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Reviews for: Playing Footsie
Review(s): 19

Reviewer: EmSeeSquaredDate: 2005-09-26
Reviewid: 133241Chapter: 1

Reviewer: WeasleyGirlDate: 2005-02-21
Reviewid: 114571Chapter: 1
That was awesome! lol! Sequel? Please?

Reviewer: EndicottDate: 2005-02-09
Reviewid: 113287Chapter: 1
That was really good I loved the "Looks" :D

Reviewer: SarahDate: 2004-05-23
Reviewid: 84151Chapter: 1

Reviewer: JennDate: 2003-12-31
Reviewid: 65296Chapter: 1
Hehehe this is a great fic! hehehe

Reviewer: SehilaDate: 2003-12-11
Reviewid: 62893Chapter: 1
pretty good story.

Reviewer: dragontacDate: 2003-10-11
Reviewid: 56248Chapter: 1

Reviewer: JulieDate: 2003-08-13
Reviewid: 46885Chapter: 1
*laughs so hard she falls to the ground* <<thats doesn't need much of an explanation, does it?

Reviewer: lineDate: 2003-07-29
Reviewid: 44467Chapter: 1
great story...

how does hermione get revenge ?
I can't wait to read about that....
hope you write it soon...


Reviewer: bistyboo1974Date: 2003-05-17
Reviewid: 32460Chapter: 1
This made me giggle! Very nice! :)

Reviewer: JessDate: 2003-03-31
Reviewid: 25870Chapter: 1
Funny. Oh-so-funny! How does Hermione get her revenge?

Reviewer: Silver StormDate: 2003-03-15
Reviewid: 24126Chapter: 1
NO! This can't be the end! Please add more! This fanfic was so funny and neat. :) I can't wait until I see what Hermione does for revenge!!

Reviewer: chakaDate: 2003-02-17
Reviewid: 20653Chapter: 1
This was absolutely adorable & funny. I loved the descriptions of Ron's Looks [he sure has a variety of them :D] and everything.
But did this leave me wondering one thing.. What's Hermione's revenge going to be? It's hard to top what Ron did, but sure our smart Hermione won't have figuring out something, eh? There's no chance for a sequel, is there? *hopeful*

Reviewer: Hermione @ HeartDate: 2002-10-26
Reviewid: 7115Chapter: 1
OHHHH! That was TOO funny! LOL! I can't believe it, it's fabulous! Keep writing!!!!!!!

Reviewer: samanthaDate: 2002-10-13
Reviewid: 6116Chapter: 1
that was funny stuff! i liked "i'll kill him. Painfully. with hot pokers" that was the best...R/H all the way! thats what i say in every review. i don;t read stories where R/H aren't together, lol. great job, keep it up

Reviewer: ValerieDate: 2002-10-06
Reviewid: 5535Chapter: 1
Muahahaha!! That was probably the worst, and funniest, thing that Ron has ever done to Hermione. My favourite line:"That was, as soon as she wasn't trapped on a loveseat by a feather-wielding idiot." I roared at that one.

Reviewer: The Unknown FreakDate: 2002-10-04
Reviewid: 5281Chapter: 1
*Laughs harder than Hermione* Heh, heh, good one, gotta read that one again!

Reviewer: pubDate: 2002-10-01
Reviewid: 5077Chapter: 1
Obivious why you won! It's a great story!

Reviewer: ~*~Didi~*~Date: 2002-07-30
Reviewid: 357Chapter: 1
Marvelouse, absolutly spiffing!

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