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Reviews for: A Gentle Bossa Nova
Review(s): 22

Reviewer: Ara KaneDate: 2007-06-25
Reviewid: 148361Chapter: 3
Have I told you lately that you portray the Weasley family - as individuals and as a whole - so wonderfully? And that your writing is so engaging that once I start reading, I can't stop?

I'm sure I haven't, because it's been ages since I read/reviewed any of your work :-p I'm glad I did today.

Reviewer: KateHC2Date: 2007-04-22
Reviewid: 147831Chapter: 3
Your background on Fleur is enlightening-

"All she had ever wanted was to be included.

She had been scared of them, although she was yet unaware of it. As a frightened eleven year old girl who had never been away from her parents, yet was so excited that she had not slept in several days, she went away to school. She had been too timid to speak to her new classmates, but had been certain that in the morning she would be comfortable enough to talk their ears off, like her mother and grandmother said she did to them. "

Reviewer: KateHC2Date: 2007-04-22
Reviewid: 147830Chapter: 2
Again, a lovely chapter. You do a wonderful job on your endings. They make us look forward to another part of your story-
"He slipped it out of his pocket and placed it in her hand, without checking if the Famous Wizard card was one of the very few he was missing.

She looked at it quietly for some time, remembering with pleasure that afternoon by the frog pond and rejoicing in the fact that it was for her, a gift she had not known for some time. She realised that she would miss her friends and her brothers and Harry but she had to let them go: she wouldn’t want them to stop her from doing something that wanted or needed to do.

She would always have those memories.

She looked around at him and smiled. Laughingly, she whispered, ‘It’s a chocolate frog.’"

Reviewer: KateHC2Date: 2007-04-22
Reviewid: 147829Chapter: 1
Oh, it's perfect. I can't pick my favorite part but really love-
"His heart had grown to twice its size and thundered against his ribs. And when Molly had softly smiled at him, he had felt truly alive for the first time."
and the beautiful ending-
"Molly nestled deeper against his chest. He stroked her back, then her neck and was surprised to find his fingers in the hair at the nape of her neck that had fallen out of the knot she had at the back of her head. Hair was also falling down at her temples, like a vivid red halo.

Like she was fifteen again.

Arthur couldn’t help himself. He leaned down and kissed her lips. He felt alive, again, for the first time. And it was just a kiss."

Reviewer: mary ellisDate: 2006-12-30
Reviewid: 146679Chapter: 1
Well, you could never call the Weasley union a 'Marriage of Heaven and Hell.' More like patience wedded to pugnacity. Great little story. I love the first lines especially. Arthur's one of my faves anyway, and you catch his humility and tenderness perfectly.

Reviewer: Reader 2Date: 2006-10-04
Reviewid: 145593Chapter: 1
Is this it? You are not going to finish this?

Reviewer: Reader 2Date: 2006-09-11
Reviewid: 145288Chapter: 1
Is there More?

Reviewer: St. MargaretsDate: 2006-07-25
Reviewid: 144412Chapter: 1
Sorry it's taken me so long to get to this. It really is a "gentle" story isn't it? I liked the differing versions of the kiss and I enjoyed Ron's reaction most of all. He's just not getting it. Molly nervous before the wedding seems just about right and I liked how Fleur, the bride-to-be was enthralled with Molly's story of their first kiss.

Such a nice slice of life from the Weasley home!

Oh, yes - I liked the "arrows of time" quote since that really works for Molly and all of her clocks.

Reviewer: magicaljulesDate: 2006-07-21
Reviewid: 144313Chapter: 1
This is really lovely. :) I love the idea for the fic and the execution is perfect. I think your writing gets better and better every time you write something. Arthur is so sweet, and the twins crack me up, as always. I love the title, and the George Burns quote, and everything.

Great job. :)



Reviewer: Kit the BraveDate: 2006-07-20
Reviewid: 144299Chapter: 1
"Fred and George coughed non-discreetly."

That line just cracked me up!

I love the way you write Arthur. You manage to have so much more going on with him than is obvious from canon, while still making him totally true to canon. And I love the way the kiss at the end gives the lie to "all the arrows of time point in one direction" - because there's fifteen-year-old Molly and Arthur again, sort of, anyway. And I really liked the little moment between Molly and Fleur.

And "Honey Unitas" - al;ksjfljsdjfhg!

What a great story. :)

Reviewer: EricaVeeDate: 2006-07-20
Reviewid: 144293Chapter: 1
So *CUTE*! I love Arthur/Molly stories, and this is one of the best I've read. Great work, can't wait to read more!

Reviewer: Ara KaneDate: 2006-07-20
Reviewid: 144292Chapter: 1
EEEEE!!! This was just *luverly* :D

I love how it was Arthur who had the more romantic memory and not Molly. She's always struck me as the more practical of the pair. I also like the little "understanding" momebt between Molly and Fleur, and as usual your depiction of the twins was spot-on.

I hope to read more from you soon!

Reviewer: Fab4MumDate: 2006-07-19
Reviewid: 144273Chapter: 1
I love this vignette. And I love George Burns. And Celestina Warbeck ain't bad, either. Lovely Part 1! Good stuff.

Reviewer: Angelina WeasleyDate: 2006-07-18
Reviewid: 144267Chapter: 1
Aw, this was cute. Espescially: "‘Yes, eet ees very, very sweet. When you are een love, beauty does not matter so much because everything about that person ees beautiful.’ "

I like that line. Well done, Genesse!


Reviewer: MiaDate: 2006-07-18
Reviewid: 144266Chapter: 1
Aww, that is so sweet! I actually squeed a little when I saw that you had a new story up. This was great!

Reviewer: Frankie beeblebroxDate: 2006-07-18
Reviewid: 144265Chapter: 1
Oh, Genesse. . . this was lovely. So romantic and so true. Your descriptions of everyone's reactions were fabulous. . . from Molly's and Arthur's differing memories to Fleur's statement about love making you blind. Absolutely wonderful.

Reviewer: Genne-veraDate: 2006-07-18
Reviewid: 144264Chapter: 1
awwwwwwwwwwwwwww! that was so sweet! I really loved it! I hope you do continue, and i you do... PLEASE let Percy come! *sniff* lovely.

Reviewer: NunduDate: 2006-07-18
Reviewid: 144256Chapter: 1
I have a special place in my heart for Arthur and Molly. You captured them beautifully in this piece. I look forward to the future segments.

Reviewer: Ada KensingtonDate: 2006-07-18
Reviewid: 144254Chapter: 1
I loved this story from the very first line for a rather special (and specialised) reason: it made me think of the Killers, one of my favourite bands. <sings> "It was only a kiss, it was only a kiss."</sings> Oh! And I see in your author's notes that it was intentional! Hurrah! Another Killers fan! ^_^

"It was only a kiss but, somehow, it was more than that. It was more than a fire’s warm glow and a hot cup of tea on a frigid winter’s day. It was more than words, more than a loving caress. It was more than magic."

*gasp* That was so pretty. So pretty. It almost makes me want to write fluff. Could I ever write fluff as good as yours? I don't think so, but if there was the distinct possibility that I could conjure up such little gems as that line, then I'd give it my best shot! ^_^

"Fred and George coughed non-discreetly. Bill wadded up a napkin and threw it at them."

This line made me laugh. I can see Bill doing this to the Twins on a fairly regular basis. ^_^

Yup. This is a Good One-Shot. Thanks for writing it, Genesse. It cheered me up no end.


Reviewer: Hpgirl42095Date: 2006-07-18
Reviewid: 144250Chapter: 1
Oooo!!!!! More! Please, please, more! I beg you! It's one of the awesomest fics I've ever read! Plz continue!

Reviewer: HoneybeeDate: 2006-07-18
Reviewid: 144244Chapter: 1
You know what? You're good. You're really, really good. Love you.

Reviewer: ReesieDate: 2006-07-17
Reviewid: 144240Chapter: 1
Really enjoyed your fic - I got that warm soup feeling! Keep up the good work.

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