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Dumbledore's Army
Review(s): 10

Reviewer: JellyDingyStarDate: 2007-02-22
Reviewid: 147276Chapter: 1
Your story is very good! I think you wrote Cho perfectly and it was very interesting to read.

Reviewer: Genne-veraDate: 2006-02-28
Reviewid: 140388Chapter: 1
It's beutiful. I just read your Cedric one on SIYE and then found your name here. so i'm going to read as much as i can. WE ALL LOVE CEDRIC!!

Reviewer: JacyntheDate: 2005-12-29
Reviewid: 137770Chapter: 1
I like what you are trying to do here very much. For what it's worth, I have always thought that Cho and Ginny would be friends if only given a chance. Maybe because of this, I thought that Cho's conversation with Ginny worked better than the one with Mrs. Diggory. At the very least, the story would have had a bit more structure if she had accepted Ginny's invitation for tea at the Burrow.

Reviewer: Reader 2Date: 2005-12-13
Reviewid: 137089Chapter: 1

Reviewer: ClytymnystraDate: 2005-12-11
Reviewid: 136993Chapter: 1
Hmm. Really nice missing moment! I like the treating of Cho as a real/whole person--she gets (necessarily) a short shrift in canon after Book 5. It was disappointing that she seemed to be siding with her snitch friend in Book 6? (Marion?)

I was a little confused as to why Cho would be feeling so bad about visiting the Diggorys because it seems that that would be a polite and appropriate thing for her to do. Although it would potentially bring a great deal of comfort to the Diggorys as well, this fic seems to portray it as a sort of intrusion.

Mrs. Diggory's kind eyes notwithstanding, it wouldn't be, but I liked your description of the comfort which Cho takes from her visit, and I liked the Shakespeare reference--a real desriptive richness--as Cho moves through many attempts to escape pain with more or less eventual slow and small success.

Reviewer: revolvingstaircaseDate: 2005-12-09
Reviewid: 136957Chapter: 1
Hi. I really liked your story. I was a little confused by the red and blue words, but I could skip over them so it was okay after awhile. I like how you showed Cho learning to let go, and stop crying, and have a life again. That felt really right. I think it's sad that you won't let Cho be able to do the Wronski Feint ever again, I think she could if you wanted to let her but you don't want to let her and I think that makes this story sadder than it should be since it's about letting go.

Reviewer: StarseaDate: 2005-12-04
Reviewid: 136756Chapter: 1
A lovely and thoughtful story, sympathetic to Cho without whitewashing her actions. I loved her interaction with Ginny, awkward but polite, and the conversatoin with Mrs. Diggory, with so much below the surface, the older woman giving her the comfort that nothing else could. I have hope for Cho after reading this story, thank you for that.


Reviewer: mary ellisDate: 2005-12-04
Reviewid: 136743Chapter: 1
Thanks for another clear, concise limning of a relationship. You have a talent for this. Cho and Cedric--and Ginny!

Reviewer: AstridDate: 2005-12-04
Reviewid: 136737Chapter: 1
This is great, but the red and blue corrections threw off my concentration reading.

Reviewer: witchy-witchDate: 2005-12-03
Reviewid: 136718Chapter: 1
Wow! That was really nice, and completley...perfect. Cho probably did feel like that and you made it absolutely perfect. But you should take out the Beta notes! :)

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