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Dumbledore's Army
Review(s): 82

Reviewer: IzzieDate: 2007-08-30
Reviewid: 149099Chapter: 1
This is lovely. Ron is so sweet, and so very typically Ron. Wonderful.

Reviewer: remDate: 2006-06-17
Reviewid: 143491Chapter: 1

Reviewer: Night ZephyrDate: 2006-06-03
Reviewid: 143193Chapter: 1
*sigh* This was so nice. So-in-character Ron coming to realize he doesn't have to conquer the world or be the advertised best - he can be wonderful just as he is. This was such a nice take on Ron providing support for his friends in ways that even *they* don't know they need until he supplies them - just as in canon. Lovely- and thank you.

Reviewer: Reader 2Date: 2006-03-25
Reviewid: 141307Chapter: 1
Superbly Done – Of course

Reviewer: PythonBlossomDate: 2005-10-30
Reviewid: 135508Chapter: 1
Aww that was such a sweetly done fic.
*huggles Ron*
*feeds him warm chocolate chip cookies* - post sandwich dessert you know.

Reviewer: LanniDate: 2005-10-17
Reviewid: 134692Chapter: 1
Sandwiches can be heaven sometimes. I really did enjoy this. Ron was so IC; it was brilliant. Everything about this was wonderful. I especially enjoyed his conversation with Dobby, which I thought was priceless. Amazing!

Reviewer: JulianagDate: 2005-09-20
Reviewid: 132915Chapter: 1
Brilliant characterization of Ron. Very simple and heartfelt. Absolutely love it.

Reviewer: Deadly_SecretsDate: 2005-08-24
Reviewid: 130770Chapter: 1
Very delightful! I'm feeling quite like Ron now - a warm glow in the pit of my stomach. This was very, very sweet. I was totally in the mood for something like this, and imagine my luck when I found it!

Great job!

~ DS.

Reviewer: olivia pitcherDate: 2005-07-31
Reviewid: 128364Chapter: 1
bless. no, really. thanks for this.

Reviewer: thelastgoodnameleftDate: 2005-03-05
Reviewid: 115536Chapter: 1
What a lovely idea. What a lovely story. I feel like the execution is slightly heavy-handed (the point could have been made without such emphasis, but I tend towards the overly subtle, so maybe no one would have gotten it then), but I really enjoyed your characterizations. I really liked this, and I'd like to recommend it to people wanting a nice little Ron-centric fic.

Reviewer: Jim McGuffinDate: 2005-03-02
Reviewid: 115275Chapter: 1
It's Ron's birthday, and so I was in the mood to read another one of your Weasley fics.

Good work! Ron learns that he doesn't have to be the best in everything, but merely being there for his friends when they need him the most, that is heroism.

Reviewer: shaynaDate: 2005-02-02
Reviewid: 112721Chapter: 1
i love Ron!

Reviewer: AddieDate: 2005-01-29
Reviewid: 112395Chapter: 1
This is adorable. I love Ron! Great job. Hope to see more of your work, especially featuring Ron!

Reviewer: ShouldBeStudyingDate: 2004-11-18
Reviewid: 105143Chapter: 1
Wow. Ron's not the only one with a warm glow in his stomach; this was an EXCELLANT story, with amazing characterizations and a brilliant approach to what real heroism is. You've made my day with your story; thanks!

Reviewer: Ditsy BlondeDate: 2004-11-16
Reviewid: 105066Chapter: 1
I like this. It's nice and sweet, in a way.

Ditsy Blonde

Reviewer: Mostly HarmlessDate: 2004-10-14
Reviewid: 101383Chapter: 1
I'm not quite sure why, but I'm officially attached to this story!
Maybe because it's one of the few fanfics out there that really captures Ron's character. The sandwich thing illustrates it all perfectly!

fav quote:
Seamus could get just about any girl he wanted. (It was a sure sign of mental illness that he wanted Lavender Brown, but that wasn’t the point.) Dean was the best artist in the school. Ron couldn’t get a girl with a lasso, and he had a hard time drawing a conclusion.

hah! classic!

Reviewer: MeganDate: 2004-10-13
Reviewid: 101278Chapter: 1
I don't know why I haven't read this story before, but I'm glad I found it now. It's very poignant, more so b/c of the deceptively easy style in which you write. I kept thinking of Mrs. Weasley and how her huge meals made Harry feel welcome for the first time in his life. Ron is definitely her son. And I loved the little touches - like the way he knows his friends' likes and dislikes with regards to sandwiches. You kept true to Ron's character all the way through, and it was a real treat.

Reviewer: Longfellow LoverDate: 2004-10-13
Reviewid: 101273Chapter: 1
This is such an awesome Ron ficlet! Ron is my favorite character, and I HATE how they downplay him in the movies! I can't believe that JACKASS Steve Kloves gave his line to Hermione in the third movie! Ron is an incredibly important character. He's, ok, now I'm getting off track. I only meant to say that this is an excellent piece of fiction that was very real. I think you depicted Ron in a brilliantly true fashion. Kudos!

Reviewer: MeDate: 2004-10-13
Reviewid: 101226Chapter: 1
Awww, that is sooo sweet! I love the last little paragraph. That kind of sums up my whole little idea of why you should try your hardest at everything you do. Every time you do a little extra, it makes you feel good and possibly help others, even in just the short term.

Reviewer: SennaDate: 2004-08-13
Reviewid: 97049Chapter: 1
Awwwww!!!!! I LOVE this Ron story!


Reviewer: pirate smileDate: 2004-08-12
Reviewid: 96894Chapter: 1
aww that was sweet.

Reviewer: wendelinDate: 2004-08-12
Reviewid: 96817Chapter: 1
Am I a really bad person for thinking that as AWESOME as this story was, the best part was the dedication? :)

Reviewer: RikaDate: 2004-08-02
Reviewid: 95338Chapter: 1
That was incredibly sweet, and really showed the essence of what Ron is. I enjoyed seeing someone portraying him as how he should be portrayed.

Reviewer: KatinkaDate: 2004-08-02
Reviewid: 95314Chapter: 1
I quite enjoyed the theme of this -- as a mum, I'd like to think that there *is* something noble about seeing that your loved ones are properly nourished. :D

>>"Maybe if Harry Potter showed us," said a small blond boy.<<

Ah, poor Ron! To have all his abilities dismissed simply because he's, well, not Harry. But it is great to see that they've extended the D.A. to other years.

>>Seamus could get just about any girl he wanted. (It was a sure sign of mental illness that he wanted Lavender Brown, but that wasn’t the point.) Dean was the best artist in the school. Ron couldn’t get a girl with a lasso, and he had a hard time drawing a conclusion.<<

Hee! I know others have mentioned it, but that's a classic line.

>>Humans is feeling better and happier when they is clean and fed, and they is fighting better and stronger with their spirits up."<<

And the housewitch in me shouts "Hurrah!!!" here. :D

>>Maybe they didn’t give medals for it. But maybe a medal wasn’t that important, really, when you knew what you’d done. Maybe . . . sometimes . . . heroism was as simple as a sandwich.<<

*sniffs* Lovely, lovely story. Thank you.

Reviewer: St. MargaretsDate: 2004-07-13
Reviewid: 92022Chapter: 1
I'm feeling the Ron love! I like how you used house elves and food and put them together to tell Ron's story. "A Hero Ain't Nothin' But A Sandwich" comes to mind as I think of this story--but it seems that is enough. Love the book title BTW--I think all teachers will get a chuckle out of that one.

Reviewer: anneDate: 2004-07-11
Reviewid: 91823Chapter: 1
=] i loved it

Reviewer: LinnetDate: 2004-07-07
Reviewid: 91087Chapter: 1
You're awesome. You hit the whole thing with the folks who are in serving positions find so satisfying about their jobs. Or I do, anyway. If half an hour at my table doesn't make your day feel a little bit better, then I didn't do what I set out to do.

And see? You put it better than I did anyway! *hugs you*

Reviewer: AnjerlaDate: 2004-07-06
Reviewid: 90881Chapter: 1
I love it! The whole thing is so hilarious, and so genuinely Ron, with such a Ron-ish sense of humour. I love it. It's so nice how he remembers everyone's favourite sandwich. It kind of shows how much more there is to him than on the surface, in a kind of subtle, cute way.

There are a ton of funny lines in this story, but I think my favourite is "Dean was the best artist in the school. Ron couldn't get a girl with a lasso, and he had a hard time drawing a conclusion." Ahahahaha. Awesome.

Reviewer: dzennkaDate: 2004-07-01
Reviewid: 90048Chapter: 1
Aww, how sweet! I agree wholeheartedly, anyone who remembers my favourite sandwich is my hero :)

One little thing:

"What he wouldn’t give to be a bloody orphan some days"

I think perhaps you mean "an only child"? Being an orphan would deprive him of parents, not sibilings :)

Reviewer: Pineapple QueenDate: 2004-07-01
Reviewid: 89845Chapter: 1 sweet. I love this idea, you've communicated it in a way that other writers can't seem to. Love, love, love it.


Reviewer: RobinDate: 2004-07-01
Reviewid: 89786Chapter: 1
This was really cool! Original and simple. Short and sweet. Way to go.

Reviewer: AnneDate: 2004-07-01
Reviewid: 89773Chapter: 1
"Seamus could get just about any girl he wanted. (It was a sure sign of mental illness that he wanted Lavender Brown, but that wasn’t the point.) Dean was the best artist in the school. Ron couldn’t get a girl with a lasso, and he had a hard time drawing a conclusion." Great line! But even more important, great story - you've really captured Ron's insecurity, but at the same time reminded him of his true worth as a thoughtful, loyal friend (and a talented wizard in his own right!).

Reviewer: Antonia EastDate: 2004-07-01
Reviewid: 89754Chapter: 1
Fantastic! Brilliant Ron fic. I agree with the dedication.

Reviewer: SeasprayDate: 2004-06-30
Reviewid: 89699Chapter: 1
... or a story. ( heroism is as simple as )This really made me feel happy as only a truly incisive fanfic can. Well writte, amusing, extremely well characterised- I love Ron. He deserves all the praise and adulation he can get. I liked Dobby and the house- elves too. Nicely done!

Reviewer: Angel09Date: 2004-06-30
Reviewid: 89695Chapter: 1
Aww....very cute!

Reviewer: Frankie BeeblebroxDate: 2004-06-30
Reviewid: 89692Chapter: 1
Oh, how utterly, wonderfully BRILLIANT. This was fantastic. . . you portrayed Ron's feelings of inadequacy perfectly, and then showed the precise reason he has no right to feel like that. Dobby was great in this, and your characterization of Harry and Hermione at the end was hillarious. I agree with Seamus. . .Let's hear it for Ron!

Reviewer: ShriyaDate: 2004-06-30
Reviewid: 89676Chapter: 1
YAYYYYY!!! :) I love your stories, and I love how you make Ron feel so important, because he's so often overlooked. Especially loved how he knew how everyone liked their sandwiches :) Gave me the warm fuzzies inside.

Reviewer: SharonDate: 2004-06-30
Reviewid: 89669Chapter: 1
Oh, I *love* this! What a great way to show that Ron has something special to contribute. His little pity party seemed really in character.

Reviewer: ZaraDate: 2004-06-30
Reviewid: 89638Chapter: 1
Wow... thats All I can say- just wow... how very pointiont! And befruly written

Reviewer: BreenDate: 2004-06-30
Reviewid: 89615Chapter: 1
yay again for Mosylu! That was a quite cheering story.... I was starting to get depressed for a bit though... poor Ron. But the sandwhich thing was great :) Of course Ron would know what kind of sandwhiches everyone liked. :)

Reviewer: Morag CamshronDate: 2004-06-30
Reviewid: 89610Chapter: 1
What a wonderful story, Mosylu! Poor Ron- he doesn't seem to know how much he is appreciated. Great job.

- Morag Camshron

Reviewer: hairy_henDate: 2004-06-30
Reviewid: 89598Chapter: 1
I like this. Interesting that Ron is still a bit jealous of the others, but that he has a little realisation about himself. I like the idea of them being the spare-time defense teachers. Excellent.

Reviewer: RoDate: 2004-06-30
Reviewid: 89592Chapter: 1
Awesome story. I love the sense of accomplishment in the end. It's very well written, as well. They don't give medals for fanfic, either... but it made me smile.

Reviewer: July 31Date: 2004-06-30
Reviewid: 89583Chapter: 1
This was very adorable and well written, if a little exaggerated. Awesome job, though!

Reviewer: AzyneDate: 2004-06-30
Reviewid: 89566Chapter: 1
Awesome!! That was so dedicated...Ron deserved every bit of it! Heroism IS as simple as a sandwich, and of course it was Ron who thought of that :) And who could forget that brilliant bit of R/H fluff? Although I do think that Hermione would have been a litte embarrassed about what she'd said, and if Harry had made fun of that little moment, it would have been truly hilarious. Still adorable!

Question: I'd always that the plural of "hero" was "heroes", with an E? it looks kinda weird. Hmm. Ah well, spelling's dumb :)

"Dedication: To Steve Kloves, who should read this and get a clue."
HEAR, HEAR! Abso-freakin-lutely. Always makes Ron seem irrelevant...makes Hermione (although Emma's adorable) the best friend in the world...portrays Ron as the stupid sidekick...grr...*grumbles off*

:D:D GoF, British directo Mike Newell...maybe HE'LL have a clue! :D:D

Reviewer: HeatherKDate: 2004-06-30
Reviewid: 89556Chapter: 1
But you know, I think my very favorite part was the fact that Ron knew all the team's favorite sandwiches, and how they liked them. It shows how much he does love them. That's actually I think what made me cry. Beautiful.

Reviewer: HeatherKDate: 2004-06-30
Reviewid: 89555Chapter: 1
I'll have you know I'm all teary-eyed right now. Beautiful, because you know the poor boy has an inferiority complex. Very insightful story, and making use of the house-elves to prove the point to Ron was lovely. Well done!

Reviewer: ShandaDate: 2004-06-29
Reviewid: 89529Chapter: 1
The story is brilliant! I love it! I think everyone feels like Ron sometimes and this made me feel so much better!

Reviewer: Talking Purple RabbitsDate: 2004-06-29
Reviewid: 89513Chapter: 1
because "A Hero Ain't Nothin' But A Sandwich."

don't tell me you've never heard of the book. :D ::grins widely::

thank you for a wonderful portrayal of Ron. i really want to hug him now! Kloves got it all wrong. ::glares:: i hope Ron realized he lassoed one girl ::coughHERMIONEcough:: without trying. ;) i loved the bits about Seamus being mental for choosing Lavendar and Luna's students thinking that the Shield Charm came fron Atlantis. ::rotfl::

i hardly think i'm the first person to tell you that you're a great writer, but your charactarizations always seem to be spot-on. i loved the image of Harry being too weak to gulp down his sandwich and the fact that you set this in sixth-year. and that it didn't need any explanation. oh, and i loved that *Ron*, of all people, was trying to teach correct pronunciation. ::giggles:: Wizard Baruffio? ;)

i also loved the title and summary. i know that's a cheesy thing to mention, but it was the perfect hook in, that bit about Ron being "second fiddle."

well, i haven't praised you enough, but i'm running out of things to say. this was brilliant; please write more fics and post them soon!

ps Miracle Whip with ham-and-cheese? ew. ;)

Reviewer: MaggieDate: 2004-06-29
Reviewid: 89501Chapter: 1
Oh, that was fantastic. So many authors try to give Ron some extraordinary power or something like that, but you saw that Ron should be heralded just for being Ron - for being someone who cares about people. Wonderful, wonderful story!

Reviewer: WindscionDate: 2004-06-29
Reviewid: 89500Chapter: 1
"Seamus could get just about any girl he wanted. (It was a sure sign of mental illness that he wanted Lavender Brown, but that wasn’t the point.)"


Reviewer: Fluffy_RoseDate: 2004-06-29
Reviewid: 89494Chapter: 1
Oh, that was fantastic! It was a perfect way of presenting that particular plot-line (v.necessary after Movie!PoA in my opinion) and I loved all the little details, like Hermione eating with her mouth closed, and the bit about Seamus and Lavender. Very, very well-written, and just what I needed to put a smile on my face :) Well done!

Reviewer: shooting starDate: 2004-06-29
Reviewid: 89492Chapter: 1
aww, that was so sweet and simple....I loved Dobby....'"Maybe nobody is giving medals for a midnight snack. But it is important," Dobby said, filling a plate with thick slices of ham.' and that was my favourite line....thank you ^-^

Reviewer: madame enDate: 2004-06-29
Reviewid: 89477Chapter: 1
YAY for Ron! Weasley Truly Is Our King, even if he gets the shaft in the films despite poor Rupert's trying so hard.

I loved this- very good characterizations and flow, and I loved Dobby's input, especially his "pointed look" at Ron.


Reviewer: Sharon LambertonDate: 2004-06-29
Reviewid: 89475Chapter: 1
This is a charming story, and very plausible. And written with some fun wit built in. Couldn't draw a conclusion, indeed!

Reviewer: PolinaDate: 2004-06-29
Reviewid: 89472Chapter: 1
Wow - this was fantastic. The characterization was spot-on and the pacing was excellent. It was one of those fics that just left me with a big smile at the end - thank you!

My favorite line:
"Hell, even Luna had managed to impart the mystery of the Shield Charm, although her first-years probably thought it had originated in the lost colony of Atlantis."
I laughed out loud!

Reviewer: EllaDate: 2004-06-29
Reviewid: 89471Chapter: 1
The Ron fangirl in me salutes you proudly. Thank you. Now to find Steve Kloves address and send him this.... :D

Reviewer: SuePDate: 2004-06-29
Reviewid: 89466Chapter: 1
you really are one of my favorite writers. Just let me know when you choose to publish.

Reviewer: oybolshoiDate: 2004-06-29
Reviewid: 89442Chapter: 1
That was lovely - just the right touch of humor and wisdom. Hooray for Ron - and for Dobby!!

Reviewer: Susan BDate: 2004-06-29
Reviewid: 89441Chapter: 1
LOL!! A hero is not just a sandwick! Isn't that a name of a book? Er, Paula Danzinger? Might be wrong about that.

This was fun. Thanks!

Reviewer: AmandaDate: 2004-06-29
Reviewid: 89433Chapter: 1
I love my Ronniekins. This is beautiful and so...Ron. Thanks!

Reviewer: likeicareDate: 2004-06-29
Reviewid: 89432Chapter: 1
awwww.... that was so niceeeee.... my heart's just swelling now...i am dangerously emotionally attached to Ron Weasley..and nice fics like these are just the best!

Reviewer: DustyDate: 2004-06-29
Reviewid: 89431Chapter: 1
Quite right. It's the little things that often count the most.

Another lovely story, Mosylu. Keep it up!

Reviewer: ellaDate: 2004-06-29
Reviewid: 89428Chapter: 1
thank you. just, thank you...

Reviewer: BiancaDate: 2004-06-29
Reviewid: 89400Chapter: 1
Hear, hear! I love reading stories like this about our brave, precious Ron. You really ought to send this in to Steve Kloves. Or if you like I can mail it for you. I am intending to send Mr. Kloves a nice, fat letter of indignation, and protest; it really would be my honor if this could accompany my letter.

Reviewer: TDate: 2004-06-29
Reviewid: 89398Chapter: 1
An EXCELLENT story. Ron is perhaps the most underappreciated of the HP Big 3, and it's nice to see him have a nice moment here and there. Well written and well done!

Reviewer: mandjDate: 2004-06-29
Reviewid: 89375Chapter: 1
YAY RON!!! hurray for a wonderful story! that was great!

Reviewer: Too_Many_SoxDate: 2004-06-29
Reviewid: 89370Chapter: 1
OK, I know what you're thinking. This is just a stor about some sandwiches. But I teared up when I read it. It was great. And I'm not a person who cries a lot. I love that you included Dobby. A lot of readers find him annoying but he is one of the most loving characters, and who forget the Second Task when Dobby helps Harry "find his Wheezy". I'm glad you included that name too, because for me it's always symbolized how much Harry and his friends need Ron. Often, as in Ron's case, the underappreciated friends who are occasionally taken for granted are the ones who would be missed the most.

Reviewer: LawesaDate: 2004-06-29
Reviewid: 89364Chapter: 1
I Looooooooved this story! I totally learnd a lesson. (Ahem) "Maybe they didn't give medals for it. But maybe a medal wasn't that important, really, when you knew what you'd done. Maybe...sometimes...heroism was as simple as a sandwich." (Sniff, Sniff) Wonderfully written, You should write more Ron stories. Also, that was great with the pictures fighting. "Oi! stop that help!" :-D

Reviewer: HaaliDate: 2004-06-29
Reviewid: 89342Chapter: 1
Wow, that was really sweet. Write more!

Reviewer: SarahDate: 2004-06-29
Reviewid: 89334Chapter: 1
I loved it! Is there a sequel? It doesn't need one, of course, but I somehow want one. Ron is a hero, and he deserves to know that!

Reviewer: LotusSriDate: 2004-06-29
Reviewid: 89325Chapter: 1
*Squeal! I looooooooove Ron! Ronnie Ron RON!*

Ahem. I mean, excellent fic. Great characterizations. My favorite line:
"Seamus could get just about any girl he wanted ... Dean was the best artist in the school. Ron couldn&#8217;t get a girl with a lasso, and he had a hard time drawing a conclusion. "

Truly a thing of beauty. Thanks so much!

Reviewer: GiesbrechtDate: 2004-06-29
Reviewid: 89319Chapter: 1
Oh, marvellous! Poor Ron, taking second place to everybody. I especially loved how he had the sandwiches made exactly as everyone liked them. He really is the heart of the Trio, isn't he?

Reviewer: AndreaDate: 2004-06-29
Reviewid: 89317Chapter: 1
Wonderful! I love seeing Ron realize he's special just how he is. :) I wasn't sure why he kept telling Dobby how to do his job until I realized he'd found the right sandwiches for everyone. How very RON to notice and not make a big deal out of it. :)

Reviewer: CGDate: 2004-06-29
Reviewid: 89315Chapter: 1
Hermione wasn't the only one with the huge smile- :D Thanks for such a wonderful story!

Reviewer: StefanieDate: 2004-06-29
Reviewid: 89312Chapter: 1
a very sweet ron fic....i loved it!

Reviewer: DonDate: 2004-06-29
Reviewid: 89305Chapter: 1
Great work! It is up to your normal standards, and since those are your standards, there's not much higher praise to be had!

I like this idea of building on what many of us perceive as one of Ron's strongest characteristics. But rather than have someone explain that to Ron about himself, you let him learn from Dobby! Who almost seems to know that the explanation applies to Ron, too.

The small touches bring out great depth - a Mosylu hallmark. Rom knows what Harry and Hermione prefer on a sandwich. And he ensures that those sandwiches are made. And he keeps track of them among all the rest. And then delivers them. Rather than say he is thoughtful, you show it.

And I love the idea that the hero is a sandwich!

Reviewer: EmilyDate: 2004-06-29
Reviewid: 89296Chapter: 1
Aw that was so cute! Awesome story! I loved it!

Reviewer: ReynaDate: 2004-06-29
Reviewid: 89295Chapter: 1
I LOVED IT!!! Wow. That was really, really great. Beautiful. And the sandwhich thing with Harry was very cute in a totally platonic way. Dobby was perfect. Awesome job.

Reviewer: Eliza M.Date: 2004-06-29
Reviewid: 89294Chapter: 1
You've put a smile on my face. This was wonderful, not just because Ron learned an important lesson but because it was learned in an interesting and original way. Ha, and Harry was pretty funny with the sandwich.

Reviewer: ChloeDate: 2004-06-29
Reviewid: 89286Chapter: 1
Hey I'm your first review! This is really fantastic; I think you captured Ron's personality perfectly, and you showed a lot through a simple scene, good job! Oh and I liked your style as well.

Reviewer: sweetieDate: 2004-06-29
Reviewid: 89285Chapter: 1
This was great! you really put Ron perfectly in character. it's awful how he always puts himself down. WE LOVE YOU RON! *hugs Ron* great story!

luv sweetie

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