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Dumbledore's Army
Review(s): 7

Reviewer: AquillaDate: 2006-05-07
Reviewid: 142613Chapter: 1
That was great!

I like this bit best = "In a moment, Ron had swept Hermione and Ginny behind him, raised his wand, and shot Harry a weary smile. He was ready. He would watch over the girls, and now Harry could fight."

Reviewer: cranstonDate: 2006-04-19
Reviewid: 142073Chapter: 1
Nice, I like Harry and Ron's way of bolstering one another's strength for the battle -- by agreeing to propose to the girls once it was over. That way, they just had to come through it alive. All four of them.

It's good to see Hermione giving voice to her insecurities. I don't read about them very often, but they certainly are there (see "Delacouer, Fleur").

I must admit that I was confused at the beginning by the "tangled mix of arms and legs belonging to Hermione and Ron." It sounded like they were mangled corpses. But I eventually put it all together, as it were.

Reviewer: Reader 2Date: 2006-04-18
Reviewid: 142028Chapter: 1
Quite nice

Reviewer: WeaselsuDate: 2006-04-17
Reviewid: 141997Chapter: 1
Well that was wonderful! I giggled the whole time. hee hee. "Only since forever" I love it! xxxxoooo

Reviewer: birdsongDate: 2006-04-16
Reviewid: 141964Chapter: 1
Well done! This is a great story! I like the sunrise being Harry's way of realizing that his life would continue and he could finally be happy. You did a good job in capturing Harry and Ginny's characters, such as "When did you get to be so wonderful?" "... forever, you were just too thick to notice." Again, good job!

Reviewer: ksellersDate: 2006-04-15
Reviewid: 141937Chapter: 1
Awesome. Truly awesome. I loved it.

Reviewer: Regan RoxDate: 2006-04-15
Reviewid: 141934Chapter: 1
YOU ARE A WRITING gEnIuS!I love your work DON'T STOP WRITING!!!!!! :)

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