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Dumbledore's Army
Review(s): 6

Reviewer: MyKarmaRanOverMyDogmaDate: 2007-04-13
Reviewid: 147750Chapter: 1
Those last 3 sentences made for a very sharp ending; yet it fit smoothly into the rest of the story. Props =]

Reviewer: Reader 2Date: 2006-09-21
Reviewid: 145438Chapter: 1
Very Nicely Done.

Reviewer: Stellar HawkDate: 2006-07-21
Reviewid: 144326Chapter: 1
Thank you for your reviews!

Poppy P: Lily's response to James & Sirius picking on Snape is something I always wished I had the courage to do. It's easily my favorite part of this story! Snape killing the Giant Squid was just a bit of off-hand humor. I figured he was probably so mad about the incident he later poisoned it or something. And Hogwarts simply got another trained squid.

Benedetto: Hmm...hope I didn't turn away too many readers with such a depressing bombshell at the beginning. No telling whether JKR intends to have Remus die in book 7 or not. I hope not, but I suspect he will die doing something heroic, maybe saving Harry's life. I'm glad Remus' "voice" came off convincingly. I've also heard that this story was "too chatty", but I figured "chatty" fit his style, and unlike Sirius, Remus blames no one but himself for his own mistakes.

Genne-vera: Well, it would be a little difficult to explain Remus' death without an epilogue or coda--Harry's reaction to reading the letter, perhaps. I tried writing two or three, but none of them worked. I decided Harry's reaction is better left to the imagination. As for Remus' fate, I suspect he will die doing something heroic. In another story (which I haven't posted yet) I have it that Remus was killed fighting dementors, but he bought Harry enough time to escape.

Reviewer: Poppy PDate: 2006-07-19
Reviewid: 144283Chapter: 1
A really insightful fic. I find Lily's reaction totally plausible. And I've always been fond of the idea of a Snape/Lily romance, even if it was more Snape sided. I was intrigued by this statement:

"How was it supposed to know that it had just signed its own death warrant?"

So are you planning on writing a Snape kills the giant squid fic? That would be interesting!

Reviewer: bennedettoDate: 2006-07-14
Reviewid: 144153Chapter: 1
The first thing I thought when I started reading was, "WHAT?! REMUS DIED?!" and I almost--/almost/--stopped reading.

But no. I was intrigued by Remus' stalling and such, and decided I needed to read it and find out what it was about.

And I liked it.

This is worthy of Rowling. I am not kidding you, it is. I love the way you captured Remus' voice and logic and reasoning and everything, and I just...I love this story. I do. I really do.

Peace forever

Reviewer: Genne-veraDate: 2006-06-22
Reviewid: 143606Chapter: 1
very well-writen. though you might want to explain how or why (possibaly even when) Lupin had died. but it's a thought-pravocing fic non the less. my sister will love it.

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