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Reviews for: The Gift
Review(s): 11

Reviewer: Frankie BDate: 2005-07-13
Reviewid: 127078Chapter: 1
Oh, RLS, this is just wonderful. I love the flashbacks you use to show how their relationship developed, as well as the hints and subtle nudges at a storyline far more complicated than you've set down here. This is absolutely lovely. :-)

Reviewer: St. MargaretsDate: 2005-02-16
Reviewid: 114057Chapter: 1
I really liked the star and the naming every nine and a half years. It was a great way to introduce a span of time into this story - but to also evoke something changeless which, is of course, the stuff of true love.

I also liked the glimpses into their relationship - heating up as they grew older. And thank you for not giving all the details of their breakup, because those moments are best forgotten, while the good one you allowed to ressonate with Ron.

This was very well done. You know, a reunion story would not be out of order. :)

Reviewer: KODate: 2005-02-14
Reviewid: 113898Chapter: 1
Every time I read this one, I like it more and more. You just have Ron nailed -- I especially love it when he's playing with his peas. I loved his reaction to Hermione kissing him and the way he seems to know her better than anyone else. Ginny is my favorite Weasley (at least today), and I enjoy the relationship you've given her and Ron.

I think this one's still my favorite; I'm so excited that it's on the Quill!


Reviewer: nightcrawler1089Date: 2005-02-11
Reviewid: 113658Chapter: 1
I'm really not much for song fics, but this is a very interesting plot. Plus it mentions Apple, so I'm happy!

Reviewer: emma moonDate: 2005-02-11
Reviewid: 113652Chapter: 1
Great story! I hope you write another one, with Ron and Hermione getting together and maybe what happened between Harry and Ginny? Maybe Harry wakes up and realizes what he's missed. I want to know more! Thanks!

Reviewer: Jim McGuffinDate: 2005-02-11
Reviewid: 113517Chapter: 1
Interesting songfic. It's good how you wrote the developing relationship between Ron and Hermione to the song, first with the star, then with each of them going their own ways. I hope that R/H will find each other once again.

Excellent job and keep up the good work.

Reviewer: reader2Date: 2005-02-11
Reviewid: 113506Chapter: 1
Interesting scenario - nice work

Reviewer: AlphieDate: 2005-02-11
Reviewid: 113503Chapter: 1
Nice idea you have here to just present snippits. I enjoyed working out the time line as the story went. However, I do need to tell you that I never was able to figure out what the "gift" was until I read the foot note at the bottom. Those of us who have never played with an iPod might be left hanging.

Reviewer: stefanieDate: 2005-02-10
Reviewid: 113402Chapter: 1
very sweet.

Reviewer: JulesDate: 2005-02-10
Reviewid: 113361Chapter: 1
Well, I just read it again. Hee! Brightened my morning, I can tell you that. :-)

This is currently my favorite piece of yours (yes, even over the funny ones...shocking isn't it?) and may very well be my favorite R/H fic, though I'm waiting on your next one. ;-)

Of course I like how you've given us snippets of interaction between the couple, both good and bad, and I really love Ginny's talk with Ron. She doesn't want him to keep hurting so badly when it's so unnecessary, and it almost breaks your heart. It's very typical that these things are often so obvious to everyone else but not the couple involved.

Something I may not have noted:

>>Living in Britain, without her here, wasnít the same. And he would tell her so. Playing for the Cannons, without her cheering him on, was meaningless. And he would tell her so. His life, without her by his side, was empty. And he would tell her so.<<

I love the repetition in this sequence of lines: 'and he would tell her so.' It makes the meaning stronger to lay it out that way, and it's just beautiful.


Reviewer: prplhez8Date: 2005-02-10
Reviewid: 113321Chapter: 1
Wow. What an amazing story, really well done. The whole thing just makes you ache right in the middle. Ron's characterization is spot on and their relationship taking the turn I wasn't surprised to see, but you've done such a wonderful job with it...and *sigh* I love happy endings. Well, well done!!!

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