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Dumbledore's Army
Reviews for: The Ties That Bind
Review(s): 66

Reviewer: VoldemortDate: 2007-04-18
Reviewid: 147804Chapter: 6
I waited to post my comment at the last chapter this is a great story it covered all the points of Harry Potter love pain and most important loyalty and of course Lord Voldemort getting Defeated

Reviewer: wendelin_the_weirdDate: 2007-01-24
Reviewid: 146990Chapter: 6
That was bloody brilliant. Every single bit. Your courage in taking these characters - especially Snape, Percy and Wormtail - through their own journey and actions, resisting the temptation to tie things up in neat little knots, is what sets this story apart from all the rest. Bravo!

Reviewer: oybolshoiDate: 2007-01-15
Reviewid: 146886Chapter: 6
Just wanted you to know how much I enjoyed reading this!

Reviewer: highwaymanDate: 2007-01-15
Reviewid: 146875Chapter: 6
Congratulations on a well-written fic, and though I don't believe Percy will return to his family, it was an excellent Percy-redemption story --well-written and believable. And maybe there should be *four* weddings. The couples-to-be are all present in the Burrow.

The Highwayman

Reviewer: stubefiedDate: 2007-01-07
Reviewid: 146773Chapter: 1
I'm starting by appologizing because this isn't going to be as detailed a review as the story deserves. But I've been putting it off and a short review is better than none, right? I read this in nearly one sitting. I really enjoyed it at first. It is well-written. It's smooth, never slow. Some parts are quite observant or deep and others are so funny. And there are aspects of it that, to me anyway, seemed very original. It's creative and felt well-planned. I can't stand it when huge chunks of stories just go nowhere.

There's the little problem, though, of me being a lifelong wuss. I don't take well to torture, violence, agony, evil, all that (or you know who :P ). So after about the second chapter I read most of this really, really quickly, because I didn't want the gory details, but I needed to know what happened.

So clearly I thought this was a really good fic. I enjoyed what I could and it was compelling enough to keep me going through the parts I didn't enjoy. I'm impressed.

Reviewer: jemDate: 2006-12-26
Reviewid: 146618Chapter: 6
Yes, this ending is perfect. Well done. It shows the power of transformation and the force of love in so many characters... Bill, Percy, Arthur, Ginny...and of course, Snape (at least I assume it is the beginning of a (potential?) transformation.) And it must be because he seems to have connected with some part of him that whispers "No." *smiles*

You've done a very nice job, again, of combining some deep messages (I particularly like Dumbledore's "Do you think any of us lack for regrets or for darkness?”) with light humor and a story that is uplifting and hopeful.

Keep writing!

Reviewer: Reader 2Date: 2006-12-24
Reviewid: 146596Chapter: 6
Quite nice

Reviewer: KateHC2Date: 2006-12-21
Reviewid: 146554Chapter: 6
The ending was perfect.

I somehow missed this story so was able to read it straight through. It does not read as though you had long time intervals between chapters. Your Ginny is very good.

Reviewer: JuluDate: 2006-12-21
Reviewid: 146553Chapter: 6
Beautiful J! You made everything lovely and round and came back to your title. This whole story is a wonderful Christmas present. It's very appropriate to have it whole here at the holidays. Thanks for this gift and warm Christmas wishes back to you.

Reviewer: HarmoniousDate: 2006-12-19
Reviewid: 146535Chapter: 6
This was a perfect ending to a wonderful fiction.

It was interesting to see that Snape is almost as loveless as Voldemort. But he's not. There was Dumbledore who loved him, and that love haunts him even now. That is somehow exquisitly fitting.

The conversation between Percy and his father was beautiful. Instead of fighting, they were finding fault with their own positions, and making up. Love is a beautiful thing.

And Ginny is so surrounded by love. It was beautiful. I remember the line a few pages back where Fred asked Ginny to be nice to him. And so she did. Thank you for sharing that moment.

It was what families did, after all.

This fiction warmed my heart. Thank you VERY much.


Reviewer: Norwegian BlueDate: 2006-09-04
Reviewid: 145164Chapter: 5
I think this must have been one of those stories where an idea that goes at the end of the story comes first and then you think about how the rest could build up to this. Because everything fits together so well and builds it up.

I love that Hermione and Ron were the first two people he told about what had happened. But I also love that he reallly didn't have to say much to Ginny.

"their breathing slowed as they found comfort in their embrace."

Reviewer: Norwegian BlueDate: 2006-09-04
Reviewid: 145163Chapter: 4
Percy was fighting himself and telling himself lies about his father to get himself angry and Peter takes it right to the heart. If I wanted to be all poetical about it, I could say all sorts of things about it and use impressive words and point to it as a metaphorish type thing about how much of Peter's life is a lie. Instead I will just state that I am very impressed with this chapter.

The parts told from the Weasley's point of view, at least the ones we know best, i.e., not Bill, tend to be very confusing and emotional, very Weasleyish. But saying this, you've got Bill's character down, at least I think. As well as Percy.

Reviewer: Norwegian BlueDate: 2006-09-04
Reviewid: 145161Chapter: 3
Okay, I lied. But you were right about there being such a contrast between the Harry and Hermione part and the other parts of the chapter. Lord Voldemort entered so suddenly I was left reeling for a minute. Which is good, as I expect that's how I'd feel if I were there. But I just had to stop and fangender you.

Reviewer: Norwegian BlueDate: 2006-09-04
Reviewid: 145160Chapter: 2
I'm making my way through this, and I expect I'll leave an actual review when I get caught up, but I have to tell you I laughed several times at the chomping mattress spell.

Reviewer: jemDate: 2006-09-03
Reviewid: 145155Chapter: 5
This is a very complex story. There is a lot going on, and a lot to think about!

“It is his greatest weakness. Fools that love hide their souls in plain sight. They place that which keeps them whole in fragile creatures like themselves.” He laughed nastily. “The lame leaning on the lame.” This is well put. And it would be good to remember these lines, when we fear loving someone, as well as Harry's resonse: "And, in the end, it makes us strong. It completes us.” Very true. We would do well to accept weakness in order to find strength.
I love Ginny's clever response to the situation in which she finds herself with Voldemort: "This isn't your fault!" What a wonderful touch, showing her concern for Harry, in spite of her own imminent torture/death. Nice.
I think your concept of a "momentary sharing of consciousness" is lovely. It seems to have been a rather brave thing to do on Percy's part. Perhaps he could also be caught by Voldemort? Don't know -- but it could have made him vulnerable, I would guess. I love what you have done with Percy.
I'm curious about the Anima Partiseum charm, especially the fact that the command changes the form to "animus" -- But I think I've figured out that the person casting the charm is sharing a portion of their own soul (vs. going into the subject's soul?)
Another beautiful thought: "Harry’s mind raced along the green and golden connection. He saw his target and he dove into the darkness. He resisted the horror of Voldemort’s soul. Harry was the light. He had nothing to fear." Perfect. I'm glad he has been able to come to this realization. And of course to find the presence of Dumbledore during the fight. Harry has been able to find help in all the people who loved him and yet have died. Dumbledore here, his parents in canon, and of course Sirius in the last chapter--even though Harry doesn't realize it. I think that is a wonderful idea to keep in mind. We may not always be aware of how powerful love is--we may often feel alone-- but it is always there.

And I like the ending, especially how Harry says to Ginny: "You're not a mess." Made me smile.

I'm looking forward to the epilogue!

Reviewer: HarmoniousDate: 2006-08-31
Reviewid: 145096Chapter: 5
Wow. This made me cry.

I loved reading about Ginny's strength in her second showdown with Voldemort. She called him Tom.

“Any last words, Miss Weasley?”

Ginny locked gazes with Voldemort’s horrible, blood-red eyes and then mustered all the conviction she could.

“This is not your fault, Harry.”

That was amazing resolve.

It was interesting that you made Harry practically unwakable. And Voldemort counted on this. I like that spell that you created to share the conciousness. More than that, I'm glad that the bit of consciousness that Hermione witnessed was Harry's web of love.

I was proud of Percy. He broke the law to save Harry. That touched me tenderly.

The conversation between Snape and Pettigrew was very powerful. I had forgotten for the moment that Snape thought of Peter as a Maurader. It was interesting that Snape not only hated him for his participation in the Mauraders, but he hated Pettigrew MORE for FAILING to act as a proper Maurader.

“You are sixteen years too late,” Snape whispered coolly. “You can’t undo what you did.”

Pettigrew blinked. Something was wrong with this conversation. “What do you care?”

The look on Snape’s face sent a chill through Pettigrew that had nothing to do with the night air.

“You made me her killer, Peter Pettigrew.”

It was at that point that I realized that Snape was going to kill him. But when I realized that letting Percy go was not a part of Voldemort's plan, Peter exonerated himself. He got what he deserved, but for a small moment, I was sad when he died. I appreciated the fact that Percy remembered that final conversation and mourned for Peter.

Ginny's fury and vicious joy at Voldemort's fear was beautiful. And then Harry and Percy burst in on him. Good job.

Harry monologued! I don't think of Harry as a monologuer, but it was oddly appropriate, and something everyone needed to hear.

Harry called Voldemort "your lordship." The irony was palpable. Beautifully done.

The rescue was a good scene. It didn't draw quite as much emotion, but there was too much going on. I did like the interaction between Percy and Tonks.

Harry and Ginny back together is what set me off crying. Harry realized how much he needs Ginny. I ran out of clever things to say, but it was perfect.

This was an amazing installment to an already amazing fiction. Thank you very much for the quality fiction. I enjoyed it heartily.


Reviewer: Angelina WeasleyDate: 2006-08-30
Reviewid: 145091Chapter: 5
*Sighs with relief*

So, only one person dies. But, STILL, J!

'“You’re going to kill us,” she said quietly.

A joyous smile spread across Voldemort’s face. “Yes,” he said. “And I’m going to make him watch through my eyes. I’m going to take the ties that bind and I’m going to make them burn. I will strangle him with them.”'

Good Lord!

I did like this chapter, though. Especially:

'“However,” Tonks continued, “they did find a body.”

“A body?” Percy’s heart was sinking.

Tonks nodded. “One matching the description of Peter Pettigrew.”

Percy closed his eyes and let out a long slow breath.


“You mourn him?” Tonks asked with raised eyebrows.

Percy thought back on the last words he and Pettigrew had exchanged. Then he answered Tonks’ question honestly.


Poor Perce. What a terrible situation to be in.

Good job sneaking in the R/H and H/G moments, though! Is this the end of the story?



Reviewer: AryaDate: 2006-08-30
Reviewid: 145085Chapter: 5
This is just the beginning, right? You're going to follow this fic with other fics about them destroying the horcrux and stuff, right? Please?

I love the way you tied in the title. Do you write the entire story out before submitting it? I wish I had enough patience to do that.

Excellent story. Please write more like it!

Reviewer: JuluDate: 2006-08-29
Reviewid: 145061Chapter: 5
Oh J! That was a fantastic chapter! I was just glued the entire time. I loved the pacing, how you had things moving so quickly and had our hearts racing and then you slowed it down in a wonderfully reflective sort of way.

And so love wins out and our Weasley family is whole! It's exactly the way it should be, with the spirit of Dumbledore and all of his love and wisdom protecting them. I love how Harry gives Percy back his memory. That was a lovely little touch - somehow a way of signifying who Percy really is...he owns those Weasley memories and they are a part of him.

Also, Ginny was wonderfully fierce and Snape was fascinatingly complex. Well done! I'm looking forward to your epilogue!

Reviewer: Angelina WeasleyDate: 2006-08-22
Reviewid: 144944Chapter: 4
*jaw drops*

Good Lord, J. This was a scary chapter. I mean, SCARY. Wow.

The Weasleys had better not die, you hear me? And, good on Peter on letting Percy go. I love the "Love is weakness" debate.

I waiting with bated breath.


Reviewer: Ardie BeaDate: 2006-08-21
Reviewid: 144919Chapter: 4
"There was a great deal of danger behind Pettigrew’s weak features. The man would probably torture him to insanity, apologising at every juncture." That was a great line.
I appreciate your nod to Jem's story, but what you've done with the Sirius / Peter stuff by parallelling it with the Percy / Peter story is your own Genius.
Nice tight fight scenes. Nasty hearing Arthur's yell and not knowing what's happened to him.
Lovely Snape intro too. Do we get to see some more Draco now?

Reviewer: JuluDate: 2006-08-19
Reviewid: 144881Chapter: 4
This chapter has made me excited for book seven! Won't it be fun to see how JKR plays with these themes?

The more I read about Percival/Parzifal, the more confident I am that JKR is using the themes of the Percival myth as Percy's blueprint. If you go so far as to give Percy the Percival failings, it stands that he should also exhibit the Percival strengths. You accomplish this beautifully. Percy's lesson...(which I believe, is the Percival lesson)...has to be about listening to the "God voice" within. In the myth he finds that voice through his love for his wife and through his recognition of his common humanity with his brother. This is why I really love that in this chapter you allow Percy to find his strength in his love for Penelope and in his recognition that he does, after all, love his family. (My guess is that JKR is heading toward using a Ron/Percy conflict/reunion to mirror Parzifal’s conflict/reunion with his pagan brother that finally gives him the Grail.)

One other Parzival virtue is clear in your Percy – the fact that he doesn’t give up. That persistence of purpose seems to be a part of Percy’s character and here you allow that persistence to be directed in a virtuous way.

Peter’s perspective is fascinating in this chapter. I was very interested in the way you linked Percy to Sirius in Peter’s mind and I thought the view of the Crucio from his perspective was quite effective.

You have lots of wonderful imaginative ideas for the fight scenes and I particularly liked the sense of panic you instilled through Ginny as Arthur was screaming for his family to get out of the house.

If I had one little criticism it would be that I would have liked a tad more Harry and Hermione. Obviously, they are coming in a big way.

Great job…looking forward to more!

Reviewer: jemDate: 2006-08-18
Reviewid: 144862Chapter: 4
It is absolutely brilliant to explore Peter's awakenings to his failings through the very scene in which we watched Percy explore his own last chapter. The two of them hear the same words, but the meanings they extract are so different, and, of course, shaped around their own demons. Especially the "You traitor" line. The meaning for each of them is haunting in its own painful way. Voldemort, the shadow, seems to have that effect on people! Perfect!

I adore how you use Sirius. "Never too late," indeed. What a moving way to let the person who loved and wanted to protect Harry from Pettigrew finally do so. I just really appreciate that sentiment so much.

"I just got lucky." Hm. Not sure if that is true, but one never knows. Not knowing much about Pettigrew's background, it could possibly be the answer. In any case I admire your Percy for his lack of judgment and his empathy. A sign of someone who's been torn apart and is beginning to make sense of it all.

And thank you for the nod. That is very kind of you.

Reviewer: AryaDate: 2006-08-18
Reviewid: 144856Chapter: 4
Seeing Peter's PoV was interesting. (Eck, I always say things are interesting, sorry.) I'm a bit curious about what Percy said to Peter. It's neat the way you seem to be comparing the two charactesr, who, in this fic at least, are very similar (or had the chance to be similar, if Percy had gone with Voldemort). I hope Percy can get to the Burrow, and I hope that the Weasleys escape without any deaths, though I expect that's very doubtful. :( Don't kill the twins!

Reviewer: smokeyDate: 2006-08-18
Reviewid: 144855Chapter: 4
this is a really good story

Reviewer: moonetteDate: 2006-08-17
Reviewid: 144847Chapter: 4
This review is for chapters 3 and 4. Very intense and horrifying. But always with a purpose and always moving the story forward. I really love your characterization of Pettigrew. And Percy is just how I picture him, too. A bit misguided, but deep down, he is good and brave.

Your actions scenes are very intense and move along quite nicely. There was quite a bit of action in this chapter. I find those types of scenes quite difficult to write.

I loved this: 'Percy narrowed his eyes. “Then you’re unregistered!” he accused.

“Regrettably so, regrettably so,” Pettigrew agreed. “But there are more… ah… pressing issues.”'

I truly admire how you can still inject humor into such a serious chapter - subtle here, as it should be, but humor nonetheless, and humor that is so consistent with the characters. But of course YOU have a wonderful sense of humor yourself, so this may come naturally, I don't know. It's very admirable, nonetheless.

I can't wait to see how this all turns out. It certainly looks quite grim at the moment. Great job again, J.

Reviewer: WillardDate: 2006-08-17
Reviewid: 144845Chapter: 4
I'm still reading. The story is very good. I feel the emotions the point of view characters feel. Very evocative style. Thank you for writing it.

Reviewer: Hpgirl42095Date: 2006-08-17
Reviewid: 144836Chapter: 4
*gets down on hands and knees* Please...don't stop posting!! SOON! :P Peter being NICE?

Reviewer: HarmoniousDate: 2006-08-17
Reviewid: 144833Chapter: 4
Another brilliant chapter!

It is interesting that you made Peter think of the last words Sirius had for him, and Peter realized that Percy was in the same "life or death" situation. He just chose differently.

I'm not sure if you did it on purpose, but if you did, it was phenomenal. Pettigrew and Voldemort's chapter is devoid of feeling. Peter almost felt it, but I could feel the tension, and Peter fought to have no feeling. Even the fear didn't really count as feeling, because he was trying not to feel.

You could tell that Percy was feeling, but viewing the scene through Pettigrew's lens, it was far more distant than last chapter.

It was very creepy, and you pulled it off brilliantly.

The battle scenes were interesting, because it is different than the other chapters. Unlike the other chapters when I felt I was in the story and cheering for the protagonists, absorbing their emotions as they came, in this chapter I felt that I was on the outside looking in. It continues the very intangible emotional shield that you put up for this chapter.

I have chills thinking about what you did with this chapter.

It is interesting that Percy has decided that searching for Harry is the answer. I guess that confronted with the nakedest truth, that Pettigrew is Scabbers, made Percy realize that Harry was right all along.

The set of lines that caught my attention the most was this.

“Wait!” Pettigrew called out.

Percy turned around, brows knotted. “What is it?”

Pettigrew hesitated for a moment, then stuttered: “What… what do you think is the difference between us?”

Percy looked at the poor figure of a man, seeing the terrible choices he had made. He thought of his own life. He thought of Penelope. He thought of the family and the home that he’d been given. And he came up with an answer.

“Maybe I just got lucky,” he said

Then he vanished.

Maybe that is the only difference between them. It is interesting that "luck" is the way Percy views the difference.

Now I need to know what Snape has to do with any of this...

And of course, I'm on pins and needles to see what damage Voldemort has planned for the Weasley family.

You have outdone yourself. Please let the next installation come soon!


Reviewer: jemDate: 2006-08-14
Reviewid: 144795Chapter: 3
And so Percy has to face some hard truths about himself. I love how Percy finally wakes up to his own failings by seeing Voldemort, with the reveling in Percy's fear, and his belief that he can own Percy, and using a drive very similar to Percy's for power and success. It is the very aspects of Percy's own behavior, taken to excess, that finally makes an impact on him. And then he is able to separate himself from that behavior, and find what seems to be his "true" self. I think using his anger and resentment towards his father as a way to access his inner power is very insightful. And though it seems he failed, by surrendering to the darkness, his "darkness" may not be as wrong as he thinks. It may be what heals him.

Also, in this segment, I find the sensual descriptions of the torture very effective and evocative. Then immediately following, you have the equally effective sensual descriptions of Bill and Fleur's love, which is a beautiful contrast to the violence. I really like your Bill--his humor and poise and balance between Fleur and his family is very well done.

The Harry and Hermione scene is very true to character, I feel. Not overstated or overly sentimental. I find Harry's description of love, and the pain of losing it, rather profound, though it sounds simple. I think there is truth in what he says for most of us.

Reviewer: JuluDate: 2006-08-13
Reviewid: 144781Chapter: 3
Whew! That was intense J! I loved the way you showed Percy's mental struggle. I thought going back and forth between the good memories and his efforts to surpress them was beautifully done. You crafted a wonderful series of memories for him that build on each other and you put the reader in the same position as Percy - WE want you to finish that last sweet Christmas memory too - so when Percy is unable to really think of his father as a traitor, he is redeemed at the same time he fails. It's very effective! You do him justice, J.

Harry and Hermione were completely dear. I loved how Harry talked about love like Hogwarts. Very believable that these are the two who would ultimately have a heart to heart about love.

Bill and Fleur - ah great! We needed that bit of relief in the chapter and it was both well placed and well done.

Can't wait for more!!

Reviewer: AryaDate: 2006-08-12
Reviewid: 144774Chapter: 3
I like how you have Voldemort torture Percy into submission, rather than Percy giving right in. The line "It was his father’s Muggle-loving ways which had kept him in his low-paid job for so long. " bothers me slightly, but I think that Voldemort is very good at persuading people (actually, we know that he's very good at that, from HBP and Hepzibah Smith). However, it seems like they would have something like this covered. The memory isn't Voldemort's, unless he imbedded it into his mind. Still, it's an interesting concept and a good way for him to get into the Burrow.

At Privet Drive...where is Ron? It seems like he would be with Hermione and Harry. Also, that scene between Harry and Hermione was very sweet. I love it when fanfic writers write frienship scenes between Harry and Hermione. It's much more realistic than shipping them.

I love that Fleur is the first to defend the Burrow.

Reviewer: Ardie BeaDate: 2006-08-11
Reviewid: 144750Chapter: 3
"lance-like, through every nerve of his body; shattering his ankles, his wrists and his neck."
Great description of 'Crucio'.
But Good Grief!
What now for Percy (I always knew he was a hero!) and for the Burrow!!

Reviewer: Hpgirl42095Date: 2006-08-10
Reviewid: 144742Chapter: 3
MORE MORE MORE MORE! Pretty pretty pretty pretty pretty pleasseeee?????

Reviewer: HarmoniousDate: 2006-08-10
Reviewid: 144740Chapter: 3
Wow... You are on the ball!

You have Percy trying to sort out the past with the present. You have captured Voldemort's seductive qualities. He's always been able to charm those he needed, and you displayed that perfectly. Percy was going with it - until he hit a line that Percy refused to cross. Beautiful!

It is interesting, the way you made Harry and Hermione discuss love.

“Love’s kind of like… well, it’s like Hogwarts.” Hermione blinked. Harry continued before she could interrupt. “‘Cause being at Hogwarts will always be a part of me. I could go to the ends of the earth, but a bit of me will always be there and a bit of it will always be in me.”

“That’s how you feel about Ginny?” Hermione asked, wide-eyed.

Harry gazed down again, looking at a particularly interesting blade of dimly lit grass. “And others,” he murmured. “Just in different ways, you know.”

It made me cry. It was the best way to explain how Harry relates to love. Nice exploration of Harry's feelings, and it came out very well.

Poor Percy. He managed to resist four times, and was tortured with Crucio twice before he was broken. He tried, he really did. I wanted to reach out and hug him. I think you captured HIM quite nicely.

Bill and Fleur are so filled with love. I wanted to cry again, when they were so bold and seem to be ready to face down Voldemort!

I look forward to reading your next installation. Please let it be soon!


Reviewer: Elaina RiddleDate: 2006-08-10
Reviewid: 144738Chapter: 3
I have the chills! Please hurry with the next chapter.

Reviewer: Angelina WeasleyDate: 2006-08-10
Reviewid: 144727Chapter: 3
Woah. Woah-ho-ho, J. THIS was a scary chapter. Honestly, I can't find anything witty to say about this chapter except for "Hah, J's written a snog fest. Wonder gow he got all the details..."

Gah! Voldie's at the Burrow. And poor Perce. I like how he tried to fight the good memories with the bad ones, and I like how you wrote the Family Rift scene. Very sad...

Good chapter, overall, J. I can't wait to see what happens.


Reviewer: LiadanDate: 2006-08-10
Reviewid: 144721Chapter: 3
Ugh, I hate Voldemort!

Reviewer: moonetteDate: 2006-08-09
Reviewid: 144705Chapter: 2
Wow, J - another wonderful chapter. I'm just blown away at your writing. You go effortlessly from one spot on characterization to another. Ginny's angst, Arthur's concern, Bill's big brotherness, Wormtail's evil cowardice, and smack in the middle of it all, LOL humor from the twins. That was great - perfect timing there.

"“Have you put the shield charms around you know where?” George asked, ignoring Bill.
Fred winced. “Yeah… she does make a habit of shooting below the belt when she’s angry.” "

So funny!

You really get close to Ginny in this third person PON - really well done. And I have to comment on the Percy section - absolutely stunning imagery - really poetic.

"There was something lonely about the night, Percy thought, as he stood at his window, staring out at it. In the daytime, the sky was a masquerade. It mocked the eye, painting a picture of a contained universe, with a blue lid upon reality. Then the night would fall and the human soul would be laid open to infinity: stars beyond stars, reality so large that it could not be conceived. "

Beautiful. Whatever it is you're taking/ingesting/eating/drinking to write like this, can I have some, too? ;) You know I'm kidding, and that I'm well aware of how talented you are. Great job!

Reviewer: jemDate: 2006-08-08
Reviewid: 144683Chapter: 2
I think this is a wonderful chapter, well tied together (no pun intended!) I like how the theme of love is a constant refrain through each segment, and each segment reveals another aspect of this very human emotion. From Ginny's heartbreak, to her reliance on Luna, to her parents' concern for her pain, there are several aspects of love to consider. There is also the very mature and comfortable love shown by Bill, who is able to balance his love of two very contrasting types; the strength of Fleur's love (I like how you conveyed this idea, by the way), the twins' idea of love (as that seems to have been their motivation), and Percy shows us longing for romantic love as a way to feel connected, and yet exhibits an inability to extinguish love for his family. And we have Pettigrew who fears love while still seeming to be attracted to it. And finally Voldemort, in a very ironic twist, is consumed by love, or at least the idea of it. It seems, perhaps, that indifference to love is not possible. Hmm.

I very much admire the vision of the sky as a masquerade. That is a beautiful and meaningful paragraph. Lovely.

Reviewer: mary ellisDate: 2006-08-06
Reviewid: 144652Chapter: 2
Oh, no--Percy betrayed by a trusted companion! I can't wait for more.

Reviewer: JuluDate: 2006-08-02
Reviewid: 144611Chapter: 2
Huge smile and applause!!! Oh how I love the promise of this story! I was glued through the entire thing and there are no dead spots. I love how much you love the shows in so many ways. I love that there is a maturity to this story. You show depth in so many ways.

A random list of faves...
The beautiful way you describe the train coming into the station.
Luna and her dad hugging.
Ginny touching Harry's hand.
The whole concept of the familiarus charm - brilliant.
Fleur - equally brilliant.
Percy's deep abstractions and thinking that he sees Ron.

Can't wait for more!

Reviewer: HarmoniousDate: 2006-08-02
Reviewid: 144602Chapter: 2
This chapter was amazing. I liked the way you brought back "Scabbers." He "almost" fit in the family... but not quite. :-)

The twins have interesting ways of "getting Ginny back to normal." They used the same style of cheering her up in The Chamber of Secrets. But here, it worked - Ginny was fiery and full of life, which was the twins' goal in the first place.

The heart-to-heart between Arthur, Molly, and Ginny was lovely.

I am seriously looking forward to your next chapter - especially because you left us with Percy at Wormtails wandpoint.


Reviewer: Angelina WeasleyDate: 2006-08-01
Reviewid: 144601Chapter: 2
Ahhh! Wormtail! I liked the idea of the shield charms, and I knew as soon as Arthur explained them that Peter was going to be able to get into the Burrow. Maybe he'll be holding Perce hostage. Hm.

Poor Ginny. First Harry breaks up with her, then her parents upset her, then she gets eaten by a matress. Good thing the Twins are there for her to take her fury out on.

And, wow, in all of the SQ stories I've been reading lately, I've really enjoyed everyone's charcterisations of Fleur. I liked how Bill compared how different their homes were, that was a nice touch.

Good chapter, J! *fangirls*


Reviewer: Elaina RiddleDate: 2006-08-01
Reviewid: 144596Chapter: 2
Awesome second chapter!

Suddenly, acting completely on impulse, Ginny moved to stand beside Harry, and sought his hand out with hers. Harry started and turned to stare at her. Ginny, however, had her gaze fixed resolutely in the opposite direction.

“Take care, Harry,” Ginny whispered. She gave his hand a squeeze and then let go. Still refusing to look at him she made to walk away.

“Ginny, wait!”

She turned, reluctantly, and looked at him. The expression of loss on his face made her want to wretch. Then it flickered out and Harry was smiling at her.

“Take care, too,” he said.

Excellant, made me cry. I'am really enjoying this story so far. Ooooo... I love the cliffhanger with Wormtail. Hurry up and post your next chapter pu-lease... =D

Reviewer: VerinDate: 2006-08-01
Reviewid: 144594Chapter: 2
You write beautifully. But I'm a bit confused about the timeline. Chapter 1 has Ginny and Harry still together, lying against 'a tree'. Where are they? Hogwarts makes sense, since Hermione is in the Library. Except that she's looking up information about RAB, which means this is after Dumbledore's death. And then Ginny is all frustrated over the break-up in the beginning of Chapter 2. So, basically, I'm wondering when you would imagine Harry would have the time to lay happily in the sun with Ginny at Hogwarts, in between Dumbledore's death and his funeral, at which point they 'break up'.

But, aside from that anachronism, you tell a great tale. Keep up the good work!

Reviewer: Hpgirl42095Date: 2006-08-01
Reviewid: 144588Chapter: 2

Reviewer: AryaDate: 2006-08-01
Reviewid: 144587Chapter: 2
Oh dear.

I loved the line:
“Just make sure to answer my letters,” Ginny replied. “I think I’ll need your sanity!”

If she's looking to Luna for sanity, I'm afraid for what she considers sanity! :)

Overall, another great chapter. I like the idea of the Familiarus Charm, and that Dumbledore did one last thing for the Weasley family before dying. I also love the bit with the's so like them to do something like that to Ginny! You've written the entire Weasley family very well.

Oh, and the idea of Hermione (and Ron?) camping out in a tent in their garden makes me laugh. I can't wait to read that!

Reviewer: mary ellisDate: 2006-07-30
Reviewid: 144562Chapter: 1
Hi J,
Long time, no read. Which makes it all the more delightful when a contribution of yours does appear. Of all the writers I enjoy, you have one of the surest instincts for limning the feelings and relationships of young people.
I love your trialogue with Harry, Ginny, and Ron. Also the scene between Penelope and Percy is pitch perfect. (Didn't intend the alliteration, but there it is.)
Also love your explanation of Percy's ethos, the most cogent I've read.
Can't wait for more--Thanks.

Reviewer: ReesieDate: 2006-07-29
Reviewid: 144532Chapter: 1
"One can’t put one’s trust in individuals. One must look to authority and institution, to something stronger than individuals. I was right.”

Great statement by Percy - very fitting for his character. Really liked your chapter - great little glimpses of different scenes. Hope you'll write more along this line.

Reviewer: AryaDate: 2006-07-28
Reviewid: 144509Chapter: 1
J, I am officially in love with your fanfics. This looks to be a great start, and if you don't update it soon, I will be seriously annoyed. :D

I'm curious which side of the Snape argument you're on...

Reviewer: JuluDate: 2006-07-27
Reviewid: 144490Chapter: 1
Oh J! This is just incredible! You are truly weaving a spell. Your pacing is fantastic in this chapter. You have just the right amount of everything. The back and forth action really sets up the tension and you get a real sense that each episode is meant to go somewhere.

Of course, you know I love P and P. I love the way you allowed for a balance in Percy. His conflict was real, personal and right from his own perspective. You've done a great job at hinting at a journey for him.

What I was not expecting was the charm of the Harry, Ginny, and Ron dialogue! That was completely endearing. Who couldn't love Ginny snoring and Harry not caring.

Loving it and looking forward to more!!

Reviewer: StarseaDate: 2006-07-26
Reviewid: 144478Chapter: 1
This is a good opening chapter: you've set up the conflicts and you keep everyone in character. Even though I don't really like Snape that much, it was difficult to think of him going through Crucio. I'm rather worried about the Weasleys, given that Voldemort wants Wormtail's services. The image of the bond between Harry and Voldemort as a green/gold thread was beautiful and disturbing at the same time.

I'm looking forward to the next chapter.


Reviewer: St. MargaretsDate: 2006-07-26
Reviewid: 144474Chapter: 1
I like your opening theme of love and how you have paralleled the Death Eater scheming of Voldy with the Ministry scheming of Percy. Of course Penelope is there to keep Percy on the right path. . .

I also like your quick transitions from one scene to the next, it makes for a nice build-up. All of your characterizations were perfect. I think my favorite part was Ginny sleeping and how Ron and Harry had such different reactions. LOL

I'm looking forward to seeing where this is going. And you provided Charlie - there just isn't enough Charlie out there in fandom! Well done!

Reviewer: prplhez8Date: 2006-07-26
Reviewid: 144469Chapter: 1
Nice cliffie, goof.

But great great great start!

Can't wait for the next installment!


Reviewer: moonetteDate: 2006-07-26
Reviewid: 144468Chapter: 1
Wow, J - who knew that you had such an intriguing work up your sleeve? You never let on to me! I thought this first chapter was EXCELLENT! Wonderful characterizations all around - really excellent. (You MUST write a Bill and Charlie story some day!) The story seems very well planned out. The descriptions are vivid and beautiful. Speaking of heart - as you do so beautifully at the end, there is SO MUCH HEART in this! Really well done.

Reviewer: jemDate: 2006-07-25
Reviewid: 144435Chapter: 1
I very much like how this reads! I think you have handled Voldemort extremely well. We understand his motives but it still feels mysterious and impersonal. Well done! You have brilliantly continued with the uncertainty surrounding Snape. I have my bias, but there is no bias that shows up in your writing. And I think I am most intrigued by the foreshadowing played out by Bill and Charlie. It makes me a little nervous. Also, as always, I enjoy the humor that you provide. Excellent chapter!

Reviewer: NunduDate: 2006-07-25
Reviewid: 144429Chapter: 1
Absolultely delicious! I look forward to future chapters!

Reviewer: Ada KensingtonDate: 2006-07-25
Reviewid: 144425Chapter: 1
No matter where your alleigiance lies regarding Snape, I would just like to state categorically that the opening of "The Ties that Bind" was utterly fabulous. Snape is still lying to Voldemort, isn't he? I love, love, LOVE the fact that Voldemort chose not to let Snape get off lightly. By doing so, you have him bang on character - something that quite a few HP writers have a lot of trouble doing. Kudos.

The conversation between Percy and Penelope was bloody brilliant. I can definitely see Percy acting exactly as you have portrayed - caring for his family, but too proud and to set in his ways to deviate from the path he has chosen. I only hope he gets some sense knocked into him sooner rather than later.

"And it was love that would guarantee Voldemort his ultimate victory."

This line? I can't wait to see where it goes. Cannot wait.

Reviewer: magicaljulesDate: 2006-07-25
Reviewid: 144415Chapter: 1
This is a brilliant beginning, J (and dude, the chapter is loooong, and Birgit is so going to know that I read it when I'm not caught up on hers...)! Everyone is in character, the plot flows through the changing scenes perfectly, and I'm totally intrigued. Lucky Birgit is there to catch all your typos and things. ;P

My favorite line, from Ron: "Hermione is in the library, looking up things." It just amuses me. I mean, that is what Hermione does. Her Indian name would be "looks up things." Okay, so I should probably be less groggy when leaving reviews. ;)

I am proud of you for writing this, and I look forward to reading more!



Reviewer: DernhelmDate: 2006-07-25
Reviewid: 144414Chapter: 1
Ok, ok, I'll admit it's not too bad... ;)
Seriously, you're doing a terrific job at characterising all the, well, characters. I like the Percy/Penelope; we don't see some good insight in their relationship often. :)
Voldie in a chapel is just freaky...
And the Harry/Ginny/Ron interaction was priceless. :P

Reviewer: Angelina WeasleyDate: 2006-07-24
Reviewid: 144407Chapter: 1
Yay, J!! I love it so far. I like how you play with alot of people's perspectives; I especially enjoyed Bill and Charlie's. Also:
"'He’s just a boy. I’ve met him. I’ve slept in the same tent as him. I’ve seen him wander round in pyjamas two sizes too big for him.'"
I can't wait for the next chapter. Well done!

-Angie W

Reviewer: WillardDate: 2006-07-24
Reviewid: 144403Chapter: 1
I look forward to reading more of this story. I particularly liked the use of multiple points of vew for different types of forshadowing.

Reviewer: Elaina RiddleDate: 2006-07-24
Reviewid: 144400Chapter: 1
Interesting. Can't wait to read your next chapters.

Reviewer: PygmyPuffDate: 2006-07-24
Reviewid: 144394Chapter: 1
Ooh. This looks interesting. I like how you have multiple plot threads running already, particularly the Percy and Bill threads, which are a different angle. Good characterizations--and the engimatic Snape has me thoroughly intrigued. I look forward to the next chapter. :)

Reviewer: Ardie BeaDate: 2006-07-24
Reviewid: 144389Chapter: 1
Canon Harry.
Lovely Weasley Banter.
Interesting to have a bit of Percy - and Penelope!
Snape remains intriguingly ambiguous.
But Voldemort...

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