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Dumbledore's Army
Reviews for: Live
Review(s): 12

Reviewer: Mandy of the AmoebaDate: 2004-12-27
Reviewid: 108733Chapter: 1
Oh, bugger, now you've gone and made me cry. This...well, it's beautiful. And it's real. Last week, my grandfather died, which put us all at a loss...then the next day, on my twentieth birthday, actually, they took my favorite aunt to ICU. And I cleaned. Three o'clock in the morning, all alone in the house while my parents were at the hospital, I cleaned and wrapped Christmas presents because I was simply at a loss for anything else to do. And..this is real. The emotions are real. Beautiful piece.

Reviewer: PoocaDate: 2004-07-31
Reviewid: 94962Chapter: 1
Very, very nice. This was all good characterization, description... the obsessive cleaning was a bittersweet, but real, touch. Great job.

Reviewer: SarahDate: 2004-07-28
Reviewid: 94434Chapter: 1
Great! Fabulous! Absolutely a terrific start! I can't wait for the next chapter... You've got me hooked! Just a question... is this story completely made up or did you deduce some of this from things in the books? I don't remember finding anything out about Molly's family previously...

Sarah ^_^

Reviewer: story645Date: 2004-07-28
Reviewid: 94423Chapter: 1
Great fic, it's cool how you started off really light, talking about Molly and Arthur and overhearung her sister, and then moved into the attack and Dumbledore. I wasn't expecting the latter part of the fic. I love your attention to detail, the short sheets and alphabatized books, and carpet, and that Clara always wears pants. It fits really well, and sounds like something Molly would take notice of when everythings falling apart.

Reviewer: Frankie BeeblebroxDate: 2004-07-28
Reviewid: 94420Chapter: 1
"But all she could see now was the stillness; all she could hear was the silence; all she could feel was the lack of what had been."

Wow. What an amazing piece of work. Very moving, and Molly's reaction to the trauma downstairs was handled impeccably. I'm speachless. Well done.

Reviewer: beckDate: 2004-07-28
Reviewid: 94372Chapter: 1
that was so said poor molly.

Reviewer: onlylonelyDate: 2004-07-28
Reviewid: 94307Chapter: 1
Oh dear. How terrible... Although I'm a bit confused. Has Molly graduated from Hogwarts? Is that why she can use magic?

Other than that, this fic was definitely chilling, and I felt Molly's pain. I'm not sure on the characterization, and at first I was confused by Mrs. Weasley (seeing as that's Molly's title in the books) but I got it. Still a great piece. =)

Reviewer: Sergeant MajoretteDate: 2004-07-28
Reviewid: 94279Chapter: 1
Oh, I do love these missing moments backstory things! Your Molly is dead on, too.

Reviewer: AstridDate: 2004-07-27
Reviewid: 94260Chapter: 1
That was...sad. Well-written, believable, but very sad.

Reviewer: MallaryDate: 2004-07-27
Reviewid: 94229Chapter: 1
This is quite a creative story, but quite sad. Poor Molly. You've really captured a realistic take on how a person would react in the given situation. Molly, being more sensible than impulsive (as I have often seen her), does not rush foolishly into battle knowing very well what the outcome would be. She doesn't neseccarily hide, either. She does what's logical. And, I think it takes more bravery to do what she did.

When she begins to clean, I nearly cried. Her reaction makes her more young, innocent, and vulnerable, and less of Supermom!Molly. I often forget that she was young once, too, when I read canon and fanfiction. This really helped me remember.

The last lines are amazing.
[QUOTE] Home. The word was supposed to conjure up images of Christmas Eve in front of the fireplace, and everyone seated comfortably around the table, and Mum tucking her into bed every night that she was home even though she was much too old for it.

Home wasn’t supposed to bring up images of the living room carpet with her family sprawled across it, not getting up. Ever. But then…maybe home was all those memories. This place wasn’t home anymore. [/QUOTE]

Reviewer: Pineapple QueenDate: 2004-07-27
Reviewid: 94199Chapter: 1
I love the picture you've painted of Molly. Very believable, and this is a great story.


Reviewer: Deborah PetersDate: 2004-07-27
Reviewid: 94182Chapter: 1
Oh, goodness. That was wonderfully put-together. The image of Molly cleaning house to concentrate on something else is just heartbreaking. Wonderful story.

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