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Dumbledore's Army
Review(s): 15

Reviewer: MrRobertsIIIDate: 2005-02-11
Reviewid: 113520Chapter: 1
You do good work in very little space. I'm off to read more of your work, hoping to find something a bit longer but just as excellent.

Reviewer: SeasprayDate: 2005-02-03
Reviewid: 112868Chapter: 1
<Her housemates prodded and pushed, queried and complained. Eloise kept her mouth firmly shut, and refused to give in to any wheedling at all. >
Aww bless her. I hope her acne does clear up I know how horrible *that* can be. This was nicely written, gave a real insight into poor Eloise's feelings- keep writing.

Reviewer: grassDate: 2005-02-01
Reviewid: 112631Chapter: 1
awww. that's so cute. poor Marietta (sorta), I guess she deserved it. I like the perspective you took with Eloise.

Reviewer: MicheDate: 2004-11-24
Reviewid: 105839Chapter: 1
I love this story because I can certain sympathize with Eloise (don't all girls feel ugly to some extent) and because of how Eloise handled Marietta's. . . disfigurement.

Reviewer: HannahDate: 2004-10-06
Reviewid: 100484Chapter: 1
I've been thinking of writing an Eloise story ever since I read the part in the fourth book with her being called a troll by Ron, but you beat me to it. Great job.

Reviewer: BeatriceDate: 2004-10-05
Reviewid: 100480Chapter: 1
Aww, how sweet! A story about Eloise Midgen!

Reviewer: JenDate: 2004-10-05
Reviewid: 100470Chapter: 1
Wow, this is a really great story! If you changed it a little (not really a HP one) it could be a Chicken Soup story! Great writing, hope to see more stories by you!

Reviewer: Pineapple QueenDate: 2004-10-05
Reviewid: 100468Chapter: 1
Loved it! What an original story! Nice to see something from Eloise's point of view...great job!

-Pineapple Queen

Reviewer: PoocaDate: 2004-10-05
Reviewid: 100466Chapter: 1
Very, very cute. Quite creative, taking Eloise's POV... I always thought of her as older than the trio, but I suppose she could not be also. Huh. Intruiging, well done. :o)

Reviewer: BlueMoon1242Date: 2004-10-05
Reviewid: 100461Chapter: 1
This was just wonderful! A little touch of humor, a dash of empathy, a truly realistic Eloise, and you have a beautiful fic. *grins* And I have to admit that the twist on Umbridge's name is pretty darn funny.

Reviewer: FireflashDate: 2004-10-05
Reviewid: 100458Chapter: 1
Such a lovely little ficlet! It is true that we sympathise (or perhaps empathise is a better word) much better when we too have gone through tough times. Thanks for being so understanding of these and showing it so well through one of our least-known characters!

Reviewer: BerteDate: 2004-10-05
Reviewid: 100444Chapter: 1
Qute fic! Yes, it's all a matter of perspective. As long as someone has it worse than yourself, you'll survive, won't you? I liked that she didn't go into any details, and just said it was 'bad', only used the knowledge for herself and her own surviving-through-the-zits. Nice!

Reviewer: srutiDate: 2004-10-05
Reviewid: 100434Chapter: 1
excellent-thanks for such anice fic-but pls oh pls can u finish scars of the heart???????

Reviewer: DonDate: 2004-10-05
Reviewid: 100426Chapter: 1
Great idea! I would have never thought to use this approach. And I like the personality you've given Eloise, too! You had her describe herself as nice, and then she was. Nicely done!

Reviewer: MiriamDate: 2004-10-05
Reviewid: 100421Chapter: 1
It is, indeed, a matter of perspective. I'm glad that you made Eloise keep her silence. This was a very thoughtful one-shot.


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