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Dumbledore's Army
Review(s): 46

Reviewer: MontavillaDate: 2007-05-10
Reviewid: 147973Chapter: 1
This is one of the most original and interesting Snape sagas I've ever read. I don't even know how you came up with the idea, but there's this wonderful exotic sense of magic, especially in this first chapter.

It makes me think of Miazaka and how his films and filled with this strange, magical imagery that isn't like anything else--or at least, isn't like anything <i>Western</i>, but it's all so emotioally resonant that it doesn't seem untouchable--or culturally remote.

I'm not articulating it very well. But sometimes you look at something different and think, that's nice, but I don't understand it. And sometimes you look at something different think, that's amazing and I shouldn't understand it, but now it feels like something I've known all along.

That's what this chapter is like. And, in mundane terms, it makes me want to read more.

Reviewer: AnyaDate: 2007-04-24
Reviewid: 147844Chapter: 10
OH HO!! I WAS RIGHT! I had a feeling about Icarus...and Eileen!

But Dumbledore was the rockstar of this chapter! Frigging AWESOME, I mean you just *know* there's a reason he's ULTRA feared but you've gone and shown us... (also W00t! Cthulhu!)

And young Severus! Oooh he's just loaded with anger and confusion and mixed emotions and finally gets a chance to really cut his evil-teeth on some real targets, so to speak. But now that we've GOT some answers I want to see what a certain Defense Professor has to say for himself!

*prays fervently that Adas exams fly by so more chapters can be had* Gah, I'm sorry this isn't up to my usual review standards! But this chapter was much needed and muchly cheering :D

Reviewer: dogstarDate: 2007-04-22
Reviewid: 147833Chapter: 2
It makes me strangely happy that Severus is left-handed :-) Really good chapter. Severus has the sarcasm, intelligence and guarded insight of the adult, but is also recognisably eleven years old. Great job describing Side-Along Apparition and how it felt to cast his first spell too. Nice one!

Reviewer: dogstarDate: 2007-01-16
Reviewid: 146898Chapter: 1
I'm finally getting round to reviewing this chapter ;) This promises to be a fascinating story - key events about which we know only tantalising glimpses, through the eyes of the most interesting character - to me anyway! I really emjoyed your take on Ollivander - a shady character in the books and just the candidate for a sinister double life. Eleven year old Severus shows us the man - fiercely proud and protective of his diginity and an already discernible thirst for pushing back the boundaries of the known.

Great start - I'm looking forward to reading on.

Reviewer: mary ellisDate: 2007-01-14
Reviewid: 146865Chapter: 9
Ada, nobody else captures young Snape quite the way you do--it's refreshing, and I love it:

--"He'd grown taller, smarter, wilier, more manipulative and much more adept...",
--"His jet-black (and regrettably greasier) hair hung down to his shoulders; his cheekbones and the dark circles of sleeplessness under his eyes were more pronounced; and he had all but perfected the art of cultivating a smokescreen of mystery..."
--"The Psychotic Loner"

And the humor:
--"...his pet had died just before Christmas. Low flying plane. Cursed Muggles."
--"...he'd found himself subject to a typically Slytherin attempt at power restructuring..."

And your confrontation scenes simply crackle with energy and verve (and sauce too, but I know sauce doesn't crackle so I won't mix my metaphors):

--"Severus had never tried the Slashing Hex non-verbally, so when the visceral blood had spattered out in a rather pretty arc, he'd been as surprised as everyone else in the room."
--"Yes, I think he's an arrogant twat, but I don't want him dead." Twat =Twit + Prat (Of course, in America it means something quite different...)
--[Sweet--with Black draped over his shoulder--to Snape] "Feeling rebellious today, are we?"--ha, ha!

As for me, I'm not at all sympathetic to Sirius. After all, he gets all the goodies in everyone else's fics--rafts of girls, pranks with impunity. Why shouldn't Severus have one fic where he gets to blast Sirius into little bitty doggie treats? Keep it up, my girl!

Reviewer: mary ellisDate: 2007-01-14
Reviewid: 146863Chapter: 8 Dumbledore's tongue-lashing of the Slytherin and Gryffindor miscreants and all of Severus' thoughts during and afterwards, especially (of Dumbledore)"you loathsome, patronising, old fool..." Not that I think D. is, but it's so very Snape-ish somehow.

Reviewer: mary ellisDate: 2007-01-14
Reviewid: 146862Chapter: 7
I love Slughorn "looking like the Kneazle who had not only got the cream, but the canary and the pet hamster to boot."

Great way with a phrase as usual: [Sweet] observing the Gryffindor boys with an *unsettling impassivity*.

Bellatrix Black describing her meeting with Lord V. is just the way I would picture it--and her.

Reviewer: ceriDate: 2007-01-06
Reviewid: 146770Chapter: 9
i just knew this was going be a great story !

Reviewer: mary ellisDate: 2006-12-30
Reviewid: 146677Chapter: 6
"You are digging yourself a hole, Mr Snape. I suggest you lay down your spade - otherwise you will be in a whole world of trouble." Oooh--Minerva in high dudgeon! I love it.

And the duel with Sweet--exciting! I could see the whole thing--you set it up very well.

Can't wait for the Slug Club tea!

Reviewer: mary ellisDate: 2006-12-29
Reviewid: 146676Chapter: 5
*blushes* Thanks for the compliment, Ada. I haven't been around to read your stuff lately--got involved in some heavy beta work for another site, but that's all over now and I can get back to reading and reviewing my fave stories on SQ. I'm glad you're finished your dissertation--hope it went well--but it leaves more time now for *real* writing. And of course Birch Wood is one of them. That Sweet fellow's intriguing as is your little irony in the contrasting of Harry's with Severus' Sortings. Will have to keep a look-out for more of that in your writing. And of course I love Muninn to death. Maybe someone will draw us a picture of him--(hint, hint all you artists out there) please?

Reviewer: coppermantraDate: 2006-12-29
Reviewid: 146656Chapter: 9
Why do I have the feeling that the wee!Snape filter is not so much different than just plain Snape? Either way, it works.

The smiriking "taller, wilier, more manipulative" Snape is a welcome evolution. This chapter is filled with so many perfect momements, funny lines, and evocative images that i can not even pick just one to comment on. Everthything from Lily's modal auxillary to the witless wonders of Sweet's old dormates made me giggle. But hands down, the series of interactions between Sweet and Snape and Muninn are the best. You have a knack for mixing humour in with some of the most eerie, beautiful passages I have ever read that manage to be poetic and not overdone at the same time. (Unlike this review which is anything but poetic, and far more gushing than elegant)

I look forward to the next update (with bated dragon breath)

Reviewer: AnyaDate: 2006-12-27
Reviewid: 146635Chapter: 9
Remember Ada, in order to be a Snape apologist, one must belive he has something to apologize for...and if no one is asking for sincere apologies from the Marauders, well, wee!Snape may see through his own filter however he likes! And Black going after his Mum...*growls*

Hope we liked it? OF course I liked it! I have developed some theories upon careful rereading (twas a delightfuly slow day at work, affording me such luxuries) that I will keep my mouth zipped about while waiting impatiently for the next installment...but Mssr Sweet becomes again, ever more intriguing. Is there *no one* this man won't fight? He's like the belligeirent drunk who gets an ounce of Scotch in him and thinks he's invincible!

Especially startling (in the best way possible) is the flip view for me of what Olivander does. So often he appears on the Fic radar as a blip, that guy who makes wands. But he's got to get the contents somehow, and Dragon Heartstring must be the single greatest waste of flesh and blood for mere wandcores, but this shows how incredibly ugly Olivanders trade can look from the other side (much how I've developed a loathing for Grave Robber...I mean...curse breaker Bill Weasley)

Ahh, greasy teenage Snape :D. I very much like this theory of a minor exchange on Munin's part, very crafty (very Dragony!) and Wee!Snape Versus Olivander (seems he's found Sweet a model worth aspiring to in that respect...) and Lily Evans' row with Snape as well. How refreshing! Wee!Snape drowns out Evans girlish prattle and tolerates it for the sake of having his work looked over :D No mournful closet longing here!

Also, I can't resist "and he had all but perfected the art of cultivating a smokescreen of mystery with which to protect himself and others." In my eternal authoral bigheadedness part of my brain squee'd "OMG OTHERS! Thats her!"

*pounds fists on the table* MORE MORE MORE!

Reviewer: mary ellisDate: 2006-11-05
Reviewid: 146080Chapter: 4
Whoa, creepola! And I love how you start Severus out friends with Lily and Remus and not the fellow he is to become. I can't wait to see how he evolves under your careful hand.

Reviewer: AnyaDate: 2006-09-30
Reviewid: 145542Chapter: 8
*fluffs her hair/eyelash flutter* Rachmaninoff Sonata No. 2, Op. 35 'Funeral March': Grave please Mr Sweet! :D

Dreamy, dreamy little wicked creature that! But I must blush Ada, going places, not soon enough!

BUT ON TO ZEE CHAPTER! Poor Eileen! I want to know how she got there so badly and what she's got in common with Icarus...(Ravenclaw you say? *whistle*) Poor Severus, so little comfort in his misery (but excellent choice of reading material! Marlowe! I whole heartedly approve but you'd know better than I!)

The tempest in a teapot on the school grounds is an interesting pre layout of things to come, as was the effect of too much magic (and emotion) on Our Severus...eeeennnnteresting take on the process that I want to see more of! But HARDCORE Dumbledore and the VERY accurate (if you ask me) effect his words had on the Slytherins and Gryffindors was EXCELLENT. This is no factioned smoochy smoochy Gryffindor loving Dumbledore from fandom, this is DUMBLEDORE, the guy who did enough awesome stuff to get a wizard card! Thank you for that!

Sulky sweets hating Severus! I love it! He's a sharp little tack (much like his adult self whom I don't think cottons kindly to offers of lemon drops and other sweets from Albus even years down the road!) But poor Severus, he's in such a horrible corner at school in Slytherin but knowing what happened to his Mum...*sigh* and the truly sad part is we know where it leads already from Canon but it's watching him slide that's hearbreaking (and you have made it so sad for him presenting all the thorns in his path the way you have, and the complexities that are so hard for adults to manage let alone a kid still in school)

But know as a bartender my SOLEMN DUTY will be to quest for this Sabretooth Lime? I'll let you know once I've found it *snicker*

Reviewer: AnankeDate: 2006-09-14
Reviewid: 145335Chapter: 8
Faced with the utter perfection of this chapter, I had to react. :)
First of all, I love your Potter and Black. That is, I love to hate them. They are such utterly despicable gits! This story is a great anti-toxin to all those 'perfect Marauder' fics. Yes, they were good friends... to each other. And even that, with Peter, is debatable.
So, it's great to see them through the eyes of an outsider. And an outsider who isn't falling for their charms. :)
Second, I love your Severus. I'm now wondering how you are going to execute the transition between this resolute boy and the 'Snivellus' persona; what would make him stop caring for his grooming to that extent.
Third, I'm wondering how precisely you intend Muninn to perish. I have a feeling that this will be when Severus makes the wrong choice... but I wonder. You're keeping me wondering. I'm grateful for that.
And finally, I'm wondering about Icarus and Eileen. I'm becoming his groupie as well, I think... although he's not quite perfect for me yet. He *would* be perfect if it turned out that he had been in love/had a crush on Eileen. (As you can probably tell, I'm not much of a looker myself, and can certainly commisserate with the poor girl. :))
But, for some reason, I have that strange feeling that it was *she* who had a crush on him, and he simply wasn't interested. Not even because she was ugly, but just because he wasn't interested in her that way.
(For some reason, he strikes me on the whole as asexual. I don't know why. He just *does*.)
Hmm. I probably should stop wondering right now. I'll probably read this comment after a couple of chapters, and will laugh at my own total lack of direction. As YOU are probably laughing now. :D

In any case, that's a brilliant, brilliant piece of work. And I haven't even commented on your Dumbledore...

Reviewer: mary ellisDate: 2006-08-06
Reviewid: 144649Chapter: 3
Ah, I revel in your description of the stratosphere and the sunrise. And wise, testy Muninn is an excelent match for the snippy young Snape. I like your dragon language and am intrigued by that drake's-eye view of the difference between Thought and Memory.

Reviewer: AnyaDate: 2006-08-03
Reviewid: 144617Chapter: 7
Yarrrr! It be time for a badly structured but entirely overenthusiastic review!

Ohhhh huggles for Little Severus! *shnuggles!* I love him more and more with each chapter, because its like you're READING MY BRAIN. (as a wee aside, poor Remus *sigh*) I love wee Severus because he has that ambiguity and offcenter feeling (sort of like Harry at times! I like) trying to make his way. Score Wee!Snape on that wine there *giggle* I love how he played that off all cool and calm like "What? I'm not allowed to have wine?" And cutting into the "adult" conversation like that as well!

WHY! WHY ADA! WHY must you make Sweet so...well I would pun that and say sweet but he's rather prickly and that's awfuly nice...But that certainly was a clash of the titans at the party! He stormed out...but then he came back to Pwn Slughorn! (Ooooh but Dumbledore didn't can him for it, this makes me think something is up here and we are going to need to know a bit more about Mister Sweet...which is fine by me *giggle*)

Slughorn is an ass, it must be said. Well he's not horrid I suppose but he's just the sort of person I hate "In reality" and its VERY easy to see how he sets off Sweet (and really makes you rethink that SlugClub party in HBP!) Also fabulously charachterized, is Creepy Bella, she gives me the gibblies! Theres no Slytherin "Dangerous Liasons" nonsense or squaredancing partnerswapping so I am a happy girl! :D

Of course, I'd be happier if I had my own personal Sweet, perhaps dollhouse sized to play a tiiiiny piano and make evil faces at me. And for another chapter update but SOON! You say it's dark, I say: YES PLEASE!

Reviewer: AnyaDate: 2006-07-19
Reviewid: 144269Chapter: 6
Ohhhh Ada. If two well attired gents show up at your house attempting to deliver a shiny gold pananquin or something to that effect with a hoarde of pretty blonde bearers...sign the delivery forms and know it was I what sent it as reviews are *not quite* adequate appreciation for this most exellent chapter of Wee!Snape *eheheh*

I would, again, like to assert my willingness to "drown" in the large blue eyes of one Mr Sweet. That snappish demeanor! The severe dress! Pallid hands! That weird cold smile *swoon*

Now that my chapterly Sweetgushing is said and done, your Slughorn is A+! Name dropping right off the bat with that sort of jovial overly friendly teacherly air and the offerings of treats! But oooo! I like that Lily told James to say sorry, and that Snape is Snapishly aloof about accepting such an apology, especially as James came with an entourage! And James looking disgusted at Snape's use of "unusual" curses in practical defense...

OOOH Girl you are thinkin' outside the box! Shrewd Lily keeping an eye on Snape instead of being OMG SO PERFEKT! (I was about to swear to put my eye out with a hot smoking poker if I had to read another "OMG paired up!" or "OMG Snape copies Lily" Ahh this is blessed relief!) And Snape having an additional reason to be a bit of a potions whizz, having watched his Mum all that time! I'm looking forward to what he'll be dreaming about *giggle* But I like how you highlighted his need to work things out for himsef with his own Snape "method" even if it does get him marked down by McG! I'm interested to see how that will tie into the plot at large!

But I was quite worried about Munnin's fate there but Snape's got it under control hasn't he? (doesn't he always?) but how lovely that the two of them can fly somewhere quiet to think and be alone (something I think Snape would sorely need at Hogwarts and you've given him a way to be alone and undisturbed and a wonderful friend to do it with!

I love that Severus got pumped up by duelling too! Shows quite a lot of promise :D Good thing Slughorn saw that but I can't wait to see what Sweet is going to do at the party...Eeeeenteresting that he should give in *now* of all times...

Reviewer: J ForiasDate: 2006-07-18
Reviewid: 144261Chapter: 1
I thought the way you opened the chapter was interesting. The reader (me :p) feels very baseless. We don't know how Ollivander is flying. We don't know what he's fighting. It's actually quite tricky to figure out what's going on. I think this is something you are actually aiming to achieve. For example, "Before him, a hand stretches out, reaching for a strand of the silvery, fibrous ether." You even delay the reader's knowledge of whom a hand belongs to, keeping him/her off balance.

And then the reader is almost relieved when we are snapped into Severus Snape's perspective and things start to make sense. The funny thing is that it feels just like snapping out of a very confusing dream and into reality, so we are pushed into empathy with Severus, right from the start.

The dragon was cool. I loved the magic and oldness and dragonness that he emanated. I also appreciated the way that Severus' pride matched that of a dragon. I'm sure that pride will be a key element in any Snape story.

The rest of the story builds up the mystery and restores some of that feeling of being unsure what's going on. Why is Ollivander talking to the dragon? Did he actually mean to kill it? What's the price? These kind of questions are good hooks.

I liked Ollivander, too. I think he's slightly different than his canon portrayal, but I can't quite put my finger on it, although I expect it could have something to do with the fact that we never see him do battle with a dragon-like-thing in canon! :p

And yes, Severus. I think I will watch with interest his character development. I have faith that you will write it very well.

At the end of the day, an enjoyable first chapter! Good job!

Reviewer: Ada KensingtonDate: 2006-07-18
Reviewid: 144257Chapter: 1
Kajika: "About the paragraphs, I guess I wasn't clear. I meant that the other chapters ARE divided into paragraphs and the 6th chapter should be too."

Phew. That makes a bit more sense. And good news! The sixth chapter has been fixed, all thanks to Madame Pince. Hopefully you can read it now. ^_^

Reesie: "I had a question about the quote below though - it sounds as though Sweet wants to hear that Severus IS going, not just that he wants to hear if the rumour is true or not. Is that what you intended? I would think that Sweet would not want Severus to go and get chummy with Slughorn. Anyway..."

It's a bit of both. He knows Slughorn's recruiting tactics pretty well and is pretty certain that Severus will be going, but he wants to hear it from Severus himself. And you're right - Sweet definitely doesn't want Severus to get chummy with Slughorn. You'll see how the party pans out in the next chapter. *evil grin*

"I'm a big Jane Eyre fan as well. I keep picturing Sweet as a blonde though!! I liked St. Rivers sisters more than him - I thought St. Rivers - while a very good man - was a little self-righteous for me. But that doesn't matter."

The man playing St. John in the picture is blonde, it's just that the light makes it look brown (he's very pretty). It's the Timothy Dalton version of Jane Eyre - my favourite because out of all of them it stays truest to the book. I do agree with you that Diana and Mary Rivers are more appealing, but there's just something about St. John that draws you in - for me, it's the whole Rosamond Oliver thing. He's so screwed up! :P

Mary Ellis: Thanks so much for your review. It's great to know someone as good a writer as yourself is reading my fic. Your McGonagall is utterly fabulous. ^_^

Reviewer: KajikaDate: 2006-07-18
Reviewid: 144251Chapter: 1
About the paragraphs, I guess I wasn't clear. I meant that the other chapters ARE divided into paragraphs and the 6th chapter should be too.

As far as leaving out the paragraph tags, you should have blamed it on Peeves! ; o )

Reviewer: ReesieDate: 2006-07-18
Reviewid: 144242Chapter: 6
Wonderful, Ada, wonderful! I am really enjoying this - especially Severus in his classrooms, and his relationship with Sweet.

I had a question about the quote below though - it sounds as though Sweet wants to hear that Severus IS going, not just that he wants to hear if the rumour is true or not. Is that what you intended? I would think that Sweet would not want Severus to go and get chummy with Slughorn. Any way...

"Quite alright, Severus," Sweet replied. "I will forgive you your transgression wholeheartedly if you but confirm the rumour that you will be attending Horace Slughorn's little start-of-term soiree in a few weeks' time."

I'm a big Jane Eyre fan as well. I keep picturing Sweet as a blonde though!! I liked St. Rivers sisters more than him - I thought St. Rivers - while a very good man - was a little self-righteous for me. But that doesn't matter.

Your fan fic is so good - I'm really loving it. I feel for Severus when he does something he is proud of - such as the duel with Sweet - and instead of getting praise gets cautious acknowledgement and puzzlement. Fits with his character as a man.

Reviewer: Ada KensingtonDate: 2006-07-17
Reviewid: 144238Chapter: 1
"This chapter desparately needs to be divided into paragraphs. (Like your previous five chapters.) It was quite difficult to read. Writing that is to be read on a computer screen needs shorter paragraphs that print. Did something happen that this chapter lost its formatting?"

Very much so. I happened. I stupidly forgot to put in the paragraph tags in the sixth chapter. I sent away a replacement right away, but it's not been fixed yet. Madame Pince is a busy woman. :)

And my previous chapters need to be divided into paragraphs? Eep! I thought they were. Maybe it seems odd because I tend towards writing extra long paragraphs. *ponders*

Hopefully chapter six will be replaced soon! Thanks for your patience, everyone! :)

Reviewer: KajikaDate: 2006-07-17
Reviewid: 144237Chapter: 6
This chapter desparately needs to be divided into paragraphs. (Like your previous five chapters.) It was quite difficult to read. Writing that is to be read on a computer screen needs shorter paragraphs that print. Did something happen that this chapter lost its formatting?

Reviewer: mary ellisDate: 2006-07-17
Reviewid: 144236Chapter: 2
I've finally found time to come back to this piece, which I've loved from the beginning. That first chapter would have stood on its own as a beautifiul one-shot, but I'm glad you've decided to continue. I love your hard-headed, volatile pre-teen Severus and his father too. Most people make the old man a soulless fiend. Thanks for injecting him with a touching frailty.

Reviewer: Ada KensingtonDate: 2006-07-16
Reviewid: 144204Chapter: 6
WOAH!! *blinks*

Not sure what happened with the formatting. Have I stupidly forgotten to put in all the <P> tags? I think I have... *headdesk* I'll get on it right away.

Sorry about that.

Reviewer: ReesieDate: 2006-07-04
Reviewid: 143957Chapter: 5
Another great chapter, Ada K. I love your Severus characterization - the height of defensiveness and readiness to over-react, yet he is still open to his softer emotions at this point - hope, kindness, friendship. Really loved the sorting parallel to Harry's - it struck me immediately. Also showed the complexity of the character. Well done!

Reviewer: anyaDate: 2006-07-04
Reviewid: 143941Chapter: 5 if this Icarus needs a love interest feel FREE to model her on me *giggles madly* I can send headshots! In other words he's quite brilliant, especially the contrast between his good looks and personality (and black robes! Somehow on delicate Apollo-like blonds it just seems severe! But that must be what Icarus is going for!) There is sooooo much potential for his rivalry with Horace Slughorn that I cannot wait to see the both of them in action (I'm with Snape! The envisioning of the staffroom knockdown dragout! *giggle*)

I am always gobsmacked by how RIGHT ON your Wee!Snape is. He's got the measured cynicism of someone used to being on the outside and terrified of being found out. But I love that he's worried for his companion Muninn! But Snape will not take his outsider status lightly, which is perfect, if they are intent on excluding him he won't go down quietly (and that's what we love about him yes?) But I love that you highlighted that he's got a special brand of courage that would put him on par with any Gryffindor easily!

But Lily waving madly! So very 11 year old girl, which is absolutley perfect!

I'm glad your Big Ol' Dissertation (TM) is finished so hopefuly more to come at faster speed! :D

Reviewer: angel of shadowsDate: 2006-06-02
Reviewid: 143175Chapter: 4
Typical, I found a good story only to have the author have a fetish for cliffhangers. 'sigh' I'll just have to be patient I suppose.

Reviewer: fiona fidelisDate: 2006-05-21
Reviewid: 142933Chapter: 3
Thanks for the update. The Old English is a nice touch and I'm enjoying this story. Sorry for the short review but please keep it up.

Reviewer: AnyaDate: 2006-05-14
Reviewid: 142776Chapter: 4
"Severus, look at that young human. It does not want to be parted from its mother. See how it keens and clings to her? And that one over there next to the large, female human. It is lost. It seems to be looking for someone. Can you see? <-Muninn needs to narrate nature documentary series for dragons or wizards on muggles! *giggle* I inhaled my coffee on that one!

Ahhh and trust you to make sure Young Severus' interest in the dark arts is not that trite "Omg his mommy was evil and she taught him evil stuff" but the stuff of curiosity. And Mister Sweet...I remember him from the free agent thread and I think I'm going to like him very much... I can't wait for more! I must confess that I hope the Lily Severus rivalry stays a rivalry of stubborn adorably bookish folk, I havent seen a take quite like that yet that hasn't devolved into "match of true minds" and I love the potential for bantering and sabotage and grudging exchange of knowledge! Lilys eagerness to learn and her sisterly squabbles with Petunia are adorable!

Oooh and Bella *shudder* so creepy, even as a schoolgirl. Pretty and nuts! But I liked the confusing pace of the duel especially from a first time participant like Severus, the chaos of coming across something like that in the hall was well done! (and Ted's blue hair! Shades of Tonks to come!)

Bint who ran away with a Muggle! I felt instantly murderous at that, it's no "yo mama" joke that's for sure. Good on Snape for standing up for his Mum! But I want to know more about what Muninn managed to do! Update again sooon! This was just what I needed after a long week at work!

Reviewer: ceriDate: 2006-05-07
Reviewid: 142616Chapter: 4
this is a great story so far --please keep writing , this could be wonderful ----thanks

Reviewer: ReesieDate: 2006-05-06
Reviewid: 142580Chapter: 4
Love it! I will guess that professor is Sweet. Bleeding from the nose? Yikes, Muninn takes no prisoners!

I am really enjoying this story - I love Severus's character - he is already so much of what he will become - and so close to what we have been shown in the Pensieve memory. My Severus is such a soft little thing in comparison. I think yours is more realistic. Dumbledore's portrayal is right on - love it. I liked how you had Sev and James fight hand to hand, forgetting their wands - their emotions were too primal for the concentration and calculation of duelling at that point.

Looking forward to the next!!

Reviewer: ReesieDate: 2006-05-06
Reviewid: 142577Chapter: 1
Ada, this is just wonderful! I wish I had enough time to read all of your fiction at one sitting. So imaginative - and it keeps Severus in character (resentment, fear, distrust) while coaxing him into an extraordinary opportunity. I look forward to reading more!

Reviewer: AmandaBDate: 2006-05-05
Reviewid: 142561Chapter: 4
I supposed James, as a pureblood, might look on Severus's Muggle father with scorn, though then again, Lily is Muggle-born, and he certainly objects when she is called Mudblood. I can see Bellatrix leading a charge though, and Remus defending Lily. I hope Severus doesn't get in too much trouble, and is that Professor Sweet? If he taught at Durstrang, then he's probably not only powerful, but is also threatening. Keep writing.

Reviewer: birdsongDate: 2006-03-28
Reviewid: 141399Chapter: 3
Great story! Good job describing Severus being startled and tangled in his sheets, his feelings, the way he spoke, the dragon ride! And I was shocked that he didn't think he'd be in Slytherin. Is this an alternate universe? I can't wait to read where he ends up and how the dragon helps him at Hogwarts. Right more soon!

Reviewer: AmandaBDate: 2006-03-27
Reviewid: 141390Chapter: 3
I agree, a dragonride through the air would be exhilarating and also terrifying at the same time. It will be interesting to see how Severus and Munin adapt to Hogwarts, and how effective the dragon is against the Maruders. It's interesting that he can relate to dragons, and the line about them having their own language echoes the perspective of Hagrid (misunderstood creatures).

Reviewer: The Scabby DrainDate: 2006-03-27
Reviewid: 141362Chapter: 3
A haiku:
I love the story
Severus is just like I
imagine him-Yay!


Reviewer: anyaDate: 2006-03-26
Reviewid: 141338Chapter: 3
he felt the impact of The Lord of the Rings most keenly. There was definitely going to be a lump there in the morning. -***- Good to know I wasn't the only one who thought that about Lord of the Rings! (and Lo! The coffee spurted freely from my nose upon reading it)

I love your sense of humor that comes through in Severus' sense of humor, and this chapter had some really beautiful scenes in it, especially the sunrise. *sigh* I want a pet dragon now too!

Reviewer: fiona fidelisDate: 2006-02-10
Reviewid: 139632Chapter: 2
Lovely story and yes, you are dispicable for leaving us hanging like this. Especially since we have been waiting and there is still this unfinished story hanging over our heads. As someone who still believes in Snape I like the idea of humanizing him. Looking forward to the continuation of your story.

Reviewer: birdsongDate: 2006-01-28
Reviewid: 138974Chapter: 2
This is great! I can't wait to see where this goes! Keep writing!

Reviewer: AnankeDate: 2006-01-26
Reviewid: 138907Chapter: 2
For some reason, this story reminds me of "Dragonheart"...
Anyway, I like little Severus already (poor Eileen - and poor Tobias, I guess, although he really shouldn't hit his son) and can't wait to see the next part. And if Sweet is in any way as cynical/sarcastic as little Severus, I can't wait to meet him as well. Is the curse on DADA already in place?

Reviewer: AnyaDate: 2005-12-23
Reviewid: 137633Chapter: 1
Holy cow! An amphipteres! Though you always use such fantastic, exotic magic in your stories to full effect, this story is exceptionaly lovely. The dream imagery, and the description of the beautiful creature in the woods and Too-big-for-his-britches eleven year old Severus sneaking out in the middle of the night to save the creature from his dreams in his jumper and pajamas! This was a wonderful story, thank you!

Reviewer: feylinDate: 2005-12-04
Reviewid: 136744Chapter: 1
I think your *story* is quite interesting and I hope we haven't seen the last of the Amphiptere!

also, horray for you for feeding the new Snape addiction book 6 gave me. :)

Reviewer: mary ellisDate: 2005-12-03
Reviewid: 136695Chapter: 1
Wow! I felt like I was up there touching the ether with the Hunter. And then Snape, testy and touchy, even as a little kid, brought me right back to the hard, cold earth. Write on, Ada!

Reviewer: Angelina WeasleyDate: 2005-12-02
Reviewid: 136663Chapter: 1
BRILLIANT story. Really well done.
I like the idea of Sev getting his own wand core for himself.
I'm looking forward to reading more of your work.
Nice one,
Angelina Weasley

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