Prick to be! Beautiful! Next?

Reviewer: maggieDate: 2004-06-22
Reviewid: 88323Chapter: 1
loved it!! so cute. I love fics about the weasley brothers together! another one? Thank you for writing great fics!


Reviewer: Frankie BeeblebroxDate: 2004-06-22
Reviewid: 88313Chapter: 1
Gotta love the Weasley men. I am so glad you decided to continue the story a bit! I adored "What Makes You Different" and this one was just as good. Wonderful characterization of the brothers, and as always, I would love to read more!

Reviewer: story645Date: 2004-06-22
Reviewid: 88311Chapter: 1
I loved the dynamics between the boys that you portrayed in your fic. It felt like looking through a window and seeing all the brothers gathered there. The fic was funny and sweet and really well written. I loved the comparison of kissing to stunning spells. I also loved how the boys all gently teased each other, and Bill and Charlie passing on lessons to thier younger siblings.

Reviewer: emeioDate: 2004-06-22
Reviewid: 88306Chapter: 1
ehheheh cute

Reviewer: PolinaDate: 2004-06-22
Reviewid: 88297Chapter: 1
“Short and slow is the way to go,” Fred sing-songed.

Fred made me burst out laughing with this line! What a silly, loveable guy, and so in-character when you write him. This story was clever and sweet and left me with a big smile on my face.

Reviewer: KayDate: 2004-06-22
Reviewid: 88296Chapter: 1
This was an interesting story but i'd like to hear more about george too

Reviewer: hfleming8Date: 2004-06-22
Reviewid: 88291Chapter: 1
OBHWF - i love them. What an adorable companion peace. I loved them both. Can't really think of any constructive criticism other than it could be longer. hahahhaha. More, more, more.

Reviewer: SonicDate: 2004-06-22
Reviewid: 88266Chapter: 1
ah, uve got the boys straight on...

well, in fact.. maybe all boys...

Reviewer: RaeDate: 2004-06-22
Reviewid: 88264Chapter: 1
“Oh, slaps to the face--”


“The cold shoulder--”

“Long inquisitions about our feelings--”

“--And our intentions…”

I have rarely laughed this much in all my life. God bless you two and all your wonderful weasley works!

Reviewer: SuePDate: 2004-06-22
Reviewid: 88254Chapter: 1
Cute! Cute! Cute! Cute!

Reviewer: DeeDate: 2004-06-22
Reviewid: 88253Chapter: 1
MALE BONDING!! My favourite kind! Especially when it's between red-headed brothers!

“No, not Hermione.”Wooo hooo hoooo that just gave me the tickles and the "AWWWWWW...."

Reviewer: katieDate: 2004-06-22
Reviewid: 88244Chapter: 1
Okay. I really am serious in demanding that there be more to this story. I really, truly, love it so far, and that's not something I say often.
I love Ainsley... she is such an intriguing character that I can't wait for more. I like how you made her sound unique and beautiful without saying "She was pretty."
I love George... I love that he's different than Fred and that they are both so great despite the difference (or maybe because of it?) George has always been my favorite twin and I love him in this story. It makes me happy to see him falling...
I would love to see more.

Reviewer: St.MargaretsDate: 2004-06-22
Reviewid: 88242Chapter: 1
Oh just the title of this made me smile! I loved all the Weasley brothers together--even Percy was there in spirit. The descriptions of the two kinds of kisses was sweet and droll and seemed very in character for Bill and Charlie.
Loved the green lightening and Charlie fillng George's glass! This was so fun--just what fan fiction should be. Here's to empty common rooms--here's to ivy&Gracie!

Reviewer: SennaDate: 2004-06-22
Reviewid: 88217Chapter: 1
Aww! A good, ol' fashioned Weasley story! It was in cannon, and I especially loved your depiction of Bill and Charlie.


Reviewer: JulesDate: 2004-06-22
Reviewid: 88203Chapter: 1
I want you gals to know that out of all the authors on the recently updated list, I picked out your username to read a new story :o)
I thought your newest was fantastic, which was not the least bit surprising.
Here are some highlights:
In just the first few paragraphs, you've already managed to accurately portray each character's personality!
'“And gone on a walk,” prodded his twin helpfully.' (how very nice of Fred to be so helpful!)
'He turned to George. “So what do you do about her glasses?”' (so none of George's brothers have dated any bespectacled girls...)
Do you two have any other siblings? Y'all write familial teasing so well!
'“I’ve kissed a girl with glasses,” said Charlie, thoughtfully.' (whoops, spoke too soon, I did! Charlie seems like quite the ladies' man :o))
'He drew himself up primly and affected Percy’s stiff voice. <snip> The rest of them laughed, but it had a half-hearted ring to it, and for several moments they sipped their drinks in silence.' (It's nice how you have them still poking fun, but not with malice, and then they got quiet and still didn't say anything mean about Percy.)
'“I reckon kissing--well, it’s a bit like performing a Stunning Spell when you come right down to it.”' (magic analogies to fun!)
'Fred and George and Ron watched their older brothers and somehow all of them knew they weren’t just talking about Stunning Spells.' (excellent line)
'“We’re just saying,” said Bill. “If you happened to be studying with a girl sometime--' (HA!)

Another great one! Thanks!


Reviewer: mandjDate: 2004-06-22
Reviewid: 88195Chapter: 1
boy talk, so funny! great job!

Reviewer: EllaDate: 2004-06-22
Reviewid: 88190Chapter: 1
Yay! I'm so glad you continued on from "What Makes You Different." I love the interactions between the brothers here. It's all very in character.

<<“How do you kiss a girl with glasses?” asked Ron, with great interest. “Do they get in the way, or do you take them off first?” He added thoughtfully, “Harry kissed a girl once. I’ll have to ask him what he did with his glasses.”>>

I love this bit. Ron's so adorable!

I hope you continue on even farther with this!


Reviewer: HoneybeeDate: 2004-06-22
Reviewid: 88188Chapter: 1
“We could always ask Percy what he does with his glasses,” said Fred. “But then one of us would have to talk to the great prat.” He drew himself up primly and affected Percy’s stiff voice. “I do not think it fitting for a Ministry Official to discuss his amorous pursuits with a bunch of randy rascals like yourselves.”

Those Weasley boys are a randy lot, aren't they?? ;) I eagerly await a story where George practices those, err, "Stunning Spells".

Reviewer: DonDate: 2004-06-22
Reviewid: 88187Chapter: 1
Sweet! I like your depiction of the Brothers Weasley as sweethearts. I am sure that is how they would want to appear before the ladies of the Quill. It is much nobler in the mind to deflect the scorn of quillers than to show the Weasleys as most men would be. Men are pigs, and that just doesn't seem right for the clan of red-headed men.

My favorite part is the ribbing between all the brothers. No one picked on excessively, but everyone gets something tossed their way.

Wonderful work. I think these last two pieces may have been your best!

Reviewer: AzyneDate: 2004-06-22
Reviewid: 88172Chapter: 1
SO CUTE! Oh, that was adorable, it was wonderful! Ron's very IC, except I think he would deny it more than say "I'm not listening". The dragon metaphor's great...everything is! :D

Reviewer: JuluDate: 2004-06-22
Reviewid: 88167Chapter: 1
I love you guys! You're too wonderful for words...

Reviewer: SarahDate: 2004-06-22
Reviewid: 88166Chapter: 1
EEEEEE! You did a companion piece! It is wonderful, will there be more? Say yes! I want to see more George and Ainsley! Good job!

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