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Dumbledore's Army
Review(s): 26

Reviewer: AmethystBelovedDate: 2009-01-25
Reviewid: 151373Chapter: 1
My favorite thing about this story is the way that it showcases the friendship among the four boys. There aren't many Peter fans in the HP world, but there's no way you can deny the balance that they create for one another, if that makes sense. What I'm trying to refer to is scenes like the way you introduced the story by describing their contribution to their dorm room. The pronunciation of "Aroo" was a great way to cap off the fic. ^_^

Reviewer: Madaline FabrayDate: 2006-06-04
Reviewid: 143205Chapter: 1
Well, it took me long enough to get to this one! Wonderful, wonderful story, especially Remus' last line.

Reviewer: AstridDate: 2006-03-20
Reviewid: 141102Chapter: 1
Such camraderie. I enjoy Maruders era stories that don't eliminate Peter in some fashion.

Reviewer: Reader 2Date: 2005-12-15
Reviewid: 137227Chapter: 1

Reviewer: SeasprayDate: 2005-10-16
Reviewid: 134601Chapter: 1
Love it! *loveitloveitloveitloveit* Yes, I know, I shouldn't review hyper. It's like drinking and driving, only with less danger of ending up in court. James was wonderfully James in this fic, all the marauders were perfect. I loved the little touches like Peter bringing in Firewhiskey stolen from his mum and James being scared to ask Lily to help 'cos she's mad at him. And Sirius wanting to know what Remus looked liked transformed. I think you are one of the best marauders writers there is. Possibly the best. Makes me wish there were more good fics about the Marauders when they were young and innocent(ish). Anyhow, thank you for writing it, and I'm sorry this isn't a more coherent review- I'm in such an odd mood. But I did really really like it- the comparison with king Arthur and the lot is a wonderful one.

Reviewer: FernWithyDate: 2005-10-03
Reviewid: 133680Chapter: 1
Yeah, I screwed up in a post-beta addition. I must send in a revised version. They're third years.

Reviewer: SnorkackCatcherDate: 2005-10-03
Reviewid: 133677Chapter: 1
Very nice little bit of Marauder interaction. I especially liked Remus being very serious about not letting them into the Shack, and jokingly correcting Sirius' werewolf howl, and James being secretly pleased that Remus really did like their little den.

Minor query: when is this set? I'd assumed from the references to Hogsmeade and Ancient Runes that it had to be at least 3rd year, but then James was struggling to find a Shrinking Spell among his 1st year stuff and cadging a look at 3rd year books?

Reviewer: BADate: 2005-10-01
Reviewid: 133551Chapter: 1
awww.... that's cute. I luv Remus in this he's so sweet! do you mean them to be 1st years?

Reviewer: LauraDate: 2005-10-01
Reviewid: 133546Chapter: 1
This is very funny exactly how imagine the marauders very mischeivous and everything else that describes them. I don't have any complaints to your fic.

Reviewer: SennaDate: 2005-10-01
Reviewid: 133515Chapter: 1
A very cute story about our four favorite boys. Well done!


Reviewer: Eir de ScaniaDate: 2005-09-29
Reviewid: 133453Chapter: 1
Fern, I didn't know you spent some of your childhood hidihg in the Marauders dorm!

Nice one, this :-)

Reviewer: DalfDate: 2005-09-29
Reviewid: 133450Chapter: 1
How cute! I see you addressed the "calling themselves mauraders" thing that you talked about on yoru LJ. I do think that if they used it less casually and more when they were up to some mischef. You know talking about how the school was prime for a bit of maurading, with a wink or whatever that it is less dumb. Less of a club and mroe of a lable.

Anyway the summary on your author page says this takes place in their 3rd year. The story says first. But at least the story itself is consistent (internally).

Reviewer: FabalafaepotterDate: 2005-09-29
Reviewid: 133443Chapter: 1
Love it still!

Reviewer: erm......Date: 2005-09-28
Reviewid: 133413Chapter: 1
This is really, really good. One of the nicest pieces of fanfiction I've read in ages. Well done!

Reviewer: SweetSiriusDate: 2005-09-28
Reviewid: 133400Chapter: 1

Oh my, that was a wonderful read. I really do appreciate your originality in crafting this moment - I sometimes find it difficult to get past a cut-and-dried This Is How It Happened, and, well, I really like the characterisation you've put in this. The style is lovely and intimate, the final discussion is a new personal favourite. I really like the metaphor you have going with the furniture and clothes - that "companionable pile". I enjoyed each of the Marauders' literary voices very much, and you have a nice ability to understate. Nicely done.

All the best,


Reviewer: claudiastarDate: 2005-09-27
Reviewid: 133343Chapter: 1
Wow- lovely Marauder bonding. They really are a unit aren't they. I particularly loved you Sirius in this. Funny and sweet- good job all round

Reviewer: SaraDate: 2005-09-27
Reviewid: 133341Chapter: 1
I like it - where do you want to go? I'll follow out of curiousity!

Reviewer: AlphieDate: 2005-09-27
Reviewid: 133327Chapter: 1
Actually, we learned from the experts at wolf park that a true wolf howl doesn't have much of an "ah" sound at all. It;s just more of the "ooohhhh" sound, but that's doesn't translate as well in text. LOL! I'm teasing you.

I loved this! It was nice to see you post something a bit light-hearted, given the way Shades has been going. I hope you submit it to the WWR as I'm sure everyone will get a kick out of it.

Reviewer: FernWithyDate: 2005-09-27
Reviewid: 133321Chapter: 1

I noticed that last night, meant to fix it, and TOTALLY FORGOT.

They're third year.

Reviewer: CrisDate: 2005-09-27
Reviewid: 133320Chapter: 1
This is a really cute story, and I hate to nitpick, but what year are the boys supposed to be? Because it seems like 3rd year (your story description, Divination), except for this bit:

"The next day, James started looking for a good Shrinking Spell. He'd thought it would be a simple matter, but all of the first year Transfiguration spells involved things that were roughly the same size. He'd been able to prevail upon a third year girl to show him her textbook, but he hadn't found anything there, either. "

Reviewer: TobyDate: 2005-09-27
Reviewid: 133301Chapter: 1
Hehe, aroo. You've quickly become one of my favorite Quill authors. Keep up the good work, and I can't wait for the next chapter of Shades.

Reviewer: hiDate: 2005-09-27
Reviewid: 133300Chapter: 1
What are you doing writing this when you could be writing shades!? Joking. I loved it. Very nice touch at the end 'It's A-rooo, with a bit of a twist up at the end'. Keep writing suh great work!

Reviewer: chocolatefrogsDate: 2005-09-27
Reviewid: 133299Chapter: 1
I just love everything that you do. Perfect tone. Light, funny, and endearing. Quite a change from Shades, which I don't think will have much fun for a while, if at all. (Not that I don't love it, as well, because I do.) I like that you don't, generally, write from the trio's (H/R/H) perspective, but give us the great backstory. You do this so well. Nicely done, once again.

Reviewer: ArimalkaDate: 2005-09-26
Reviewid: 133296Chapter: 1
"Honestly. Everyone knows that."
^That kills me. haha.

Very good! I should try and be more constructive, but I can't really think of anything that I didn't like. This is much lighter than your usual style (especially with 'Shades') and it was a pleasant experience to read.

Reviewer: gijaneDate: 2005-09-26
Reviewid: 133264Chapter: 1

Love the end when Lupin corrects Sirius. Continue!!

Reviewer: Mcily NochiDate: 2005-09-26
Reviewid: 133263Chapter: 1
Wonderful. It's so much fun to see all the Marauders together before things started going wrong. Thank you.

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