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Reviews for: Explain the Night
Review(s): 35

Reviewer: evietje89Date: 2005-08-24
Reviewid: 130811Chapter: 9
oh my god!i love this story!it's just great!but you're not going to leave it like that?i mean i want to know how it's going to work out with sirius and remus!!this is just great story!greetz evietje

Reviewer: AmandaDate: 2005-08-15
Reviewid: 130016Chapter: 9
Oh my god that was such an amazing story, i loved it, but you can't leave it there. I am still so sad for moony, I really want sirius to make it up to him. But seriously amazing writing!! You captured their characters really well. Fab keep writing

Reviewer: JaclynDate: 2005-08-03
Reviewid: 128633Chapter: 9
yeah! I'm so happy for moony! Finally! I just caught up and read the last 3 chapters and I loved them! I'm so glad they finally paired up:)

Reviewer: glerfDate: 2005-07-25
Reviewid: 127745Chapter: 9
awesome fic! your characters are spot on, especially with the s/r discussion at the end.

if I had a list of extremely awesome fanfic quips, Sirius' 'Excuse me, ladies' would be on it.

Reviewer: KristinDate: 2005-07-19
Reviewid: 127412Chapter: 9
You've written a really good S/R fic... I am impressed.
Please continue to write, nine chapters are way too short for a story as great as this one...

Reviewer: prplhez8Date: 2005-07-13
Reviewid: 127069Chapter: 9
Nohwrah...wonderful again my dear sister friend. And thanx for the :wub: in the beginning. I adore the ending of this story so much. This was the first R/S fic that I read that I actually bookmarked on my favorites on LJ, and I've still got it there ;) . It it is such a wonderful transition from friends to lovers without all the gratuity and I adore you for that.

I believe that this version is much smoother than the one on the lj and it shows that you are putting alot of effort into being a quill author. I'm so proud of you!

Once again...Job well done!


Reviewer: Dana, Inc.Date: 2005-07-13
Reviewid: 127060Chapter: 1
This is a superbly written fic, and I've extracted more entertainment from it than I previously believed possible. Well done. ~Dana

Reviewer: Aly AbreuDate: 2005-07-13
Reviewid: 127056Chapter: 9
OMG! This was defiitly the ending I was looking forward to. You are going to continue, right?

Reviewer: MaartjeDate: 2005-07-13
Reviewid: 127048Chapter: 9
Oh, darn, Noor, this is the BEST soup.

Reviewer: shaolaDate: 2005-07-12
Reviewid: 126987Chapter: 8
uhh, finally another chapter up! Great as always, makes me await the next just more eagerly! Your characterisation is good as well, as you are putting more emphasis on the "side-characters"- I liked James especially in this chapter! And Peter- the comment about him not being very interesting (by Lily!) and their expecting him to leave early after full moon (and it's his boring job as well)and all the small tid-bits give a good impression of the groop dynamics and show what went wrong... Oh, and I don't have a clue what's going on with Sirius, but as Remus doesn't know either that's fitting:-)

Reviewer: beckDate: 2005-07-12
Reviewid: 126978Chapter: 8
i cant believe you left it like that please please please update soon i love they way you have written this story it very tastefull thank you keep up the great work

Reviewer: HeatherKDate: 2005-07-12
Reviewid: 126972Chapter: 8

Reviewer: TinaDate: 2005-07-12
Reviewid: 126904Chapter: 8
I'm terrible about remebering to leave fb but I just have to say that I am loving this story. I was feeling so terrible for Remus after the last chapter, I was dying to read this one.
Thanks for such a great read!

Reviewer: JaclynDate: 2005-07-03
Reviewid: 125956Chapter: 7
I really love this story, I read it awhile back and I'm just getting back to your updates. Aw I hope sirius is just confused and really isen't repulsed by the idea, They seen so in tune to eachother, and lupin seems so lovable. I hope mary can still befreind him, maybe to haelp him with the werewolf thing, or something, just so he can get his mind off sirius for a while. Well I love reading your work so please update soon! :)

Reviewer: shaolaDate: 2005-06-30
Reviewid: 125683Chapter: 7
oh, great new chapters! But leaving us here and going on with all these delaying tactics, mind you, you're drinving me as crazy as sirius is doing to Remus, so please, update soon!!! (but of course, so longer the story... :-) )

Reviewer: MaartjeDate: 2005-06-29
Reviewid: 125597Chapter: 7
<<He must have missed a vital part of the conversation.>>
And for that quote and the rest of the chapter, I forgive you for not telling me. Again.

Reviewer: MaartjeDate: 2005-06-26
Reviewid: 125304Chapter: 6
Why? Why? Why, by Merlin's pickled golfballs on toast?
Why haven't you told me you updated?

I'd be positively not speaking to you if I could just stop squeeing.

Reviewer: beckDate: 2005-06-10
Reviewid: 123668Chapter: 5
well that was a way to short chapter do hope you update soon im dieing to find out what happens

Reviewer: childoftheseventhsinDate: 2005-06-08
Reviewid: 123497Chapter: 4
Oh no!!! Why did you have to leave this on a cliffhanger??? *wails!!* This is really good, I never imagined Sirius and Remus getting together before, but you make it really believable! Thanks for a great read, and update soooooooooon!

Reviewer: beckDate: 2005-06-07
Reviewid: 123437Chapter: 4
awesome first 4 chapters how come all the really cute ones are gay it figures =) loved the story and i love how you ended chapter 4 please please update soon though im dying to find out what happens =)

Reviewer: shaolaDate: 2005-06-06
Reviewid: 123388Chapter: 4
oh gosh, that's gorgeous!!! I'm so happy I found a S/R-slasher here at sugarquill... I loved the hole story. Your characterization of the marauders and lily and her family is great! the idea of Sirius's wedding present, and the dancing at the end...

please update soon!

Reviewer: MaartjeDate: 2005-06-02
Reviewid: 123232Chapter: 4
Oh, now I really do hate you. Why didn't you tell me you had updated? And updated - this?
They kissed. And - oh, I can't review this.
The Frank! The cummings! The daaaaaancing!

Reviewer: AlyDate: 2005-06-02
Reviewid: 123192Chapter: 4
Wow, I am not usually into the whole S/R thing, but this is good. Please update soon.

Reviewer: JaclynDate: 2005-06-01
Reviewid: 123177Chapter: 4
I though it was a cute twist you put on moony and padfoot.I could see lupin as passing for gay but I haden't thought about sirius too, I'm interested to see where your story goes. It is a good break from the hermionne ron, harry ginny stories. I aslo really liked how all the personalities really fit well with the characters. I hope you will explain eventually why sirius and monney don't stay together, assuming they are going to get together.

Reviewer: AdrienneDate: 2005-05-29
Reviewid: 122963Chapter: 4
Oh no! And again I say poor, poor Remus. At least it'll stretch the story out.

Reviewer: prplhez8Date: 2005-05-27
Reviewid: 122756Chapter: 4
>All he could smell was cigarettes and something distinctly Sirius.<


I just absolutely adore this tale (as you know)! I get so engulfed in the moment...I could feel my heart stammering along with Remus' and Sirius' ... it was just intoxicating.

Well done, once again!

Reviewer: Philippa SomervilleDate: 2005-05-25
Reviewid: 122710Chapter: 3
Aww...subtle slash. I didn't know it existed. But it's very nice.

Reviewer: AdrienneDate: 2005-05-25
Reviewid: 122680Chapter: 3
Oh, poor Remus. I liked the lines about Sirius' boring chest though. Your dialogue is very quick and sharp, I think it works very well.

Reviewer: Aly AbreuDate: 2005-05-24
Reviewid: 122652Chapter: 3
It was good. Are you going to continue?

Reviewer: MarchpaneDate: 2005-05-11
Reviewid: 121854Chapter: 1
I don't usually like the Remus/Sirius ship, but this is so good I may be changing my mind. I love the Marauders and Lily, they're just like I imagine them. Great story so far.

Reviewer: prplhez8Date: 2005-05-10
Reviewid: 121773Chapter: 2
Once again, Nohwrah...another wonderful chapter! I love watching this unfolding. This is one of absolutely favorite ships. And I particularly love the fact that there is no declaration of love within the first two pages and hopping into bed the next page. Anticipation ain't just a song title, ya know? ;)

Great, great Job!

Reviewer: AdrienneDate: 2005-05-06
Reviewid: 121515Chapter: 1
This was surprisingly funny and charming. I actually look forward to more (I didn't think I would from the prompt), so keep it up.

"‘Her very accurate instincts,’ James added. ‘She knew I was a prat all along.’"

Good. Very good.

Reviewer: SeasprayDate: 2005-05-04
Reviewid: 121362Chapter: 1
Interesting. Some very humourous moments here:< ‘That’s not what she said,’ Remus pointed at the hanky in James’ robes and tried to push him over with one finger, ‘She said you told her.’
‘Well, she kind of caught me by surprise,’ James said as he remained remarkably in his place. >
LOL. I think you have a good handle on Remus' dry wit. I'm not sure about all those "smouldering glances" though. Somehow I can't imagine Remus being obvious about something he was trying to hide... but then again perhaps its just obvious to James because hes lived with him so long. Anyhow, this has some wonderful characterisations of the Marauders and Lily. Keep writing!

Reviewer: MaartjeDate: 2005-05-02
Reviewid: 121229Chapter: 1
If this story wasn't so amazing I'd hate you.
But now I just want to know what happens neeeext...

Reviewer: prplhez8Date: 2005-05-01
Reviewid: 121123Chapter: 1
Nowrah -

I believe I read this on lj in remusxsirius group and I loved it then and boy, I'm soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo happy to see it up at the quill.

I love your interactions with the Marauders...snappy, quick and witty and of course slightly disparraging at's a joy to read!

Ah. And the smouldering glances of the unrequited...*sigh*.

I remember how this one ends too...*wink, wink*

But, I will keep on's a joy the second time around too!!

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