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Reviews for: Even Badgers Cry
Review(s): 7

Reviewer: Genne-veraDate: 2006-06-07
Reviewid: 143297Chapter: 1
wha--huh? bu... that's all?! *cries* i got spoiled by finding bones to bones , with it being all done and all. so know ihave to wait with the rest of the world?!?!!! why do i do this to myself? i find fantastic writers and then i have to wait for monthes at a time... (excuse me as i go emo). but it was great as ever. my stomach knotted when susan's dad screamed and i teared up. now amelia's death is going to hold a whole new meaning to me.

Reviewer: Nigella the One-Eyed WitchDate: 2006-06-07
Reviewid: 143285Chapter: 1
A sequel - how wonderful! We definitely need more about the Hufflepuffs - there wasn't nearly enough in HBP, and most of what there was is sad - and I'm thrilled that you're focusing on Justin as well as Susan this time around. He's so interesting - and I particularly like his grandfather. Oh, I'm looking forward to this!

Just one thing (and I'm sure you know what's coming!) Be nice to Zacharias, won't you? Especially when Ginny attacks him (twice)...maybe Justin could teach him some manners? Thanks and good luck!

P.S. Any chance of a Hufflepuff thread on the forums?!!

Reviewer: skruvstaDate: 2006-06-05
Reviewid: 143246Chapter: 1
Justin! Good to see my favourite character popping up :) I'll be reading this with interest.

This prologue was well written, though- it grabbed my attention, building up a calm scene before smashing it to pieces. The line about Susan's dad's cry was brilliant.
Justin and his grandfather come across as having a good relationship, and I can see where his Hufflepuff loyalty comes from (even if his parents see him differently). I also really liked Justin's little comparison between Ernie and his grooming owl :D

Well done, I *really* like it!

Reviewer: Professor MDate: 2006-06-05
Reviewid: 143244Chapter: 1
I'm pleased that you are continuing the Bones/Hufflepuff story. I enjoyed Bones to Bones and know that this series will also be well done. You have conveyed the initial shock and sorrow very well. Thanks for bringing us back into the badger's house.

Reviewer: smokeyDate: 2006-06-05
Reviewid: 143222Chapter: 1
great to see you back

Reviewer: StarseaDate: 2006-06-04
Reviewid: 143217Chapter: 1
Oooh, a sequel, lovely! I can't wait to see how this kicks off. I felt so badly for Susan when I read that Amelia was dead, even though BtB isn't even canon. I wondered if you'd tackle it, and I'm happy to see that this is the case. I also look forward to finding out more about Justin.

Typo: "I believe you'D best start"


Reviewer: Author by NightDate: 2006-06-04
Reviewid: 143208Chapter: 1

The beginning was plain creepy, even though it's not the first time I read it.

So far, it looks really good. :)

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