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Reviews for: Pirouettes
Review(s): 14

Reviewer: dunsirnDate: 2006-02-06
Reviewid: 139461Chapter: 1
Ok that settles it I'm a fan three stories by you that I have read today and loved all three. Great work.

Reviewer: Reader 2Date: 2006-02-03
Reviewid: 139233Chapter: 1

Reviewer: SeasprayDate: 2006-02-01
Reviewid: 139166Chapter: 1
LOL, this was so funny. The image of Ron in a tutu will stay with me for the rest of my days. If only I was a fan artist I would draw it. I loved how you picked out that refernce and Hermione piroetting at the end. Very in character, and funny. I love your writing.

Reviewer: AlkariDate: 2006-02-01
Reviewid: 139158Chapter: 1
Delightful short story, and the banter between Ron and Hermione was good.

My only 'problem' is that Canon Hermione would certainly not have bothered with all that searching - she would simply have flicked her wand, muttered "Accio!" and the book would have soared into her hands. Remember the practice sessions with Harry in GOF?!

Reviewer: ReynaDate: 2006-02-01
Reviewid: 139135Chapter: 1
Awesome story. I loved Ron's shock and it so cool that you picked up on that line from HBP. She would've had to have taken ballet. And, being Hermione, she would have been great at it. Love it. Also...Ron in a leotard... I'm looking forward to the new fanart. lol

Reviewer: smudgedinkDate: 2006-02-01
Reviewid: 139132Chapter: 1
That is so cute! I was laughing so hard picturing Rupert Grint in a tutu, trying to "remedy the problem" of a massive wedgie. Hah, priceless!

Reviewer: Katie BiliusDate: 2006-01-31
Reviewid: 139109Chapter: 1
Wiked HILARIOUS! Though, in book 5, Hermione stated quite clearly that she hated horses when she was talking about Firenze.
Nice story!

Reviewer: Katie BiliusDate: 2006-01-31
Reviewid: 139107Chapter: 1
Wiked HILARIOUS! Though, in book 5, Hermione stated quite clearly that she hated horses when she was talking about Firenze.
Nice story!

Reviewer: ksellersDate: 2006-01-31
Reviewid: 139096Chapter: 1
very good... i only have one problem with it... i don't think Hermione would have continued on with dance once she got to Hogwarts. It's not the kind of thing you can do only during the summer. That's not to say she wouldn't still be able to dance, she probably wouldn't take classes or advance much. That's where the problem lies. Hermione was 11 when she went to Hogwarts. She turned twelve soon, but she would have been eleven when she stopped taking dance lessons. Most ballet instructors will not allow young students to dance en pointe. The youngest I've known anyone to do it is thirteen. It has something to do with the bone structure and muscle strength that isn't developed until you're a teenager. I do love the story, though. I just don't think she would be dancing en pointe, or have point shoes. Sorry to sound so nitpicky, this just always bugged me when I used to take dance and wasn't allowed to do pointe.

Reviewer: Author by NightDate: 2006-01-31
Reviewid: 139094Chapter: 1
Cute. :)

Reviewer: michellickerDate: 2006-01-31
Reviewid: 139093Chapter: 1
Holy guacamole you're observant! I never noticed that line in HBP about the pirouette before...

Loved your story here- the part where Hermione put Ron in a leotard cracked me up.

Reviewer: DweoDate: 2006-01-31
Reviewid: 139089Chapter: 1
I like this story. I think it fits Hermione's character to excell at things as ballet. I'm not sure about horseback riding but I think it does fit your story. You manage to show their relationship in a short story and it makes me want to read more by you.

But the best thing by far is Ron in a tutu.


Reviewer: love2danceDate: 2006-01-31
Reviewid: 139086Chapter: 1
That was such an interesting concept...very well done.

Reviewer: SongbirdDate: 2006-01-31
Reviewid: 139082Chapter: 1

This is HILARIOUS! *cannot get image of Ron in a TUTU out of mind* Very nice, very funny, good characterization of their relationship. So cute!

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