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Dumbledore's Army
Review(s): 20

Reviewer: Reader 2Date: 2006-04-26
Reviewid: 142251Chapter: 5
Quite Excellent. Much more involved and complex than the standard HP fare. Thanks for a good read.

Reviewer: Episcopal WitchDate: 2003-07-27
Reviewid: 44081Chapter: 5
One of the great strengths of this story is the way it combines the messy inconclusiveness of real life with the formal patterns and sense of closure necessary for a satisfying work of art.

Remus spends time and energy on repairing the shed, but in fact never uses it again. Viv never has to face Emma after Zeke’s death. Remus never has a chance to say goodbye and thank-you to Emma and Anthony.

Yet the most important emotional threads of the story are fully developed and resolved: Remus’s emotional deep-freeze about his friends, especially Sirius, and the way that the unconditional love that Viv and Remus give each other in their friendship changes each of them.

What Remus gains from Viv is the strength to face his loss and move on. From a structural point of view, this problem is set up right in Chapter One when he and Viv talk in the forest and runs through the whole work, surfaces violently when he breaks down after his transformation, and provides the emotional conclusion of the story.

For Viv, Remus is the first person in her life who loves her without needing to change her in order to do so, and asks nothing more of her than that she accept him in return. “I expect nothing, except the continuation of our friendship.” He’d of course prefer that she had more good sense, but he loves her “Viviane entire” regardless. (In fact, I think it’s partly Viv’s faults, not only her sheer “pouvoir de vivre,” that enables her to get under Remus’s defenses in the first place.) Remus gives Viv an anchor and becomes her emotional “home,” even when they part at the end. The scene in the jail when he wordlessly cradles her made my heart melt, and it’s the perfect illustration of the quality of his friendship.

The two events that violently change the direction of the story, Zeke’s death and Viv and Remus’s flight, are great examples of how you combine the foreshadowing of artistry and the unexpectedness of real life. The tension between Viv and Moody has been building toward disaster, but Zeke’s death is a stomach punch, unmotivated and meaningless. The threat that someone will discover Remus’s secret runs throughout the entire story, but his fears have been so focused on the possibility that Viv’s activities will bring him to the unwelcome attention of officialdom that it’s a shock when the blow falls from his own students (I especially liked the subtle way you conveyed that by the way he recognizes some of the voices in the pursuing crowd).

Too bad more of Remus’s good judgment doesn’t rub off of Viv! But it’s realistic. Viv’s an inherently less stable person than Remus (now that’s the understatement of the year—when he says, “You’re just as screwed up as I am,” he’s doing her honor), so although her experiences with him start making inroads on her preconceptions—“I suppose I’m beginning to realize that there are Death Eaters…and Death Eaters”—she does not learn much about how her obsessions and assumptions lead her into disaster. She goes straight from her pardon to killing Cordelia, with the greatest of relish. She has a long journey left to go, and at this point in your writing of her saga, we don’t know where she’ll end up (HINT, HINT).

“…there is no telling when anything we build will be destroyed. Facing that and living in spite of it, takes more courage than facing a mindless mob.” Oh, yes…I think that may end up being the ultimate point of all the horrors that transpire in OotP….

I like the way you set up the threat of Vivian’s soul going to the Dementors with the earlier incidents of Felix and the Death Eater execution she witnesses. Poor Felix—so they got him after all.

Lots of clever little touches and felicitous phrases—for instance, the “Bleeding Hart,” the loathing between Viv and Moody filling the air “like sudden thunder,” the stained glass window with the spider eating the butterfly, “static interrupting the plaster.” I was especially struck by the likening of Viv’s unbound hair to her latent power, and the moment when Remus and Viv both stand holding her sword.

You evoke your version of Remus’s old home and his parents with concrete touches that give a sense of a real past and real people—Remus talking about the lectures after dinner, his parents’ old star charts and compass. If JKR never gives us anything definite, I’ll gladly buy this version!

Remus’s reasons for staying behind—that he can’t leave Britain while Sirius is stuck on a rock in the North Sea—seem as inadequate to me as they do to Viv. I wonder if on some gut level he knows that if he heads off to parts unknown with her, that will be more strain than their friendship can bear. He would honestly articulate this if he realized it—he never pulls punches with Viv, that would be an insult—but I think the tempestuous arguments the two of them have had lend credence to this idea.

I’ve thoroughly enjoyed the way the entire story has wandered about in essentially picaresque fashion, while still keeping a firm grasp on its essentials. The two London vignettes in Part 5 are especially vivid. It’s great to see more of Mr. Ollivander, and the scene with Cordelia was deliciously bitchy.

The conclusion is sweet, simple and pitched just right. “Disapparated out of his sight, if not his life.” Awwww….And then there’s the last bit of formal unity and closure, as the story both begins and ends with Remus looking for his next job.

Viv is a Stunner of an OC, a fully rounded strong female character. The haunting bits of her backstory we get in this make me hope fervently that we’ll someday learn the whole tale (HINT, HINT). As a card-carrying Lupinfreak I love what you’ve done with early-20s Remus – the sharp intelligence, the bitterness he hasn’t yet overcome, the ferocious determination to lock down his emotions, the intense passion of those emotions, and the wicked sense of humor. It’s nice to see him having some fun, for a change.

After OotP, I appreciate the closure of this story even more than I did when I first read it. And the absolute best thing is that the story is such sheer flat-out fun! *Any* scene that takes place in a bar—the tipsy snog, which nails their personalities dead on—Fudge getting blackmailed—the sly reference to Viv’s future, uh, romantic interest—Viv’s mishaps with her new wand….Every scene, whether funny or angsty, is a corking good read, and the whole is better than the sum of its parts.. It’s a piece I can return to and enjoy even more than the first time through. THANK YOU, Juliane. (And I'm glad I helped a bit.)

Reviewer: L. MorningstarDate: 2003-05-25
Reviewid: 33584Chapter: 5
Oh, I'm almost sorry to see this end (almost, as there are a lot of other Remus-and-Viviane (and on occasion just Viviane) adventures to read).

You know, there is something about how Remus and Viviane interact with each other in this chapter that makes me love both characters even more. And that's quite a feat. I'll try to point out what moments did it for me, specifically.

"Wipe that grin off your face. I’m still getting used to being offered half-dead creatures to consume.” Hilarious. This made me laugh so hard, and I have a hard time imagining Viviane ever getting too used to it.

It's great, reading Remus dragging Viviane out for drinks for a change. It's so Remus to do something like that.

“Beginnersluck,nearlymissed,luckyshot,Iletyouhitme,bigdumbwizard,talentlessgit,uglierthanMerlin’sarmpit,overconfidentdweeb,bloodyhell,DAMN.” I believe few things have made me laugh this hard in my life. This is -priceless-! "Uglier than Merlin's armpit" is pure genius, I'm telling you.

Ah, they -finally- kissed. I've been waiting for it to happen, and, although a tiny part of me would enjoy seeing them romantically involved, I am in no way disappointed.

*cries* Poor Zeke! I can't put it into any more eloquent words. It's most unfortunate.

"Even caged, he thought, she moves with the grace of the privileged and the freedom of one who has nothing to lose." As always, how you (or Remus) describe Viviane is fantastic. Oh, and this is intruiging. This is the first time I've ever read a story that shows how corrupt and truly concerned with his position Fudge is.

Hmm. It's lovely, hearing something about Remus' family, for a change. For some inane reason, hearing Remus say his father collected Muggle artifacts made me imagine him as Mr. Weasley with brown hair.

“Aholamora.” Shouldn't it be "Alohomora."? I have a feeling I'm missing something.

“Huddle for warmth? I promise I won’t kiss you!” LoL!

And like I said, I'm almost sorry to see it over. Glad to know that Viviane didn't leave Remus at all, just taking a temporary vacation from him, of sorts. Fantastic work.

Reviewer: L. MorningstarDate: 2003-05-25
Reviewid: 33570Chapter: 4
Back again, and still enjoying this immensely. I'm still in the first parts, with Viviane and Anthony talking, and I'm loving it, although it's quite short. Oh, and I'm not sure if you did this on purpose, but there's a part where Viviane says "...and even Mortimer don't get the reaction from ..." I'm not sure if you deliberately said don't at that part, as I'v enoticed Viviane usually has impeccable grammar.

Oh, and poor, poor, Felix! This is one of the rare times a story has managed to make me pity a Death Eater -- and apparently, Viviane had the same reaction. Ah, and the falcon makes its first appearance.

"She still holds herself like a princess, even when contemplating murder." This is perhaps one of the best, most original descriptions I've ever heard. I love it. It fits Viviane perfectly.

Viviane drunk is highly amusing. "That'll impair my reputation as a fearsome swor'fighter. Can't fight if you can't walk…." LoL!

Ah, the first real glimpse into Viviane's past, and it's -most- intruiging! Her father is rather scary, and quite haunting. And how she searching for Remus is, somehow, heartbreaking. I get touched by the strangest things, and how much she's worrying for him gets to me.

"Finally she sat down and tentatively folded Remus in an embrace, lowering his head onto her shoulder and running her hand over his matted hair. As she rested her cheek against his head, she wondered to herself when the last of their luck would run out, alone or together, and what would happen to them when it did."

Oh, wow. That was -intense.- Amazing chapter.

Reviewer: L. MorningstarDate: 2003-05-24
Reviewid: 33473Chapter: 3
Ahh, it's good to be back and rereading this. I'm writing everything as I read, so that my reactions are a little more candid. ;)

>>"Out of bed! Great." She opened the door wider and stalked in, an annoyed frown on her face. "Anthony's been asking for you, and appears to think I murdered you for your fortune. Please disabuse him at the first opportunity."
"Will do," replied Remus with a grin. "Shall we meet for dinner later?"
"Of course. I have some extortion to perform, so I must go."

I think it's absolutely -wonderful-, how Remus and Viviane have reached such a state of honesty and comfort with each other, and I really, really, enjoyed this exchange of theirs. And to add, I just read the part where they were enjoying a comfortable silence with each other -- which I personally believe is one of the signs of a really great friendship: when you can just not talk and be perfectly fine with it.

The line of Remus' (well, his thought, anyway) "This is what I was meant to do. This should have been my life..." has succeeded in utterly breaking my heart, in its simplicity at conveying what being a werewolf has done to his life.

The mention of Viviane singing French war songs off-key is making me giggle quite a lot, and the stories of Remus' and Viviane's are making me feel nostalgic . . . and I'm still a student! I love it.

It's funny, how Viviane is suddenly quite huffy around Auror jokes (Huffy!Viviane sounds quite scary, though). And the thought of "Al" crying over homeless kittens is priceless.

The barroom brawl is highly enjoyable. I have to admit, though, I'm quite shocked that Viviane was so horrified by the Kiss. But it just gives her more depth, somehow.

Great work (as always),a nd sorry about my erratic review.

Reviewer: L. MorningstarDate: 2003-05-09
Reviewid: 31329Chapter: 2
I have to say.

Viviane is damn bloody -cool-. There is no other word to describe her (well, I can think of others, but she really is cool). I remember when I first read this, I was torn between feeling horrible for Remus and feeling very, very bad for Viviane (I did both, in the end).

I also found it most unorthodox and quite wonderful how the thought of ending their friendship just because he was a werewolf never even entered her mind. She thought of it the other way -- Remus would end their friendship if he found at the she knew (but we all know Remus is better than that, and I'm happy to know Viviane is, too).

And the ending, when Remus and Viviane fell asleep together, made me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. Quite an achievement.

Reviewer: L. MorningstarDate: 2003-05-02
Reviewid: 30370Chapter: 1
Having enjoyed this so immensely a few weeks back and not reviewing is horrily evil of me, but I've reread it and I've got a very long review up ahead.

The way Viviane and Remus work with each other is wonderful -- their chemistry is such an enjoyable read. ("How tall was that ivory tower you escaped from, anyway?" haha, I'll be quoting that line for a long time to come.) Actually, I thoroughly enjoyed their respective interactions with other people -- Viviane witht he men at the beginning, and Remus with Emma, for instance.

And, of course, your chracterization of remus gives him so much more depth while being believable, and of course Viviane kicks arse.

Off to Chapter Two. . .

Reviewer: CaseyDate: 2003-04-09
Reviewid: 27116Chapter: 5
I liked this story very much. Remus' lifestyle following the end of the 'Marauder era' is very much in tune with how I always imagined it. I also like the portrayal of the community he and Viviane stays in. It is very realistic to view a world changing slowly away from violent times, as opposed to nearly instantaneous peace.

Although, on a whole, Viviane is a well rounded, well thought out characters, she did show some signs of Mary Sueism. (Note to self: NEVER read fan fiction after a detailed article on Mary Sues!) The link is, incase you're interested. A few things really stuck out in mind.

1. Mary Sue is more. ie More brave, beautiful, cunning etc. Viviane showed some signs of this when she single handedly took out a troll while a group of Aurors had to plan an attack.

2. Mary Sue often has a special weapon. ie in a 'Highlander' fic, the article mentions an immortal with a sword from Charlemange. Viviane's sword and her new wand are both special, unique weapons that set her apart from others.

3. Mary Sue has an exotic background and a tragic past. Viviane comes from France and indeed has a tragic past that leads her to act the ways she does.

4. Mary Sue is tougher than everyone else and is often the youngest or oldest.

I hope that you don't become angry or discouraged by this review. I certainly enjoyed this story, and hope that my review can be at least a little helpful.

Reviewer: Insanity70Date: 2003-03-23
Reviewid: 24959Chapter: 5
And so you’ve been wandering alone, refusing help, refusing a better life, because in these days and these times, there is no telling when anything we build will be destroyed. Facing that and living in spite of it, takes more courage than facing a mindless mob.”

This are some great lines.

Reviewer: Violet AzureDate: 2003-02-27
Reviewid: 22163Chapter: 5
I'm so sad to see this story end!

Good showing of Viviane's state of mind with the wine glass and her sleeve. That was also a very interesting take on how Remus views his life; as missing a quarter of it. Very sad and I'm surprised no one has put it in those terms before.

Those practice targets were great! And I love the idea of Remus doing a con Marauder and yet it sparks with intelligence.

The Viviane/Remus romantic interactiosn were perfect!!! A complete departure from the usual cliches and I love the idea of Viviane scaring Remus just a little bit! Glad to see Remus getting a little action!

"loathing between them filled the air like sullen thunder" Ooooh, "sullen thunder". The phrase just drips with atmosphere and mood. You always have these amazing ways of describing things.

[ensconced behind a huge mahogany desk, so devoid of paperwork that there was plenty of surface available to admire the richness of the wood.] Again, another great description. And the interactions between Remus and Viviane in the cell were so moving. I liked how that scene didn't turn into a big, unrealistic rescue, but served to strengthen the characters and the relationship between them.

detrius of who-knew-what, which Viviane decided was I-don’t-want-to-know-either LOL!!! And I loved the scene in Ollivander's. Very interesting, Vivinae's wand and Ollivander's reaction was just perfect.

Remus looking through those scrapbooks and his dealing with his friends' deaths, saying their names, was a very moving scene. Especially the part about expecting an asp to jump out from the books. THe "other" scrapbook was just heart wrenching, especially the part about the "sins of omission." Very, very powerful words.

Wow, I'm so sad to see this fic end. I'd love to read about Viviane's adventures through Europe inbetween this story and Foreign Defenses. This last chapter was extremely moving. Just lovely.

Reviewer: Violet AzureDate: 2003-02-27
Reviewid: 22088Chapter: 4
Your chapters always have such great beginnings. I love it when an author drops us into the middle of a scene and immediately forces us to wake up and pay attention. It's incredibly hard to pull that off because you have to balance attracting your audience with not losing them in confusion.

I really liked the scene with Viviane and Felix and the story behind Malhereuse. I love that falcon and his ill manners (attacking Moody and the quill-great!) I like how your characters are varying shades of gray and even ones that appear in one scene still ahve an impact.

[She still holds herself like a princess, even when contemplating murder.] Such a great line! Good, dark humor!

You've done a masterful job at portraying Remus's anger and humiliation at his condition. The anger and frustration in Remus ae palpable and feel very real. You can just tell that Remus is at the end of his rope, that he's dealing with so much, including Viviane's problems as well.

[Finally she sat down and tentatively folded Remus in an embrace, lowering his head onto her shoulder and running her hand over his matted hair. As she rested her cheek against his head, she wondered to herself when the last of their luck would run out, alone or together, and what would happen to them when it did.] Masterful writing, transcends most fanficton. I feel like I'm reading an original novel filled with adventure and suspense. Great work; I'm sad that I only have 1 more chapter left!

Reviewer: JulianeDate: 2003-02-26
Reviewid: 22014Chapter: 1
Violet -

Thank you so much for your reviews! It's funny, I never thought of Viviane's line of 'he can't hurt you' being taken two ways. You're an incredibly careful reader!

So glad you like my version of Remus - he's probably my favorite character so far, in the books. Still waters, and all that.

I don't have any plans for a Mortfic. I did allow him to attend the Handfasting, though!

Yep, I have ambivalent feelings about the Aurors, and I kind of wish there were more fics out there about the years immediately after Voldy gets defeated. There had to have been quite a bit of chaos and societal 'rearranging' as it were, and I'd love to see other people's view of what it was like.

Reviewer: Violet AzureDate: 2003-02-25
Reviewid: 21969Chapter: 3
[Anthony has nearly worn out the floor in the observatory...I guess I owe him a new floor] I love your clever charming Remus! So few people remember to write in his humor and sly wit and you've made him the perfect British humorist.

[In our bedroom at school we'd feel so secure that we had to make up stories to scare ourselves.] What an absolutely brilliant line about the innosense of childhood and how we were all so sheltered back then.
The sharing of memories between Viviane and Remus was tender and sad. It was especially cathartic to see Remus express some healthy anger about having to transform in a shack every month. Sirius's reaction was also brilliant. It shows us who Sirius is in just a few sentenses...just brilliant.

"spitting a string of curses so anatomically graphic that even Emma began to blush." LOL!!

The giant scene was awesome! Go Viviane! And this is after getting stabbed! I also like your Moody: "He's a tough talker, Al is. Cries at homeless kittens in private, though."

"she took out her wand and gleefully began burning holes in Moody's boots, then hit him squarely on his rear with a Numbing Spell. "That'll last him for days," she said with immense satisfaction. "Too bad he won't turn around so I can zap him in the front, too, although Annabel wouldn't thank me for that one.""
ROTFLMAS!!! Love the bar fight! Too fun and it's nice to see those hoisty toity Aurors in action!!

I'm glad you made the point about how the Aurors think they're so much better than everyone because they have "trials with Dementors" as justice compared to Viviane's brand of justice. It was good to see someone work that sort of hypocracy that exists into a fic.

I'm really intrigued by Mort...will he ever get a fic of his own?

Reviewer: Violet AzureDate: 2003-02-25
Reviewid: 21967Chapter: 2
"How much more anger can you possibly store away in that underfed body before you go mad? All right, final question. Where do you run off to every month? Got a mistress stashed somewhere?"" I love how Viviane just speaks her mind. I can really see how she and Snape would make a good pair later on and the dynamics between her and Remus aree excellent.

"Viviane caught herself staring at her boots, waiting for the blood from bodies crushed by rubble to start pooling around them," Oooh, very chilling and vivid descriptions. You have this enviable ability to describe thoughts and events in fresh ways.

"He survived the war with his wife and his house and his profession intact. That gives him every right to look down upon me, a piece of garbage washed up from the shores of France to sully his precious town."" Again,I just love how Viviane expresses herself! You've captured her noble, rightous anger perfectly!

The scene where Viviane finds out about Remus and takes care of his wounds was incredibly touching, especially as she was whispering "he can't hurt you now." At first, it sounds like she's trying to comfort herself but as the scene progresses it's as if she's trying to soothe Remus that the wolf can't hurt him anymore. Very tender and emotional.

Reviewer: violet azureDate: 2003-02-20
Reviewid: 21234Chapter: 1
Woo-hoo! Action packed opening! Love a confident, action inspired Remus. Too many fics have a mopey Remus, but as we've seen in PoA, he is a man of action. Glad you brought out that side of him.

"Remus stood still, amazed at the scene, until Viviane huffed, "Remus! Get out your damned wand and take care of that idiot!"" Ummm, in case I don't say it often enough, I LOVE Viviane!

"How tall was that ivory tower you escaped from, anyway?" LOL!!!!

Aw, the astronomy/Sirius bit was very touching and sad but not overplayed.

"Remus' voice was hushed. "He used one of the Unforgivable Curses on you?"
Viviane peered up at him with an exasperated expression, then shut her eyes. "No, he tickled me with a feather."" Again, I love your dry humor. Mortimer teaching Viviane a lesson and Viviane's killing the DE captured the perfect mood of rage and horror.

Can't wait to read more chapters! We need a new Viviane story!!

Reviewer: Emma DalrympleDate: 2002-11-22
Reviewid: 9825Chapter: 5
This deserves more reviews, I like reading different takes on Remus after writing him. So, here I am :)

What an introduction to Viviane. All fire, action, and mischief.

> What are you, some kind of Gringotts employee out on a lark?"

LOL Ohhh, Viviane. . .

The interaction and platonic attraction between these two very dissimilar yet similar people is fascinating. It’s delightful seeing how protective he becomes so quickly. Viviane’s reaction to him—our first glimpse of her as a compassionate woman—is even more powerful contrasted with the easy ruthlessness of just a few paragraphs before.

You capture the rawness of Remus’ emotions, and how they surface unpredictably, very well. The description of his "freshly shattered world" is beautiful, and with only a few lines to introduce his pre-PoA self, the reader is firmly drawn to him. I’m glad Viviane makes him talk about his past. Your rendition of his pain and fear about telling his friends is poignant and very well done. Having her tell him about her own past reveals both more of that elusive past of hers (which I’m always too happy to read :) and makes him see that he’s not the only one who’s been through the same thing, that there’s someone else to empathize with.

Reading this again just makes me even more inquisitive about Viviane’s background. It’s amazing to see how much she progresses and matures through your stories, and how much your writing improves.

You write so well, Juliane. It’s hard not to become attached to your characters (or intrigued by the less savoury ones). Viviane is a character and a half :D

Reviewer: RugiDate: 2002-11-14
Reviewid: 9102Chapter: 2
"It's a little late for your tender conscience to awaken, Remus. Between the two of us, we should be able to keep your secret, and keep you safe during your transformations. As Remus began a protest, Viviane interrupted. "Stop it. I'm being selfish about this, because I've enjoyed having you as a companion. I've been lonely since I left school, and the crowd I hang with isn't the most refined bunch. You remind me of what I wanted to be, once, and the people I knew." She looked down at her hands, embarrassed.

This made me so sad! It shows how far a person can wander in a direction they never intended. Very moving!

I also like how you have shown the effect the war had on the world. They didn't just bounce back fully recovered after Voldemort was gone. They had a lot of rubble to clear away.

Reviewer: RugiDate: 2002-11-14
Reviewid: 9101Chapter: 1
Oh excelletn opening. I find it very itersting how you have blanced both of their inexperiance. Remus is older and wiser but hasn't been around too much about the underside of the world. He knows of it.

Viviane has a dark streak and knows what she is doing but is too young impulsive and unthinking to be completely capable.

The two create a fascinating dynamic.

Reviewer: JulianeDate: 2002-09-13
Reviewid: 3852Chapter: 5

Thanks for the read/review! You always have great comments.

>I must, however, adamantly argue Viviane's assertion that Remus is "too nice to be sexy".

LOL, I've had that complaint from several readers! <cough>Yolanda</cough>

This was my first attempt at plot-of-my-own - it started out as a nice little picaresque tale and grew into something darker (with protagonists like Remus and Viv, I guess I should not have been surprised). I'm glad you enjoy Viviane as a character - she's not the most sympathetic of human beings.

I LOVE Ollivander - and John Hurt's portrayal of him in the movie increased that by a factor of ten. He was great fun to write, and I've pondered trying to write a story with him as a main character. Perhaps something like "Memories of the Wands I've Known." No, that sounds too much like a porn fic...

Reviewer: Emma DalrympleDate: 2002-09-13
Reviewid: 3844Chapter: 5
A lot less polished than your other stories, but still extremely well-written. It's very intriguing how someone as impetuous, careless, and ferocious as Viviane can be so engaging and likable at the same time. You've written her very well. I also like seeing her written opposite Remus--their exchanges are both amusing and heartwarming. I must, however, adamantly argue Viviane's assertion that Remus is "too nice to be sexy". He is, I assure you, definitely not too nice =) And LOVE that brief description of Snape. Oh, if Viviane only knew. . . And at the end, when Viviane's awaiting trial, I was still on the edge of my seat even though I KNEW she made it through to later antagonize and thrill Snape. The part where she buys her new wand is marvelous. The idea about experimental wands is extremely intriguing. . . plot bunny? There are many wonderful lines in this story. Excellent work at bringing Viviane to life!

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