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Dumbledore's Army
Reviews for: Fall
Review(s): 19

Reviewer: Reader 2Date: 2005-12-15
Reviewid: 137218Chapter: 1
Very Entertaining. An Excellent tale.

Reviewer: JE55YDate: 2005-08-25
Reviewid: 130874Chapter: 1
I loved it! It really conveys Lupins emotional state. I'm glad he didn't opt for death...and I think he is too!
This line just cracks me up, lol...

“Where are my manners? I’m Lupus Reemin, I…I mean, Remus Lupin.”

The comedy is great!

I would like to know how Moody ate his meal without being affected by the Sleeping Potion.

Snapes comment about Lupins preference in women was hilarious!

"He is not accustomed to beautiful women. I believe he prefers a canine companion."

I think it's great that this story links with your two Novels.
Someone should have set fire to that awful picture of Siruis' Mother ages ago! Good one Remus!

Once again thank you for a great read!

JE55Y :)

Reviewer: PatriciaDate: 2005-05-01
Reviewid: 121146Chapter: 1
I just discovered your stories tonight & I LOVE them! You draw the characters beautifully in any circumstances & all of the emotions are so evocative....! Remus' toast to Sirius actually made me cry.... Can hardly wait to read more of your work!

Reviewer: desperate2feelDate: 2005-04-28
Reviewid: 120879Chapter: 1
Oh this was great! It really made me smile :-D
Dumbledore's words as he saved Remus from the veil were touching and Remus's reactions to them and Dumbledore's prank were dead on character!

Though, in my opinion Remus was placed in Gryffindor because of his courage to accept. I don't think his braver is like Harry's or Sirius's where he charges into danger - instead it comes from not giving up, and accepting the (rather horrible) life he was dealt. So - I don't see him going to that veil - though it is a very reasonable reaction to what he has to face.

Reviewer: marchpaneDate: 2005-03-06
Reviewid: 115672Chapter: 1
Great story - I particularly like the exchange between Dumbledore and McGonagall, the idea of Dumbledore 'dabbling in matchmaking', and Sirius talking to Remus in his head.

Reviewer: mischiefDate: 2005-02-02
Reviewid: 112708Chapter: 1 to visit that library!

Reviewer: Eudora HawkinsDate: 2005-01-15
Reviewid: 110961Chapter: 1
Thanks, Genesse.

Sorry to disappoint you, but this was a one-shot. But that doesn't mean that I won't write other stories about Remus and Angela.


P.S. I've written two novel-length stories on Angela and Remus. You can find them at Fiction Alley (
They were the first fan fiction stories I'd written and...well...let's just say that I've learned a lot since I started. They go beyond the summer of Harry's fifth year, so they didn't meet the SQ criterion when I first posted. Now they will be AU by July 16th. Take a look, if you're interested.

Reviewer: GenesseDate: 2005-01-08
Reviewid: 110267Chapter: 1
Oh, that was so sweet! Is there going to be more?

Reviewer: Eudora HawkinsDate: 2005-01-08
Reviewid: 110239Chapter: 1
Thanks for the kind words, Erica, lauren, and Helen!

This was a stand-alone to deal with the Remus' grief. I really liked the way it came out. Glad to hear that you liked it too.

I have written a chaptered Angela/Remus story (currently posted on Fiction Alley). It was the first piece that I'd written and is full of beginner's mistakes. Needs a bit of rewriting before I post it here.

That and other "plot bunnies" that refuse to let go will keep me writing. So I'm sure there will be other stories to post.

Thanks for the encouragement,

Reviewer: EricaDate: 2005-01-08
Reviewid: 110174Chapter: 1
Very cute! It works very well as its own fic, but I'm hoping there will be more!

Reviewer: laurenDate: 2005-01-06
Reviewid: 109982Chapter: 1
this is a great story!! is there a sequel coming soon??

Reviewer: HelenDate: 2005-01-06
Reviewid: 109956Chapter: 1
Sublime! Eudora, I'm hoping this is just a first chapter, right? Or at least, that we will see more of your writing here at SQ.
I love your writing style, the language you use - you managed to work in 'diaphanous'! And the characterisations - of Remus of course, but also, significantly, of Dumbledore - are a delight.
So many lines are so beautifully done, that I would struggle to select a favourite, but I think the moments in the death chamber are heart-wrenchingly poignant, particularly the veil's 'seductive tremor', its appealing lure to Remus, and of course, his tribute to Sirius.
Best wishes


Reviewer: Eudora HawkinsDate: 2005-01-06
Reviewid: 109906Chapter: 1
Thanks for the reviews and feedback, Minuial, moonette, and nightcrawler1089!

And yes, moonette, it's me! Who else would choose such a nom de plume? ;) I'm loving your story. And Catherine will get Remus first, of course. You, clever writer, set your story in an earlier time period. DRAT! ;)

Reviewer: nightcrawler1089Date: 2005-01-06
Reviewid: 109903Chapter: 1
Wonderful idea, and a great story!

Reviewer: moonetteDate: 2005-01-05
Reviewid: 109814Chapter: 1
Eudora Hawkins? The Eudora Hawkins of The Talisman of Monguk fame? So glad to see you writing on the Quill! It's about time. I thoroughly enjoyed this chapter. Although I didn't for a minute believe our Remus would end his life in that manner - with or without Dumbledore's intervention. :) But I realize Dumbledore didn't just stop him from falling, he gave Remus hope for the future. And cleverly done at that. Once again your dialogue is wonderful and thoroughly in-character, and your sense of humor is delightful. Looking forward to more. (Although they can't end up together forever, since Remus will be with Catherine!) :)

Reviewer: MinuialDate: 2005-01-04
Reviewid: 109733Chapter: 1
Wow. I DO hope that this not a stand alone but the prologue of a multi-chaptered story. I like how you wrote Remus's grief. I appreciated too that you kept the movie idea of Remus liking big band music. Somehow, I've always thought that it fit him.
"Remus stopped and spun around to face the newcomer. His eyes shot open wide in surprise. “Headmaster?”"
Nice touch. Dumbledore is such a powerful and striking wizard that I can see Remus still calling him 'Headmaster' even if he's no longer a student at Hogwarts, neither a teacher there. The lines you gave Dumbledore were very 'him', by the way. He's not that easy to write.
I absolutely LOVED the idea of the library and the book for each person and how shrewdly Dumbledore use them for matchmaking. LOL.
I also enjoyed the way Sirius's voice speaks to Remus in his mind. The people we love never really leave us, don't they?
I like Angela a lot too and that's one of the reasons why I hope that you are planning on a longer piece. That and the fact that I'm a sucker for any story featuring Remus.

Reviewer: Eudora HawkinsDate: 2005-01-04
Reviewid: 109720Chapter: 1

Actually, Nundu, I was thinking of "From this Moment On." But I do like your selection better. Etta James "At Last" is excellent!

Reviewer: BabyRuthDate: 2005-01-04
Reviewid: 109701Chapter: 1
“Where are my manners? I’m Lupus Reemin, I…I mean, Remus Lupin.”

Oh, that was good! I love Remus stories, this is right up there with the best!

Reviewer: NunduDate: 2005-01-04
Reviewid: 109693Chapter: 1
Or perhaps Etta James? 'At Last'

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