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Reviews for: Slytherin Musing
Review(s): 3

Reviewer: Reader 2Date: 2006-09-08
Reviewid: 145245Chapter: 1

Reviewer: AlkariDate: 2006-09-06
Reviewid: 145215Chapter: 1
“Selena had retorted he should make friends with Isobel MacFustys terrier; it probably had the best pedigree at Hogwarts”

“The school was divided on wether that dog was a transformed Hebridean Black or if the MacFustys just had bred some dragon blood into the local terriers. Anyway, according to Lily Evans, dragon ancestry or not, they were bred to kill vermin. Which explained why it had bitten Filch at least three times”

Please, please tell me that the terrier bites Snape at some stage!! Not that I want the poor dog to be poisoned, of course ...

“Selena didn’t know much about the Muggle world, but she knew motorcycles were noisy and smelly. And unsafe. ….
They were about as noisy as motorcycles, and from the look of them, the band members were smelly as well. Probably unsafe too.” Alas, somehow I don’t think poor Selena’s daydreams about Sirius will come to much then, if she thinks motor cycles and Muggle bands are noisy, smelly and unsafe.

I really enjoy these musings, and I love Selena’s rather caustic remarks. A fun one-shot, but with some very serious and pertinent observations about the racism and attitudes in the Wizarding world, and the rise of Voldemort.

Reviewer: Zia MontroseDate: 2006-09-05
Reviewid: 145213Chapter: 1
I've always thought you should write a sequel to Slytherin Dreaming, which was quite witty, as are your posts on the boards, so I was happy to see this. I think your Isobel MacFusty character has great potential! And I think it's a *great* twist that the MacFustys are allowed to bring their terriers to Hogwarts. Yay for originality! I also like how you always weave Severus, Sirius, James, and Lily into your stories. Will you write a second chapter? Now that you've given us another taste of these characters, I'm itching for more plot. You do have some sentence fragments (and I know that English is a second language for you) and a few syntax errors, but you did a good job overall. Now I'd really like to hear more about Isobel and her tarty ways, or the poor unfortunate girl who thought she saw the Grim! And does Selena ever get up the nerve to talk to Sirius? *waits for more*

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