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Dumbledore's Army
Reviews for: The Cup
Review(s): 16

Reviewer: StarseaDate: 2007-05-07
Reviewid: 147951Chapter: 3
Spending time in Snape's head is always an interesting experience, if not very comfortable. Your continued contrast of Snape's present and past reminds us just how much work he has to do and how delicately he has to balance the various aspects of his personality. One way or another, he seems to end up in very intense relationships, doesn't he?


Reviewer: IseultDate: 2007-04-16
Reviewid: 147772Chapter: 4
Thanks for the story am now going back to The Wand and The Locket-but where can I find M.U.S.T.?

Reviewer: SaraDate: 2007-04-16
Reviewid: 147771Chapter: 4
So M.U.S.T. equals My Unbeatable Snape Theory? :-) I'm very fond of this outcome and still keeping my fingers crossed that we will read something similar in July.
Thanks a bunch for this - even longer - chapter, especially for Snape's perspective of the battle at the Astronomy Tower, which alone would have been worth reading as a one-shot! I still wonder that the Trio talked so openly about it at breakfast (but I probably missed the quick charms Hermione cast automatically without mentioning ;) ).
Although it's only 95 days to go before the release of book 7 I really hope you'll find some time to destroy the last Horcrux - it would top off your mini-series so nicely!
As always your faithful reader, Sara

Reviewer: Ada KensingtonDate: 2007-04-05
Reviewid: 147675Chapter: 3
"Severus had filed the information away in his mind; as his memory was excellent, he had had no trouble retrieving it now that he had needed an alias."

Of course. Severus rocks, after all. He is the perfect spy. *grin*

"If the house had indeed belonged to Hepzibah Smith, then it was likely that her family had never changed much about its state; a new owner, however, would presumably redecorate rigorously. The Dark Lord would not want that to happen – if he had hidden a Horcrux there."

Yes Severus! Hurrah for the power of deductive reasoning (of which Snape is possessed of more than an average share - and that is canon!)

'“I am not a coward!” Severus snarled. “I will not hide and watch as others do the work – repair the damage I have done.”'

Yes, Birgit! This is Snape on the money. He is NOT a coward, and he wants to undo the damage he has done. It's intensely personal to him, and he wants to be the one to bring about his own redemption. He's not one to have other people doing things for him - even when it's as serious a situation as this. And once again, I love your dialogue - it's resolutely in-character. But Aberforth knows about Snape's Unbreakable Vow? I can only hope he informs Harry sometime soon...

Reviewer: Ada KensingtonDate: 2007-04-05
Reviewid: 147674Chapter: 2
"He was wearing his ragged Invisibility Cloak, which he had bought with the small sack of gold the Dark Lord had given him as a reward for murdering Dumbledore."

If I was Snape, I'd be quite offended that I was rewarded merely with a sack of gold for offing the greatest sorcerer of the age. Voldmort is a... aaaah! *resists urge to strangle Voldy-bollocks* Get him, Harry! Kill him good!

"The man, called Jeremias Smith, confirmed that the Waterhouses would sign the contract of purchase at a certain date – which happened to be today."

Ahhhh... The Smith connection. A relation of Hepzibah Smith, by any chance? If the cup horcrux is still there in the old house, then Voldemort wouldn't want anyone happening upon it accidentally (or deliberately, if there's more to the Waterhouses than meets the eye, of course). I'm thinking Snape is going to find the cup horcrux for Harry. *excitement!*

'“Your life is far more valuable, Severus,” Dumbledore said softly. “You must not jeopardise your position among the Death Eaters; it would greatly diminish our chances of defeating Lord Voldemort.”'

I agree with your interpretation here. I think Dumbledore made an incredibly noble sacrifice that night on the Lightning-Struck Tower, and that Snape is Dumbledore's man. I love your spin on the overheard dialogue between Snape and Dumbledore!

Reviewer: Ada KensingtonDate: 2007-04-05
Reviewid: 147673Chapter: 1
"The small sitting room was dark and silent. It was past midnight, yet the owner of the old, cramped house was still awake, sitting in an armchair, caressing a goblet filled with red wine. A single candle lit the ancient tome that was lying open on his lap. A long finger reached out and turned over the page, the parchment crackling slightly before silence returned."

What a great intro... Seriously. I can picture the image in my mind's eye, and it is extraordinarily vivid. I can smell the old parchment too...

'“But he asked me, and I did well, yes I did. I even refrained from torturing them first, because he had told me to avoid attracting attention at all costs. So I simply killed them. He will be proud of me.'

Your Bellatrix gives me the creeps... That's a good thing! No, a BRILLIANT thing! *laughs* You've taken the element of childishness present in her character and run with it to great effect. She is like a child, really, wanting praise for her deeds, wanting to impress her Master, jealous of any rivals for the Dark Lord's attention. She's a crazy mo' fo', so she is.

'“I don’t ask before I kill, Severus! It must have been that she dared to marry a disgusting, worthless, slimy half-blood.”'

Man, I bet Severus was absolutely furious inside when Bellatrix came out with that one... Grrrr!! >: |

'“Don’t be ridiculous, Albus,” Severus snapped.'

I like your dialogue between Dumbledore and Snape. I can see Snape snapping at Dumbledore like this in such highly-charged, private conversations. And I am intrigued... Yet another Unbreakable Vow?

Reviewer: Fab4MumDate: 2007-04-03
Reviewid: 147663Chapter: 3
Hmmm. This would definitely 'splain a few things. Like - Snape was bound to protect the child of the prophecy, but that didn't mean he had to be NICE to him. He wouldn't have to change his nature, in other words. ("He may be good, but he'll never be nice", to quote Suburban House Elf. :> ) Plus it provides a way to redeem himself for betraying the Potters. I like the description of the vow, that Severus drew strength from the connection. Pray continue!

Reviewer: iseultDate: 2007-04-03
Reviewid: 147659Chapter: 3
An excellent read. I can easily believe Snape took a UV to protect Harry. I hope you write more and keep us going til DH day.

Reviewer: SaraDate: 2007-04-03
Reviewid: 147658Chapter: 3
Wow! I really admire your ability to create a thrilling atmosphere within a few lines. Although your chapters are normally very short they carry so much information and are so well composed! And they give me the creeps ;-).
Especially the last scenes is so … plausible, explaining a lot, actually it is the ESSENCE, isn't it? More and more I get the feeling that JKR is strolling around the SQ with "birgit" as her nick …
Yours, Sara

Reviewer: YolandaDate: 2007-04-03
Reviewid: 147656Chapter: 3
I'm enjoying this very much. I like the flashbacks to the discussions with Dumbledore. This is exactly how I imagine their relationship. I also like the way you tell the reader just enough to keep the plot going, but keep the reader wondering.

Reviewer: StarseaDate: 2007-03-31
Reviewid: 147646Chapter: 2
Ah, the plot thickens. It's good to see more of the relationship between Dumbledore and Snape. You really make me feel sympathy for Snape here: it's obvious he cares about Dumbledore and wants to protect him, but he can't say that or even soften his manner. I really get the sense of an animal in a trap.


Reviewer: StarseaDate: 2007-03-31
Reviewid: 147645Chapter: 1
Ooh, you started this story with Snape. Very interesting. It's hard to get Snape right, I find, but I find your characterisation convincing and even amusing, in an ironic way. The interaction between Snape and Bellatrix, then Snape and Dumbledore, is a good way to show the two sides of this complex man.


Reviewer: SaraDate: 2007-03-26
Reviewid: 147605Chapter: 2
Mysterious - why the repetition of a dialogue between Snape and Dumbledore? Instead I would have preferred the description of Snape's trip to that house in London :-) ! Btw, letting those gossiping witches reveal all information was a nice plot device. As always I hope you'll update soon!
Yours, Sara

Reviewer: Fab4MumDate: 2007-03-26
Reviewid: 147604Chapter: 2
Curiouser and curiouser . . . so Voldy rewarded Severus for Dumbledore's murder with a small sack of gold? Practically Judas-like. And he's apparently in a double-bind, between the Unbreakable Vow and some other mysterious agreement he made with Dumbledore. I like the premise that Dumbledore sees every possible outcome in advance, including the task set for Draco by Voldy, the commitment Snape has with Narcissa, and the possibility of Dumbledore's own death. Where will you take us next, Oh Horcrux-meister?

Reviewer: Fab4MumDate: 2007-03-17
Reviewid: 147516Chapter: 1
Ooh! A very ominous-sounding Severus Snape (disguised as a Horcrux) story! You go, girl! I'll be waiting anxiously for chapter 2 and cheering you on throughout. :>

Reviewer: SaraDate: 2007-03-15
Reviewid: 147481Chapter: 1
Have you already got a copy of book 7? It's so incredibly plausible, fitting, and in tone - and what I wish to be the truth :-)
I like the plot twist about Snape looking for another Horcrux, it seems probable also in canon - so the Trio doesn't have to find all of them (because then book 7 should have at least twice as much pages as OotP), although they might meet each other on their quest … I'm really looking forward to that!
As always your chapter is wonderfully written, especially since writing an interesting dialogue is even more demanding than a normal chapter, I think. Moreover it's amazing how you introduced the whole scenery and atmosphere within the first two paragraphs, within only four lines!
Please update soon (as soon as your quill allows :-) ), Sara

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