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Dumbledore's Army
Reviews for: Shades
Review(s): 516

Reviewer: ShimmeringDate: 2008-02-22
Reviewid: 150543Chapter: 42
Thank you very much for this wonderful story. It is really a match for Rowling's. It is the kind of story that made me read on and on, unitl i finished, and then start re-reading the favourite moments :)The way you portrayed the characters, the suspense throughout the story, the tension between Lupin and Tonks were amazing. Thank you very much.

Reviewer: jaguara24Date: 2007-11-28
Reviewid: 150031Chapter: 42
I have thoroughly enjoyed reading your fan fiction. Your writing style is very similar to J.K. Rowling's, and you stay very true to the characters (Sirius was especially well-represented). Once I started reading "Shifts", I couldn't stop until I'd finished both it and "Shades." I'm glad you expanded on this side of the story. I always wanted to know more about the Order's work. Reading about the misadventures of the children is fun, but gets tiresome. As an adult fan, I wanted to read more about the adult characters, and you pulled this off beautifully. The story is not childish in the least, and appeals to adult readers without being trashy.

Ever since reading HBP, I have been a huge supporter of the Remus/Dora match. I think you wrote their relationship perfectly; from the fragile, awkward beginnings, to the passionate, rocky middle, to their mature, supportive reunion. I love how you added the fact that Remus and Dora knew each other from when she was little. It's easy to see why Remus would be reluctant to initiate a romantic relationship with her, but I don't think it was in any way inappropriate. Lucky Dora! How many of us get to grow up and marry our childhood crushes? I wouldn't change a thing! Having read the Deathly Hallows, I think the end of "Shifts" will easily transition into the next chapter of their story, if you should choose to write it. Please do! There are so many holes to fill in.

The only thing that didn't set well with me in "Shades" was the whole idea of the Lady in the Lake. It just seemed too fantastic, and too removed from the main story. I feel that we could have done without it. And Vivian (Sweet) seems to be left hanging. I don't think that part of the story was wrapped up well enough. If only they had an "adopt-a-werewolf" program! Haha.

All-in-all, your work is wonderful, and I look forward to re-reading it! Thank you so much!

Reviewer: aemilyl24Date: 2007-11-21
Reviewid: 149973Chapter: 42
This was a great story. I loved the one before it, and this one was just fantastic. I hope that someday you'll write a sequel, not just about Teddy, but the 7th book with Tonks and Remus background. I love your writing. Keep up the awesome work.

Reviewer: Michelle RavelDate: 2007-10-28
Reviewid: 149760Chapter: 25
>("I've a thing or two to discuss with Augusta," she said crisply)

LOVE the attention to detail.

Reviewer: Michelle RavelDate: 2007-10-28
Reviewid: 149759Chapter: 24
Oh my god the suspense.

Reviewer: Michelle RavelDate: 2007-10-28
Reviewid: 149756Chapter: 21
I love all the little details you think of--the "pups" having Accidental Magic attacks, etc.

I also love Bill/Tonks friendship scenes.

"I've never had much patience with those stories where everyone misunderstands everyone else, and all anyone needs to do is sit down and map it out."
lolololol!! *Author's message*

Reviewer: Michelle RavelDate: 2007-10-28
Reviewid: 149754Chapter: 19
I am so shipping Tonks/Robards right now. ;)

I really liked a couple of chapters ago, too, when you had Remus eat part of that park ranger. SUCH a powerful scene. You're making it really hard for him. But my favourite part was when his wolfish self was attracted to Sweet, and then he realised it and vomited. The Dora/Remus thing had never seemed icky to me before, and now it totally did--which was exactly your intention. Good for you for writing a great dark, ugly moment.

Reviewer: Michelle RavelDate: 2007-10-27
Reviewid: 149742Chapter: 3
Can't... stop... reading...

Reviewer: claireaurigaDate: 2007-07-30
Reviewid: 148657Chapter: 42
I preferred reading Shades to HBP. I won't spoil the ending of DH for any other reviewers, but please, please, can you work your magic one more time? I think we really, really need you to.

Reviewer: RowanRoseDate: 2007-07-25
Reviewid: 148632Chapter: 42
I've read Deathly Hallows. ... I want read your version of it. What happened behind the scenes to make Lupin act so out of character? Were they at least happy? And please, can you write us a convincing last scene - one that will explain because the real one feels so absolutely empty when it comes to them? You know them so well. <smile> Please?


Reviewer: perpetuallyconfusedDate: 2007-05-18
Reviewid: 148054Chapter: 42
I've followed all of your fics religiously for what seems like forever now (I usually read them on your LJ), but somehow I don't think I've ever left a proper review. So, I just want to say that you write some of the best stories I've ever read. You really have a way of keeping your readers involved in the story. I admit, I was originally not into the Remus/Tonks thing. The first R/T fic I read was Mosylu's "The Dare", and the pairing had never occured to me before and it kinda weirded me out. But then I started reading "Shifts" and before I knew it I was a convert. I think you really nail their characters spot-on, especially in "Shades" with Remus's idiotic notions and Tonks's despondency. You make something believable out of a scenario that might seem overdone and overly sentimental in another writer's hands. Also, I love, love, love, your OCs. Sanjiv, Daffy, and Maddie are great friends for Tonks, and the Smeltings staff is priceless. (Speaking of Smeltings, I love the way you turned it into a real place with real people, not just some silly school where they hit people with sticks, which is all we hear about it in the books.) I think you have a real knack for going behind the scenes and telling what's really going on outside of Harry's point of view. I'm re-reading HBP right now, and I find myself going, "Oh, this is what Tonks is doing right now," or "Remus just had X happen with Greyback." As far as I'm concerned, it's canon. :-)

And whatever happens with Deathly Hallows, I really hope JKR doesn't say something that obsoletes your whole universe, because I'm really hoping for another Fern Megafic for Book 7...

Reviewer: CornedBeeDate: 2007-04-19
Reviewid: 147807Chapter: 42
Well, after a long time I've finally finished the story.

Fern, I can only say this: you're brilliant. It's hard enough to plot a long story if it stands alone. To fit it into the empty spaces left by the books must be even harder.

Reviewer: RowanRoseDate: 2007-04-18
Reviewid: 147802Chapter: 42
Short and to the point. Your vision of Tonks and Lupin has beoome my mental cannon companion. You have rounded them out so completely that I can't read the original without thinking in my head that the backstories you have so delicately crafted are part of it.

Poignant, a little rushed, but I imagine writing Dumbledore's death was as difficult for you as for Jo. Just different points of view.

You are a very gifted writer. With your story, you have run my emotions through all the extremes. That takes talent. And I was a little surprised to find myself checking daily to see if the next part was up, as I could never wait patiently for the next chapter.

I do hope you are going to do a companion piece for Deathly Hallows. And thank you for sharing your vision with the rest of us.


Reviewer: pennilyn novusDate: 2007-04-18
Reviewid: 147800Chapter: 1

I've been lurking for quite some time, reading your story. I registered simply so I could leave you this review. I could not just simply go on without reviewing this final chapter.

This chapter has the distinct honor of being the first fanfic story to ever make me weep. The previous chapter came close, but this one... the final scenes in Gryffindor Tower, particularly where Tonks was envisioning all the victims of Voldemort's reach...those did me in. Particularly the Prewett boys laughing silently with Lily, and the Marauders all grouped together...

I am so amazed at the thought you put into this story, and the way it flows so very seamlessly with what JKR is as good as canon to me. It explained so clearly to me all of the reactions we saw from Harry's point of view but didn't really comprehend...but at the same time, you've crafted a story that is unique and independent, in its own right. I feel like I'm babbling, but I'm just in awe, really.

With each chapter, I grew more tense, as I knew the dreaded climactic moment was drawing ever nearer, and I was hardly breathing last chapter. And this chapter I was in tears. I think that running people's emotions through the gauntlet, I think that is the mark of truly excellent writing.

I admit I have not read Shifts yet, but that's the very next on my to-do. I didn't even realize this was a sequel at first...And I cannot wait to see what happens in your companion to Deathly Hallows.

I am humbled by your writing, and I take my hat off to you.

Well done.

Penny Novus

Reviewer: RainbowDate: 2007-04-17
Reviewid: 147785Chapter: 42
Gorgeous. Just . . . wow. The paragraph with the "shades" . . . I could see it. Beautiful.

Thank you.

Reviewer: Mcily NochiDate: 2007-04-15
Reviewid: 147769Chapter: 42
This is a beautiful chapter to end a beautiful story. Thank you for writing it.

Reviewer: ChatmanduDate: 2007-04-14
Reviewid: 147761Chapter: 42
This was one of the stories I kept up with from before HBP. This was a long and enjoyable read. Since this was basically HBP from the Order's POV you did a marvelous job of keeping the characters in character. The back story for Tonks and Remus was well done. I am fond of the scene with Tonks and Minerva seeing Harry and Ginny running hand in hand out of the castle. While I am sorry to see this fic end, now I have room for another fic in my personal que!

Reviewer: StarseaDate: 2007-04-13
Reviewid: 147760Chapter: 42
I can't believe it's over. Thank you for a wonderful, emotional journey through HBP from Tonks's point of view. It made all the difference. I'm even happier that Jo granted these two a 'happy' ending at the end of the book, given all they went through. I have to say that my favourite part of the chapter was the very end, with the two of them talking in Gryffindor Tower, so poignant and yet so hopeful.

Favourite Line: "I used to tell him stories. About all the wonderful things he'd see, once we got Voldemort out of the way. I believed it. I was so young. I wish Harry could be that young." He laughed bitterly. "I wish I could be again." - I think this illustrates Remus's character perfectly, which is why Tonks is so good for him.


Reviewer: ClytymnystraDate: 2007-04-13
Reviewid: 147756Chapter: 42
Have LOVED this fic. Have to say that I don't like this chapter very much.

Seems uncharacteristically rushed?

I don't like the tone of the conversation at the beginning in the hospital wing either. They last chapter was true to form, but from the beginning this chapter no longer feels as if Dumbledore has just died.

Classically in literature a funeral or a death often brings people together physically in romantic relationships. We are so scared of death, that it brings about a reaffirmation of life. This seems to be happening in canon for Ron and Hermione, Remus and Tonks, and other romantic pairings such as Hagrid and Maxime.

In contrast here, Tonks and Remus just seem so chaste? What are they saving themselves for at this point? All through Shifts they were just about to throw themselves at each other. For all that passion that we once felt between them, this ending seems so anticlimactic. Dumbledore dies and Tonks sleeps on the sofa? Couldn't they even cuddle a little? I'm not into gruesome detail, but maybe a little more committment? And perhaps hope?

The only actual sexual encounter between them in this fiction was a disaster--couldn't they actually enjoy healthy relations for once? They wouldn't have to consummate things on camera for this to have a bit more poetry. Couldn't they at least seem interested? If the death of a loved one/national disaster doesn't bring them together, I hold little hope.

I just didn't get the feeling that Tonks has much of an excuse for pink hair.

Aberforth hasn't been developed in canon, but he seems a bit Hagrid-like? I always thought of him as a bit of a tougher character than he's portrayed here although of course, you're entitled!

Remus seems out of character as well. If any one character ought to be able to handle death and loss it would be him. And yet, it's TONKS hunting him down in his old haunts. Once again. Why oh why can't HE be strong for her for a change?

I guess I find it so hard to forgive passive aggressive men.... No patience for that myself.

I did really like the parts where Remus reminices about Lily and James. Most of them anyway, and the descriptive paragraphs of Gryffindor Tower.

Anyway so sorry to be so negative so late in the game. I've just LOVED this fiction, and of course believe it may even have influenced canon--remember, when one character got spared, and two more had to die in their place? I have always thought it was Remus who got spared and spared possibly due to your lovely depiction in Shifts.... He's the damaged part of all of us who survive to the end.

Eagerly await any installment.... You're a very talented writer. If you don't usually get paid for this, I think you should.

Reviewer: limaechoDate: 2007-04-13
Reviewid: 147755Chapter: 42
it's good that you don't end it with sex, that would have been tacky

Reviewer: Wolf's ScreamDate: 2007-04-13
Reviewid: 147754Chapter: 42
Excellent! I've enjoyed each of the stories in this series; I hope you will be writing one to complement "Harry Potter an dthe Deathly Hallows," as well.

Reviewer: smokeyDate: 2007-04-13
Reviewid: 147753Chapter: 42
oh, I'm going to miss your stories.
very, very good

Reviewer: AaragogDate: 2007-04-13
Reviewid: 147752Chapter: 42
A brutal war and an uncertain future lie ahead of them, but the principles all have something to fight for. What other ending could the story have?

"Shades" belongs on the short shelf I call Harry Potter Apocrypha - novel length stories that so deftly convey the Potter universe they might as well have been written by JK Rowling herself.

Reviewer: AnnaDate: 2007-04-13
Reviewid: 147751Chapter: 42
Thank you. I wasn't sure it was possible, but you've managed to make me love the Potterverse as a whole even more. I think it's the beauty of living through the story all over again, from another angle. After I finished reading "Shifts", I went straight to my copy of OotP and found my favourite parts - it's silly, but your story made me look at them in a new way, almost as though your writing was part of canon! *laugh* Now that this is over - and I'm a little sad, you know - I plan to do the same with HBP. You're a gift. Thanks again.

Reviewer: ChocaholicDate: 2007-04-12
Reviewid: 147745Chapter: 42
I have not reviewed to this point, simply because I would have been endlessly repeating myself: "Fabulous chapter! You're a fantastic writer! This absolutely made my day!" So to avoid the repetition, I simply wanted to wait until the end to say that you are incredibly gifted as a writer and crafter of plots, and that you possess a profound ability to keep Jo's characters completely in-character. I'm frankly in awe of your talent, and I've enjoyed reading this story immensely over the past months. The saddest part is knowing I won't be able to see a new chapter pop up every week or so. Thank you so much for sharing your story with us. It's been a privilege to read it.

Reviewer: MallaryroseDate: 2007-04-12
Reviewid: 147743Chapter: 42
Wow. I can't get over how amazing this story has been. Thank you!

Reviewer: clemsonpenDate: 2007-04-12
Reviewid: 147742Chapter: 42
I have been following this story through all 42 chapters and have greatly enjoyed it. Thank you so much for sharing this story in a forum where I could come across it. It's been something to look forward to, even when I'm in a bad mood.

Reviewer: AmandaBDate: 2007-04-11
Reviewid: 147738Chapter: 42
This is a wonderful ending. I like how you draw parallels between Voldemort's first rise and how Harry is now having to fight again. The mingled sadness, dread, and anticipation of Remus right now is well portrayed. I'm glad that Fleur and Tonks seem to be close, and I think the two of them could become very good friends. I would love to see you continue this once DH comes out, though I don't know how much of Lupin or Tonks we will get in the book. Thanks for another great story.

Reviewer: rosemaryeveDate: 2007-04-11
Reviewid: 147737Chapter: 42
what a beautiful end to this story. I really enjoyed reading it. It was well written, and characterised.

Thank you for writing it.

Reviewer: blizzardDate: 2007-04-11
Reviewid: 147735Chapter: 42
That was bloody brilliant! I'm in awe and cannot utter another word!

Reviewer: AldawenDate: 2007-04-11
Reviewid: 147734Chapter: 42
Wow. All I can say is that I cried straight through the end of the chapter. Really beautiful.

Reviewer: US HP FanDate: 2007-04-11
Reviewid: 147733Chapter: 42
what an amazing story. I've loved it and more. I hope after Deathly Hallows comes out you finish your Tonks/Remus trilogy with missing moments for them.

Reviewer: VicusDate: 2007-04-11
Reviewid: 147732Chapter: 42
I can't believe you finished it. It's over... and I'm crying!!! This is my favourite chapter of the whole... Since the moment Tonks enters the Gryffindor common room until they both leave (that's the best part). You've left me speachless. That was a great ending. My only wish is for you to keep doing the same thing when DH is published.

Reviewer: PygmyPuffDate: 2007-04-11
Reviewid: 147730Chapter: 42
A very, very bittersweet ending...not very conclusive-feeling, to be honest. I suppose b/c Deathly Hallows is coming out soon. Interesting take on the funeral. I do so hope that Tonks & Remus make it in DH--and that you write a sequel! I also like that the pack wants to welcome Bill, I'd like very much to see them again, I do wonder what will happen to them...

Reviewer: shimotsukiDate: 2007-04-11
Reviewid: 147729Chapter: 42
This is an exquisite finish to a wonderful story. As always, the character interactions and the fleshing out of hints of plot from canon are masterfully done. But for this chapter, the details of setting and atmosphere stood out for me in particular, creating a sense of peace, absolution, and hope for the future -- reinforcing and emphasizing the words and actions of the characters.

Reviewer: mrrobertsiiiDate: 2007-04-11
Reviewid: 147727Chapter: 42
Wow! I enjoyed your fic far more than I did HBP. I haven't come across any other that has carried off such a long up and down relationship with such success.

Reviewer: ms.lupinDate: 2007-04-11
Reviewid: 147726Chapter: 42
Bitter Sweet! I can not believe it is over. I love the idea that Albus and the Boys were in the same room has Harry. It is great that Remus realized that the necklace was Ron's and it was from Lav Lav. I got a nice chuckle from that.

I have enjoyed your stories so much. They have been like a friend to me. I hope you keep writing. I will check everyday to see if you have more. Thank you letting me in your Harry Potter world. I know I will read it again.

Reviewer: sharieparkDate: 2007-04-11
Reviewid: 147725Chapter: 42
Oh, thank you fernwithy for 'Shades'. The ending was beautifully done in its own melancholy, heart-wrenching way. I imagine it must have been difficult knowing that because of Dumbledore's death there could be no truly happy ending, and the fact it was like that in 'Shifts' because of Sirius's death hanging over them... goodness.
The scene where the shades of students around the Gryffindor common room was easily the most mesmerising and wonderfully written piece in this chapter.
I look forward to reading any other works you wish to put out, you are certainly one in a million fernwithy! Thank you again. :)

Reviewer: AryaDate: 2007-04-11
Reviewid: 147724Chapter: 42
Beautiful, wonderful, brilliant...I could use so many more words to describe this ending. It's perfect in every way. I especially love Tonks seeing the past of the Gryffindor Common Room. Thank you for this lovely fic.

Reviewer: Mcily NochiDate: 2007-04-09
Reviewid: 147712Chapter: 41

Can't leave much more of a review, since the screen seems to have gotten all fuzzy and unfocused and my eyes are all wet for some reason . . .

Reviewer: AaragogDate: 2007-04-08
Reviewid: 147708Chapter: 41
At long last we arrive at the scene from HBP that inspired this story. It has been worth the trip.

Reviewer: krumfanDate: 2007-04-06
Reviewid: 147692Chapter: 41
.....I Actually have tears in my eyes. Omg ...Oh my dear very beautiful.

This story...what a journey. There are no words....NO WORDS... wow..

Reviewer: sharieparkDate: 2007-04-06
Reviewid: 147690Chapter: 41
Mmm... I was waiting for this chapter for quite a while...
I liked how you wrote the latter half, but the first part felt kind of rushed. A lot of the action was muted and pretty much unwritten about in HBP, so I was a little disappointed to see you that although you DID write about the action, it felt just as muted. However, that's not to say it's not a good chapter - it must have been difficult writing in the dialogue cohesively! I look forward to the next chapter more than anything now. :D Thank you for your great work!

Reviewer: DSmurfDate: 2007-04-06
Reviewid: 147689Chapter: 41
Oh, I hope there's a prologue! I love this series- I don't know if I can wait as long as DH comes out, is read, and you come up with a new backstory for these two!!!

Reviewer: ms.lupinDate: 2007-04-05
Reviewid: 147685Chapter: 41
What can I say... I cried, laughed, and jump for joy. I did caught myself from yell out "Don't let him go up the stairs. He is going to kill Albus." I so wanted you to rewrite it that he does not die but I can not have everything.

I was surprised that you had Remus declare his love to her like that in front of everyone (sort of). Now, that I think about it. It is very fitting. I am glad you did not have her hair turn pink just then.

I can not beleive it is close to the end. (SNIFF) I hope you write another one along with Deathly Hallows. If ever one of them dies I am going to toss the book across the room and not pick it up for like an hour. (I know I am weak) Great work!

Reviewer: AryaDate: 2007-04-05
Reviewid: 147681Chapter: 41
Wow. So I thought I was reading this chapter, but I actually was reading the first chapter, thinking it was all a flasback or something, and wondering why it was all so familiar. But now I've read the proper chapter. This was very well written. Is this the end, then? I hope not!

Reviewer: VicusDate: 2007-04-05
Reviewid: 147680Chapter: 41
Oh gosh!! I've been longing for this part since i started readind!!! AND IT'S FINALLY HERE!! And it was beautiful AND REALLY SAD... It felt almost like reading through HBP all over again. I'm going to miss Dumbledore so much in DH!
Hope you take your time for the next part... I really don want it to end.

Reviewer: AmandaBDate: 2007-04-05
Reviewid: 147679Chapter: 41
I really liked your description of the battle, it was full of suspense even if we knew the final outcome. I also like Tonks's reaction to Fleur, and the similarities with her and Remus. The last two sentences say it all. Will there be one more chapter, or is this the end?

Reviewer: PygmyPuffDate: 2007-04-05
Reviewid: 147678Chapter: 41
YAY! :)

Reviewer: ArimalkaDate: 2007-04-05
Reviewid: 147677Chapter: 41
Well, I'm just about bawling like a baby right now. I was waiting so excitedly for you to write this chapter, and now you have, and it's simply wonderful!

Reviewer: Wolf's ScreamDate: 2007-04-05
Reviewid: 147676Chapter: 41
Excellent -- and quite a lovely ending to the chapter,especially amid all of the grief.

I particularly appreciated McGonagall's commentary about the Gryffindors and Fleur's reaction to Molly's apparent assumption(s).

Reviewer: StarseaDate: 2007-04-04
Reviewid: 147671Chapter: 40
Just to let you know that I'm still reading this. I love Remus reassuring Bill about Fleur - apart from the foreshadowing, it makes sense that Bill would ask Remus as one man with a strange girlfriend to another! Tonks's revelation in the previous chapter was gradual and it was almost as shocking for me as it was for her - just as you wanted it to be. And Remus's dream was suitably symbolic - I always find it hard to write dreams myself, so I appreciate it when other people create good ones.


Reviewer: sharieparkDate: 2007-03-31
Reviewid: 147642Chapter: 40
Thank you for your frequent updates! It's so lovely to check back and find a chapter waiting to be read. This one was a good chapter, though - quite understandably - it was rather a lull in the action. I honestly didn't think Remus went too far when he was said all those things he knew Vivian would never have. Dora had just said she'd accepted it, then goes on to angrily berate him for spreading his negativity as such, and I thought that was rather detracting from the tact she had just acquired - so Remus's response to me felt adequate and even deserved. Ooh, look at me, going on and on about one line, lol. Keep up the story, I thoroughly enjoy reading your take of these characters from HBP.

Reviewer: rosemaryeveDate: 2007-03-30
Reviewid: 147637Chapter: 40
I am looking forward to how you deal with this story in the next couple of chapters. Very exciting things are about to happen. Well written chapter, good pace, maintaining interest.

Reviewer: ClytymnystraDate: 2007-03-30
Reviewid: 147633Chapter: 1
Hi. If you decide to publish this--I WILL buy a copy.

It's been really fun to get more and more frequent updates as the Deathly Hallows release comes nearer....

I like the backstory you provide on Dumbledore's research of the cave--an old mine really makes sense. It was actually one of the points that bothered me about HBP--there wasn't enough of a setting to it for me? The concept of trace magic is really vital to making any sense of the cave, but it's only introduced in a cursory way in canon. Reading HBP I felt that Harry was really so vastly unprepared to carry on in Dumbledore's place as the main seeker of Horcruxii.

Remus having done some of the preliminary research on this area and Dumbledore's use of maps, etcetera really makes sense. It's actually reassuring....

Thanks again.

Reviewer: blizzardDate: 2007-03-29
Reviewid: 147628Chapter: 40
You build up tension wonderfully just by giving us a calm review of things happening short before the battle. The fact is that we know everything is going to change, Dumbledore is going to die so we start analyzing every word he says or every order he gives. It's high time Remus gets a grip on himself!

Reviewer: limaechoDate: 2007-03-29
Reviewid: 147627Chapter: 40
i can't tell what's a dream and what's not. is it supposed to be like that? it's kind of annoying.

Reviewer: ms.lupinDate: 2007-03-28
Reviewid: 147625Chapter: 40
Tonks means so well! I just want to skip when Albus dies and just let him live. My heart goes out to Remus when he talking to Sweets because he seems so sure that he is going to die. Then on the other hand I want to kick him where the sun don't shine for think so negatively. I can not wait for more. The battle!!!!!

Reviewer: PygmyPuffDate: 2007-03-28
Reviewid: 147624Chapter: 40
Excellent chapter...I can see how this is all connecting up right now. I love the relationship between Remus and Vivian, and that Tonks is trying to come to grips with the reality of the situation. The dream sequence was interesting, and not overdone, you manage those well. I really hope we get a good reunion scene as the reward at the end of all this...Post again soon!

Reviewer: VicusDate: 2007-03-28
Reviewid: 147620Chapter: 40
I've been reading this wonderful story for quite a while now, but I don't remember leaving you any reviews so far, and I feel ashamed about it!! Because this story's great! It's really nice to go through everything that was on HBP but from a different POV. I love it all. Especially all the tension you build up between Remus and Tonks... it's SO frustrating to see them like that. I feel like hiting some sense into their skulls. REALLY! Oh well, I promise to write reviews more often. YOU DO A FANTASTIC JOB and deserve more than 1 review!! lol

Reviewer: smokeyDate: 2007-03-28
Reviewid: 147619Chapter: 40
another superb chapter
I really liked the last one, it just highlighted all of Remus's problems so well.

Reviewer: AmandaBDate: 2007-03-28
Reviewid: 147618Chapter: 40
I liked Bill being worried about his mother's opinion, and I'm glad that Fleur has proven to be more then just a pretty face. I also like Dumbledore's advice to Remus and Tonks. The references to the cave were interesting, though I don't think that anyone knew exactly where Dumbledore and Harry were going that night. Keep writing.

Reviewer: Wolf's ScreamDate: 2007-03-28
Reviewid: 147613Chapter: 40
As always, I especially enjoy the interactions of the characters: well done!

Reviewer: citysnidgetDate: 2007-03-19
Reviewid: 147547Chapter: 39
I loved this chapter, especially the end. Seeing Remus' vulnerability and how things matter to him, even though he pretends to take it all with stride, was fabulously done, as was Tonks' realization of it. Great job!

Reviewer: Mcily NochiDate: 2007-03-19
Reviewid: 147545Chapter: 39
I think this chapter just broke my heart . . .

Reviewer: rosemaryeveDate: 2007-03-19
Reviewid: 147544Chapter: 39
What a wonderful chapter. I love Tonks moment of insight, and I love the character of Remus in this story.

Very exciting at the start, and very thoughtful at the end. A good structure for a chapter, very engaging and well written.

Reviewer: AmandaBDate: 2007-03-19
Reviewid: 147542Chapter: 39
I agree with Ted, that Remus is making everything personal, which isn't fair to Tonks. I really loved the Pensieve moment, because even though some things have changed since then, Remus's being a werewolf hasn't, so he still has problems with setting low expectations and giving up. The last two sentences explain a lot about their relationship, and get to the real problem. I'm glad that Tonks knows more about what is holding Remus back, and I look forward to how she can convince him he can do anything he wants. Keep writing.

Reviewer: ms.lupinDate: 2007-03-19
Reviewid: 147535Chapter: 39
I am glad everyone is safe so, to speak. I enjoyed pensive scene, for explains a lot... well, it just puts it out front what have has been always dancing around. Keep up the good work. I can not wait for more.

Reviewer: Wolf's ScreamDate: 2007-03-19
Reviewid: 147533Chapter: 39
It seems that Dora is a recipient of an Epiphany. Now if Remus could receive one, as well,that Would Be Grand, but that will take a while longer, I expect. I rather like Ted; he's OK.

Reviewer: celloannieDate: 2007-03-17
Reviewid: 147514Chapter: 38
I have been reading your stories for ages, but I've never commented. Now seemed like a good time to tell you how great I think you are. I'm pretty picky about the fan fiction I read, but I love yours! The characters are very well thought out and true to cannon, on top of which you are just a great writer.

I especially love Shifts and Shades. When I read HBP one of the things I was most excited about was the end when Remus and Tonks were outed. After reading your stories, I couldn't imagine it happening any other way, and I'm glad JK saw things the same way.

Please keep it up! I look forward to every update.

Reviewer: Mcily NochiDate: 2007-03-17
Reviewid: 147506Chapter: 38
Gah! I finally catch up only to find the cliffie of the century! I know Remus will be okay, but ifany harm comes to one of the children under his care he will never forgive himself. Please let them all be okay!!!

Reviewer: Mcily NochiDate: 2007-03-16
Reviewid: 147489Chapter: 36
Oh dear, this does put a wrench in their tires, doesn't it? But it's so nice to see the Garveys and the Levinsons again! How lovely! I hope Dora gets her morph back in time to enjoy their company a little. And I hope that Remus can summon the enthusiasm for teaching that I know is still in there somewhere!

Sorry I'm behind on reading - the combination of midterms and preparing for graduation and finding a job have prevented me from doing much of anything fun for several weeks. It is a treat to have so many chapters to read now that I have some time!

Reviewer: sothenwefellDate: 2007-03-15
Reviewid: 147480Chapter: 38
well, you sure as hell know how to write a cliffhanger. at least dear remus is finally remembering he's got balls!

brilliant chapter. i hope you're happy knowing that i'm going to have visions of half-eaten children dancing in my head until you post the next chapter =)

Reviewer: AmandaBDate: 2007-03-14
Reviewid: 147464Chapter: 38
I do agree that Harry's actions were very disturbing, though I understand why Tonks could not take any criminal actions against him. It was fortunate that Snape was there. I also agree that Remus is underestimating himself, and I think he would work well as a father figure to Harry, because he has a lot of common sense, and could tame Harry's tendency to act on his emotions without thinking sometimes. I hope that Remus and the girl are all right. Keep writing.

Reviewer: citysnidgetDate: 2007-03-13
Reviewid: 147446Chapter: 38
you are a cruel, cruel person for that last sentence! *sulks*

this is awesome, though. i can't wait for the next chapter.

Reviewer: rosemaryeveDate: 2007-03-12
Reviewid: 147441Chapter: 38
No! what a cliffhanger! I can't believe it is so exciting!

What an incredible chapter, I have really enjoyed this story and now this chapter has gripped me completely, I can't wait to see what happens next.

You are an excellent story teller, and write beautifully, I have thoroughly enjoyed all your stories and I love your Remus and Tonks - what has happened.

Wonderful, wonderful chapter.

Reviewer: ms.lupinDate: 2007-03-12
Reviewid: 147437Chapter: 38
What a cliff hanger! I can not wait for more. I like your take on the how they explained Draco's accident to his mum. I have always wondered about that. The little Harry and Ginny moment was cute. I wonder about if the Lady would come back. I am at the edge of my seat.

Reviewer: AryaDate: 2007-03-12
Reviewid: 147433Chapter: 38
It's a wonderful thing to be procrastinating writing a paper, just about to go to bed, and check SQ to find that Shifts has been updated.

Great chapter.

Reviewer: Wolf's ScreamDate: 2007-03-12
Reviewid: 147432Chapter: 38
Ah; well done! I'm quite enjoying the interactions and the descriptive detail. Tonks' comment about Backs & passion was priceless -- as was Moony's (smoewhat) delayed reaction just as Tonks was leaving. (I rather liked Moony's reminiscence of James, Sirius, and Regulus, too.)

The alternative perspective on the immediate aftermath of The Kiss was quite apropos, as well.

And now -- I reckon we'll be finding out who's screaming come next chapter, eh?

Reviewer: rosemaryeveDate: 2007-03-05
Reviewid: 147372Chapter: 37
I have recently discovered your work, and have been reading with great enthusiasm. It is so good to find writing of this quality. Your work is in my top 10!

Shifts is a fantastic story, it is lovely to have the background to Remus and Tonks relationship. I loved being able to see their interaction, and Sirius, while Harry was off at school. I am delighted that you are continuing to write, and creating the sequel, and I have enjoyed the extra stories also available to read. The characterisation in all your stories is consistent and believable, and your characters are also likeable, and react in understandable ways to events and to their environment. I do feel sorry for Remus, he is doing his best, but it is so cruel to Tonks. And yet he cant help himself because he loves her. I like your original characters also.

The plot is gripping, and well developed, and the interaction of the characters within the plot is well managed and a delight to read.

Thank you for writing.

Reviewer: EricaVeeDate: 2007-03-03
Reviewid: 147347Chapter: 37
Yay I've finally caught up! And now I'm sad, because I'm DYING to read more!
I'm so glad Tonks and Remus are resolved for now, and that her hair is pink again...and Remus's new assignment was a very clever way of tying the story to the book canon.
Please update again soon!

Reviewer: krumfanDate: 2007-03-02
Reviewid: 147335Chapter: 37

Reviewer: Wolf's ScreamDate: 2007-02-27
Reviewid: 147311Chapter: 37
Excellent, all told -- from the reunion with "Raymond's" former colleagues through Dumbledore's chat with Tonks to Narcissa's appearance at the Hog's Head.

Reviewer: AmandaBDate: 2007-02-27
Reviewid: 147309Chapter: 37
I'm glad that Remus's students are doing well, and that Dora seems to be doing a little better with her morphing. I look forward to Narcissa, and exactly why she wants to arrest Harry Potter. Keep writing.

Reviewer: PygmyPuffDate: 2007-02-27
Reviewid: 147308Chapter: 37
I liked this chapter--I really needed something simple and refreshing and positive, and I think Tonks and Remus did too. I enjoyed seeing the Smeltings gang again. Also the conversation with Dumbledore, and this bit of canon-integration. Your Narcissa is quite the complex character. Thank you for posting so quickly--post again soon!

Reviewer: sharieparkDate: 2007-02-22
Reviewid: 147269Chapter: 36
Oh, it IS so frustrating to see Remus sometimes. What a prize prat. It was nice to see the Garveys and Levinsons again too. The last few paragraphs were awfully depressing; I looked back at a couple of Shifts chapters and Dora has just completely fallen through. I look forward to the point where this brilliant fanfic will fit into canon, and Dora has the heart to have her hair pink again. I imagine you're looking forward to writing that too. :) Thank you for your lightning updates, and thank you for writing.

Reviewer: krumfanDate: 2007-02-22
Reviewid: 147262Chapter: 36
What a hilarious chapter! Comic relief was definitely what this story needed after chapter upon chapter of heartbreak. You know how to dish it out, woman! Keep it coming! I love how you tie everything to canon. As per usual, you're doing a fabulous job.

If I were Ted, I would have probably smacked Remus. Fracking noble prat! Oi, looking forward to what you have in store next!


Reviewer: JoyDate: 2007-02-20
Reviewid: 147255Chapter: 36
I think I was as happy as Remus to have his Smeltings friends back. And I really enjoyed the conversation with Ted and Remus.

Reviewer: ms.lupinDate: 2007-02-20
Reviewid: 147254Chapter: 36
Hmmm! Very intresting take on how Albus finds the cave. I like it! I did not see that one coming. I love it how you trick me. I wish Ted would of backed handed Remus. Alan and the Smelting gang are back, Yeah!!!! Poor Dora. Waiting on the edge of my seat.

Reviewer: AaragogDate: 2007-02-20
Reviewid: 147252Chapter: 36
A worthy plot turn. I've been wondering what Remus was supposed to do --besides mope about Tonks-- now that spying on Greyback is over. And to bring back his old colleagues! How in the world will he negotiate that one if they insist on keeping him company?

Reviewer: AmandaBDate: 2007-02-19
Reviewid: 147251Chapter: 36
I agree that Remus is not doing the right thing by running, because he'll just have to deal with it later. Thanks for bringing back Alan and friends, I wonder when they will notice that things between him and Dora are strained. I look forward to what Remus discovers at these schools. Keep writing.

Reviewer: PygmyPuffDate: 2007-02-19
Reviewid: 147250Chapter: 36
Oh how wonderful to have the Smeltings gang back! How utterly fantastic! (Did Dora give them the address, I wonder, b/c how else could they have found it?) The integration with canon is perfect, spot-on.

I love Ted sticking up for his daughter. Someone has to knock some sense into Remus. Remus seems to be still dwelling on the whole matter more than Dora, she's just sad, poor thing.

I love the idea of the Smeltings gang helping to pull Remus out of his funk and see the possibility for a real, lovely life with Dora...

Reviewer: Wolf's ScreamDate: 2007-02-19
Reviewid: 147245Chapter: 36
Superb! Ted comes across particularly plausibly. And this provides an excellent backstory for how Dumbledore found the cave. The interaction with the children/cubs at the beginning was great -- I could practically hear them talking over each other in their excitement on seeing Remus. Excellent, indeed!

Reviewer: krumfanDate: 2007-02-15
Reviewid: 147218Chapter: 35
....Awesome....what a nice respite from the juicy action of the story. You seem to balance all the find a way to write in everyone. You don't forget anyone.

I love it.....great chappie.

Reviewer: sothenwefellDate: 2007-02-14
Reviewid: 147204Chapter: 35
Have you been to Albuquerque? That's my hometown - you did a brilliant job with the setting. That doesn't happen very often =) The green chile stew and endless skies were nice touches.

Reviewer: AmandaBDate: 2007-02-14
Reviewid: 147203Chapter: 35
I like your description of New Mexico, even though I've never been there. The talk with Malfoy was interesting and creepy at the same time. I certainly hope he stays in Azkaban, though I wouldn't be surprised if it doesn't happen. I also agree that it will take some time for Tonks and Remus to become comfortable with each other again. Keep writing.

Reviewer: MollieRMSDate: 2007-02-13
Reviewid: 147200Chapter: 35
That was just odd. I live just north of Santa Fe in Los Alamos and it was pretty weird to hear all that described. Are you from around here, too?

Oh, and Remus is getting on my last nerve. Just like he's getting on Tonks'. Good job!

Reviewer: AaragogDate: 2007-02-13
Reviewid: 147194Chapter: 35
I haven't reviewed in awhile, primarily because all I have to say is that your story has never wavered in the high quality of style, content, and pacing it started with. As fanfic goes, this is two or three cuts above.

Reviewer: Wolf's ScreamDate: 2007-02-13
Reviewid: 147193Chapter: 35
Ah, excellent -- again & still!

Yes, I suppose Molly would find the recipe interesting, but probably too spicy for most occasions.

Pity Tonks didn't visit during a time when her curiousity was more easily piqued. :-}

The interactions between Remus & Tonks feel just about as frustrating as they should, I think.

And the interview with Lucius was also quite well done. Very nice, indeed.

Reviewer: PygmyPuffDate: 2007-02-13
Reviewid: 147190Chapter: 35
Interesting spot of Snape using his double-agent status, and I really loved how you worked in HBP canon and the cave, that was an inspired move.
I'm looking forward to getting Remus's POV again. I love how he betrayed himself, starting to say she should come with him to visit the children. He can't let go, now can he? Also I liked seeing your version of Wizarding America, and how different it was from Britain. Update again soon!

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