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Dumbledore's Army
Reviews for: Snakes and Spiders
Review(s): 9

Reviewer: Reader 2Date: 2005-06-22
Reviewid: 124889Chapter: 3
Stepbrothers Series - Great works. I really liked them

Reviewer: BirgitDate: 2005-05-20
Reviewid: 122509Chapter: 3
Hey! You've replied to me. :-) Bit odd, to see a reply to a review of half a year ago, but I suppose it's more my fault than yours.

This is another great story in the series, and I wonder why it got so little reviews. Maybe because many people (like me) ran out of free time after reading several parts and then stopped reading.

At least I returned. I wasn't too happy with the previous part (I just can't match Sharessa to the "let me rip ... let me kill" basilisk from CoS) but I've managed to put that out of my head and fully enjoy this part. Sharessa is quite funny, as Tom-in-love. Not to forget the mini lion!

I think you did a good job on writing the awkward feelings of these teenagers, and Rubeus' reaction is priceless.

I'm just wondering about one thing: you said that Tom needed to translate questions from the historians, and when Moira first met Sharessa he also translated her greeting ... but Sharessa butted in in the middle of an English conversation, and she understood it when Tom said that she was tired and was going to the Chamber. So can she understand English or not? And how do you explain a basilisk being able to understand English, while no human appears to be able to learn Parseltongue?

Anyway, it's rather funny to have Sharessa say things to Tom about the conversation, while only Tom can understand her, so I forgive you for this apparent inconsistency. ;-) I wonder what sort of house Moira and Tom are going to live in once they're married. They seem quite used already to talk about anything in front of lethal magical creatures...

Oh, I almost forgot! This Dolores person would be Umbridge, would it? Urgh, the idea of Tom with Umbridge is not exactly appealing -- nor is the idea of someone marrying Umbridge, which must have happened if Umbridge wasn't called Umbridge in this story.

Good job on the story again, and I'm quicky going to read the next part!

Reviewer: The CorinthianDate: 2004-11-01
Reviewid: 103171Chapter: 3
Positively adorable. I always had a feeling that you could keep four or five characters in the air at once, and now you've proved that you can. Well done! This chapter had me laughing out loud - Tom is so very charming.
"Tom blinked, then turned a brilliant shade of red. "Merlin," he said weakly. "You do realize you've just utterly destroyed any impression I might have retained about the Gryffindor stereotype of being high-minded?""
You have a gift for humour and a gift for dialogue and you finally seem to be taking advantage of them. Yay!!! My only question is, what happens now? You've destroyed most of the conflict by making all the characters get along and (of course) making the major villain of the canon series a good guy. What happens now?

Reviewer: BarbDate: 2004-10-30
Reviewid: 102954Chapter: 3
Hey hey! Nice chapter!!! That was so cute!!! And Tom being offended by being named an honorary Griffindor! Hilarious! You guys are so funny! That was an amazing chapter! OK I've got to go sleep now... I'm kindof falling off my chair! Happy Halloween! And write more soon!


Reviewer: Frankie B.Date: 2004-10-21
Reviewid: 102065Chapter: 2
Have I mentioned lately how much I enjoy this series? It's just fantastic. I had a big goofy grin on my face through the whole sequence.

While I didn't think Sharessa would intentionally hurt anyone, I was worried that someone might stumble upon her when she wasn't expecting it and get zapped. What can I say, I am paranoid. :-)

As always, your dialogue is just superb. I loved the dual conversations between Sharessa/Tom and Sharessa/Tom/Moira. I especially enjoyed Sharessa's insinuations and Tom's obvious affection for both the females in the room. Very nicely done.

Oh, I also wanted to compliment you on the tension between Moira and Tom in this chapter. It's absolutely perfect! Completely believable and made me remember being in similar situations when I was their age. *sigh*

I agree with your statement in the author's notes. Tom, Tavish and Mary do have a wonderfully tempering ability on him, and while it is much subtler than the differences in Tom and Sharessa, it's definitely there.

As always, great work. Thanks a bunch, I'll be looking for the newest update!

Reviewer: Pineapple QueenDate: 2004-10-19
Reviewid: 101842Chapter: 2
I love your Tom...I've probably said that entirely too many times, but I do. And I love Sharessa's comments about Moira...very funny.


Reviewer: BarbelibouDate: 2004-10-19
Reviewid: 101827Chapter: 2
Mouahahahahahhahaa I adore Sharessa!!! Seriously, she's the best! Good job on this chapter! I wonder which Slytherin will be Hagrid's sweet heart! (I know you intedn on doing that, don't you dare deny it!!) Mehehehe, anyway, I gotta go sleep, have two midterms soon and I'm stressing a bit, so sorry if my review isn't as long as usual, but if you post soon enough, I swear my next review will be usual lenght! Big kisses!

Reviewer: Frankie B.Date: 2004-10-07
Reviewid: 100703Chapter: 1
*sniff* Our Puggle is growing up so quickly! Why, I remember when he was just a teeny kid with owlish eyes watching Tavish care for his mother. :-)

Wonderful chapter, as always. You have an uncanny knack for dialogue, and I loved the exchange between Moira and Tom. Very natural, yet laced with tension. Lovely. I had a bit goofy grin on my face through the whole thing. Oh, and how you got them to talk? Brilliant. Just brilliant. I am still curious to see how he's going to handle translations, quidditch, prefect duties AND getting more O.W.L.s than anyone else? Guess I'll just have to keep reading.

The way you write Hagrid has always impressed the heck out of me, and this chapter is another prime example of why. You keep him perfectly in character, yet this is obviously a younger version of the Hagrid we know and love. Amazing.

Admittedly, warning bells went off in my stomach when I read that Moira and Hagrid are going into the chamber without Tom, but I hope I am wrong about it. After all, how can he open the chamber without speaking Parseltongue? Right? (I'm trying to refrain from blatant pleading.)

Fabulous, fabulous work. I'm listing you in the Review Challenge again in order to spread the word about this great series. :D

Reviewer: BarbelibouDate: 2004-10-06
Reviewid: 100525Chapter: 1
Ohhhhhh romance is in the air!!! So cute! Tom seems to have followed his mother's sense of love! Going with a Gryffindor! And what next??? Hagrid going with a Slytherin??? pfft! what will you girls not invent! Mehehehe Good job! But hey, you know what? I saw that romance coming (although, maybe not when you first mentioned Moira) I hope Sharessa likes her... what am I saying, of course she'll like her! But I bet Sharessa will be the one to tell Tom that the girl smells in love or something! hehehe! So what will happen to Tom's wand then? Hmmmm? care to share? well write soon! :p

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