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Dumbledore's Army
Reviews for: Nearsighted
Review(s): 18

Reviewer: dogstarDate: 2007-09-10
Reviewid: 149208Chapter: 1
I love this story so much. I recognise these characters! I can hardly ever read Neville fic but your Neville matches the one in my head almost perfectly. I can't pick a favourite line, there are too many to choose from. There isn't just one great idea in this fic - although the central one that ties it all together is fantastic - it's bursting with ideas spilling out of every line.

Dean is one of my favourite minor canon characters, but there is hardly any fic about him, and I don't go looking for it, so to stumble across a Dean that makes me feel I've learned something new about someone I like but don't know very well is a lovely surprise. You are such an incredibly good writer - this story is wonderfully crafted and the characterisations are simply brilliant. I'll stop gushing now!

Reviewer: SanctionDate: 2006-12-04
Reviewid: 146356Chapter: 1
I normally don't like character vignettes as they tend to head nowhere, but your story touched me. What I like best about it is your language--you have a very good ear for description and narration, and like how unforced it sounds. This story rings true. I'd like to read more of you.

Reviewer: SaraDate: 2006-10-24
Reviewid: 145913Chapter: 1
Marvellous! I'm not quite sure Neville would really think so formally about his friends (using their family names) but generally his thoughts seem plausible. More so Dean's musings, I really liked the way you painted him. Almost felt sorry for Ginny ending up with Harry :-)
Great, that you're back with writing, I really enjoyed your "Muggle" series,

Reviewer: buckbeakbabieDate: 2006-10-21
Reviewid: 145844Chapter: 1
Wow, I just wanted to stop by to say that this story is wonderful. Neville at the beginning is perfect, but I also love Dean and his thoughts on Harry and Ginny. Well done!

Reviewer: robin777Date: 2006-10-21
Reviewid: 145842Chapter: 1
That was beautiful. I became teary eyed during the Neville part. I just adore Neville.

Reviewer: fitzetteDate: 2006-10-20
Reviewid: 145839Chapter: 1
Oh so good. I adore Neville and I think you've really captured his Gryffindor spirit here. And Dean, he's a guy who doesn't get much justice does he. Seems like the only thing he ever did wrong was not be Harry Potter.

"She has the dreamy, almost far-away look in her eye that he swears would re-awaken the world's passion for art if only she'd consent to let him draw her like that."

A lovely piece. Thanks for sharing it.

Reviewer: heatheranneDate: 2006-10-20
Reviewid: 145834Chapter: 1
This is my favorite thing I have ever read on The Quill.

Reviewer: Grace has VictoryDate: 2006-10-20
Reviewid: 145822Chapter: 1
This was a very touching parallel. I've always felt sorry for Dean, and the Neville/Hermione relationship definitely merits exploring. You have left it ambiguous whether Neville's feelings for Hermione should be compared to Harry's or to Ron's, but the basic point is clear enough. Harry obviously does wear the glasses for a reason ... I wonder what else he doesn't "see"?

Thanks for finding the energy to put fingers to keyboard.

Reviewer: GenesseDate: 2006-10-19
Reviewid: 145800Chapter: 1
Stu! I'm glad that you said something or else I wouldn't have noticed that you had a new story up. I even missed the first few minutes of Lost to read this. And I'm so glad that I did. What a wonderful story and what a wonder perspective and insight. I think that you tied these two characters and their stories during HBP very nicely. Well done!

Reviewer: J ForiasDate: 2006-10-18
Reviewid: 145796Chapter: 1
I like your story, Stu.

I liked the Neville bit best. I thought it was very clever and worked nicely as a hook with the sheer curiosity for why Neville could possibly like potions.

Dean's piece was well-written, too. It was a bit painful, really, which just shows you're doing your job properly.

Excellent writing!

Reviewer: shiikiDate: 2006-10-18
Reviewid: 145794Chapter: 1
*sniff* This made be a bit sad for both Dean and Neville, but I enjoyed it so very much! Neville is exactly the way I love him, sweet and kind and loyal even though he's envious. You managed to show Dean differently in the same sort of situation, too, and that's a matter of skill, I think, to be able to bring out their different characters. The comment on Harry's myopia or far-sightedness really hit home, too.

Thanks for such a sweet tale!

Reviewer: hp4-sauceDate: 2006-10-18
Reviewid: 145790Chapter: 1
Cleverly written. Particularly liked Dean's thoughts. Nicely done.

Reviewer: limaechoDate: 2006-10-18
Reviewid: 145789Chapter: 1
that's awesome. seriosly. i never say really nice stuff but that's one of the best short stiries i've ever read. i didn't get the whole neviille bit though. how does that connect with dean? but anyway, it's awesome because you're not trying to connect it to everything in harry potter. it's just like two seconds of half a glimpse of almost nothing and that makes it more interesting. good job

Reviewer: Reader 2Date: 2006-10-17
Reviewid: 145775Chapter: 1

Reviewer: NunduDate: 2006-10-17
Reviewid: 145773Chapter: 1
Brilliant, as always! A wonderful introspective I had not considered before. Thank you!

Reviewer: ArnelDate: 2006-10-17
Reviewid: 145771Chapter: 1
Very cute story! I love Neville's part because you have really found his essence; the fact that he drew a sense of accomplishment from the Ministry fiasco really endeared that section to me. Poor Dean, he never really had Ginny's heart, did he? I think it funny that both Neville and Dean think that Ginny and Hermione would be better off if the objects of their affection would acknowledge what they have. I really enjoyed reading this.

Reviewer: LNLisaDate: 2006-10-17
Reviewid: 145770Chapter: 1
I really like this! Both Dean and Neville are thoughtful and melancholy without being self-pitying or melodramatic. Your descriptions are good too, especially with regards to Ginny...very much matches the POV of an artist. :)

Reviewer: StarseaDate: 2006-10-17
Reviewid: 145767Chapter: 1
A wistful story. I would never have thought of matching these two characters, but it makes sense. However, I think Harry did start appreciating Hermione a lot more in HBP, even if Ron didn't. And... of course... he started appreciating Ginny. After that kiss, I think Dean wished he'd remained 'blind' a little longer. I feel very sorry for Dean after this story, because it shows how he was always second best in his life. It would have been nice to have a mention of his lovely stepfather and half-siblings.


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