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Dumbledore's Army
Reviews for: Constellations
Review(s): 3

Reviewer: FabHckyBbeDate: 2007-05-28
Reviewid: 148115Chapter: 1
Good story! I like the idea of Oliver acting as Harry’s mentor right off the bat of their relationship and trying to make him feel more comfortable in the Wizarding World. It shows that he has a good understanding of all the nuances of a Captain’s duties.

One small criticism….in the story you use the line “Yeah, okay, nutters, Harry thought amusingly.”

The proper word that you want to use in that sentence is “amusedly” not “amusingly.” Because you use the verb “thought” in the sentence (past tense of “think”) you must also use the past tense of the verb “amuse” (“amused”) for the sake of agreement. Harry is amused (not amusing) by Wood’s comments, therefore, Harry should think “Yeah, okay nutters” amusedly.

Does that make sense?

A tiny criticism, but the use of the word “amusingly” was a slightly jarring note in an otherwise very enjoyable fic. Keep up the good work.

Reviewer: Star SeekerDate: 2007-05-05
Reviewid: 147944Chapter: 1
I just wanted to say that I absolutely loved the idea of Oliver giving each of the constellations a quidditch name. Also, nice job exploring the beginning of the relationship between Harry and Oliver.

Reviewer: philotic_netDate: 2007-05-03
Reviewid: 147935Chapter: 1
What a sweet story. I love Oliver Wood. He is so passionate about Quidditch. Nicely written. Keep up the good work.

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