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Dumbledore's Army
Reviews for: Oathbroken
Review(s): 11

Reviewer: Talking Purple RabbitsDate: 2005-08-31
Reviewid: 131431Chapter: 1
:D Enjoyed. Sad, sweet, poignant, and very much enjoyed. Nobody thinks about that aspect of Kreacher...

Reviewer: Reader 2Date: 2005-08-29
Reviewid: 131161Chapter: 1
Excellent. Very well done. Thanks

Reviewer: stars_inthe_sky (LJ)Date: 2005-08-23
Reviewid: 130648Chapter: 1
Creepy in an extremely good way. The last paragraph was astounding.

Reviewer: AccentDate: 2005-07-09
Reviewid: 126627Chapter: 1
Kreacher must find a way to die in serving the master he betrayed. Let’s see, let’s see, what can Kreacher do? Master left no body for Kreacher to attend to – typical Master, never thinks of poor Kreacher – so Kreacher must…” Kreacher’s eye alit on the Hippogriff in the bedroom. “Kreacher will feed Master’s pet!” And with that, he ran headlong into the master bedroom, arms pinwheeling at his sides.
Poor Sirius *sniffles*Darn KREACHER!

Reviewer: JuluDate: 2005-05-14
Reviewid: 122047Chapter: 1
OH MY!!!

I have cold chills!

I do love your clever writing so much! Phineas was one of my favorite things about OotP, so it was great fun for you to have his voice so perfectly.

Can't wait for more from you - I know it will be great!

Reviewer: beckDate: 2005-05-11
Reviewid: 121909Chapter: 1
poor buckbeak will probally have a stomach ach for a week after eating that foul creature yuck. anywas great little story =)

Reviewer: Miss Stephanie D.Date: 2005-05-10
Reviewid: 121835Chapter: 1
"Kreacher will feed Master's pet!"


I was eating lunch.

I, like I suppose every fan, wanted Kreacher to experience the consequences of his actions; however, could you please write less powerfully. Have some consideration for my poor stomach.

I like your concepts about elf-bonds and the tradition associated with oathbreaking. Could I use them in a story of my own?

Miss Stephanie D.

Reviewer: MrRobertsIIIDate: 2005-05-10
Reviewid: 121813Chapter: 1
I've read fics where Kreacher still lives, died in a cupboard, joined the Malfoys, and so on, but this is the first in which he commits suicide by Hippogriff. Great idea and fits in perfectly with what we know of house elfs.

-very in character.

Reviewer: nightcrawler1089Date: 2005-05-10
Reviewid: 121732Chapter: 1
Interesting ending...very original idea. Nice read--thanks a lot!

Reviewer: DaniDate: 2005-05-10
Reviewid: 121712Chapter: 1
Gruesome ending, hope Buckbeak doesn't get ill. I bet shrivelled old house-elf doesn't taste good even to a hippogriff. I like the characterisation of Phineas and the enormity of remus loosing it in is grief.

Reviewer: MiriamDate: 2005-05-09
Reviewid: 121691Chapter: 1
Wow - you do good work. Phineas is properly arrogant, Kreature is properly officious but resenting it, and Lupin has lost it. Beautiful.

I can't wait to see more of your inspiration bunnies turn to fiction. Please take it as a hint!


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